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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Luminous State Of The Network

This is the world of our BLOGS; our BLOGS, boy - BLOGS! Back in the Year of Our Lord two-thousand and four (2004) this very blog saw the Light - for the very first time. And the Blogosphere saw that it was Right! It was the first, the only, the one blog that comprised it all: it saw, therefore, the whole gamut of emotions those turbulent years (2004... 2005... 2006.) that the author of this blog, one Luminous (\ô/) Luciano TM, had to go through back then... The Year of Our Lord two-thousand and six was some kind of a major year; a year of rebirth, a Renaissance, um Nascimento de Novo... it's hard to explain... Suffice it to say that, it was that year that saw the first expansion take place: the network was born. This blog - this very Luminous Blog - took on, de facto, the title of TLB Prime; as in the first, of many. A new blog was created to contain each emotion, some of which are a far cry from being of the Luminous order, we will admit - we are only human after all, aspiring to be of The Light. Though we are all, essentially, spiritual beings living an earthly, material, corporeal experience - the flesh is so weak... Anger -whether it is righteous wrath or not- Pride, Envy, Lust... all of those sins, deadly or capital or of whatever order - do not belong here, not on a Luminous Blog. Hence the appropriate terrains to lash out and take out the anguish were created - you know them well: they're on the list, below...  The network came to encompass many more blogs, by sheer association - blogs penned by others, friends, associates, allies... some are more mercantile in nature than others. This network is, oddly enough perhaps, not at all about that, by the way: it doesn't matter to its founder if a single virtual penny (or bitcoin) is made throughout any given day since its inception. This is all about emotion, feeling, sharing. Humor, in an oftentimes dry wit type of delivery, is essential here - far more than any profit made. The only profit sought, throughout those years, could be the very basic human need expressed in song recently, for the masses it was Beyoncé who did it - less obviously, it was Goldfrapp (for us ''luminousites'' or ''l.o.v's'' accustomed to these parts of the world wide web, that is... Remember the L.O.V.s? Luminous Online Visitors - since 2004! Dig it? All of it? We are sure you do - so very, very sure.)

After thirteen (...) years, therefore, we thought it was time - time to pause and reflect on what was built here, out of thin virtual, e-air... What was blogged, what sometimes is (time permitting) and what will be... All the highs, all the lows... The Good Fights. The petty grudges, with little minds from other parts of the web, most notably - the reason for a lambasting blog, for example, lies right there. The foundations that have been laid, in great part thanks to Blogger... Google... Chrome. Whether it was by design, manifest destiny, or sheer coincidence - but there are no coincidences; Luminous Experience has taught us that... 

So here it is, once and for all:  THE TLB PRIME NETWORK!
(for all the clickable hyperlinks -almost all- check out the profile - pêle-mêle, but they're there!)

*365 Days - ... and Reasons To Live! That title says it all; easily one of the best in the whole network! There are five clear-cut favorites here - and this is one of them! 
*Living Blog - too busy living to update it, these days... But hey - you never know...
*LPs - yup! NEW!

*Lambasting - because swift punishment is still required...
*Languishing - existential questions? Come here...
*Loquacious - talktalktalk; little or no bite! (cartoon projects, actually...)

*Saudades - for all the good memories...
*Taste-Test - for it is fair to compare...!
*loveeverlasting - a secret blog - for love

*Aqua Musings - A.N.N. & all things aquatic!  #AquaficionadaOfTheYear tradition, too...
*Blogs To Denote - hardly, but...
*Canadiana!  NEW BLOG! (45th Blogger!) with hostess Canine Diana!

*Raina's Canadian Dreams
*Quebec Dreams 
Записки от Страната на незалязващия комунизъм

*Portuguese Dreams (Lusitanian!)
*Bostonian Dreams 
*Bulgarian Dreams

*DCs - is Ty Berius' blog that can be summarized by "a DC can also be..."  
*Ty's Thoughts - TyB's other blog; meh
*Ty's Third Blog - 

*Lunacy - crazy stuff
*Ludicrous - silly stuff
*Lethargic - the original meh!  Featuring the infrequent #LethargicCoupleAward

*Lackadaisical - for the bored & lazy...
*Laconic - a blog of few words...
*Laudable - nutso praise-worthy...

*LUMINOUS BLOG - original home of the feature ''Saints & Angels''

*Luminous Manifesto - denouncing!
*Luminous Writings - my portfolio
*Luminous Journal - newest of its breed

*Luminous Praising of the Divine - Amen!
*The Truth - Jesus Is Lord
*The Luminous Experience!   NEW! Coming soon...

*SASAAOA - movies and much more!
*S.O.S. - Saint Or Sinner blog: case files are presented... with our trademark humor
*Things To Come - the apocalypse!

*Litigious - aka the suesuestudio!
*Licentious - licensed products + retail, actually!
*Literary : Demolish the Competition!  Laud the Praiseworthy too...

*Lucrative - $ - whatever is profitable!
*Luculent - another level of luminosity!
*Lukewarm - morose luminance

*Lugubrious - 2nd certain thing in life... Most popular blog of the network, too.
*Luscious - lol  
*Luxurious - the finer things in life...

*Ramblings In Writ - more talk; lots of bite!
*Unruly - spotlighting rebellious souls; the righteous ones
*Umpteenth - just for NaNoWriMo... the last time we participated.
*Forever And Always - the NaNoWriMo that never truly was...
*DARKENINGS... Into The Light! The Complete First Draft - for NaNoWriMo.

and there's always the presence on Wordpress (back up for Luminous Blog)
Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram (soon!) and Bravehost (...) --- plus social media!

And the associate blogs - which were all here, up until very recently, on the extensive sidebar features that we used to have here, on TLB PRIME... One of those elements had corrupted code that was redirecting all the L.O.V.s we would get to another website... decidedly very Asian, to say the least. Unable to pinpoint the exact source of this problem, we decided to simply take out the whole sidebar code - at least temporarily. These associates of the Luminous Blog deserve to make a comeback here, though - sooner than when we finally get back to re-install an extensive sidebar here...

  • annette bruun's hjemmeside
  • amanda magick
  • Angel Clemente's Icabijoux - A Great Gift Idea
  • berries, the spirit realm and more
  • countess' windows
  • KITTY KITTY Fabulousity!
  • Elizabeth Feisst, authoress
  • Heavenly Inspirations
  • deboriah's cyberspace home
  • hey - a fellow aqua fan
  • isabel's page
  • Jesus' page
  • joanie's page
  • pamela's homepage
  • pisces dream
  • Poetry For The Environment
  • Divine Poetry
  • Endtimes
  • ....

    ... shockingly, some of those links are no longer *live*...

    And since we lost the precious image on the sidebar as well 
    (even before the code problems became apparent, verily...)
    here's our timid attempt at restoration...

    ... and some luminous music with that...

    Blog On, Folks...

    Sempre Por O Melhor

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