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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Seeking the Truth? Me Too! Let's Ponder The Question... some more, that is!

Admittedly, I have been slacking up on the updating of this blog lately - and this for a myriad reasons that reason itself cannot fathom. One of those reasons being the earning of a wage, I thought I'd naturally republish here one of the very best posts I ever added on here that is... well, partially at least on that subject... Read on and you shall see! And if you've seen this before - enjoy it again; why don't you! Note though that the original link provided with this post the first time around has been replaced with a far better and truly luminous link - it is not just in the eye of the beholder either; in this case, it is in the heart of the true believer! :)

I recently stated that Bill Cosby summarized it succinctly well when he said "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
Nowadays though, "everybody" is a critic.
Alas, "everybody" is also prone to have poor taste, a questionable set of values, bad life habits, bizarre ideals and morals oftentimes... and the wrong priorities (which have, usually, as their top three - 1. money 2. money and 3. more money! Debauchery comes in at number four.)
"Everybody" is also rude... obnoxious... hypocritical, not just critical (take note, adversaries, how "h-y-p-o-crite" is spelled... have it inscribed on your pieces of I.D. now!)
"Everybody" has an opinion (and a few other things too) - and that is okay but also deplorable because many opinions are ill-informed and misguided. But that might be another story for another blog post...

The infantile and immature ones will always want to ascertain their alleged superiority (a word that I loathe) upon either those that they despise (I have been despised - I will be again - for speaking the truth!) or those that they simply... envy (I have been envied too - since the day of MY BIRTH... again a fine subject for another blog post, methinks).
I remember with... actually, not much fondness at all, watching wrestlers Curt Hennig and Bret Hart stage a mock argument of the sort "my dad beat your dad" (Larry The Axe Hennig and Stu Hart) and then both egos would go from there (Curt thinking himself to be "Mr. Perfect - from the top of my head to the tips of my toes - absolutely perfect!" while Bret still claims to be "the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be"... lest he's on his "excellence of execution" trip, which he shouldn't be anymore because he cannot execute anything anymore - he's retired! Which is still better than Curt - who is dead! But this sure is another story...)
My point is -and I sure do have one- none of this "worth" talk makes any sort of sense!
As pointed out in yesterday's post, we are all unique and different - there is no point in going any further into that!
Haven't you folks heard that "it ain't fair to compare" yet?!?
Many of us can be unique in an obnoxious way (I have met a lot of people like that) others will be unique in the causes they champion (such as good taste, faith and higher values - this is the category that I belong in and have strived to belong to for as long as I can remember) and still others will be "unique" because of what fate and life itself has dealt them in terms of "hand to play"...

What is the worth of each one of these individuals?
Were they not all created equal...?
Are not earthly accomplishments ephemeral at best in the Grand Scheme of Things?
Will anyone of us take with himself - or herself - his/her riches, prizes, decorations, kudos, accolades, awards... any of "da goods"?
The answer is simple, my friends (and the rest...) - NO.
Whether you are a believer and whether you're not - those facts remain the same.
Nothing of "the present" will remain - NOTHING.
The unbelievers will see this as ample reason to do as they please in the here and now - and trample all over others in the process. Their self-gratification knows no boundaries - for they have it that they will not be held accountable for anything at all... ever! None of their diplomas will be remembered once they are no more - why should their sins be remembered - right?
Again, another simple answer - however, this time, it is WRONG, not right at all.
Ever thought in terms of ABSOLUTES?
(Yeah - I know - if you are any one of my trivial adversaries -an assumption of the worth of their opinion, yes... I dare... however I admit that only God Knows about their true worth- while knowing that none of them has ever thought of anything other than the "here and now", as evidenced by their discourse and actions... so... I can dare!)
I repeat - have you ever thought in terms of ABSOLUTES?
GOD is the Absolute Righteousness.
We know that evil exists - it is all over the place on the planet...
Absolute Righteousness Exists as well.
The closer we inch towards it (we can never hope to be all that close at all, of course) the better we feel about ourselves (even those with little or no conscience cannot deny that fact - for even they have experienced contentment after "doing the right thing") and the more at peace we are with the world (even when confronted with injustice, stupidity, rudeness and their many, many kins...).
In other words, the more serene we are.
And, whether you are a believer or not, you want your peace of mind - YOU WANT YOUR SERENITY! YOU KNOW YOU DO!
A SENSELESS WAR IS BEING FOUGHT IN IRAQ... just so that Americans can feel serene that the "terror threat" is being dealt with... so, carry on with consumerism, folks!
The petty ones will not feel serene still when they are called out to their crude behaviour, or exposed as overgrown little minds that can only appreciate the lowest common denominator fare to be found today...
This, evidently, has no ties to either a period of peace or wartime.
In either situation, crudeness exists - and wants to overrule.
The disciples of crude also like pre-conceit, foulness and filthiness.
Ironically, these are the ones who will attack the worth of others - for they erroneously believe that their acceptance of any sort of outrageous and foul behaviour -in whatever medium that it is to be found in- makes them "better" somehow... They also see, of course, much more potential in themselves as "progressive minds" and even human beings... or they desperately want to see that in themselves, because they are afraid that the righteous and tasteful might be right about them (as we sure are) and that their days are therefore... numbered!
Even the foulmouths of today are not oblivious to some of history's lessons - the fall of the Roman Empire... Napoléon's out-of-control ambition... Hitler... Dubya... oops - that last one is sad history still in progress...! ;)
Even so... the senseless will remain senseless and wayward - to the point of even thinking that they are "the best"! *ROTFL*
Poor senseless souls - thou hast no idea what awaits thee!
However... thou shall see - and soon at that!

Me, in all this? I shall continue to aim to please only ONE - GOD! As I state on this blog and on my profile, I am reflecting His Light. My role-model in this exercise is none other than John The Baptist - and I choose him as such knowing full well what happened to him. He was not popular one bit. He displeased a lot of people - telling them, to their faces, what displeases the most... THE TRUTH.
Luckily for me, I see no crooked, rotten-to-the-core king that could get me beheaded amongst my quarries... Only crooked, rotten-to-the-core jokers with a very warped sense of what is right, tasteful and "worthy". Oh - and of what is "funny" too. But it is another subject... or story... for another time!
As Cosby said, trying to please everybody leads nowhere fast. We wind up straying from the right path OURSELVES in doing so... That is NOT for me!
For I value MY SOUL too much to let that happen!
Different strokes (I know Cosby wasn't in that one - ok?) for different folks - I am so very certain that these feeble minds I have been refering to have many other aspects of themselves that they value and emphasize upon... in stead of their souls. For all intents and purposes, they could be soulless! But they are not, not really. They just act that way - as if they were without either soul or conscience. Or good taste. Or a sense of what is right and wrong. Or decency. Or plain good old common sense! They lack in many essential, key departments of what makes "humanity"... human! Humanity was created in the image of God - lest you forget! We are to aspire to be closer to Him - not further and further from the ideal to the point that we indulge the bases instincts on a constant basis. When that happens, we are closer to animals than human beings at all. Those are the individuals that I have met, to a "T"... or maybe they are truly just acting that way. For the sake of their souls and loved ones (...) - I hope it is all an act indeed. For every one of them that is "just an outrageous act" though - there is one genuinely rotten to the core.
Believe me on that - I know.
What would be "the worth" of such individuals?
Cannon fodder worthy? (One-way ticket to Iraq...)
Supermarket/Restaurant employee worthy? (I wouldn't eat food that went through their hands)
Family man (or woman) worthy? (I pity the folks...)
High-pay (sounds more like high risk to me...) ultra-chic job worthy?
Maybe my purposefully sardonic tone -no to mention the previous essay- is not indicating it to you yet... but none of these matter ultimately.
What has to be worthy is YOUR SOUL.
For the soul is the only part of you that has any kind of shot at eternity... life everlasting... immortality...
Okay - admittedly, in a morally-corrupt society, less and less of us have a really good shot at THAT...
Most of my adversaries have a one or two percent better chance of "scoring" on the link at the top and bottom of this blog entry...
Most of my adversaries have an excellent chance of "scoring" quite high too at the next few week-ends' "get laid, paid and contaminated for life" sweepstakes...
But that is most definitely another (sickening) story... not for TLB Prime... not for any of my blogs! I am not into street walking lifestyles (the winters are too cold to be on the streets anyway! *LOL*)
I "don't do" (to speak their lingo...) "the libidinous blog"... ;)


Friday, June 23, 2006

Somebody Save Me!!! (No? Ok...) Good Bye For Now (cruel world)


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Do You Know What I Mean?!?


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You Can't Tell Me It's Not Worth Fighting For


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

boo-hoo ~ I'm blue (what a revolting, shocking & surprising development)


Monday, June 19, 2006

Songs for the heartbreakers out there... So many pleas from the heartbroken

Same song - for the umpteenth time - but interpreted in a duet this time: by Lucie Bernardoni & Julie Zenatti

Fed up with the song yet? Here - have the Dion version now


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Outrageous Prayer... on a day of sorrow

This is Father's Day... and the first such day in which I have not my father with me. He passed away this past March at the tender age of 72. He was such a kind man. I am having trouble coping with the loss - since I had been taking care of him for the last 13 years...

Anger fills my mind often - aimed at the medical establishment, mainly... The rest of the time is as it is now - sorrow filling my heart.

I am sure that such words fill the stoney hearts of my various quarries with the most insipid and tasteless joy... Just remember that your turn will come too; and you, quarries and adversaries of mine, will also gnash your teeth... and your tears? They shall be tears of blood.

I came upon this rather farcical (in my estimation) claim at total and complete outrageous mastery recently - as it was one my Google ads provided by the oftentimes non-sensical Adsense program... It comes straight from the Originator of the formula that will allow you to Harness God's Power, Wake-Up to your Divine Birthright and create Everything. Uh... excuse me... "Divine Birthright"? Not a single one of us on this lamentable mudball can lay any claim to that! Our lone birthright, blue bloods or commoners, is to suffer for our own sins and to die merely SEEKING AND HOPING AND BEGGING FOR REDEMPTION! Somehow, I do not think such is the aim of this so-called "prayer" here...
Even my saintly father, who had so very few flaws you could count them on your fingers... and use just one hand too... EVEN HE had no such delusions of grandeur!
As for the formula's daring purporting that it allows you to "create Everything" - what a joke. As evidenced by the climatic chaos this planet is sliding into, the only thing we can assuredly "create" is CHAOS! It was, in fact, our own lauded progress that "created" the huge influenza of 1918-1919 that killed millions! Same progress has created a steady string of cancers mushrooming everywhere in the "civilized world"... More on that some other time...

The Lord Have Mercy prayer that I link here as the main link, seems to be a whole lot more adequate and sensible... And logical too! I recommend this one over the preceding one ANY DAY OF THE WEEK AND THRICE ON SUNDAY! Truth be told, it also came to my attention via Google Adsense - which goes to show that the program is only half-bad. Just like most of us are a bit of both opposing forces too; we're all shades of gray indeed, for the greater part. Some are closer to the Light - others are closer to the darkness. None is "perfect" either way (although I disagree with the notion that there's anything remotely close to "perfection" on the darkness side of things)
Another fitting analogy for Google Adsense would be that it is like the government - it giveth and it taketh away! Everybody has a God complex, in the end... not just Sasha, "originator of the formula that will allow to harness..." ah, absolutely nothing, I tell you!

Right now, my prayer of predilection consists in asking my saintly father's soul to ask of God Himself that I be granted some strength... just that... strength to endure, for my race is not ended yet and I see not the finish line on the horizon... nor the light (Light?) at the end of the tunnel...


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