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Friday, December 25, 2015

12 Luminous Days Of Christmas

The time of merrymaking, as they used to distinguish it, in olden days -an era not nearly as remote as the very events that we celebrate this time of year, mind you; but you knew that already- and, aye, it is all delineated very specifically, as it is also well-marked on the ole yuletide calendar and all...

But what is the true origin of this almost-two week period of significance here; this wholesome dozen of Dog Days of Winter (usually, they are; depends of where you are on this tired old globe of ours! Even so, this year, it wasn't too queer - we had a Very Green X-Mas Special - right George? That's another story...) taken right out of the pack of the cold half-a-dozen months that Old Man Winter, Jack Frost & co. bring us, every year, right on the money...  Where did these 12 Days truly come from, again? What is the DAZE accompanying them all about? What's the euphoria about?
And, most of and above all, what are those twelve days of Christmas all about, really? Because they can mean different things for different folks - like pretty much everything else...!

The First Day of Christmas has simply got to be... Christmas Day of course, the 25th of December - duh! Although, as incredible as it may sound, some have had it set on the following day, Boxing Day effectively; such heresy and commercial folly could not possibly overtake us, here, on the luminous blog! Fear not, not even for a nano-second (especially you guys who came off the Namowrimo month, straight onto the Holidays - holy daze!) for, here, on the TLB Prime Network, we know the true value of things - and the true attributes that they ought to have, too!

And so we feast, celebrate on and on, though we might have worked on the 24th; never on the 25th - until we reach the Final Day of Christmas (which is always, each year we get in these Last Days/End Times in this Final Countdown era that we live in, quite the joyous Epiphany, as it is!) and, aye, it is on January the 6th. Pick your set of Three Kings, if you will: may it not be the one with Clooney and the other two guys - now or ever! Personally, I would select this set of kings to be visiting the King of Kings just born a short time prior, in that stable, in Bethleem...

Clearly, these are three kings 
for my Nativity Set - 
which includes an angel Smurf 
and an Astérix figurine 
since 1999...!

But back to our subject...
We've covered the long Advent which begins late in November all the way to the 24th of December, Christmas Eve; so we had to do something for these all-important twelve days as well; for they are twelve days during which we celebrate our faith in a most telling way, reaffirming that we believe that The Messiah Did Come, that a Saviour was given to us - that the Sin which separated us from God has been mended and atoned for, by the First Coming of the Son, through the most unique sacrifice ever. Not everyone can understand this, of course; time and again, we have seen educated people lament that ''it doesn't make any sense'' - well, it doesn't to them, that is for damn sure...! God's Thoughts Are His and ours are several notches below - of course! That statement alone shall never suffice for some people out there -for an increasingly greater number of peeps, these days; these End Days- quite obviously; and so won't the proposition to try and actually see it all from His Point of View... But let us try the latter, if only for a second here: You Are God, you have been ticked off by all those meddling humans who, clueless as they are, have managed to drive a wedge between Yourself and them.  You Have the power to punish them, destroy them all in fact; and, a few times, You May Have Done just that... It was a reset, if you will. But that was not Your Plan; even though You Knew those You Did wipe out would never come to You...Hence, in those circumstances -which were always entirely foreseen, evidently- You Decide to Become like them; dispatch a portion of Yourself and become like them; a man. Through that humiliating experience, and through the sacrifice, the death of that portion of You which became human, You've effectively bridged that abysmal gap between Your Divine Self and them, who are Your Creation, still, despite all of their flaws - You Love them. Enough to sacrifice even a part of You...

Still not clear for the atheistic portion of our readership, we sense...

Well, you know what: we will let God Himself Explain it aaaaaaaall to you - soon enough, He Will, fear not, once again!  For now, however, let us focus on those Twelve Days of Christmas - shall we? Good.

Everyone and their agnostic auntie are familiar with the song: The Twelve Days of Christmas has been reinterpreted, lampooned, revisited, covered, recovered and modified since the very beginning, in fact. For example, the mere addition of ''on'' was to come in the 20th Century, apparently, for it is not present in the 1780 version nor in of the subsequent presentations (1867, 1875, 1888, 1892, 1900... etc!).  The gifts were all sent for all of those earlier versions, too - ironically, with the coming of faster delivery methods, courier services and the like, especially in North America, it is there that, after 1909, the song had it all hand-delivered, in person: as ''my true love gave to me''...! That is a lot of dedication right there - true love, indeed- for that would come to total of 364 gifts carted in such a short time (and some quite cumbersome too!) which is not only an extraordinary display of affection - it is also like a gift for every day of the year, belatedly. The morale: it is never too late to do good and deliver the goods, too!

Beyond these amusing trivialities, everything you truly need to know about the true meaning of this song is right here, on this bit shared on social media since... well, the dawn of it, really:

In images, now, your Twelve Days of Christmas are to be THIS:



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