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Friday, December 28, 2007

Three Kings Are Coming - But For Me, It's Three Months To Go Before The Sad Anniversary

A new year is about to begin for everyone in the western world and associated lands and cultures...
But for me that is not the most important countdown - not by a long shot.
Once 2008 is officially rung in, I'll be counting down to another 28th... and another... and another one still...
Not with trepidation, not with joy - at all.
Quite on the contrary, it will be with gloominess. And disbelief. Disbelief that it has happened, to begin with. Disbelief that it will have been two years ago, already.

As I find myself nearly two years removed from the sad but unavoidable event, I just had to update the original post made
here last year in regards to my father and the 28th of the month.
(Slight changes, only - a new music playlist for the music had ceased to function as it was, once again... Thus, you may skip checking it out, especially if you've seen it all before.)

Each 28th that goes by should be putting some more distance between the sad event and the present - thus alleviating the pain. Somehow, it is not what is happening here. In fact, this ongoing process feels more like the prisoner who notches one more knife-carved mark upon his jail cell's wall to commemorate another step made - hopefully forward.
As we inch ever closer to a second anniversary of said sad event, I remain the prisoner, alas. The prisoner of my bereavement.
A prisoner, also, of resentment and regret - regretting as I do that I didn't act or react faster... Even if it would have changed absolutely nothing of the outcome.

Since March 28th 2006, I've dotted some "i"s...
I've settled some scores...
I've made certain things crystal clear.
Other things remain obfuscated.
None of that really matters, ultimately.
Things remain the same, sensibly.
Only noted difference now: there's less hypocrisy around...
People know where they stand
Thanks to me.

And me, here and now...

And Maria Adelina Caldeira Pimentel...

We remain grieving.

The least some of you out there could do
is show sympathy.

Especially if you're a kin of any kind.



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

M.C. wishes - from thy emcee here...!

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights
I wish you a Christmas
like THAT -
just click
on the
above picture
to see what I mean!

From Crackle: Now THIS is how to do Christmas lights! (Realistically!)

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Feliz Natal


Once more -
we, at TLB PRIME, do not give a flying fig
or a flying mistletoe
or a series of flying tree ornaments
or even a flying shuriken-like wreath
IF the date originally was all about
pagan festivities centered around the sun
WE shall be remembering that
through Him - AMEN! +++

Let it be known - where we stand!

Now sing along, will ya?

free music



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