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Saturday, January 29, 2005

the perfect scapegoat

Now it is either God Himself or more likely the Horseman of the Apocalypse alternatively known as Pestilence and/or Plague (Pest to his close intimate circle of friends) - someone is proving to have a sense of humor when there would be many out there who would have thought it to be... well, impossible. (And, for the record, I doubt it is God - my guts tell me to point at Pest there...! *lol*).

A goat... in France to boot... has been found with mad cow's disease...?!?

Let that be a lesson also to all of those who scoffed and outright mocked the curse of the goat which has plagued... okay, let's say dogged the Chicago Cubs far longer than the dreaded (and now lifted) curse of the Bambino affected the Boston Red Sox (and Boston Bruins too, mind you... but that is another story...).

For contagious details - see comments section.
Good Day!

Friday, January 28, 2005

oh - a little candle... it's so cute!

"How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world." - William Shakespeare

I guess I must be in a quoting quotables mood...
How fitting THIS quote is though, for the very spirit of this blog...
which I call, of course, the luminous blog!

My good deed -evidently- is dispensing The Truth... oftentimes unpleasant truths, seldom well-received... On many other occasions, it is that simply unprovable truth that necessitates a leap of faith hearts of stone are hard-pressed to achieve... I haven't even begun, really, on the latter dispensing, verily... Must be unconsciously awaiting the rebirth of nature - i.o.w. spring - as well as easter to get going on that front... Once I start though, prepare to be "illuminated" - *lol*

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Shrinks = waste of time

Do not falter or shrink; But just think out your work, And just work out your think.
- Nixon Waterman

Ok - N.W. had the verb "shrinking" in mind - but for the purposes that I have in mind today, this quote can really do... Shrinks aka psychiatrists (and odd times also the affectuous monicker for psychologists) deserve to be next on my list of bashing, I gather... in the light of some incidents I saw in my own local media and all... As a kid, I always giggled at the similarities between "shrink" and "shrimp" - both are indeed equal; being both at the end of the food chain pretty much! *LOL*

I remember an old ladyfriend telling me -lamenting, really- that, in the past, she had always been attracted to the wrong kind of guy... and that she had therefore thought seriously about seeking help with this nagging "problem" of hers... with a shrink. (She never did -her pride and huge ego prevented her from that- but it is besides the point here...). Really, as I told her then, I will post here now - shrinks are of no use at all! And here is why...

Just look at their track record...
Schizophrenics will always hear their thousand and one voices in their heads - the only thing a shrink can do is prescribe a ton of drugs to muffle those voices! Is that a satisfying job...? Honestly... as a paying it?!?

With ladies in distress over their poor selective powers, what can psychological help change...?!? They are too blind to see that the good guys who crossed their path were "the ones" - they'd rather choose, time and again, the braggart type - the smooth-talker... the deceiver. No amounts of external so-called help can make someone like that see the light of day; they cannot recognize the true qualities that complement their own. Instead, they seek out the similarities - which leads to butting heads when that entails two headstrong partners. Complimentary attributes and compatibility imply that the two parties embrace each other's frailties and support one another - making the other strong where he is not, and vice-versa. That is "stuff" no amounts of counselling can help with - the damsels who never knew any better, likely never will. It is something that can't be helped... Certainly not by stuffing the pockets of some shrink...!

Most annoying of all - is what I saw in the local media here. Evidence that the whole mental illness treatment process is more than faillible - it is non-existent.

This guy was actually let loose, "okayed" by the expert shrinks and certified as "harmless" - and then, well, somebody must have said something at some point that really ticked him off... and, two violent deaths later, he is back in a padded environment... which he should have never left, maybe, in the first place... hmm? Of course, this is a mere symptom of a healthcare system that is turning away patients to cut costs, shortening their hospital stays significantly, for instance... Every such decision is thus a "gamble" - taken with human lives hanging in the balance - each time.
And shrinks -as docs in general- are worthy of RESPECT...?
I don't think so. They lost mine when they sold out to the pharmaceutical giants... and stopped trying to actually CURE patients (when they actually can - of course) choosing instead to prescribe the drug du jour - which keeps the patient in a "return-customer" vicious circle... and keeps profits coming in steadily. Nice racket they have there - the nicest ever, truly...


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The REAL THREE "I's"...

Noted physicists and men of science in general will admit it...
Why is it then that ignorants, atheists and other stubborn individuals will NOT?

Intelligence can only take one so far... without two other equally as vital elements, no remarquable progress has EVER been made...

Albert Einstein is, of course, the most stunning example of this - he had the brains, unquestionably. The physics, mathematics and so on of his time held little or no secrets from him very early on - he reinvented them practically. But his fantabulous understanding of the universe came only about because he possessed two traits normally absent from most rational, scientifically-rigid minds (that tend to be, thus, quite trite, boring and even abstract!) - he had all three "I's"!

INTELLIGENCE combined with
IMAGINATION and a little (not little at all) underestimated thingie called...
When combined, these three elements (wow - I sound like Einstein now! *LOL*) can produce literal MIRACLES - HUGE GIGANTIC STEPS forward... when all the others, steeped in the quantifiable and the measurable and the seen over the unseen... well, they tread water! A lesson to be learned for ALL intellects here - sizeable and small...! (And I know my readership comprises them ALL! *LOL* My friends are, of course, the sizeable ones; they have enough good common sense and... INTUITION indeed to have befriended me - and to have stuck by me! The rest... well... you know who you are! *lol*).

2005 is the centennial anniversary of Einstein's earliest revolutionary work and discoveries - and he achieved them mostly thanks to his ingenious use of his gifts of INTUITION and IMAGINATION... using what his intelligence had allowed him to understand and fully assimilate first, sure... and that is how he took it all to new heights previously... UNDREAMED OF! Note my choice of words... I am thinking of a song I like while typing this - Burton Cummings' little-known solo effort titled BORING DREAMS... (A "side B" type of tune -am I sounding too old now or what? LOL Most kids have no idea what a side B is...! In the olden days of strictly cassettes and -sic- vinyl records... a single release had two songs - one on each side (duh)... The side B was rarely more than a throwaway song... except in this case, where side A was "TAKE ONE AWAY" - the one that got a video made to "push" it... End of music history lesson... for now! ;).

BORING DREAMS had these fascinating lyrics in it...
"I knew a man who was a slave to science...
And his dreams were boring... his dreams were boring!"

Well... Albert was not like that! Almost all other egghead-types seem to be though (and that is so... ironic! And even absurd - for science relies so much on serendipitous LUCK to strike gold - they NEVER know what their next big finding will be - IT finds THEM...! Ironically -again- it sounds a whole lot like... well... dumb luck! But we know better - don't we? LOL)... but not our man Al! He had vision - he had stupendous dreams...
Only the use and application of his findings eventually turned these into nightmares, of course... the Bomb. But so was it meant to be, apparently...
With a little, ah... IMAGINATION, one can think that all happened as it did for a REASON - and that it was FATE, KISMET, our collective destiny that it all wound up happening that way!

Albert Einstein himself knows it was...


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Irony - part deux through vinte e tres...!!!

Randomly making luminous observations today...
Isn't it ironic that...

To get into the big time employer that will get you started on the road to success, you must prove that you are a team player and blend in...
but then, to get that promotion, advancement, reach the truly-desired position you were targeting already when you got the entry-level one... you must stand out from the rest of the pack!
And, quite often, act like a merciless cutthroat thug on your way to "the top"...!?

Isn't it ironic that DALLAS, TEXAS -of all places- is one of the bastions of preachers and missionaries-to-be now...? They do emerge from the right-wing reactionary groups that are heavily involved in POLITICS (guys - JESUS wouldn't approve!) and their membership is made up of haughty "suits" who made way too much money / way too fast... and now find that "something is missing" in their lives... So they will do something to change that... no matter what the cost! (Cost is of no concern - they've got too much money!). They will actually -finally- give to the poor (once a year...?) and even go as far as to travel to the Third World - showing off their well-fed, well-dressed (even when casually so), well-tanned bods to the scrawny, under-nourished skin-and-bones hungry children down there... They will even marvel at the mere fact that "they (the Third World sickly little ones) have nothing - and yet they are so happy"...
Oh yes... I forgot to mention which denomination this Christian group is - they are in full expansion in Dallas (again - of all places) and act, as many other similar groups who seceded from the original Church do, as if THEY were the best of the best of God's Children... They are the Southern Baptists. Shout out to you, J.E. and company - aw, you know who you are...! ;)

Isn't it ironic that, even today, some folks actually buy so much into the fable that is televangelism... THAT will NEVER open any doors for you, folks! I am not saying that ALL of them are phoneys: but a vast majority is! And those who are, are on this "Gospel-spreading mission" for the money, nothing else. They saw an easy way to earn a comfortable living, acquire some prestige in society, travel for free even - all with MINIMAL effort... It is amazing that countless God-loving folks actually believe that giving tons of cash away to these "preachers de pacotille" will win them the pearly Gates of Heaven one day... The two concepts are as foreign as many heretic precepts were anathema to the good ol' Church...! And woe to he who caused the division within the Church, it is said - but that is another story!)
The fact remains that tons still believe a televangelist will help them save their souls - when not even a genuine holy man could. It is between GOD and Yourself - and Salvation is an individual affair. Birds of a feather can and should assemble, surely, but all on equal footing. Not even the Pope is holier than thou - we are ALL sinners, folks! And gullible fools too, oftentimes...

As in other instances too...
I can't believe so many buy an "extra insurance" when it is not necessary at all upon the purchase of a new appliance... Gee - all it does is negate the rebate you might have had, that is in the instance when you were bright enough to shop when there was some kind of sale going on...!?

Some even buy into the make-believe world of wrestling (or is it rasslin...?) that they will go as far as issue bonafide DEATH THREATS to wrestlers (rasslers?) on message boards...?!? Of course, the true irony is that THIS particular wrestler is not quite bogus at all - the issues he raises, the personal agenda he carries, the hatred he feels are all apparently, potentially, very - very real! His manager himself admitted so much - "Not one scenario played out on TV yet has been 100 percent fabricated." The manager is Daivari and the wrestler is, of course... Arab-American Muhammad Hassan. I think I mentioned him before... didn't I? LOL Many a redneck apparently hates his guts... Me - I like him because of said guts displayed! ;)

I think I made a lot of new enemies today... enough for one post!
So what if I stopped at part six, really - you didn't REALLY want 22 mini-articles all at once - did you?!? *LOL*
Wait 'til I REALLY tackle those televangelists though...! *lol*
Reconvene here people - tomorrow! Or some other day...
Probably same blog time... most certainly same blog channel!
Maybe I will go through numbers seven to twenty-three yet, THEN -and onwards to parts twenty-four, twenty-five and, from there, the sky is the limit- as whimsically and tongue-in-cheekly promised on this post's title right here! *LOL*


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Monday, January 24, 2005

Jack Frost nipping at me nose... AGAIN?!?

Somehow, it lost all its charm a mere month later...
Then again, I would probably feel differently were it "Jackie Frost"... *LOL*

The fact remains - we are all, still, at the mercy of mother nature.
Who would've thought? In the 21st Century - humankind has made so much progress and yet - the weather still regulates all of its schedule of activities... or worse.
Sometimes, it puts a permanent end on said activities...

And it doesn't have to be an extraordinary tsunami either...
The week-end blizzard in the northeast is a striking example - there were some casualties (of climate...?) but it surely was not what anyone would call a major disaster... Still, a state of emergency was called in almost all areas involved... And, where I reside, the distant ripples effect of it was hard lashing enough to make my outings a living hell...! Then again, I hate winter, no matter what... Nothing new there for those who know me! All this makes me wonder about the life changes I did NOT make - going to Florida, New Zealand or Texas... any one of those would have spared me the discomfort of freezing for the umpteenth time up here! *LOL*

Sunday, January 23, 2005

One strike, nobody out... yet.

Multi-linguals like to play games with words... sometimes proper names even!
TORI AMOS for instance evokes the verb "toreamos" which in Spanish means, literally, "we bullfight" or "we keep on bullfighting"...! That always conjures up a silly image in my mind - two or three toreadors (the three amigos of corridas?) who sing and dance along while bulls look on impassively... Note that I always root for the bulls in those things - never on the basketball court, no, but in those bloody "sports events" - always. But I digress...

Likewise, it may seem as a minor difference to most, but IRAQ is spelled IRAK in French-speaking regions around the world... A footnote - no more - to most people out there indeed, but for me it is immensely amusing... and oh-so appropriate too!
Think about it - THE MIGHTY USA - the country where you commit three crimes - you are out! (Kudos -wow, a word that starts with a K now...!- go to Billy C for that great achievement of so-called legislature and "justice"...). Three strikes and you're out... just like in the magnificent game of baseball! (One has to admire a nation (no Red Sox Nation jokes now) that bases its affairs of LAW and ORDER (no - not the tv show) on a pasttime - though national it may be...). Three strikes... no foul balls allowed? (Apparently not...). :(

Three strikes - three "K's"! And, correct me if I'm wrong, but IRAQ is definitely a "K"... maybe not even the first one either... for the whole American nation! And what will happen when, as Jean Chrétien, former Canadian Premier, once dubbed the US of A... "the leader of the free world"... what will happen when said "leader" collects three strikes?!? Hmm? Even the best lead-off hitters can strike-out... What remains to be seen is where this parallel will take the ENTIRE BLAMED WORLD... Hey - the USA started this whole "baseball is an allegory for life" schtick...! Some all-american author started this beautiful trend... let it progress to its inevitable end... and logical conclusion!

Next batter up... England... gotta be... Dubya's best friend... way better than "brothers" Canada... and Mexico!

I guess we might just as well pack up for oblivion right now - with this kind of starting line-up, WORLD WAR THREE will be over in a jiffy...! *LOL*

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