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Saturday, March 28, 2009



free music

Music dedicated to Joao Jacinto - by Maria Adelina


Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel
my father
Born in 1934; Married in 1964 to Maria Adelina; Reborn To The Kingdom Of God in 2006...

Joao Jacinto was a hard-working man from the very beginning - laid back, he would do it as his own pace, much to the chagrin of his brothers who were hard-pressed to finish with work so they could go have some fun... Joao Jacinto was not like that - a quiet, taciturn man even as a young man, his only "peche mignon" was wine-tasting - and that was totally understandable as the family made their own wine. He and his brothers worked on their father's land - cultivating vegetables and grapes; and life was plentiful and good. Their father was very strict and even a bit tyrannical on the side though; and so, the three brothers eventually decided to leave it all behind to start from scratch in a new country susceptible of providing sufficient employment: the Americas! In those days, Canada and the USA were just about one and the same in many Europeans' minds... Canada was easier to get into - and so it was the one all of the Exma Sra. Maria Clara's boys went to, at first...
Unfortunately, once there, the three sons forgot all of a sudden who their envious enemies were - to forgive and forget is an admirable thing, but there is a limit to the forgetting part of that equation... Back in Portugal, the Pimentels were the envy of all - everybody else for miles around were jealous that they owned land, were their own bosses and had never, EVER been domestics - as they were. These envious people were sometimes even sort-of related to the Pimentels - via ill-conceived marriages, again - the bane of many a family... Once in a foreign country, all that was forgotten and all the Portuguese immigrants started to hang out together - the 3 Pimentel Boys actually hanging out with rabble that was beneath them. But, hey - it was all about national unity, kind of... And besides - they all had to start over in the same way - on a same-level-playing field, learning a new language (two eventually) and with no one else around that was a familiar face... Familiar faces are not always friendly faces though...

Their sister stayed back home - with their saintly aunt, Tia Estrela, their mother (who would soon pass away though) and their father (who'd die soon after) - it was actually Avo Anica, Maria Clara's mother, their grandmother to all, who would live longest; she'd be taken into her granddaughter's husband's house. As her granddaughter left for the Americas as well, with her husband, she stayed with that "grandson-in-law"'s family - and they would benefit greatly from it come inheritance time... The land and home of the Pimentels, that had once bristled with life and so much abundance (to the point of being the envy of ALL THE ISLAND OF SAO MIGUEL ACORES) was actually left ABANDONED... Some of it was sold and the sum was split up between the four heirs now residing in North America - with a lot of it going to the caretakers of Avo Anica. They actually had a greater share of the inheritance, because of that, than Joao Jacinto and his brother Jose for instance... The great house was dilapidated. The land, which now could be the basis for a fortune, was left uncultivated for DECADES... But this was nothing compared to the backstabbers Joao Jacinto (and Jose too) would find in "the Americas"...
All of this erroneous distributing of the heritage was directly caused by the poor foresight that dictated to most Europeans verily that "Canada and the USA are the promised land - the economical paradises of the future" (no matter how bad winters can be there!) while, judging from things in the 50s, it appeared to be a pretty bleak future for Europe... No one foresaw the advent of the Euro and the European Union; and that is a crying shame. All they had to do was read the Bible: the "rebirth" of the Roman Empire was clearly prophetized in there...
But, once in Canada, Joao Jacinto realized very quickly that he could not count on anyone but himself. He noticed treachery among those other Portuguese individuals and soon cut all ties to them - his wife, whom he had chosen well, agreed whole-heartedly with that decision, as she had in fact seen that treachery first... Alas, through his wife, Joao Jacinto was linked, once again via some ill-conceived marriage elsewhere on the family tree, to rabble just as bad as those he had just cut ties with - his sister-in-law's husband and the family that came with that... It is deplorable to note, but in his own family, Joao Jacinto would see disappointments - in a cousin in particular, who tricked him with money questions... He never spoke to him again. With all that, it comes as no surprise that, amongst co-workers, Joao Jacinto trusted few (his son is like him!)
Joao Jacinto's own brothers were questionable allies - his brother Jose was a party animal in his younger days (all the way to his latter days, really - only illness slowed him down...) but Jose too would be stabbed in the back by all those so-called friends he seemed to value more than his very own brothers... A certain couple he befriended up in the suburbs of St-Jerome turned out to be nothing but turncoats and no more than party pals - the kind that turns your back on you when you really need a true friend. Jose had many acquaintances like that - he was blind to the truth about them all. Joao Jacinto saw more clearly in most cases - and when he was in doubt about a certain individual, his wife was there to pinpoint the truth about him too...!

Of all the Pimentels, Joao Jacinto is the one most like his mother,
Maria Clara Borges, a true lady - fit for a Royal Court. His mother could have enjoyed the European renaissance, had it been given to happen in her time; truly though, she is far better off in the Court of Courts now - the Kingdom of God, where her own mother, saintly sister-in-law Estrela, sons Joao Jacinto & Gilberto and several others have joined her since...

Joao Jacinto left us way too soon though - his days were not numbered and his departure was sudden, unexpected and avoidable.
It truly is Heaven's Gain - and Earth's loss - as I said during my eulogy in church, during the 2006 funeral mass we held for him. I, his only son, should have done even more for him.
These websites are my way of doing it.

- Luciano Pimentel, March 2007

~The Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi~

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:

where there is hatred let me sow love

where there is injury, pardon

where there is anger, peace

where there is doubt, faith

where there is despair, hope

where there is darkness, light

where there is sadness, joy

O Divine Master,

grant I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console

to be understood as to understand

to be loved as to love

-Show me Your mercy, o Lord, and give me your salvation...

O, infinite Wisdom come and lead me the ways of salvation.

O, Brightness of the Father's Glory, come and enlight me by the shine of Your virtues.

O, the Sun of justice, come and give the light and liveful light to one, who is plunged in darkness of death.
O, King of kings, come to direct me.

O, the Tutor of folks, come and teach me.

O, the Saviour of the world, come and redeem me. (L. da Ponte).

- Father Gabriel of the St.Mary Magdalene

Love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, thy whole soul and thy
whole mind

the highest, purest and most excellent part of this love is absolute
conformity to the Divine Will and having in all things no other will
but God's!

He and he alone whose will is perfectly united to God's possesses the
peace of God which surpasses all understanding.

- Blessed Claude de la Colombiere, Trustful Surrender to Divine

Oracao a São Benedito, o mouro

Click here for the original version of this prayer with all the proper punctuation that Geocities and Yahoo appear to abhor...

Glorioso Sao Benedito, bem aventurado seja pela mansidao, paciencia, sofrimento e outras santas virtudes, sempre abençoado com a cruz da Redencao.
Por vossa humildade e vossa caridade fostes remido na terra para gozar o fruto de vossas obras no ceu, junto ao divino coro dos anjos, uma gloria eterna.
Glorioso Sao Benedito, sede meu protetor amado, concedei-me a graca de que necessito para poder imitar as suas virtudes e as virtudes dos outros santos.
(diga aqui a sua graca pedida)...

Dai-me vigor e constãncia pois sou fraco.
Sem vossa ajuda nao poderei alcança-los nessa vida de espinhos e tropecos.
Ajudai-me, com sua Divina Luz e livrai-me das tentacoes do pecado para que me torne digno da felicidade eterna.
Sede meu guia para a bem-aventuranca eterna. Amem

Sao Benedito, grande confessor da fe, com toda confianca venho a implorar a vossa valiosa protecao.

Vos a quem Deus enriqueceu com os dons celestes, impetrai-me as gracas que ardentemente desejo, para a maior gloria de Deus.

Confortai o meu coracao nos desalentos! Fortificai minha vontade de cumprir os meus deveres!

Vinde orientar-me nas horas decisivas da vida!
Dai-me confianca nos desanimos e sofrimentos. Sede o meu companheiro nas horas de solidao e desconforto.

Assisti-me e guia-me na vida e na hora da minha morte para que eu possa bendizer a Deus nesse mundo e goza-lo na eternidade com Jesus Cristo a quem tanto amastes. Amem.

Psalm 91

New International Version (NIV)

Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society
[NIV at IBS] [International Bible Society] [NIV at Zondervan] [Zondervan]

1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. [a]

2 I will say [b] of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust."

3 Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare
and from the deadly pestilence.

4 He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

5 You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,

6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.

7 A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.

8 You will only observe with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.

9 If you make the Most High your dwelling—
even the LORD, who is my refuge-

10 then no harm will befall you,
no disaster will come near your tent.

11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;

12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

13 You will tread upon the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

14 "Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

15 He will call upon me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.

16 With long life will I satisfy him
and show him my salvation."

Maria Clara Borges Pimentel - like saintly mother, like saintly son
Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel should have remained in Portugal - taken charge of the family domain and land - been the NEXT PATRIARCH. For only he, among the three sons, deserved to be. He was the more level-headed; the one with the kinder heart and the hardest-working. It would have been an honor to work with him. As it is, I only got to defend him - represent him - take care of his interests - care for him - speak for him, when he lost his speech or even when he bothered not with French...! Dear dad - you never should have bothered with French or English - ever! His hometown of Rosario, Lagoa is not a HAVEN for the well-to-do... And he, who was BORN there and came from a family that OWNED LAND THERE, SINCE ANCESTRAL TIMES, he never went back... I feel that is an injustice, one among many... But he can go back now, as often as he wants - God Permitting! He is free. He is with God.
Rita, Joao Jacinto's niece and Maria Clara's grand-daughter from her son José's marriage to Maria Margarida - Rita is said to look just like her grand-mother (in her mother's opinion)
I respectuously disagree - and so does my own mother; Rita resembles her own mother. The late Paula Ana Pimentel, Rita's sister, did not resemble either her grandmother, mother or even sister - she was rather unique although, in the years before her untimely death, she had grown to resemble her father.
I repeat that, if anyone has facial traits that closely mimic those of Maria Clara Borges, it is my dear father, Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel
Joao Jacinto's older brother, Gilberto. Tio Gilberto was convinced, back in 1993-1994, that my father was going to die first... It was Tio Gilberto himself, the elder, who passed on, in 1996. I bought a condolences card to send, upon learning - Hallmark and all - but it was never mailed by my mother, as she was offended that he had, among other imbroglios, appeared to wish his younger brother dead...?!?
I remain convinced that Tio Gilberto was a kind-hearted man who was often misunderstood - sort of like I can be... The fact is, Maria Clara's first born grew up to resemble his father in many ways; and he died around the same age too... May his soul rest in peace as well.
Sao, filha de Lionilde Pimentel
She has no clue how close it came that she too would be an heir of Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel (not that she needs it!)
Well, now, I guess she will know - upon reading this and her mother's page, linked above! Her mother would have gladly and enthusiastically responded in the affirmative if my father had proposed - but he never did. He never even considered it a possibility...!
See you around - sister! ;)
And then there's me - the son of Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel -
Luciano Pimentel, the 1st...!
Notch one for originality; my father chose a name for me that had previously never been seen in the entire Clan!
With my mother's consent, of course!
For her picture - and my true picture too - you will have to befriend us and, most importantly of all, prove to be trustworthy as well!
Artists like Sao share their picture - I have published here pictures of a younger Rita (nothing too recent - although she is splendid as ever nowadays) and pictures of the departed; but pictures of myself are for close relations only!
Until further notice anyways... (I may no longer have the choice, once celebrity hits me like a truck careening down the main highway always taken by the rich and famous! But, until then...)

Dad's Favorite Films

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Incredible Coincidences
Everyone has experienced the pleasantly surprised feelings left behind by a meaningful coincidence. The situation itself may be insignificant - the book whose title you couldn't remember falls off the bookstore shelf or an acquaintance who seems to enter your life again and again - but the message inherent in the coincidence may not be. Synchronicity, or the unlikely conjunction of events, can be an eye-opening experience. Psychologist Carl Jung theorized that synchronicities occurred when universal forces were aligned with the experiences of an individual, leading to coincidences that appear to be more than just chance. These incidents happen because everything is innately connected. He believed that such events can be called forth by an individual's unconscious needs. Nothing occurs randomly. Rather, we draw certain people, situations, and blessings to ourselves.

A synchronistic event such as a chance encounter can be positive, negative, or neutral, and feel deeply mysterious or commonplace. Some coincidences are obvious while others are not apparent until after careful analysis. Perhaps during an ongoing financial crisis, you always found just enough money to get by. Or a recurring dream prepares you for an eventual physical event. Many times, synchronicities represent opportunities to learn about ourselves and the external world. If you feel touched by multiple coincidences or intrigued by a single one, ask yourself why you may be attracting the people involved or the situations. Is it highlighting some aspect of your life or suggesting a course of action? The soul, believed Jung, whispers to us through synchronicity calling us to attention.

Seeking the meaning behind a synchronistic event can help you know yourself better, kick start your creativity, or show you future pitfalls to avoid. The most profound coincidences often occur at life's crossroads, stopping us in our tracks and leaving us to find the meaning within.

And remember:
NOTHING ever happens by mere chance.
EVERYTHING has a meaning - every single event, no matter how trivial it may seem "right on the spot" is an opportunity to learn, to grow - spiritually.
Yes, that means that the way you react towards your fellow aggravating man, or a simpleton or in the face of outright evil is GOD'S WAY OF TESTING YOU.
Even when it seems to be but an insignificant few seconds to get through before your next all-important activity (and it is only "all-important" in your flawed perception - of course.) - IT IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU THINK!
So, you really should show curtsey towards all, even the rabble - how can you know that the rabble is not angels in disguise, sent to test you?



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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Kind Of Luminous Blabbering...!

Every warrior of the light has been afraid to enter a combat.
Every warrior of the light has betrayed and lied in the past.
Every warrior of the light has lost faith in the future.
Every warrior of the light has trodden a path which was not his own.
Every warrior of the light has suffered because of unimportant things.
Every warrior of the light has doubted that he is a warrior of the light.
Every warrior of the light has failed in his spiritual obligations.
Every warrior of the light has said yes when he meant no.
Every warrior of the light has hurt someone he loved.

That is why he is a warrior of the light: He has endured all this, and not lost the hope to improve.
-Paulo Coelho, "The Manual of the Warrior of Light"

I been reading a book about Spiritual Warriors this is written by a African American Vaishnava and also graduated of Princeton who became a true guiding light for many people around the world i most admire His simplicity and humility in talking about this matters.
I've never been really clear on just what is a "spiritual warrior". In my practice we use the term "disciple", so maybe it's the same thing, because we struggle against the Dweller on the Threshold as we make our way toward conscious awareness of ourselves as the Solar Angels (Soul on Its own plane).
Are you speaking of someone who helps other people without thought of return? Who serves Humanity in a spirit of altruism? That would be the same thing as a "disciple", so we may be talking about the same thing, only using different lingo.
The hero within...
i do not know if you are familiar with carol pearsons book the hero within-six archetypes we live by. it was written in 1944 and i have been reading and rereading it for 20yrs. anyway there is a chapter that describes the warrior within " the warrior has learned to trust their own truths and act on them with absolute conviction even in the face of danger" "They claim the authority to fight dragons and right wrongs" "They accept responsibility for what happens around them and the attitude that I must do what i can to make this a better world for myself and others"
we are all called at one time or another to be spiritual warriors, to stand and fight, sometimes to the death, for our beliefs. Martin Luther King jr is a good example of the spiritual warrior. i don't know if this helps answer any of your questions or not.
Spiritual Warrior is a contradiction in terms of the meaning of each word. Spirituality has nothing to do with war, conflict with others, weapons, etc. Warrior is about the willingness to stand up and fight for something physically and with weapons.
my opinion is being a true warrior has nothing to do with physical weapons. but this is just my opinion. i think the media has tainted our vision of what a warrior is. one can find many definitons for the word, my personal favorite is " One who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause, or conflict: neighborhood warriors fighting against developers."
Physical warriors engage in physical battles with weapons of destruction and their end result is destruction. Spiritual Warriors engage in protection, righting wrongs, teaching. Nonviolent, but create change-cause people to evolve-a spiritual warriors battles create and nurture.
but if anyone finds the word offensive they have every right to use a different term.
Those are wonderfull tools of the warrior
When we reverse them we can see the weapons, of what we can call our (symbolic) foe! or if I may borrow a term- Nancy used the Dweller! If we think of this negativity more as a Loki character filled with mischief and deception-it doese not appear that powerful
There is one other, although we here, understand materialism also includes our outer shell. We can not all be marathon runners but if we are at our physical best then our power over ourselves is also at its highest!
Ill term attraction and repulsion rather than the obvious, As when we make serious progress the stakes will get higher (cosmic law)
So first aid kit- just in case!
(A)earth, (B)air, (C)fire, (D)water, (E)spirit (F) sound
(A)crystals minerals organic life, (B)inscence organic smells (C) colours temprature (D) fluids (E) will intent- already covered. focus! (F) what we say, music the sounds of our world
(A) better folk than me should say!
(B) As with the list some attract some repel -good and bad and obviously affect us also. most of them we already know or can work out! the smell of babies would bring forth positive energies as well as dispelling that which cannot concieve- whereas the smell of myrrh and frankenscence will just attract anything! Sage rosmary lavender repels all negative and binds positive.carefull though too much can relax our organs- the smell of blood attracts negative as doese the things we dont need to mention!
ive gone on too much ------ Yshua taught us much as to what to say and many other great teachers from whichever path we follow!
This is a subject, very close to my heart...
I think that in using such a name, we need to consider 'our' individually perceived concept of the term, by viewing such in the broadest sense...
This cannot be done from within a restricted mind, with blinkered vision; or from within an absolute, where nothing but conformity is considered practical or ethical ...
To be a 'Spiritual Warrior' it would seem logical for one to be outside all barriers and restrictive practices, because it is from that stance or perspective only, that a full spectrum of all that is available, can be seen and appreciated for its many or true values - in any conflict...
The first step to becoming a Spiritual Warrior, is, without doubt, the abolition of fear... For such will close many or most avenues of negative thought and practice: so detrimental to such a cause...
It also enables the conservation of positive energy, which can be used in more practical ways, to promote or further any cause; or dispel conflict: in which such a character might be engaged...
The Dweller on the Threshold is the sumtotal of all the forces of the lower nature as expressed in the personality prior to illumination. So it's more than a jokester kind of figure, it's in dead earnest to keep its position as top dog. We could, I suppose, use the term "Spiritual Warrior" to describe the one who seeks to fearlessly overcome all these lower forces.
The only problem for me is that "war" has its roots deep in matter, and is not the opposite of peace. It seems to me the concept of "spiritual warrior" may be an attempt to create an antidote for the physical violence of war. Any thoughts? Namaste
The funniest image just came to mind as I was reading over the posts. A beefeater. You know, not as in vegetarian vs. meat, but the guards in England with the tall black hats and red suits.
So this topic seems to want to have to do with those who stand their ground at all costs in the name of being the ambassadors or agents of change for a cause.
I'm thinking warrior sounds too active in the aggressive sense. One who goes out and seeks the competition. Whereas a guard would be someone who stands their ground in the face of opposition to keep the palace or individuals therein safe from harm.
How about "Spiritual Guardians" rather than "Spiritual Warriors"?
Spiritual Warrior is a term that I like to look at archetypically instead of literally, and only makes some sense if one views it from a dualistic view.
I first was introduced to the term "Spiritual Warrior" when I was a member of a traditional Christian demonination. Spiritual warfare was a term used in that sector as the "Holy" vs. "Evil" camps...Jesus vs. Satan, that sort of thing.
It seems that in the New Age arena, "Lightworker" may be another term closely related to this idea of spiritual warrior.....the 'war' (if you will) is to bring Light to bear upon the Dark....healing to bear against dis-ease....Love to bear against fear.
To a certain extent, the whole Care2 community that is involved in environmental protection, political activism, human rights, holisitic healing, and organic living as Spiritual Warriors!
As an archetype, I see the Spiritual Warrior as one who strives to bring Heaven to Earth, so to speak. They are engaged in doing what they can to bring liberation to the oppressed, hope to the lost, and comfort to the hurting. They stand in full awareness and accountability as Godd's emissaries on the physical plane. They understand that the physical is subject to the spiritual - and view their lives as channels for Divine intentions of peace, love, and joy.
Namaste,Janey (aka Sweet J)

The Beefeaters are a wonderful example.They have to stand their ground whilst the general public mock them throw things at them,but they do not flinch.Unless you try to pass through them! this was one of the ideas behind the use of negative force within the golden dawn and gnostics.If we can control the negative forces when manifest As with the example of jesus in the wilderness.However developement to this level takes a lot of work and the negative energy is much stronger now! and i would strongly recomend that people do not follow this path.
Sweet J -
seems to have summed it up nicely. I would only like to add a bit of emphasis to truth. It take a real spiritual warrior to find and face the truth about himself/herself and the world in which we live. The greatest and most critical battles occur within ourselves. Truth is the light by which we see clearly to chart our course and it often takes real courage to accept the truth and stand by it in the face of opposition within and without,but this is the way to make things better.The real spiritual warrier,I think,opens his/her eyes fearlessly to truth,however much it hurts.
my intent is not to offend anyone with my ideals for i realize they are just mine and would never present them as a dogma that must be followed by all or anyone. Everyone has their own paths, their own enlightments, their own spirituality. As for me though i am proud to be a warrior. i joined care2 in order to battle, not with weapons of destruction such as guns or bombs but with the weapons of change--my voice,my signiture, my time, my finances. i believe that i am only a small living organism that is a part of a larger organism, i am part of a community (local, national, and global). i warrior against my country slaughtering thousands of people in a war, i warrior against countries that participate in slave marketing of women and children, i warrior against hunger,poverty, i espically warrior against the destruction of the larger living organism i am a part of-earth. my list could go on and on. my belief is that as a spiritual being i must also reconize and face the realities of my physical existence, tempered with the wisdom,love,and compassion of my spirituality. i am a physical being, a intellectual being, as well as a spiritual being and my goal is to live in a balance and harmony of my triad. so i also must warrior against my own inner dragons and beast. so please forgive if i offend you by stating i am proud to be a spiritual warrior, for it just may be that i have not evolved yet to that higher spiritual level, but my goal is to evolve and allow others to also.
Spiritual Witnesses
There is nothing new in heaven or earth. We are empowered by our spirituality to witness love, care, upliftment, peace, harmony, etc. to ourselves and fellow travellors. How often do we listen to this still, small voice within our human breast?
Nancy's examples of some wonderful witnesses to spirituality certainly listened and acted upon their own voice of reason and love.
I think of warriors archetypically as well. Carolyn Myss says that warriors have the light attributes of strength, skill, discipline, and toughness of will. Heroism, stoicism and self-sacrifice in conquering the ego. She says the sharow attributes of the warrior are trading ethical principles for victory at any cost, and indifference to the suffering inflicted on others.

Sandee Sousa wrote: I'm going to stick my neck out on this one. I've just read many of these posts. All threads are very interesting and good different points of views. Spiritual warfare has been since the very beginning of time. The most important one I've ever learned is not in this realm, but a much higer one. There are many principalies and levels. From the Bible, you can learn how to fight this "evil" with the Armour of the Lord. I know that sometimes I feel overwhemled with almost feeling all things coming at me at one time. If I do not put the "Armour"on, I find myself even in worse shape. Sometimes I feel as if I'm in the "matrix" with no way to get out. I am a very open person to all things. However in greatest times of need, I do believe when I realize and take the time to "smell the roses," that when I feel like I'm being attacked, I must put all things in God's hands and wear my armour to protect me from all evil. This is much easier than said. MJy "self" is always getting in my way. I need blinders to jeep me from allowing my spirit from going down "hill"There are many ways that I know that I can deal with it. I don't think about it until it's too late most times. When I breathe slowly and go into praying in toungues and then staying quiet for a time, ANSWERSenerally come. They don't always seem like the right ones, but eventually I do see the ends to the means. In my family, there are many things that do go on that I can not explian to most. I do know that if I do the best I can, no matter what the circumstances or how bad they are..I will have the strenght in the end to make it through. This does not make me any better than anyone else. I try to keep myself at a very basic level all I can. Then my personality will not get in my way. Spiritual arfare can be from others or straight from satan himself as he dominates today's world. For those who believe, I need to say No more, for those who do not, nothingh will suffice. I hope that this is recieved with the love that I intended it to have. To me karma is just another way to fell things. In one's soul we can dfeel many things as well as karma and I do believe in that concept as well. The most vital part to me is still fighting with the "Battle belonging to the Lord." There are two things that I do not believe in only. reincarnation " I don't want to keep coming back in different forms.. and Not having any faith that there is nothing but the now times. I must believe that somewhere in this Universe that there must be a superior being to guide us. To me it is God. Even Aristotle believed in the "soul. Italia Again, This is my view and am not trying to offend anyone.

Holly R. wrote: many ideas, similar meanings...
I consider myself as a spiritual warrior, spiritual seeker, spiritual devotee, spiritual mystic... you get the picture.
I find it helpful to clarify the meaning of warrior... it too often gets confused with soldier. To be a warrior, spiritual or no, requires a strength, courage and purpose directed by the mind and soul of the warrior.... towards whatever end the warrior deems neccessary to redeem his purpose. A spiritual warrior, uses the guidance and fealty of his own soul to determine the use of force or action through will. The spiritual warrior is his own king, needing no other loyalty than to his own soul. The soldier on the other hand, requires all the extraneous acreutrements of a warrior, like courage, strength, skill, etc, but professes obediance and loyalty to a sovereign nation, religion, or other motivating force outside himself. OM Shanti
A Spiritual Warrior first fights against Himself like Robbie said to face our own ugliness and egos we have thus changing and nurturing a more positive less selfish personality,A Spiritual Warrior fights for those who are suffering and are opressed in all levels not only physical,and a Spiritual Warrior not only feels and shares the pain of Humanity but of the Earth and other beings on Her.A Spiritual Warrior respects Him/herself as much as respects others not only on religious views but in all areas this are some of the Shields a Spiritual warrior wears but there are many many more as he walks he is growing and learning more and more.
We want to become powerful spiritual warriors who can offer love in any situation, even to our so-called enemies. In order to achieve this end we focus on two more deeply spiritual aspects of love: compassion and love of God any concept you might have. As we grow spiritually, we will be constantly amazed at the amount of love we can experience and share. Compassion sees profoundly into the heart of each situation and offers unconditional love as a remedy. Unconditional love of God is actually the ultimate goal of our spiritual quest, which is the only remedy to satisfy the deepest longings of the soul.
love to all, tulsi dasi
In the Name of... Sunday, 12:28 PM

One sometimes finds it difficult to understand, how those, who have never felt the Spiritual Warrior's rush of blood, pounding through their veins and the welling up inside, of the need to fight for a cause considered worthy, can be so negatively censorious about the use of such a title...
It is not a lable, that one promotes as would be a banner, or a standard on a battlefield - it is more akin to a feeling that dominates the entire fabric of those who unite under such a designation...
Just my thoughts...Robbie D....

warriors?, yep
Some people I think really are like spiritual warriors. They work to deal with negative energies, negative entities and "evil" if you like.
Some of this goes on globally and the majority of the general population would be unaware of what was being done.
Some of these "spiritual warriors" spend a lot of energy cleaning up the bad energies around entire countries especially those affected by war. Much of this work is voluntary and comes with risk, those doing this thankless task can get attacked by those forces they work to control. Life is far more interesting than many realise
So perhaps think quite different to the term "disciple" although you find that term also used in dark cults so I guess they are kind of spiritual warriors as well but on the other team!
Perhaps it is just these archetypes
that have created wars, abuse, conflict, weapons on our earth world. Maybe by misunderstanding a battle of the soul. Perhaps if a more loving example had been set, we would have realized there is nothing that works like Love and would never have been a warrior at all?
Just some random thoughts...
God bless, J (aka Judy M - not Sweet J...)

Verily, to me, Spiritual Warriors are Spiritual Survivors - whose awareness and vigilance are just a tad more elevated than the norm.
One has to be aware of the source of any affliction in order to cure it - and Spiritual Warfare is much akin to a chess game than actual warfare - a game of chess with dark influences that we must overcome. Being aware of their very existence is a huge step forward towards accomplishing just that. *yes* - Luminous Luciano

Carol O. wrote in response to that:
"Verily, to me, Spiritual Warriors are Spiritual Survivors - whose awareness and vigilance are just a tad more elevated than the norm."
Wow - that's it Luciano. You hit the nail on the head.

I sure did!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Terceiro Aniversario

Faz agora três dias, santo pai
que tu partiste;
três dias para ti -
três anos para nôs.
Olha por nôs
como nôs olharemes por ti
pelo os ultimos tempos

Que a Vontade de Deus
Seja Feita

NOTA BENE: The fact that the video "Heaven" has been taken away by a copyright dispute on YouTube's service does not constitute a sign whatsoever that the soul of the man honored here is not in Heaven presently - no matter what you unbelievers out there would like to infer with it...

Ditto for the song above.
There are more songs available below on this page.


Ce fût en ce jour
du 22 Mars,
il y a trois ans,
jour pour jour,
que je le vis partir...

Je m'en souviendrais toujours
aussi sûrement
que je le reverrais un jour.

Un jour prochain.


The following was, between the years 2006 and 2009, available to be viewed
on the defunct web service called GeoCities.
Photos no longer seen here were hosted by GeoCities as well.
GeoCities was a service provided by Yahoo, a provider often rumored to be on the verge of being acquired (swallowed whole) by Microsoft.
It is now best viewed here, probably due to all this, on an Explorer browser.
My apologies to all Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers users - but it's true.
It is not the HTML that is the culprit: it is your browser that makes it look so.
And you can do as I do: thank monopolistic Microsoft for that.

A Tribute to Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel


~~~~~Welcome To The JJBP Honor Page~~~~~
please scroll down (best when viewed with Mozilla Firefox)

A Luminous Tribute
In Honor of a Saintly Man:
Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel - Santo marido e santo pai - que Deus te deia todas as honras que so tu mereces
A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.
- John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel

Um homem que amou Deus e amou os seus - e que foi vitima de gente mau na sua vida terestra. Agora estaje nos Céus, Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel - com tia Estrela, a tua mae Clara, o teu primo e afilhado Domingos, a tua prima Lionilde, os tios Manuels, a mae da tua sogra Maria Augusta, a tia Constantina e a tua santa avo - alminhas santas, todas, sem excepçao; que Deus permeta que voz todos olhares por nòs que ficamos aqui na Terra - até o fim dos tempos.

A tua mancidao fui exemplar - tu estas com Deus, pai - eu lhe sei muito bem

Quer ser como ti - e nao consigo.
- Luciano Pimentel
(Mancidão - c'est pas mon fort, des fois...
Ele, sim.)

OBITUARY: On this, the year of our Lord 2006, on the 28th of March,
Joao (Jean/John) Pimentel has passed on. He leaves grieving him his wife, Maria Adelina, his son Luciano, numerous relatives and precious few true friends.
Jean Pimentel n'est plus. Il nous a quitté le 28 Mars de l'an 2006. Il laisse dans le deuil son épouse, son fils, un frère et une soeur de même que de nombreux neveux, nièces, cousins - ainsi que de précieux amis qui se fîrent rares, eux aussi...
No ano 2006, faleceu Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel, que deixou de luto a sua esposa, o seu filho unicò, varios familiares e caros amigos escolhidos com o dedo da mao direita...

Patience is the companion of wisdom.
- Saint Augustine

Genius is eternal patience.
- -- Michelangelo

Suivra ici un extrait des paroles que j'ai prononcé le jour des funérailles - ce fût totalement improvisé comme eulogie. Je dirais plutôt - inspiré par une sainte âme... Desolé du manque occasionel de ponctuation en Francais sur ce site - GeoCities ne semble pas aimer le Francais parfois... Ni le Portugais d'ailleurs.

""Je n'ai jamais connu d'homme plus honnête... intègre... patient... devoué à sa famille...
que Joao Pimentel... mon père.
Ce monde était meilleur - et enrichi - avec sa présence.
Ceux qui enrichissent ce monde nous quitte plus vite.
Ceux qui souillent ce monde durent plus longtemps.

Mon pere n'était pas "quelqu'un"... il ne ft pas un politicien... il ne fut pas un homme d'État... il n'était pas un grand Orateur... ni un magnat quelconque... mais on gagnait à le connaitre.
C'etait un saint homme.
Et le perdre est notre perte à nous tous... et le gain du Paradis, qui a d'ores et dejà un saint de plus.

Que Dieu Te Bénisse, Papa""

Il avait 36 ans quand je suis né
J'avais 36 ans quand il a été délivré
Je l'ai vu partir deux fois
Il m'a donné la vie deux fois

Peut être que je suis trop sévère envers les autres
Maybe I am being too harsh on the rest of them
Mas a verdade é esta mesmo
Joao Jacinto Pimentel Borges -como ele assinava, ponde a sua santa mae asima do seu pai- é mesmo O MELHOR DE TODOS OS PIMENTELS
Melhor que qualquer um tambem
Melhor de que os SOUSAS
A gazillion times better than "os FANAZES"...
Il a le Ciel Garanti
He is certifiably in Heaven with God -
while the rest of them are all question marks AT BEST...

And in the Grand Scheme of Things, he is greater than the most accomplished one among the living
For he, at least, did not achieve what he did achieve on the back of anyone else
nor by hurting anyone else...

(prickled from all eras really):

"Eu gosto dos meus outros primos tambem; do meu primo Jose, do meu primo Gilberto... mas o Joao é o melhor de eles todos - o mais bom de eles todos. Docil... paciento... fino... que bom marido ele vai ser."
- Lionilde Pimentel, mae da Saozinha

"Joao Pimentel tinha tanta finura e mancidao; e o seu filho e todo igual a ele."
- Ines Rebelo

"Um homem com tanto bom coracao... que nunca fez mal a nimguem mesmo... com mais mancidao de que eu mesma... um santo... que Deus te deia tudo de volta, querido Joao."
- Maria Adelina Caldeira Pimentel,
sua esposa e minha mae

"Tio Joao - nos sempre tivemos tantas saudades"
- Rita Maria Pimentel Miranda

"Ele estava se treminando (...) Ele é o meu irmao - o meu sangue."
- Gilberto Pimentel

"Mon cher cousin - que Dieu te bénisse!"
- Sao Medina des Productions Sao

"Nao hà ninguem nesta familia que se compara a ele - ninguem de vivo e poucos dos mortes! Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel era e *É* o melhor dos Pimentels mesmo - sem duvida nemhuma! Ele nunca criticava de ninguem - nunca disse mentira de ninguem - nunca chatiava ninguem! Nunca rebaixou ninguem tambem... So disse a verdade! Na cara mesmo - de chapa! Como eu fasso-lhe tambem; eu, o seu unico filho, Luciano Pimentel. E as verdades que ele disse - eu vou repetir. E vou dizer *mais* por sima! É so esperar e vai ver o que vai acontecer, caras amigas e amigos! Inimigas e inimigos! Para Tudo e para todos - A Luz Vai Ser Feita! Por nòs todos..."
- Luciano Pimentel

"We all prayed for him - what was meant to be happened - I am sorry - he is with God now - your dad is still with you in your head and heart and always will be if you believe"
- Sharon Lowe

"First I will say, that you have honoured your father in the best possible way I can imagine and I am sure he is feeling very happy. I have followed and felt your emotions and pain and, even if no person can really feel another person's emotions as we are individuals, I believe, that I have been able to feel at least some of your pain today. Your father has been and is a very beautiful person as well as God's spiritual idea and with this closeness you two have had, I understand how much you miss him now. His beauty, the beauty from God, is living on in him now as well as before and before he was born here, as I believe, that this life we have now - no matter how real it seems - is a mere illusion from which we return the day we choose or are called by God for another purpose. By growing spiritually, by trusting only God, the missing of loved ones lessens. Of course I sometimes miss my father and am overwhelmed by it, but Everything is possible for those who believe - not only if you are spiritual at a high level - no - it is possible IF YOU BELIEVE - no conditions attached. And if you open your mind to that these things are not impossible, they will happen the way that God knows is the best for you and the best way for you to grow spiritually. God wants you - and me - and everyone to be happy. And it is possible for those who believe. Do good and you have divine authority to demand harmony - through divine authority. My mother died in 1986 and I also shut down missing her, partly because I was not able to deal with it - the loss was to me a complete nightmare. I wrote a mini-poem about it saying:

The only good thing

about your passing on is,

that now

I will never again

be afraid

of losing you.

My father died in 1993 and it has taken me at least 10 years not to cry for him if not daily then weekly, and still I do it and I miss him too often for sharing thoughts. It is not something I do by dwelling in the sorrow, no, as it all comes by an association and it explodes like a waterfall and then I either deal with what I am missing and the thoughts or try just to move on with my things. I always have carried God with me from childhood. What I am saying here is what I have learned from all these years of holding on to life and God and finally finding the shore - and through hard lessons and confronting many fears, I now have started a more steady spiritual journey. So you have to start loving yourself as God loves you, see yourself as perfect as He sees you, forgive yourself for whatever mistakes you have made, expect good for yourself in spiritual growth and, not the least, expect all your dreams to be fulfilled asking God for guidance in all in your life. You shine as well as your father - only you forgot to take off your dark glasses and look in the mirror!"
- Annette Bruun, artist and author

"Senhor Joao era muito boa pessoa mesmo. Ele e o seu afilhado, Domingos, irmao do meu marido, eram os dois muito boms iguais. As suas alminhas estao num bom lugar, com toda a certesa."
- Lurdes de Photo Galicia

"Goodbye Padrinho"
- Rosa Maria McMaster Conrod De Sousa

"C'est triste notre fin..."
- Manuel Pimentel, on the day of the funeral in 2006. Something to which I reply to here and now with "Non, Manuel, ce n'est pas la fin - mais le COMMENCEMENT. Garde la tristesse pour toi-même."
I couldn't reply on the day itself because I was standing there, as they lowered the coffin into the ground... Couldn't be as sharp at the time; having too much on my mind...
Ye of little faith, Manuel...

"Je me rappelle très bien le souvenir de votre père même si je ne l'ai vu qu'une seule fois. Par suite de sa maladie, il semblait très innocent, et les innocents sont bien reçus par le Christ au ciel. Le Royaume des cieux est à eux. Nous devons être comme lui, si nous voulons un jour le rejoindre la-bas.
Salutations à votre mère, et Courage."
- Armand Gargoura
Above: The Rebellious Allure of 1953 - The Saintly Man of 2006
Another Important Obituary As This One Is ~ For Me ~

And For Those In The Know
O Melhor


1959: He arrived in Canada.
He was 25 years old.
Native of Rosario, Lagoa, on the island of Sao Miguel - one of nine islands that comprise the Acores in the Atlantic Ocean
He had worked, as his two brothers and lone sister, on the family's holdings - orchard farm, a vineyard and agricultural land - all of which the Pimentels owned and were envied for.
Once he came to Canada, he would work for OTHERS... That, in itself, was a travesty.

He made, for better but mostly for worse, another island his home for what was to be the rest of his life...
The island that was briefly known as "L'Ile Jesus" - but it proved not to be worthy of such a name I suppose and was palindromically renamed "Laval" just about when... I was born, actually.
Me, Luciano... Joao Pimentel's only son
Mon père n'aura eu qu'un seul fils - et je fus ainsi l'élu pour prendre soin de lui - parler pour lui - defendre ses acquis et avoirs - ainsi je suis le candidat tout choisi aussi pour garder son souvenir vivant en cette Terre - le souvenir d'un homme pieu et bon - qui méritait des jours bien plus longs en ce monde - ainsi que plus de joie, de bonheur et de chance dans cette vie qui fut écourtée au début de 2006 - alors qu'il venait de faire ses 72 ans.
Toute sa vie durant, mon père fût charitable, sans être plus heureux ou plus apprécié pour autant; il donna sa voiture usagée -au jeune du quartier qui conduisit ainsi son premier véhicule, gratis- plutôt que de la vendre...
Il prêtait de l'argent à tous ceux qui lui en faisaient la demande - son frère José, pourtant plus vieux mais fort moins assagi... son beau-frère et "compadre"... ses co-locataires, alors qu'il était nouveau venu au Quebec et n'avait que 25 ans... Il était leur BANQUIER, pardieu! Devrais-je collecter aujourd'hui les prêts non-remboursés, papa? Dis-le moi...
Il supporta financièrement sa belle-mere, l'oncle de son épouse, poussa le mécènât jusqu'à supporter même sa belle-soeur veuve depuis 1996 et un jeune né dans un pays sous-developpé, via le Christian Children's Fund of Canada
Et il fût mon support constant aussi - comme je fus le sien, en d'autres conditions (logistiques entre autres), durant les 13 dernières annees de sa vie sur Terre.
Je suis heureux, qu'au moins, il n'ait pas souffert excessivement durant ces treize ans. Il avait une attitude de saint - vraiment. Il accepta tout ce que la vie lui amena -absolument tout- et ne se plaignait au grand jamais. Un Saint, je vous le dis.

Thirty odd years ago, he was pacing the halls of that hospital...
As I came into this world.
He had lit a candle to the Holy Virgin.
So that both his wife and child would survive.
I was pacing the halls of that same hospital
In March of 2006... DEMANDING that they keep him alive.
In this cold cruel world
-and despite that fact- when death comes, we do not want to give in.
In our case, especially not in that same hospital
where they have kept a 95 year-old woman alive, on a respirator,
in a neuro-vegetative coma, for MONTHS...
and me, I had to fight with the medical staff
to get my father the same thing for barely a week!
Dr. Bellemarre is a name I will never forget, that is for sure...
Pre-destined name that you have there, dispenser of death.
In a hospital rife with pre-destined names...
They have a Dr. Lacharité...
a Dr. Labrecque... a Dr. Ferron, a Dr. Moussette and a Dr. Marsolais
Some do a terrible job.
Others are just adequate - for small tasks.
They profess to lead the way in all the major areas of their profession
and, thus, they believe to be meritorious of the new E.R. in the fall of 2007
but when it comes to actually saving lives
they are found to have not enough of a budget all of a sudden
To refurbish an old hospital, they could find millions
to save the earthly life of one precious kind soul they could not find reasons to pursue that goal.
They invoked "l'acharnement thérapeutique" and even "la profanation de cadavre"...
They invoked the hopelessness of any possible recuperation...
They even invoked the possibility of another, more "salvageable case" coming in
into intensive care...
All to do the opposite - and not save but snuff out that life that was dear TO ME.
Hence, we had to clear the spot.
Because we had no hope.
We were stripped of it early.
By the good hypocrites
who swore Hippocrates' Oath.
God Will Give You The Adequate Payment For This
nurses and quacks
who contributed to the hasty departure of a good man.
And I bless his name
Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel
O Meu Santo Pai
whom I will see again
on Judgment Day.

The first video to be found at the onset of the bottom half of this Honor Page is an allegorical presentation of what leaving this world is like. The performing artists are collectively known as Sigur Ros. The little blond drummer boy in the video, who is leading the "revolution", reminds me a lot of my dear saintly dad - who was blond when he was very young... The children in the video all go to sleep mid-way through the clip and then their souls continue the pilgrimage they were on - and their souls take off. My father went to sleep on March 22nd, 2006 - an afternoon nap that he would never wake up from. And his spirit soared.
And he is in the Light.

TLB Prime Homage
Care2 Album
My Father Was A Miracle And Is One Now The last thirteen years of his life were spent for the most part on his bed - and so he would have had the point of view that the first video, at the top of this page, has. The music is one of his favorite pieces too, as are the other ones selected. Listening to these would always bring an outburst of emotion in him - he would appear both tearful and serene; blissful and closer to heaven, all at once. It is where he is now - closer to God. And serene. And blissful ~ at last. No further tears shall be shed - not even of joy I think. No tears need be - in Oneness with the Lord.

Pray for us down here, dad

More than any other song, Sigur Ros' Glosoli helped my family
get through this grieving period of our lives -
and renew our hope for the afterlife.

"Cavaleiro Monge" sung by fado diva Mariza ~ a musical style that dad loved
Le fado - un style de musique qu'affectionna mon pere toute sa vie. Celui-ci est l'un des meilleurs de tous les temps - chante par Mariza, diva de Lisbonne.
O fado do meu santo pai - vai ser o Cavaleiro Monge. Ele é o Cavaleiro que està Longe - e pertinho ao mesmo tempo - com perfeita ubiquidade.

La gran actuación de Luciano Pavarotti en la apertura de los juegos olimpicos de invierno de Torino. "Nessun Dorma" ~ Vincero... Vincer-ooooo!

I had to have something here from my namesake
- who passed away virtually at the same time as my father.

And what else for a finale now:
San Jacinto - Live - Para O Santo Joao Jacinto

(It is pronounced "Jah-Shin-toh" though - not as Peter Gabriel says it.)

This song lends itself so very well to the hope of seeing your loved ones again, in the hereafter:
we will walk on the land,
we will breathe of the air,
we will will drink from the stream,
we will live (again) HOLD THE LINE!

If you have any commentary whatsoever
on this Honor Page and its contents and links,
please e-mail me at:

The Pimentels ~ Le Clan Pimentel ~ A Familia Pimentel

The Doctor Is Out

.............................................The Only Doctor You Will Ever Truly Need Is Him

Goodbye Papa

After Terry Jacks' Seasons In The Sun, Kansas' Dust In The Wind is the quintessential 70s song
- Dad was in his prime in those days...

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

The Saviour Is Never Silent.

The Word Speaks - Always.

O Melhor



Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel

É bom repetir porque: O meu pai é (não era - ele é) um homem da mancidão e da paz, trabalhador, honesto, economico, com bom coração e sinceridade para todos durante toda sua vida conosco

e a paga que ele teve foi so traisão, inveja e odio.

Mas, ficam sabendo, familiares com remorsos, que NÃO É DE VOCÉS QUE SE TRATA quando eu falo de invejosos, traidores e ainda PIOR DE QUE ISTO... CLARO?

Não sei se està claro ainda nas suas cabeçinhas... Vocés não são o centro do mundo, sabem? Nem a minha preocupação principale - muito longe disto!

Por isto, coloquei o texto mais severe que estava aqui antes numa outra pagina
por ai...
Aqui merece estar é sô élogias para O MEU SANTO PAI.

Mas, eu repito, NÃO SÃO VOCES OS "DEMONIOS" DE QUEM EU FALO, familiares ignorantes da verdade... Mesmo se vocés quaz todos venham da Lagoa e/ou das ilhas... TEM OUTROS QUE VIEREM DE LÀ TAMBEM - claro. E tem bom peixo como tem mau peixo de TODO O LADO...

Porque é que vocés pensem que eu ia falar SÔ de vocés...? Vocés não são o centro do mundo, jà ouvirem?

Eu e o meu pai tivemos inimigos de veras - não sô entenicaçaos como vocés, nesta vida! Se tivesse sido sô isto; as suas estupidezes e mau compreensaos... a sua enteniquenta proua e seberba... as suas palavras ignorantes... A VIDA DOS MEUS PAIS, COMO A MINHA, TERIA SIDO TANTO FACIL!

Quanto a respeito do meu santo pai, ele està é jà com DEUS, no Céu, onde ele merece estar como recompensia do seu sofrimento nesto mundo. Se vocés não acreditem, a falta é toda vossa.

13 anos de doença - 13 anos sem fala. Quer querer que durante estes anos ele teve o perdão completo pelo todos os seus pecados e ofensas.

Se o meu pai ainda està a espera do seu lugarinho no Céu, està a espera num lugar cheio de LUZ, como ele merece.

E não tem ninguem que sabe melhor nesto mundo de que EU, que santo que o meu pai é de veras.

2007 TLB Prime Commemoration - March 22nd

2007 Saudades Commemoration

2007 TLB Prime Commemoration - March 28th

O ultimo reposo do meu santo pai nesto mundo

e as fotos delo -antes e depois de anos de sofrimento- com imagems em pintura de Nosso Salvador e de Nossa Senhora (é, de facto, a imagem miraculosa de Fatima, Portugal)

Publicado nesto sito no dia da festa dos Pais, 2007

15 meses depois dos funerais

December 24th, 2007 -

On the eve of a second Christmas without my father, the author of this commemorative honor-webpage thinks back to the times that went by so fast -too fast...

Those Christmas Eves that you had to work still, Dad - the nuns that administrated your main employer's daily affairs were long gone by then (although they remain on the administration council board to this day.) Those same nuns used to give you preferential treatment, Dad, because THEY, unlike many others in a temporary position of authority, were good judges of character and THEY KNEW you deserved to have the actual *Holidays* off. It wasn't the case when secular laymen took over the administrating chores in that joint...

I think back to those holidays spent with other family - how proud I was always to travel with you. We were like the two men of the family - the only true men in the entire family! We were a formidable team! We still are - even moreso now...

I think back to more recent Christmases too; you were not the same man anymore - but I could still confide in you and, when I spoke to you, I would see it in your eyes that you approved of what I'd just shared.

And now - I remember the things you liked the most - clementines, tangerines, wine, peanuts, orange juice, figs (figos passados) and grapes. I want to honor you by partaking of these, in your memory, as it is customary to do in Portugal. Portugal - land of true Faith, a second Holy Land, verily. And yet, I feel as though I don't deserve to treat myself to any of these good things given to us by The Good Lord - because you are not here with me to partake of it, too.

The truth is, of course, that you are seated at a far better table, more splendidly garnished than any on Earth; the Lord's table, where the abundance is everlasting.

And you deserve every bit of that, Dad.
Every bit of it.

The above angel pin is very similar to the one that I wear on my lapel on a daily basis, for it symbolizes -to me, it always shall- my once and new guardian angel, Dad.
One of the relatives who could not attend the funeral (could not be reached in time) allowed a bit of pent-up aggression towards a priest to become outright resentment towards the Church overall; and so, upon seeing my angel pin and ignoring what it represents to me, the relative in question wondered out loud why I was so pious, etc...
She carried on and on (as she always does - as they always do) on that tangent - without ever hearing from me about the true meaning of the angel on my lapel.

I thought I'd post the significance of the angel pin here. Maybe she'll READ about it now... Maybe she'll be taught a valuable lesson by this, too (like many a relative has been taught a lesson by me, lately...) - to shut up and listen, sometimes...

2008 TLB Prime Commemoration - March 22nd

2008 Saudades Commemoration

2008 TLB Prime Commemoration - March 28th

May 2009.

My (many - oh, there are so many of them, it's not even funny - nor gloomy) enemies will be rejoicing for this site has its days numbered. However, even if GeoCities is dying - I am not. I cannot die, nor did my father, truly; for our souls will live on forevermore! Will yours, haters? No need to answer that. For this site is not for my witticisms nor to shoot arrows in your direction(s) - this site is for the memory of my dear saintly father, Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel. And this site is but a testimony, one among million others, that certify of one truth: the immortality of the soul.

This site will survive; as surely as his soul survived his earthly shell's demise. As surely as mine will as well. As surely as THERE IS A GOD who Created the universe that is, was and will be - this site will survive in MANY forms, on MANY platforms; you just wait and see.

It is still sad, though, that Yahoo has not the honor or quite simply not the intestinal fortitude to keep its word and maintain these sites that were attributed to all as one of their myriad services. They wanted to achieve a zenith, the top level of diversification of their services and they certainly had reached that goal. And now they simply go back on their word, with both 360` and GeoCities. Sad - but in the near-apocalyptic financial age we live in, all foreseeable. Heaven Forbid other services follow that very same path; but even if it does happen, God Will Provide A Way to safekeep all the worthy memories of unrecognized (by earthly authorities) saints and martyrs.

Besides - all earthly things are bound to end; only that which is from the Divine will endure. FOREVERMORE.

I guess that means the internet is not emanating from the Divine - at all - after all. We always suspected so much...
Following are some more links to commemorative posts on various blogs part of the TLB Prime Network that I founded - for, even if the net is unholy in some way and vastly used for the worst things, there are still a myriad worthy, good and just uses of it and, one dares hope, ours is one of those indeed.

2009 TLB Prime Commemoration - March 22nd

2009 Saudades Commemoration

2009 TLB Prime Commemoration - March 28th

Hurt - Johnny Cash

Ao Passar Um Navio


In the years that followed,
there was a fourth and fifth commemorative series of posts, as well -
they are to be found on TLB PRIME itself,
aka the luminous blog
were we reflect His Light...
This one right here is the core salute
since it is the one reviving the Honor Page
and the cornerstone third year after...
The second lost GeoCities page can also be found here -
it was salvaged as well, in the nick of time.
I thought I'd stop with five
- or perhaps I'll stop with a holy number, seven?
But then if we go seven, we should go ten...
And then every "marquee" anniversary that follows
(15th, 20th, 25th... Lord Willing...)
will be honored, commemorated, remembered...
Truth is, grieving is not anniversary-like.
It is a daily affair.
It never really leaves one's mind
and it resurfaces at any time,
for so many different reasons.
Anything and everything
can remind us...

Grieving is a lifelong thing.

As such, maybe we can stop with three -
the holiest of numbers.

Knowing myself, though, we most likely won't.

Sempre Por O Melhor


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