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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday Sports on TLB

It's another rainy day on the east coast... How about a little trip back, down memory lane, that most treacherous and bitter avenue to thread, throttle and stroll on when one is a sports fanatic and the subject is... Sports (what else?)! Don't feel like it? Too bad - cause I do! Move on to the next blog if your sensible Sox Nation nature cannot take it - for we are going back to 1986! Yup - the year that the Red Sox fans' collective heart was crushed to smithereens by a miscued play and subsequent plays that just weren't made in the deciding game seven...

Of course, game six was crucial and was "do-or-die" in itself... The Boston Red Sox could have wrapped it all up right there and then... But it was not meant to be. Not until 2004 it wasn't! (Yes, you guessed it - that is also another story for the cast of players completely changed in-between eras, as well it should! I wouldn't want to see Rich Gedman still catching - no!)

The Red Sox coming so close to win it all in 1986 is exactly what made it all the harder to swallow when they came up just short in the end... Hence, even though this has been discussed for twenty years now, only now has "new evidence" come to light... No, not because of new technological tools unavailable before then - rather simply because some have greater aptitudes that enable them to scrutinize what they SEE - and, most important of all, they can add two plus two afterwards! Aye - some are blessed like that! Hence, when new evidence comes to LIGHT - it must be presented on the LUMINOUS blog! ;)
It's thematic! It's good for you! But I digress!
So... This bit of "new evidence" (made clear on the picture above) falls in the category of "things you don't see because they are too obvious" in my estimation. With Buckner in a key position on the field, the Red Sox were battling not only the wacko Mets of '86 but also TWO curses, all at once! It is a miracle that they came so close to wrapping it all up in six games! For, in reality, they never had a chance... Two curses... This is worse than a buying a money pit! One should always be aware of who we are associating ourselves with... And the reverse situation too, when a former associate goes on to a particular place rife with foreboding... After all, I always take note when former Boston Red Sox players wind up in the Chicago Cubs organization (and there were two notable ones in the last few years) and I say then that "these boogers thought they had it bad with the curse of the Bambino - wait til they have to deal with the curse of a Billy goat! They'll never win anything now!" - and neither of the notable ones did, indeed.
Bill Buckner, for his part, is, by his own admission, "all 86ed out". He has had to live with the infamy of being a whole town's scapegoat - not to mention that of several generations of fans - and it is quite ironic, considering all that, that he was a carrier of the Billy goat curse too! I was always wary of those former Cubs players coming to Boston - no matter how good they were... How could they help Boston lift the curse of the Bambino when they were themselves the victims of an even more insidious curse? Of course, the curse has been lifted already, in 2004, and there were probably no ties at all with the Cubs then (except that the trade of one of those notables, which involved three teams, dispatched choke-artist extraordinaire Nomar Garciaparra to the cursed Cubs... And then Nomar had to see his former team accomplish what they never would have accomplished with him in their line-up! His batting would have accounted for easy outs instead of clutch hits that were needed and the curse would have not been lifted most likely...)
Truth be told, batting was where Bill Buckner truly faltered too. His misplay on a ground ball was bad - but his many times being the last out in an inning, with runners on base, was far worse. That was the true "contribution" to both the curse AND the defeat that Billy Buckner made... The eerie fact that he wore his old Cubs batting glove (not to mention that he shares the same name as the aforementioned damnable goat too!) is just added spookyness... What truly hurt was all the times that Buckner came up to the plate and was the final out. If he had driven home only one or two of those potential runs, that would have changed the entire scenario... Nomar had the same problem... And Mo Vaughn. And Jack Clark. And so on...

The morale here is that no one is infallible. No one can bat 1.000 - heck, no one can bat .400 anymore! Not since Ted Williams... All the tantrums and histrionics that Buckner's gaffe have caused in fandom -in "the Nation"- are truly just an unproductive waste of energy... Partying like crazy after victory is quite exhilirating but about as unproductive as well - and didn't someone DIE in the streets of Boston during the "joy" of 2004...? Lifting that "curse" was more important than somebody's life? I think not...


Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Free-For-All...!!!

Ok - today, I am looking for a fight and I will find it all right!
Since sparring partners are rare, few and scaredy-kitty-kitties, maybe I ought to seek on the corporative side to satisfy my belligerent yearnings?
Fortunately, there is always opportunities to sue out there - and there are always lawyers looking forward to represent you in any conceivable litigious situation there is...! Case in point...

I can easily choose to take offense to the claims made there which say that "I am Luminous" - when I have made the same claim here since October of 2003!
And "this is what Luminous looks like"?!?
No - I am not a black chick!
I am not Oprah; I am Luciano! ;)
Do I have a case though?
That remains to be seen...
I am sure tons of pettifoggers out there
are eager to find out for me!
Still, in the words of a Lebanese guy who used to get on my nerves -and he also got on my dad's nerves, back in the day- if this legal action accomplishes nothing, it will at the very least reaffirm the fact that I can and am willing to "faire la chicane avec tout l'monde"! ;) *lol*
I must have some Irish in me - I like to fight!
I make some noise - and I always win, in some poetic way or more concrete way - or unequivocal way, when it comes to dealing with turds mano-a-mano!
Ah, but that is another story! ;)

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thunder

Miracle meds and strange bedfellows...
I saw a little bit of it all in these past 24 hours on the telly!
Infomercials are mushrooming, on the TV as on the net of course, they pop up with stunning symmetrical regularity offering us all the solutions to all of our ailments... Seems to me that, verily, if all of mankind's ills could be cured so easily, we would be in an Earthly Paradise already down here...!!!
Not the case, hence I reserve the luminous right to remain not only skeptical but also sardonic and sarcastic as well...! ;)

No stranger bedfellows can be found though than in the political arena - and to see Dubya eat his words and suck it up now to one Nancy Pelosi, as his Republicans took it on the chin and her Democrats made a flamboyant return in the driver's seat at both the House of Representatives and the Senate for the remainder of the dimwit's presidential tenure... It makes one wonder if, maybe, just maybe Nancy P's "Judge Judy" allure can counter-balance Dubya's "Dumb and Dumber" act for the duration... The latter though said such things against letting the Democrats take over control of the House and Senate - likening it to letting the terrorists win and America lose - and now, he has to "work" with Pelosi and the rest of the donkeys gang! How humiliating it must be too, for an elephant herd, to be trounced and stomped by a bunch of donkeys! But, to be truthful, they are fearful of mexican mice, so, such a dispiriting result is not all that surprising really... And, by the way, is Dubya a Dumbo or a Bobo, deep down? But I digress...

With all of Americana in such disarray - struck with such internal strife and disillusion - maybe the enemy will strike NOW rather than later... They won't know what hit them, probably...? If there is one area where America's Adversary has it beat, it is in the UNITY department, for sure... At any rate, it is a safe bet that safety will go out the window for the masses and become a luxurious commodity few will be allowed to gain and keep for long in the next two years, the final two of Dubya's pathetic reign as Prez...

Already, most of America is looking forward to either McCainism or Hillary's brand of lesbianism in the White House as the NEXT administration...
Abe must be turning in his grave.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

wednesday weirdness version 13.0

The long-awaited return of this feature to TLB PRIME!
Long-awaited by whom exactly? I haven't got the slightest clue... Not that it really matters one bit, though... This being my blog - my rules! Hence, we reinitiate (for now) this auld TLB Prime tradition with year-old news items...
Indeed, this 13th edition of "wednesday weirdness" should have appeared here over a year ago! I got... ah... sidetracked, I suppose! Sorry! (Not!) *lol*

Our first very weird story, not-so freshly prickled from the news, was that odd account of a teen who was sentenced so severely for having done not much at all... Basically, the brat threw up!
The weird judge (see the theme developing here? It's great, eh? Don't comment on that...) convicted the kid with the charge of BATTERY for merely vomiting on his Spanish teacher! Hey - I would vomit all over the Spain-in-the-butt myself - did I beat him up for that reason though? No! Ok, maybe it depends on exactly WHAT was regurgitated... But I (*sic*) digress...
Hence, the little pipsqueak belched his stuff all over the teach - and what was the sentence for this odd interpretation of "battery" (without much of a weapon, at least!) you think? The kid was ordered to spend the next four months clening other people's vomit inside police cars!!!
Isn't that like throwing the book at a very petty criminal here?!?
Was it even a "crime" per se?
Again, I would gladly throw up all over a number of spaniards...
And I would also repeat my unfortunate -for me- experience of throwing up all the car seat of a certain s.o.b. whose car I was in, lo, a long, long time ago...
HE cleaned it all up - not me! (Well, I was only about 8 years of age anyway... And my dear Dad helped the s.o.b. clean up! The s.o.b. happened to be both the car's owner and the driver... The kind of driver that doesn't LISTEN... I had asked to stop the car THREE TIMES... He had had ample warning and chose to ignore me... Thus, he paid the price for it! That's how it goes! That didn't teach him to be a better listener though, from what I recall... Heck, it's in his damn genes - his wretched daughter is just as bad a driver... But that is another story...)
Back to the teen angst turned vomit case now, for a sec...
The teach was male - the teen was failing his class and "allegedly" had both motive and the uncanny ability to vomit AT WILL...
Me, I don't see it that way at all!
The kid simply could not contain the nausea that being perceived as a "failure" by some latino a-hole induced in him... And "splooch"! Or "blaaaarrrgghhhh"! Or whatever the appropriate onomatopeia for throwing up would be...!

Okay - I have had just about enough of that subject myself! *yechhh*

Proof -and conclusive enough, once again- that I can tackle any conceivable subject here and elsewhere across the TLB Network!

Onwards to the next topic - number 2 of 2 for this edition of "w.w."
(Aye - I thought "let's keep it toned down" - vomit and politics should do it for this one! *LOL*)
About a year ago, one man was ready to die for the city of Laval...!
His name: Blatter. Rick Blatter
Yeah... He was nuts, assuredly... There are far worthier causes to die for than this sorry excuse for one! What exactly would he die for anyway? The damnable Armenian community, bent on expanding and enriching themselves AT ALL COSTS - including the PERDITION OF THEIR SOULS? Or was it for the druggies and their own plans of making a fortune selling "heroine, cocaine, margarine" as the old joke went... Oh - I know! He did it for the Witches of Chomedey! *LOL* Or those of Pont-Viau...
That must be one of them right there (inset, below) - one of those Sabrina or Samantha or Willow or Tabitha wannabees around the area there...

But that is another story...!!!
No, ultimately, I think Rick Blatter did it only for himself!
He had, indeed, presented himself as a candidate for mayor of Laval without much of a party behind him, way back in 1993... His electoral signs - odd as they were - were ordered to be taken down by the current mayor, in a despotic move nearly "Castroian" in and by itself... (In fact, mayor Gilles Vaillancourt seems to have been in place almost as long as Fidel Castro has ruled Cuba - but the numbers are not the same and, thus, the impression is deceiving... But persistent...)
Blatter would prefer to remain with the local flavor though, with his own disparaging comparisons, likening Vaillancourt to a municipal version of Maurice Duplessis... All well and not-so-good but Blatter looks odd in his desire to cling onto Quebec politics being an anglophone and all - English Canada is so vast - can't he find a spot for himself in all of its wasteland-like vastness? I guess not...
Blatter was, hence, on a hunger strike (no less!) right there on the front lawn of city hall in Laval!
His demands were simple enough - a change in the democratic system, starting in Laval but then spreading everywhere... He wants to make his mark, indubitably, at age 47 (48 now - because he survived his hunger strike - oops, spoilers!)... He wanted observers from the outside to be present during the next elections -which he inferred that Vaillancourt rigged, surely- and he wanted to be a candidate, again...

As it so happened, the next elections to take place were once again won by Vaillancourt, with very little competition from anybody... Blatter (whose name, in French, is so unappealing he REALLY should consider being a candidate in a strictly-anglophone community... For, you see, "Blatte" means roach... About as bad as, ah, our previous topic here!) wound up losing some pounds but ending his hunger strike before approaching the danger zone of sixty days without nourishment (no throwing up possible here, at least!)
And nothing has really changed in Laval...
Except for that nearly-apocalyptic event when an overpass collapsed without apparent reason, squashing to death five people inside of their cars as so many bugs...
Mayor Vaillancourt was there at the funeral services for these people - and sounded so very apologetic...
Too little, far too late - Blatter was right about him...
But that is another story...


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This And That Tuesday - Take Two!

This week started off the month of the dead... It will lead straight into the dead of winter... It is dead boring and dead silent around here... It started off with All-Saints Day but THAT was quickly followed by the Day of the Dead... Hence, it is mortifying around here - for more reasons than one!

That is not to say that I am depressed though - for I am not. Not really anyway... I alternate between "upbeat" and "morose" faster than a pussycat will kill, kill, kill... Russ Meyer's usual gang of misfits would be proud...

This is not to say either that I have any great amount of admiration for Mr. Meyer's body of work - it is an acquired taste, like almost everything is... I may have greater admiration for Seth Meyers' work at this time - he makes great use of tons of contemporary figures, both celebrities and fictitious characters, and blends it all together in those cartoons I have caught on occasion - and that is the funniest stuff since Nickelodeon's "Kablam!" if you ask me...! Suspension of disbelief and assembly required, mind you...

That said though, both Meyerses seem plagued with unwanted names - Russ had his most famous actress bear the unsavoury name of the devil (along with the rather exotic first name "Tura"...) and Seth is... well, Seth! He'd only been worse off if his folks had named him after a more ancient pantheon of fakes' own "god of evil"... But I digress...

This is not to say that I don't think that Seth Meyers' "day job" - on Saturday Night Live, as Tina Fey's replacement - is not well-deserved... Because it is... Who else would have been more well-suited for this? Ana Gasteyer?!? Maya Rudolph?!? Lorne Michaels himself?!? Puh-leeeeeze...

That said, the unique dynamics of having Tina Fey sit side-by-side with Amy Poehler are a thing of the past now... The Weekend Update newsdesk can only hope to recapture some of the old flavor it had way back when Jane Curtin and Bill Murray were there... Lest it is Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd trading barbs... Most likely though, they will settle for similar antics to those of old accomplices such as Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey...? Or not - after all, Meyers and Poehler do play recurring characters known as "the couple that should be divorced" - so, maybe THAT indicates a return of the incisive exchanges Aykroyd and Curtin used to have...!

But that's enough of... "This and that" - for now!


Monday, November 06, 2006

World Peace = Utopia

The world reaches that state of ultimate bliss, uniformally...
In the Holy Spirit
And with the Son
And the Father's Blessing

Otherwise... Forget about it, folks! Not going to happen - not before long - not before Armageddon!


Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Own Personal Remembrance Day...

I will always remember...

Song not playing - AGAIN?
Look for it on YouTube!

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