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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hmm... what do you say, l.o.v's? Should TLB Prime have its own Luminous V-Host (hostess with the mostest really - *lol*)?

Welcome To TLB Prime!


Friday, February 24, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Videos! Extra Strength!

Since I found myself so fed up of hearing the same eight songs each and every time I visited my own blog, I guess you felt the same way, l.o.v.'s and f.o.e.'s alike! Hence, an extra-long playlist - with more songs! If not exactly "more variety" per say here... Here's hoping that after a while, all these songs by the same two bands mainly, will not start sounding like the same tune times thirty!
What was supposed to be a three-way dogfight (a tribute to Three Dog Night, surely... ha) is really a Nickelback-Linkin Park showdown, seeing as Theory Of A Deadman (uh... T.O.A.D.!) is squashed in the middle by the massive output of videos from the other two bands (especially L.P.!)
That is not necessarily a good thing though - for such overexposure tends to actually expose only one sad truth: which is that these bands are pretty much one-note outfits! Redundancy and repetition rules here - each N.B. or L.P. song seems to be the same exact thing, simply with different screams, shrieks and noises - all remixed to further confound the die-hard fan.
Under these conditions, it is the least "exposed" band here that should come out on top: T.O.A.D.! *No surprise* there...


Thursday, February 23, 2006

TLB Network Showcase!

Let us feature here now, and from time to time as I see fit really (!), the best posts from every single other one of the blogs up and down this network here - which is headlined as always by the one, the only, TLB Prime!
What better than this sardonic post from the always amusing and entertaining aqua musings, which is NOT just the home of my childhood pet project of yesteryear... Read on and discover how so...!

Quest for an aqua arch-nemesis
Arguably the greatest multi-part story ever chronicling AQUAMAN's adventures, the Quest For Mera was an instant classic.

The so-called saga surrounding the silver age Flash (Barry Allen) and his nemesis (more than a tad childishly named "Reverse-Flash) was unquestionably the greatest "near-epic" in said (and sad) character's run too...

I thought it would be, ah, aquamusing to explore the possibility of giving the Sea King a worthy foe who is his exact opposite!
After all, over the years, the many attempts to build one from scratch simply did not work out all that well... now did they?
From Quisp to Queequeg, none of the "realistic and probable" opponents that were thrown AQ's way truly made the cut!
In exasperation, DC even turned a bit towards the abstract by conjuring up a "villain" (such an archaic way to refer to evil fiends - at least wrestling calls them "heels", which is soooooo cool - rrrrright? But I digress...) an arch-foe tailor-made for Aquaman - or so they thought. "The Thirst", ultimately, sucked too...
Hence the Sea King is still seeking suitable competition.

And in I come with my luminous suggestion!
Wonder Woman had her exact opposite in Angle Man.
Superman has his exact opposite in Lex Luthor.
The Flash got a rather embarrassing Reverse-Flash
(who was retroactively replaced by the hipper Vandal Savage - retcons are customary now)

Hence, since DC is also in the habit of embarrassing the King of the Seven Seas, they'd surely agree with the idea of giving Aquaman as his main foe the one, the only... REVERSE-AQUAMAN!

He cannot swim the deepest seas - without getting an extreme bad case of the bends!
He cannot breathe underwater without some major air supply! (No, not the band!)
He cannot summon nor command any deep sea creature (even his goldfish mocks him openly! Or just ignores him... which is worse!)
He would drown in ten seconds if he was to find himself trying to work out in the Titanic's gymnasium (as Aquaman reputedly does routinely!)
He is totally clueless about which way is up while swimming in the dark waters of the famed Marianna's Trench

Reverse-Aquaman - yay!
A character-find to be treasured always and always - for eons to come!
The average joe will easily identify himself with him too - thus ensuring the enduring appeal of said character for countless generations!
After all, we have seen why Batman is so popular - because ANYONE COULD BE BATTY, BATBOY IN THE MAJORS OR BATMAN!
All you need to do is don the bat-suit! And presto - you're Batman!
Ask Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, Bale... Adam West!!!
The whole damnable "mystique of the bat" will do the rest of the work for you!
Yeah - sure... it's just THAT simple!
You don't need to know ANY martial skills at all (let alone all of them) - the bat-allure will smite the abject losers that you have in your rogues gallery (usually nerdy types and slacker criminals; in other words - easy pickings!)
Such endearing traits have appealed to fans since the dawn of time (or the 1940s really) and character-identification has only been enhanced over the years by the Batty One's crimefighting ineptitude, evidenced by his marked inability to rid even one single town -his hometown- of the wretched "criminal element"... after years spent at it!
Truly, any single one of us could be Batman!
Verily, any two-bit sap, even those that wallow in self-pity, could be Batman!
Absolutely - even Dubya could be Batman!
Character identification is so simple with tools like Batmen and little birdies such as Robin - they have no powers to speak of!
Anyone could dress just as ridiculously as those two and take to the streets and fight crime (odd, eccentric would-be felons really) and... get killed in the process!
It would be the likely scenario if Batty faced off with a real-life Riddler - what do you think would happen if he went after Al Qaida?!? But that is another story...
It is much more complex -and it requires much more imagination and creativity- to identify oneself with a near-sea god who can do such wondrous things while making a very inhospitable environment HIS DOMAIN!

Hence, "Reverse-Aquaman" truly has tons and tons of potential! We are talking about the everyman of the millennium!
We risk seeing here the same annoying thing happen though, as it has with the Joker and Bats really - the "villain" becoming more fun (make that much more fun - in Joke's case!) than the hero!

Anyone can be "Reverse-Aquaman"!
You, me - and grandpa too!
After all, as Ambrose Bierce said so well...
"(About The) Ocean: A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man - who has no gills"


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Luminous Petition time! Dare to tell Canada's Prime Minister what to do!

WHY? Because, beginning in late March, the largest annual massacre of marine mammals will begin on the ice of Canada.

By the end of hunt, over 300,000 baby seals will have been bludgeoned or shot to death by fishermen.

The Humane Society of the United States and others have been fighting for years to stop the hunt, but this year there is new hope. Canada has a newly elected prime minister, Stephen Harper, and a new political party that ran on an anti-seal hunt platform. With enough public support, we can stop this horrific hunt for good. Click to help us take action today!

View the full petition here!
After exposing the new Canadian government as the disappointing sham it is shaping up to be, in yesterday's post, what could be better than to tell the ninnies what to do too?
Seems, verily, like the right thing to do!
Click on the main link to sign the petition! Sign up required! (Here's hoping you all have "AutoFill" too!)


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On criticism...

Public figures of every sort are subjected to all manners of cheap shots and scornful so-called "comments" that baffle any claims of "civilized assessments" from the part of those who routinely make them.

I remember not believing my eyes when I saw the page of one group The Click Five - which can be briefly heard on the videocodezone playlist playing presently here (well, until Friday it will at any rate!).
They have their fans - but they also have the most debasing and crudest critics this side of Dixie! It is the lot of every artist, I suppose - some will appreciate what you do; others will think it is nothing but dreck.

Having sort of an artistic nature myself, I have always found it easy to put myself into that situation - even before getting a bit of a taste of it as I recently did. And I find myself thinking that, beyond the annoyance factor, this sort of thing has to be placed into the proper perspective. For, what does it matter in the Grand Scheme of Things? What will it matter years from now - a mere few months from now even (especially if we are all dead in the flames of a senseless worldwide conflict that stemmed out of... danish cartoons!) hmm?
None of our works mean squat in the face of eternity - that goes doubly at least for our opinions. The world certainly is ruled by egos and pettyness - but we are all, each and everyone of us, but gnats in the vastness of the cosmos.
The soulless ones might think otherwise, but even they have souls and they better hope that such pettyness does not taint that lone eternal aspect of their petty selves.

When I talk of soulless ones, I cannot help but to think of politicians for some obscure reason surely easily explainable...
Today's link is nothing less than famed Canadian comedian Rick Mercer's very own blog - and you will find there the awful truth about each and every new Canadian minister who got nominated recently by the new Prime Minister elect! Canada is worse off than EVER. No longer can they boast to be not as off-kilter as the U.S. administration! That must be another sign of the apocalypse again...


Monday, February 20, 2006

inbox indiscretions # 3...

I saw this in my inbox recently...
Matthew 2:16 "When Check out prime candidate for End Times False Prophet (url) - Bobby Kintz 11/22/05 (1) End E-Mail-This-Page Script //--> comes in II Samuel and in Isaiah, which tell us said it would be exactly 69 sabbatical"
Wow - that was enlightening!
Thanks for dropping by - come again!

Uh... no, that wasn't the Forward du Jour here. AT ALL.
Below is the actual gem of a formidable forwardable message - courtesy of Doris K.
You'll notice a few things about it too: it speaks of piano music that will not be heard and that in fact, I have not heard myself (those extras don't always make it in the forwarding process!)
The visuals: the dancing cat will not dance for you either.
There was an angel, a brook and other assorted and appropriate visuals too - not here though! (Feel blessed to see the cat!)
And, obviously, Doris K.'s Forward proves that to have a good Forward you must be insightful and philosophical (like... me!) but being borderline sacrilegious by transforming beyond recognition THE WORD OF GOD is simply NOT the thing to do!

FROM: Doris K.

Subject: Boogie

Boogie woogie piano... Speakers on... ENJOY!

This ought to get your day off to a good start.

This is definitely worth the listen!!!
Especially if you like the old boogie woogie style of music. A few of you MAY a
little to young to remember that style of piano so take the time to listen to
some good music. Also take the time to read the little gems of philosophy that
appear below.

Boogie Through Life!

Don't cry because its over,
smile because it happened.

Pain and Suffering is inevitable
but Misery is optional.

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called: The Present.

A good exercise for the heart is to
bend down and help another up.

Life is what you make of it...
kinda like Play-Doh

The bubbling brook would lose its song
if you removed the rocks.

Happiness comes through doors
you didn't even know you left open.

Everything is always okay in the end,
if it's not, then it's not the end.

If all my friends jumped off a cliff,
I wouldn't jump with them.
I would be at the bottom
to catch them.

A girl on the street is pointing up at the sky
'Look, an Angel!' she yells.
Passerby laugh,
'You fool, that is only a cloud.'

How wonderful it would be to see Angels
where there are only clouds. How sad it would be
to see clouds where there are Angels.

Here is a test to find whether your
mission on earth is finished:
If you're alive, it isn't.

So be happy!
Don't let anything burst your balloon!
Boogie through life!

Have a real happy day today! Enjoy it because you got up this morning!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tis T.I.D. today - Temporary Insanity Day!

In 1859, Dan Sickles was acquitted of murdering his wife’s boyfriend on account of temporary insanity. It was a first of its kind and so Temporary Insanity Day is commemorated every year to mark the judgment. But this February 19, please don’t indulge is any harmful insanity—just freak out with your buds and go temporarily insane riding on a high of fun!

That's according to one source.
According to another source, most of the former colonial United States adopted the "McNaughton Rule" from an earlier case that was the true first of this particular kind... The rule arose from a 160-year-old British case and is named after Daniel McNaughton. In 1843, McNaughton shot and killed the secretary to the British prime minister because he believed that the prime minister was plotting against him. McNaughton was the first defendant to be found not guilty of a crime "by reason of insanity." Instead of being sent to prison, McNaughton was sentenced to a mental institution for the rest of his life."
More on this rule and on the rarity of such cases: here. enlightens us further on this rule too -as well it should- complete with the 19th Century spelling of McNaughton, for this historian's delight, I'm sure.
The traditional test of insanity in criminal cases is whether the accused knew "the difference between right and wrong," following the "M'Naughten rule" from 19th century England. Most states require more sophisticated tests based on psychiatric and/or psychological testimony evaluated by a jury of laypersons or a judge without psychiatric training. A claim by a criminal defendant of his/her insanity at the time of trial requires a separate hearing to determine if a defendant is sufficiently sane to understand the nature of a trial and participate in his/her own defense. If found to be insane, the defendant will be ordered to a mental facility, and the trial will be held only if sanity returns.
There's much more to read on this too - here.

For a brief overview of many famous and infamous cases of unbridled temporary insanity, check out this third and final link now and that would be - here! This entertaining summary is brought to you the overall sane staff of the acclaimed TV documentary and public affairs show "Frontline".
It brings to light yet another discrepancy in all this: yet another "first of its kind" (for it seems that everyone and their cousin wanted to have the dubious honor of being the first to be found innocent because totally and irremediably insane!)
Richard Lawrence was an unemployed house painter in his 30s who fired two pistols at U.S. President Andrew Jackson as Jackson walked through the Capitol Rotunda during a funeral procession. Both pistols misfired, and Lawrence was quickly apprehended. He was the first person charged with the attempted assassination of a U.S. president. Lawrence apparently suffered from delusions of persecution, believing that he was heir to the British throne and that Jackson had thwarted him by conspiring to keep him from receiving a fortune with which he could return to England and claim his seat. He also believed that Jackson had killed his father. At his one-day trial, Lawrence repeatedly interrupted the proceedings, loudly proclaiming that he was the kind of England and Rome. The jury acquitted him by reason of insanity after only five minutes of deliberation, and he spent the rest of his life -- 26 years -- in an asylum.
All of this took place in 1835...!
The apparent urge to be the first of its kind is noticeable even on the typo made in this summary, when it is mentioned that Lawrence thought himself to be "the kind of England and Rome". Hmm... lest it was meant as "the kind king of England and Rome"...? Kind but fierce when he feels ripped off! Only natural, one supposes...

Amidst all of these notorious cases of rampant lunacy, one probably finds comfort in the realization that one's own temporary lapses of judgment are not so bad after all. After all, the worst kind of temporary insanity most of us are capable of falling prey to are of the order of guilty pleasures. That and several of the seven deadly sins too... When we knowingly indulge a caprice or do wrong, it can be explained as temporary insanity - to our own conscience that is.
That is, those of us who have a conscience too.
Certain shrinks I know, a would-be real estate tycoon from Armenia, several substance users and people abusers and one or two compulsive liars I've run into in the course of my life are the "peeps" that, quite frankly, I doubt own anything remotely close to a "conscience"... But that is another story.
If the curiosity bug bit you while reading this, and you would like to find out just how potentially insane you may be yourself (temporarily or permanently) - check out this insanity test - provided to you courtesy of TLB Prime!

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