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Saturday, June 25, 2005

getting to know thy luminous blogger...

1. Your Name?  Luciano ("Righteous Anger" - sometimes!)

2. Were you named after anyone? Yes... A family friend...

3. Do you wish upon stars? no - that's for sissy disney fans... *lol* I never wanted to be a rat-cketeer... I mean, mouseketeer... of course... *lol*

4. When did you last cry? A long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away...

5. Do you like your handwriting? Not particularly, no...

6. What is your favorite lunch meat? No meat at all - grilled cheese sandwiches!

7. What is your birth date? Hmm...Who wants to know...? *lol*
I don't celebrate it anyway... As I always say, I would've been better off not being born at all - but then, don't get me wrong (so many do)- for what this implies is that if I would've been better off, you would have certainly not... many of you out there benefit soooo very much from the mere existence of folks like me... yup... ADMIT IT.

8. What is your most embarrassing CD? I make no bad purchases that I can't live with - impulse buys are not my thing; smart consumer here! ;)

9. What is your middle name? Anonymous

10. Do you have a journal? Got a blog - does that count?

11. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Oftentimes - yes

12. What are your nicknames? None whatsoever... unless "luminous one" counts...

13. Would you bungee jump? Got nothing to lose... except my lunch maybe?

14. Do you think that you are strong? Try me.

15. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Heavenly Hash... *lol* Kidding. Cherry Garcia... Ben & Jerry come up with the funkiest names for ice cream... don't they?

16. Shoe Size? Top Secret information... *lol*

17. Red or pink? Red... come on... I'm a guy!!! A real man too...! ;)

18. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? Hmm... I must find something new to say about that now... *lol* Let's say... I am waaaaay too nice... believe it or not... too late though to take advantage of that now, manipulative ones; for it changes completely and drastically, starting RIGHT NOW...!!!

19. Who / what do you miss the most? My childhood innocence

20. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back? (This was, originally, an e-mail to send, yes...) so... sure... I'd love comments to be e-mailed to me about this one... from friends, foes... and anything in-between!!! *lol*

21. What color pants and shoes are you wearing? white... my color of predilection... with beach sandals that are predominantly blue actually...

22. What are you listening to right now? The theme of ANTARCTICA... beautiful

23. Last thing you ate? My morning cereal... and a cup of tea!

24. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Aqua blue - do they have that?

25. What is the weather like right now? A tad too hot I'd say - but I am not complaining - it sure beats the winter cold...

26. Last person you talked to on the phone? Hmm... That would be a wrong number

27. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Their sincerity - it comes through in the way they look at you... talk to you... move around you... walk up to you... everything... I can tell if someone is genuinely intrinsically "good" or not

28. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Yes, indeed, she is great - one of those good persons, and I could tell only through her words.

29. Favorite Drinks? Tea... Mineral water... soft drinks... wine

30. FAVORITE SPORT? Wrestling? *LOL* Nah - that would be... baseball! Red Sox won! *lol*

31. Hair Color? Dark brown... a beau brummel as they say... *lol*

32. Eye Color? Brown too... call me mister redundant... *lol*

33. Favorite Food? Hmm... tofu? *lol* Why the heck not... no risks there!!!

34. Last Movie You Watched? The Fan... *lol* It is baseball season and all...

35. Favorite Day of the Year? The shortest? *lol* When is that again?

36. Scary Movies or Happy Endings? I like movies that can have both / be both...! But, really, happy endings are optional ultimately... there are rarely any happy endings in real life... right? Not if you limit yourself to the corporeal, there aren't... but if you have the guts and flair to add the spiritual, then... yes, surely - there are! :)

37. Summer or Winter? Neither - I'll go with Spring and Autumn instead! ;)

38. Hugs OR Kisses? Both - surely - if there's time and a will - there's a way!

39. What Is Your Favorite Dessert? Fruit salad

40. Who Is Most Likely To Respond? (follow-up to #20) My enemies! *lol*

41. Least Likely To Respond? The busy bodies I know... ha!

42. What Books Are You Reading? The Bible - and my own writing! What else? *LOL*

43. What's On Your Mouse Pad? A cat... revenge of mousedom... *lol*

44. What Did You Watch Last night on TV? Nothing - I passed out from exhaustion! Sleep deprivation gets to you after a while, y'know...

45. Favorite Smells? Home-cooked meals... freshly cut grass... the briny air of the sea, at the docks or at the beach...

46. Favorite Sounds? The Sound... of Silence! *LOL* (Can be the song too...!)

47. Rolling Stones or Beatles? How about... the Verve? *LOL*

48. What's the farthest you've been from home? Açores Islands

And I will add two, to make it "50 that made luminous... luminous!" *lol*

49. Your goal in life? Make a statement... make them see the Light! *LOL*

50. Do you care what people will remember you by... or think of you now?
Not one iota - the only opinion I care about, truly... is GOD's. :)

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Friday, June 24, 2005

St.John The Baptist was NOT here...!!!

Today, in the so-called "Belle Province" (which is chock-full of unsightly things - but that is another story... which I will gladly allude to right here, right now though - read on!) today, thus, is "La Fête Nationale" - a National Holiday for a tiny bunch of people who are, generally-speaking, oafish, brutal and narrow-minded - and who can't even speak properly their own language, their chief reason (allegedly) for their "nationalistic pride" and truly half-hearted desire for independence...!

In fact, of course, Quebec thinks it should secede from Canada for many reasons that can even be seen as justifiable to a certain degree; but all said reasons stem from the oddest circumstances indeed... For Quebec's very existence came about from a chain of events that can only be labeled as a historical mistake...!

France had no business even being in the area - the only reason they had to come to North America was questionable at best, after the Portuguese frowned upon it... Columbus and Vespucci (whose first name, Amerigo, is the origin of the name America... and maybe also the word "Americado" - but that is most definitely another story... it would explain Frisco though... *lol*) came, saw and did, basically, what true Frenchmen call glaner...! And then, simply because the basest feelings were stirring them on (jealousy, pride, hatred of the British) the French had to found their nonsensical, totally out of place as superfluous Nouvelle-France... The King of France also had high hopes of finding gold there and sincerely hoped (the fool) that his new territory would thus turn out to be a treasure trove for his vanity to feed off - alas, for him, he had been misinformed (legend has it that the Portuguese had tried to warn both him as anyone else coming by sea, leaving a sign that read "aqui nem cana da" which means "not even the most common grass is to be found here" (they'd seen how barren the land looked, once the harsh winters hit...!). That sign, obviously, was not heeded for starters - as it could obviously also be the origin of the name Canada... however, native americans lay claim to the name, as it describes their village - but, maybe, just maybe, they were inspired by the sign to start calling their village "canada" in the first place... hmm? But I digress...).

The sole reason to keep up this Nouvelle-France going at all soon became the rather silly fur trade... we are talking about beaver fur - of course (!). And the *real* reason was -does it need delineating- to simply be in the face of the English... who would soon decimate all French forces they would get to face off with, both in Europe (feel free to hum Abba's classic hit now - "Waterloo" - *LOL*) and in North America where the French numbers were next to nothing really... It was, truly, a piece of cake there... And, by all logical lines of progress and evolution, that should have been the end of it for la Nouvelle-France... and Québec... and any freakish French presence in North America at all (which had, most oddly of all, extended even all the way to Louisiana - to the Bayou - via a tiny contingent of fool-hardy frenchmen doomed from the start... again, another story...!). THAT, readers, would be when the historical mistake occurred... when the triumphant English were too lenient, and allowed the French to stick around. Not prone to genocide myself, I would have gone the deportation route (something along the lines of what happened to Acadians) - none of the newly-arrived French really liked it there, in "Canada", anyway...! They were dying, hardly prepared to cope with the winter season and other "local problems" like it... They truly would have prefered to return to France; had they voted on it... Europe, at any rate... For, verily, the French never had any business even being there in the first place!

The results of them being allowed to stay are... dumb-founding! The Cajun speak such an unintelligible dialect that one needs to pay the closest attention... AND to carry around a glossary, just to get all that they say! It does give interpreters, linguists and translators a basic raison d'être I guess... And Quebeckers mangle French too - often beyond recognition as well! They claim to love the language - but they misuse it and are, quite frankly, the black sheep of the Francophonie... how can it be otherwise, when they are truly the bastard child of France? It has thus de-evolved into a bastard population that cannot even sustain itself - they have to keep their population levels up via massive injections of immigration. And then they will enforce the French language first rule, because even the run-of-the-mill immigrant -or refugee from a war-torn country- will be smart enough to give the edge to ENGLISH upon reaching Canadian shores; the anomaly that is Québec is only, to most of them, perceived at least as nothing more than a stopover, a stepping stone, on their way to another province (all of which are predominantly anglo-saxon founded and, thus, anglophone - despite Federal efforts to pass Canada as a whole as a "bilingual country"... and soon it will be what - a bisexual country as well? Thanks to the crazed Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, who does originate from... Québec! What a coincidence...) or... if the refugees are really smart... on their way to the land of the free / home of the brave... you know where! *lol*

Thus, in the light of this ridiculous comedy of vainglorious errors of history, spurred on by vain so-called "discoverers" and kings of France (mercifully, a crown that no longer exists - and I say that with the knowledge that one of my ancestors was a part of the Court of France...! Yes - another story!) - the little "holiday" today is truly a FARCE... way beyond the fact that, for some very obscure reason, Québec chose to celebrate itself on the Christian day of a most favorite saint of mine - The Baptist! Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus' uncle, was in England - that is what triggered all the Holy Grail stories... the most ridiculous theories have placed Jesus in France too (don't ask)...

Jesus-Christ may have easily travelled indeed, in his formative years (his twenties) to many places we know not of, officially... I am even willing to listen to Latter-Day Saints who claim that Christ visited Native Americans, shortly after His Resurrection and before His Ascension, right here, yes, on North American soil... However, John The Baptist, Christ's cousin, never came even remotely close to Québec - there is, verily, no link between him and this God-forsaken place...!!!

Of course, when choosing a patron saint, logic was not always observed in the old days...

Now, don't get me wrong folks - I do not hate le peuple Québécois...! I certainly do not feel contempt for them because of their forefathers' stubbornness in sticking around (or butting in) where they simply didn't belong... I despise them for far more personal reasons than that, actually... *LOL* I execrate them for their massacring of a not-so-bad (until they use it that is) language... I despise their hypocrisy, nepotism, racism and "nombrilisme" (the worst form of vanity) - and I certainly hate to death their professing to be a bastion of faith, still, in the world... HA! That is hardly displayed by their usage of sacred words as common-day SWEAR WORDS... the only spot on the damn rotting planet where I know of this as a rampant abominable bad habit!

Simply put, Quebec sucks for a whole lot of reasons... Catholics, are they? No wonder Catholics have such a bad rep now then... Honestly though, Quebeckers are as religiously-inclined and "faithful" as the Pope (John Paul II, anyway...) was a satanist... in other words, NOT AT ALL!!! Thus, for them to celebrate themselves under the umbrella of a saint is truly the height of insincerity... but of course, no mention of the saint is ever made either!
Bonne St-Jean Baptiste quand même... québécois! *LOL*
Even though it might well be nothing more than... la fête de la médiocrité!

(Don't look now but... Your annual birthrate is constantly dipping further and further below the mortality rate - and those few bastards that you do manage to give birth to are simply not up to par, are they? They take after their fathers and mothers - they are inept. Statistics show that there is an ever-increasing depletion of qualified laborers in many fields - but I might want to save that for... statistics sundays! Same luminous blog channel - roughly at the same luminous time! *ROFL*). ;)

Be my guest now... please...! Go listen to your classic quasi-anthem now - Offenbach (an odd band from an odd place) seminal tune... "Rirolarma" (literally; "laughing in tears"). Always loved that one; found it so very fitting for the entire province's history overall... ;)


Thursday, June 23, 2005

thursday thunder; there were four cows...?

Everyone always wondered about the famous "patient zero" - in relation to aids. Come to think of it, the number zero is always given great significance - ironic, in a society and a world verily that runs "zeroes" through the gutter... and makes it all-important to be among the top ten at least, in whatever field it is... each and everyone have to shoot for number one! Hmm... And yet... the number zero exerts a very true (albeit... morbid) fascination... Patient Zero... Ground Zero... Sub-Zero temperatures... hmm...

In the mad cow scare that lingers on, there was not one but 4 patients zero... the un-fantastic four? (Had to try to tie in a movie that is to be released within days into this... why not, hmm? *lol* Four weeks in the top grossers is all I give that one too... by the way...!).
My... I expected, well, something more ominous for the apocalypse...
The Four... COWS of the Apocalypse?!? Sheesh...

It wasn't a foursome severed out of these bovine rebels by any chance - was it?
Cows With Guns

Fact is... mad cow disease is a very serious threat out there... (and no; I am not being sarcastically cute and meaning it... ah... figuratively... at all! Ok?) so... disregard my humor and fear... your hamburger meat this summer!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

wednesday weirdness version 6.0

The Emperor's new clothes got all the buzz - but what happened to the Emperor's old clothes... hmm? By the same token, what happened to the Pope's things... belongings and lodgings both? Find out... in the comments section!
Also: Asian dolls and puppetry... and another bit of oddness from the, ah, usual suspects (one of them anyway...!). *lol*

Hey - slow week + computer problems = shortage of blog topics! Not my fault!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

two for tuesday; rioting rappers are a riot - are they not

Nothing quite like a little rap to vent some built-up frustration and anger - hmm? The lyrics are uttered, not sung, in the form of one long rant and often distasteful diatribe (ok- most times distasteful... especially if it is slim boy shadey or whatever he used to alternatively call himself - Dr. Dre's protégé, the Robin to the "doctor"'s Batman [as they even staged themselves in a video] - yes, Eminem! The mark of a true artist is when he (or she) is able to find inspiration from the most mundane things - take from anywhere and build with it from there... hence the time when he chose his stage name after, evidently, a bout with another uncontrollable urge for M&M's...!?! But I digress).

Eminem may be funny in all of his videos - the songs are just not the same when you just listen to them. Not the same thing with my man... Ludacris!
Fitting that Luminous Luciano would back up Ludacris... in a twisted bit of unlogic and mayhaps even fate, Ludacris is -through his sense of humor, attitude and apparent temper- verily like a colored version of the author of this blog!
He has no patience for any bull$ith (yes - I will run this $tar war$ $ith thing through the mud until it gets so old... so old... that it is older than old?!? *lol*) - judging from his masterpiece (IMHO) "Get Back"... A pleasant song to listen to even without the video (for if Eminem is merely Robin, Ludacris is -again- a colored... Popeye?!? Those arms... he punches through things in the video effortlessly... great method for letting out some steam!). And - Ludacris is NOT full of himself one bit for all that denouncing of bullsith around him... sort of... like ME! If you knew how lesser I feel right this instant, faithful readers, as I type this...! After all, Eminem and Ludacris have much in common with myself - we are all Creative Types! And The Creative Type (also referred to as the creator - but I find it odd because there is only ONE Creator - so I go with my own prefered label here - bite me *lol*) the Creative, thus, is known to go between extremes of superiority complex and thinking that he is the scum of the earth (that is my blessing / curse - yes). This inner conflict occasionates opportunities for him though to create his stories, conversation and anything else he feels the urge to weave, usually a spur of the moment thing - but often the result of much thought, sometimes unconscious planning even... Fits us three to a T... indubitably!

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Verse of the Day

“ He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. ”- Psalm 91:1

Today's passage is from the New International Version.

Monday, June 20, 2005

back with a vengeance

The Luminous Blog has stayed inactive long enough as it is - no, the author of the blog did not "do some time" nor did he bide his time voluntarily at all, really... Mere health concerns kept *this* blogger away from the "puter" - and it was not this blogger's own health that was concerning him either, but someone dear to him... proof that *this* blogger here genuinely cares...!

I care so much that, upon reading about the following piece of revolting news, the blood boiled again and the urge to denounce and blast straight out of the stratosphere came back... with a vengeance! Thus - here I am...!

Anyone else heard about what the proverbial "mad monk" of service did, apparently a mere few days ago...? In Romania, a very religiously devoted country - gorgeous place, even in the county of Transylvania and Wallachia, really... Alas, this latest mad monk has more in common with Vlad Tepes than with Rasputin... and he even had the assistance of a handful of nuns - the proverbial brides of Dracula?!? These weirdos only spilled blood though - they did not ingest it, vampire-style... at least. Still... their actions would have made Vlad The Impaler proud...

"Father Daniel Corogeanu and four nuns stand accused of having crucified until death 23 year-old Sister Irina, who, they claimed, was 'possessed of the devil'..."

Details remain sketchy regarding what truly happened - some claims state that Irina was a schizophrenic. Most denounce Danno there as barbaric... with good reason. Were those four nuns of the apocalypse really only jealous* of Irina...? My gut feeling is... yes! Anything is possible... One fact remains - it is oddities like this that make the world at large -the *atheistic* world at large- doubt and outright reject religion as a whole... For, it is a fact -Jack- that the world in general greatly lacks in discernment... But so did this wacko priest and the freaky foursome that followed his orders - twenty year-olds nowadays are far from being without flaws (they have actually never had so many, likely...!) but surely Sister Irina here did not deserve this...!
More gruesome details - in the comments section...

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