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Friday, October 10, 2008

Readying Oneself To Be B.A.D. Here - On TLB Prime!

Aye, I am IN - and poverty doesn't stand a chance in hades!

Now, for all of those who expected to hear the celebrated M.J. song here, upon reading the title of this post on an RSS feed or something - all I can say to you is click here!

For all those among you who will ask the age-old question "what can a single person do" - to you I say click here...!
And you shall see - and hear!

And to everyone of the regular L.O.V.s - luminous online visitors old and new in terms of frequency of visits here, if only that...! To you I say SEE YOU IN ONLY FIVE SHORT DAYS, right here, on TLB PRIME, for my humble luminous contribution to the movement against but one aspect of the plague that is social injustice; the most striking aspect of it, evidently, but still only one of many... I'll refrain from posting anything on the Canadian (and Australian, I do believe) Thanksgiving here in the meantime - but you can always check here for a little something (else) indeed. I'll indulge in a list of things to be thankful for, once again, around American Thanksgiving, I guess! These days, I personally have less and less time to blog - but more and more occasions to scrutinize the various aspects of the dilemmas that I make reference to... Verily, B.A.D. is the God-Sent occasion to put it all into writing at once! The ironic chance, also, to be once again reaffirming that appearances are deceiving for being B.A.D. most definitely is being GOOD in this very instance!

We shall discuss it all, in greater detail, on October the 15th - Blog Action Day 2008!


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