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Saturday, April 16, 2005

why do people find psychopaths so damn charismatic anyway...?!?

Scott Peterson is after all, only like, the worst husband in recent history...
But he's so well-groomed! So suave... So smooth!? A smooth operator, yes...
Early in the trial procedures, Scott Peterson prosecution team members Rick Distaso, Davis Harris, and Birgit Fladager were more than ticked-off by the seeming generalized feeling that Peterson would eventually go free, no matter what they did to get him behind bars for life - or worse. And they were legitimized in their frustration, for it told of one of the most infuriating traits in society - the lure to ''root'' for the ''bad guy'' - if he's ''cool'' of course...! This aberration has been seen repeatedly in cases in both the USA and in Canada - even lingering on during the sentence and afterwards - as in the case of Karla Homolka, whose impending release is ever nearer...

Even though they nearly got Scott Peterson what he deserved though -the death penalty- the prosecution team has to remain stoic now... Yep - they have no choice but to be modest in Modesto...! California has it in for charismatic criminals - not justice, after all... Liberated from a gag order that prevented them from discussing their investigation, police and prosecutors still must decline ''to offer any new evidence or theories on how Peterson carried out the slaying of his wife and unborn son.''
Even now...!
Sheesh- it's almost as if they were protecting the spotless image of a choir boy here... truly an aberration.
At least, in Homolka's case, we all know exactly what kind of monster she is... both she and the hubby, Paulie Bernardo... That hellacious couple, Kelly Ellard, Albert Walker and so many others all have that certain psychopathic profile in common with one another - and with Scott Peterson as well. So much can be said about the latter case, at least... All of these charming and charismatic individuals can bet they'll be having a grand ol' time behind bars - their charm does not seem to operate in that "cloistered world"... unlike what it seems to be able to accomplish in the gullible world at large!

People these days...
They'd frown upon the unshaved heart-of-gold but FLAT-OUT BROKE guy - but they'll welcome with open arms the sharply-dressed demon with nothing but poison running through his veins - but he's so cute!

Speaking of BROKE... listen to it now and open your hearts to its charms!

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Friday, April 15, 2005

freaky fridays - another new tradition on... the luminous blog!

And what better way to inaugurate it than to start off on a... mundane vs. morbid note... eh? *lol*
From one Larry to another - Larry Lucchino was talking to baseball officials today (which included chief legal officer Lucinda Treat - worthy of mention, I think!) about the latest incident in the storied Red Sox-Yankees rivalry... while, last night on CNN, Larry King was talking about what happens after we die - with a panel of guests running the gamut from a Protestant evangelist to a Catholic priest to a Rabbi to a Muslim to Marianne Williamson (worthy of mention by name - I think!) to... an atheist! (Nothing less than the president of some organisation called Atheists for America or some darn thing like that... *lol* And the president in question is a stunning blonde... figures.)

I am sure that the dastardly blonde would see nothing trivial about letting loose of one's passions (even in violent ways - as long as it is not excessive of course ; a little brawling at a sports event never killed anyone... right? *lol*) - after all, everything that will ever matter to her and her kind is to happen in the here and now - concrete, material! "We experience life - not death" she said... Not death - not yet, nitwit! Soon enough though... worry not your pretty little head about that now...! Again, need I remind you that Dubya is working hard to have you nuked - real soon too!? *lol* Enjoy that while you live it - it won't be long though, of course. Nuclear fires have that fastness about them ; they sear the flesh from the bone rather quickly... :(
Yeowtch - that sure was morbid...
But the interesting part is, of course, what can, at least potentially (admit so, atheists!) happen after death...!
Come on now - I don't know about you, atheists, but I would like to think that I have a little something extra in me that the plethora of inanimate objects that surround me simply do not ; all of those objects do not have a
And, logically, the soul should survive past the peremption date of the body.
After all, the contents of any plastic food container you can think of are more precious than the container itself - are they not? And those contents go together with the environment too (bio-degradability - an eco-friendly subject thrown in here just for right measure - ain't that grand? *lol*) - as the soul will join the cosmos once it is free from its mortal coil. And the latter, well... it will go into the soil, dust to dust - as it was always meant to be, hmm? To deny the possibility of there being more than physical existence is a blatant display of unimagination, materialism, vanity even... It is like the conundrum - if there is no life after death ; then why should there be before death? And as Christ said - what is it worth to win the world - if one loses his soul in the process? Not believing in the existence of the soul is akin to labeling Jesus and millions more as being liars - who art thou to dare do so, atheists? You cannot prove it is a lie - more evidence exists that there is an unseen world than there is a lack of... ;) Think about it carefully now...

All in all though, I was stunned. I found myself liking more what the Rabbi had to say than the Christians, Larry, Marianne, the Captain, the Professor and the atheist all combined! *LOL*
Mayhaps my name really does have an ancient tie to the Hebrews... Hmm... more things to think about carefully...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

tinseltown rarely does take out the trash... eh?

Hollywood is misnamed to begin with though - why call ALL of show-business "Hollywood" - huh?!? I have never seen a plethora of rappers, so-called singers or other performers actually ACT in an actual movie (and I hope I never will either - Eminem, Julian whatsisname from American Idol and Courtney Love WERE ENOUGH!!!). In the old days, it seems to me that "Hollywood" was the MOVIE business - not anything else all wrapped up into one gigantic artistic community...

ETALK DAILY recently was so blunt as to say... well, what I confirm and reaffirm in today's post header here! *LOL* And they also dared to go as far as put together a short list of candidates for the trash heap(...) bypassing the obvious ones (Anna Nicole Smith, Courtney...) and shooting for... the minor stars really. TV personalities HARDLY qualify as Tinseltown Trash even in MY book... but hey ; that's just me I suppose! Thus - two TV "stars" - not quite bright OR light for that matter... The View's Star Jones and American Idol's Paula Abdul were pinpointed as great candidates to vanish and never return to the airwaves... Then, they tentatively dared to shoot down ACTUAL MOVIE STARS by targeting child star Dakota Fanning... hmm... the kid is annoying, but... surely there are bigger names out there that are bigger pains you know where whenever they appear on an interview stage - hmm? ;) And finally - a franchise that should go away - 007. Who cares who the next Bond will be indeed? However, again, there are plenty more to "shoot down" (like Bond routinely does this time - he is such a magnificent make-believe marksman... eh?).

Thus, my luminous suggestions to ELIMINATE FROM THE FIRMAMENT OF SO-CALLED STARS...
Anyone with the last name Sheen or Estevez
Any Kutcher alive by the same token
Any Britney alive too
Andy Dick
Any Dick
Esther aka Veronica Electronica aka... no, she is NOT "madonna"...!
Most chicks that were a part of Lilith Fair...
Most groups of 4 or less members that were a part of Lollapalooza...
Character-actors without character...
Most old-time or all-new "talent" that has ever emerged from SNL for that matter...
All artists with CROW in their name...
Christina, Paris & their make-out... I mean, make-up crew...
The whole blamed O.C.
All present and future Desperate Wives - on ABC...
The whole blamed NHL - oh, they already did vanish... and are not exactly Hollywood... okay, move on...
Alleged talk-show hosts...
Nepotism benefactors and "benefactees"... *LOL*
pretty much 99% of the casts and writing teams on sitcoms today...
100% of big studio executives...!!!

Any suggestions for more? Leave them in the comments sections please! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

blame somebody else day now... hmm... where to begin really... *lol*

Not that I'm complaining, mind you... it is a basic part of human nature itself to blame the next guy... and, personally, I know that, indeed, it is never my fault but really that other guy's fault too (those other guys, over the years... a few girls too... but I don't fight girls... only guys... THEY started it! I finished it! BWAH-HA-HA! But I am digressing again... sort of).

So... feel free to blame thy neighbor today - he had it coming anyway! *lol*
(I think road rage will be indulged in today as well...)

In other "news"...

CNN cracks me up - when someone as serious as Paula Zahn actually wonders out loud if the third choice for "Person of the Day" should get the nod - and that third choice is none other than Cookie Monster...! And why would that azure creature get such a great honor? Because, in Zahn's own words, "although he is not swearing off cookies, he is telling kids to cut back!" *LOL* Good cookie monster!

And, on a far more serious note now...

FINALLY that no-good b!tch with the sneer, BC's own KELLY ELLARD is getting what she deserves - a sentence to get indefinite numbers of beatings in her stay of incarceration for having led to the beating to death of Reena Virk years ago. A true Canadian (not indicative of all Canadians, mind you - but a definite "good" example of what an "in-crowd" ho with not enough grey matter can be... and do... at her worst) Killer Kelly thought she would not get punished - not get caught - may even have been thinking that she was the victim in the whole legal process and, in her own sick twisted mind where everything is topsy-turvy, she may have even thought that she was actually doing everyone a favor by coercing others into helping her "get rid of" Reena Virk... And to think, TO THINK that it took years to get this GUILTY VERDICT...?!? And that Kelly had a (slim) CHANCE of acquittal...?!? Even could get some time "out"...?!? Had it been Reena who had killed Kelly ("they killed Kelly" - "GOOD") such absurdities would have never occurred! Lady Justice is blind all right - but not as it professes to be! Kreepy Kelly's trial ended one day short of Blame Somebody Else Day - otherwise, we can tell what her next defense strategy would have been! She was desperate - but, you gotta give it to the cold heartless slut - she showed no emotion and no remorse in court. She REALLY thinks she is being unfairly treated here... The mistreatments are only starting, "hon" - wait 'til they get their hands on you "inside"... Oh yeah - you'll likely get by doing what KARLA HOMOLKA (the OTHER Kreepy one) did - "gal palling" around with the toughest butch... Why are so many young women in Canada such horrendous hoes, by the way...?!? Must be something in the water (shades of Walkerton) - or the American influence of course!

Let's hope they won't take as long now to convict the three stoogey brats who killed some kid in neighboring province (well, almost) Alberta - in the not-so fair city of Edmonton! (Mind you, I care not for sprawling urban crapolises wherever they are!)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

two for tuesdays; mind-numbing medication news...

Recently, they nabbed a veritable mega-marijuana factory in the monotonous city of Montreal (twice more so now that the fanatical feeble-minded Habitants don't have hockey to feed their passions... or habits!). Pot is still seen as a "baaad thing" - but why? When society wants to drug everybody else - even substitute the good old-fashioned pacifier with some medication that will stifle thy newborn's cries...!!!
Pot is hardly a bad habit anymore - cheap cigarettes with no filters now THAT is not good for you! *LOL*

Alas, I do not condone smokers in any way shape or form - to me, it is really burning money away... AND ruining your health at the same time! One might just as well set one's cash on fire and inhale THOSE fumes while they're at it - it will be just as effective on their lungs as well as their pocketbook!
For the two actual mind-numbing tidbits of medical un-news - check the comments section! ;)

Monday, April 11, 2005

just like the spring of 1919...!

What a fine opening day celebration today at Fenway Park - right folks?
In one unique moment, heroes from the past championships that were won for and in Boston united to throw multiple simultaneous (but poorly synchronized) ceremonial first pitches... The Boston Bruins were represented by Bobby Orr - as it should be. Some like Yaz - Cam Neely is the Man and Espo was tough - even Boggs got labeled a "super-hitter" - but Boston's only true superman still is number four - Bobby Orr! The Boston Celtics were represented by Bill Russell - not Larry Bird or Kevin McHale, THANK GOD (they're both traitors anyway - *lol* - but why not Robert Parish? He surely was available and is one of the most RECENT Celtics champs... oh well). The New England Patriots were represented by the outspoken Tedy Bruschi - and not the cocky Pats quarterback - good! And even Richard Seymour was there! I was shocked though that no one represented the best of the best that Boston has to offer - the Boston Pops! John Williams wrote the music for Superman... dammit! Surely he can throw a decent ceremonial first pitch as well...!!! *lol*

The sense of humor of Bostonians -which matches my own- was displayed also in brilliant -or luminous- fashion when they cheered Yankees closer Mariano Rivera - he sure did help the Sox win, yes... He pitches just the way I like to see him pitch whenever he faces Boston - humanly as opposed to... superhumanly (a theme developing here...)? Mariano himself proved to have a sense of humor by gleefully accepting those sarcastic cheers - what else could he do though ; pull a Byung-Yung Kim stunt (is that his name? lol) and show the finger to the crowd, ruining the festive atmosphere ever-so-slightly and proving all detractors of the damn yankees RIGHT in the process...? He would never do that - mainly because Mariano rhymes with Luciano I think... that's my theory and I'll stick with it... *LOL*

Sunday, April 10, 2005

bloggers won't take gags - some will go gaga though...

Bloggers will not respect court-issued gag orders - what a shocker!
Guess that makes us all, bloggety-bloggety-bloggers sound like anarchist scum! *LOL*
And maybe some bloggers really are that too...
Me - I am merely a kissing bandit type of blogger - or so it would appear that my rep is right now (what a blog posted or "published" on the right day and at the right time will do for you - eh? LOL). Kiss-stealing though not quite limousine-riding yet - I still to work on my Ric Flair impersonation it appears ; and that includes drastic steps such as dying my hair (ugh) and inventing new ways to squander money... but I digress for the umpteenth time here...

Of course, I have little respect for any so-called justice dispensed through a Court of Flawed Earthly Law - their gag orders can, therefore, be a$$-wipes for all I care or all I know ; I wouldn't see the difference! However, THIS blogger has never disrespected any such "order", only because I see no interest whatsoever in any trial and any Court proceedings that I would feel the urge to spill the beans on it here or anywhere else on the net for that matter. All these cases, from the most public ones to the most "gagged ones", won't matter much eventually - and simply do not matter at all in the Grand Scheme of Things! Yep - I am like that guy on SNL from years past - no, he was no flashy weird comedian who got to branch out into a dozen bad movies before overdosing on something... He was one of the most obscure ones - so obscure that I forgot his name completely! However, his thing was looking at the Big Picture, from behind his pulpit... so do I!

One has to do this to make out what matters from what does not matter, you know...
(Hmm... this was supposed to be a continuation of FRIDAY's blog - not on yesterday's blog... how did "make out" make it out there...?!? *LOL*).

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