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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Three "I's" Of Luminous...

The top quote -and the first "I", INTUITION-
belongs to Leonardo Da Vinci
The second one, in an extended version - the second "I" -
is, of course, Albert Einstein's.

Another Immortal is undeniably MARIA CALLAS...

I will suspend disbelief entirely and buy into the fact that it is an actual quote and not some clever line scripted into the film "Callas Forever", starring the phenomenal Fanny Ardant who is entirely credible in the title role especially when she delivers this line: "a triumph is worse than a failure if the price is too high"

No one more quotable than PADRE CRUZ though -
(of course, MOTHER TERESA is on par with him...!)

«Aqui acabam as palavras, aqui acaba o mundo que conheço; aqui neste tremendo isolamento onde a vida artificial está reduzida ao mínimo só as coisas eternas perduram. O Corvo nao tem peso no mundo; mas nunca senti como aqui a realidade e o peso do Tempo.»
«Here end the words, here ends the world that I know; here, in this sad isolation where the illusionary life is reduced to its barest minimum, only the everlasting things continue to exist. The raven has no weight in this world; but it never felt as here and now the reality and the weight of Time.»

"Um santo é alguém que, apesar dos limites e defeitos, vive plenamente a vida de Deus. com humildade a vive, não precisa de o mostrar aos outros."
«A saint is someone who, despite his limitations and flaws, lives fully and completely a Godly Life with humility; for he does not need to show it to others.» - PADRE CRUZ (1859-1948)
translated by Luciano Pimentel (1969-20__)

And so, with the third, fourth and fifth quotes here,
we get to decipher the third "I" -
which is
One has to be ingenious in order to have one mind's ascend
to such a level so it can finally catch but a glimpse
of the Higher Truths.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

For someone seeking the Light so much - why, oh, why do I look for the quietness of the shadows also?

"Je cherche l'ombre"... "I'm looking for the shade"... Or "I seek the shadow"... for safety and solace, surely

The lyrics were composed by another L.P....
Lise Payette,
former politician
and author,
who wrote this song
for her late,
great love

La voilà donc,
la chanson de Roland...

Je cherche l'ombre
Pour danser avec toi
Mon amour
Sur ces musiques anciennes
Qui reviennent en mémoire
Quand le soleil s'éteint
Et que revient le soir

Je cherche l'ombre
Pour nous mettre à l'abri
Mon amour
Pour découvrir ton corps
Loin de toute lumière
Et pour t'aimer encore
Comme une étrangère

Je cherche l'ombre
Pour éteindre le feu
Mon amour
Qui dévore mon âme
Et brûle dans mes veines
De ce désir infâme
Qui en moi se déchaine

Je cherche l'ombre
Pour pleurer avec toi
Mon amour
Sur cette vie trop courte
Qui file entre nos doigts
Et qui mange les jours
En m'éloignant de toi

Je cherche l'ombre

Je cherche l'ombre
Comme on cherche un ami
Mon amour
Qui nous prendra la main
Sans larmes, sans chagrin
Pour nous conduire ailleurs
Cacher notre bonheur

Cacher notre bonheur

Je cherche l'ombre
Je cherche l'ombre

Je cherche l'ombre

And this is the commentary I left on
"her site"... (my nod to "D'Elles" - "from them")

Magnifique ode à l'amour éternel
et inassouvi dès lors que le temps passe
et le gruge, petit à petit.
Magnifique interprète, comme toujours.
Et plus que magnifique interprétation sur TVA;
les larmes dans vos yeux à la toute fin,
en disait long sur la grande artiste que vous êtes.

A fine songstress is oftentimes
only as good as the song that she offers her public
And here, I do believe that this songstress
has finally found the most magnificent song ever
even better than anything else she had previously offered
her adoring fans worldwide.
A song that resonates with us all -
more so than even many gems found in her repertoire.
A song that touches all - where it matters the most.
No wonder tears came to her eyes
as she sang it for the first time
before a live audience...
She sings of her own inevitable parting
from the love of her life.
She sings of everyone's such heartbreaking loss.

For we are all the same
And none will be spared the same torment.

Is it better to have loved and to have lost...?
It must be.

Does Love exist?
Yes - it does.
George Sand wrote it -
and, as it turns out so fittingly,
there is also a song about George Sand
in the new CD "D'Elles"...



Wednesday, May 23, 2007

D.B. Redux - Courtesy Of L.P. & YT...!

Is this Luminous Luciano?
Is this Lucian, sardonic poet of yesteryear,
somehow still "with us"...?
Is this the mythical
"Misunderstood Genius" -
caught on photo, again somehow,
in his... garage?

Nooooo - it is merely Daniel Bélanger
Québec has in songwriting talent.
Only the deaf and the dumb
(not to mention the belle and the bum,
the blind and the bat,
and the vain and the scum!)
will even "THINK" otherwise...
(Then again,
they know not how to truly
They sure don't know what to think
when they're faced with this:

"Six milliards de solitudes..." -
six milliards de conards, oui!

Daniel Bélanger
a luminous artist
worthy of being showcased
again and again
on the Luminous Blog!
(Unlike some other artists...)

Nota Bene:
that should have been
"... chantent..."
(And THAT, Bruno...
and Daniel BOUCHER...
(never to be mistaken with BÉLANGER)...
is ODD... and/or "pourri"!)

went through this "phase" himself
but waaay back in 1992...!
And he did so with flying colors
Not so easy to do
when one is ENSORCELÉ...
(Ok - the song's really ENSORCELÉE...
Like somebody's career seems to be...
À bon "entendeuse" - salut!)

These days, good old D.B. is way ahead of the curve
He is not dressing up in halloween costumes
singing insignificant songs... No.
He is a visionary artist
with a repertoire evermore so full of meaning
with a deep soul
and nothing but contempt
for materialism, consumerism, injustice...
All that the other guys are a-ok with - eh?
that says it all...

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well, Well, Well... Another Case of Mistaken Identity - Lest It Is Near-Luminous Identity Theft Again?

Oh, I 'd plead "guilty as charged", only if it really was LUMINOUS ME, I would not have stopped at the fence...
I would run over some other things too -
wound up on the porch -
breaking the front door down -
not to mention a section of the wall -
and run over some skulls while I was at it!
Catch my drift? ;)

Whoever this Luminus is,
and despite hailing from the brilliant town of Boston,
well - he isn't Luminous!
(Once more - if you catch my drift! ;)

He's got a music video or two - and is hailed as
Boston's urban poet!

I see a rapper, not a poet per say here...

To begin with - for a town that idolized the likes of
Raymond Bourque and Jean Ratelle
and supported the tragic Normand Léveillé
and even cheered for a Rhéal Cormier too
he really should have known what "MINUS" means...
in French, that is!

Here's another video from the poet:

Quite frankly, I'd rather be mistaken for

Or a DOLPHIN LUMINOUS salesman...?!?

Not quite sure yet how I feel about these
"Luminous Works" and their
"Luminous Arc" yet...

But let's wrap this up with the "official" reply to the top accusations made by the bearded redneck in the top video here;

THIS is a genuine "video response" to it right here:

Aye - I could have said it

In my worst day
with my eyes closed
hands tied behind my back
probably even with a gag on...!!!
(The closest I can get to Houdini...


this has been,
counting both drafts AND publications on the web,
the 1000th TLB PRIME/Luminous Blog post - ever!

Onwards to the TRUE 1000th post...!
Shouldn't be too long!


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