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Friday, March 08, 2013

Luminous Women's Day

On this day, which is International Women's Day all across the globe 
(whether you like it or not, chauvinists scattered on all four corners of it)  
we shall celebrate feminity across time and space 
with the best examples that we can all think of.
Hence, aside from our immediate faves 
to be found in our immediate vicinity 
or by our side, if we're so lucky, 
how about these splendid bastions 
of true womanliness 
grace and fortitude: 

You will find the story of this adorable old lady 
in the TLB Prime Network's 
Unruly And Not Giving A Damn blog! 
(photo credits unavailable)

Chrissie Hynde - 
she needs no introduction...
(Photo Credits: Jack Plunkett)

Lilian Carter -
mother of Jimmy..
Photo taken in Plains, Georgia 
in March of 1925.
(Associated Press)

A young lady forevermore -
who left us too soon... 
R.I.P Rebecca.
As seen on the TLB Prime Network's 
very own lugubrious blog...

A courageous lady 
who lost her battle with the c-enemy -
also from the lugubrious blog...
R.I.P. Jo Ann.
(Photo Credits: Gary C Knapp)

Norwegian Princess Maertha Louise - 
also a reputed clairvoyant. 
We spotlighted her 
on the TLB Prime Network's 
luxurious blog - evidently. 
(Photo Credits - unknown, sorry)

The Queen of Mean herself - 
Leona Helmsley. 
She has a thing for puppy loves - 
hence, she can't be all bad... 
No one is all bad...
(Photo credits unavailable - 
presumably Associated Press.)

Album jacket - Audiogram 
Distribution Select.
Ariane's defining moment as an emerging artist. 

Rhonda Fleming 
- a favorite for all of time 
as confessed on 
TLB Prime Network's 
Saudades Blog! 

Cate Blanchett 
as believable in Tolkien fare 
as she is here; 
a woman for all ages. 
(Credits available on

Portuguesa com certesa - 
Maria de Medeiros. 
Actress, songstress, temptress - 
she embodies well all women 
of the 21st Century. 
(Photo Credits - Roberto or Fernando - 
your pick - Frankenberg.)

We had to have Diana Rigg in here, too; 
pictured here, circa 1972, 
with the late Oliver Reed. 
(Photo credits - unknown to us, sorry)

Former politician 
Michelle Courchesne. 
(Photo Credits - PLQ)

For a limited time - maybe - only
because the law has been changed about that, now... 
But fear not, folks: God Forgives... Always! 
You have only to be sincere about mending your ways.
''Anna'' and all former criminals 
who got back on the right path: 
these are admirable turnarounds 
and, therefore, admirable women too. 
As seen on various websites -
and our own Laconic Blog too.

Though it reeks of blasphemous insolence, 
this shot by *artist unknown* (to us) 
also reeks of something else: 
''l'éternel féminin'' 
as the French would say - 
that and the way women interact with each other, 
most of the time...

And speaking of l'éternel féminin...
Or eternal innocence, 
as rendered in painting by a master -
name that master...
And win absolutely nothing! 

Your Guardian Angel - 
chances are, thy heavenly attendant is a ''she'' 
and not a ''he'' - 
but as almost everything else on this Earth, 
nothing is for sure...! 

For all of these women, and billions upon billions more - 
All of you deserve a great many rounds of applause; 
for you are our mothers, our caregivers, our nurses,  
our sisters, our doctors, our advisers, 
our wives, our better halves, our queens, 
our ''preciouses''...!
You are the loves of our lives 
and the beginnings of our lives. 
We owe everything to women. 
And God May yet be a woman, too...! 
(Most likely, God Is Beyond any such definition; 
beyond genders, beyond our mortal comprehension - 
but, on this day, let's say God Is indeed 
a woman too; for so many traits can be traced 
in common between the Mother 
and The Creator...!) 

No matter what your ideal of Feminity is; 
celebrate it... today!

Sempre Por O Melhor

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