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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Luminous Snow

Snow being the form of precipitation
that is generated around an ice nucleus
it is very disappointing when we do not get snow at all
but ice rain instead...
(Snowflake image courtesy of 02ws)

Winter is not at all our favorite season

Yet there are concessions that we are

more than ready to make

here, at TLB Prime -

such as granting it to the white fluff

known as snow

that it, too, is luminous!

For it, too, reflects the Light:

it, too, comes from the heavens above

and it, too, has a purpose

that was given it by God.

And here is all the evidence of that:

You've noticed that each time it snows,
the first night after that seems to be magically illuminated:
it is the snow that reflects the light, itself reflected by the moon.
Tell us not that God Did not mean for that to be exactly so,
in the days in which we're all most light-deprived and depressed for it
because we, here at TLB Prime, will not believe thee!

The white veil it creates
appears to be an immaculation that washes away
all the dirt, visible or invisible, from the earth
rendering our humdrum surroundings
an aura it had lost long ago -
an aura of paradise lost.

Look at the foot prints in the white stuff -
all the evidence that you are not alone is there,
even at the height of gloom and doom
and loneliness in the cold, frigid climate.
Sometimes that evidence is but a sign of the problem indeed -
for you would rather be alone!
But take it from one who knows:
if we are not alone, it is because it is for our best
and it is in our best interests
that we do not remain alone long -
for God Knows what is best for us
better than we will ever know ourselves!
So get out there, be not afraid of the snow -
it is your friend, in many ways
for due to its presence, you will dress up
with an extra layer, accordingly!
Get out there and seek out the buddies -
they are out there, even if only in the form
of a snowman or snow plough!




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