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Saturday, January 21, 2006

hurray for me

The light of a hundred stars cannot equal the light of the moon.

Hey - and since I reflect the Light - just as surely as the moon reflects the light from the sun - that would mean... that I am brighter than 100 ephemeral so-called stars... In other words, 100 blowhards who are full of themselves - today! YAY!

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Friday, January 20, 2006


Hmm... anybody up for some Secret?
No, not the anti-perspirant stuff...! Although, since we're suddenly in that aisle of household products for personal hygiene, I would be remiss if I didn't mention here -at last- that this luminous blogger has finally found a toothpaste tailor-made for him: The Luminous toothpaste! ~ brought to you by the kind people from Colgate!
It had to be Colgate, I guess... Crest is fine but, somehow, it has always been Colgate for me - since my earliest toothbrushing days! How fitting that they would name their newest, brightest product now... after me! *blush*
But that is another story...
The Secret this post is all about is of an entirely different order ~ of course. Only a few have been privy to it - and those that were, immediately thrived on and on and on... This Secret has been banned by the Church since (always the way it goes, eh? Whatever slightly mysterious bit of knowledge there is, it gets to be entrusted into the hands of the Church and, shortly thereafter, it gets sealed off and taken away from "public consumption" forevermore... It's always the Church that is the culprit... never the State? Hmm...)
This Secret has nothing to do with the the inane made-up "secrets" that are shared with the public from time to time by selected guests on "Conan O'Brien"...
This Secret might have a whole lot to do or in common with the Third Secret of Fatima...!
This Secret empowers though... allegedly. Thus, whatever it is, it probably is something else entirely...
This Secret will be revealed to the masses on February 15th ~ yes, on national television!
Wow - lucky us... check your local listings for, as we all know knowledge is power...!
In a totally unrelated side-note of sorts here... I invite you "l.o.v.s" to stop by The Taste-Testing Blog also - and vote for the LEAST depressive video of the selection found on the "L.B." playlist - which is itself to be found on this umpteenth blog of mine (hoping that the playlist to be found there plays all the tracks too - so that you can make a most educated choice! The playlist currently playing HERE, on TLB Prime, is faulty, of course... what else is new... Has anyone heard the Genesis classic "Land of Confusion" yet? It hasn't played yet, since I "installed" this playlist here... Likewise for the SECOND Benedictine Monks track there... which is really a send-up... a spoof... Maybe it is best that it DOESN'T play after all... *lol*). Note that an "L.B." is a "least bizarre" one... The winner will be included on the next playlist... here... on TLB Prime! Blessings!


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Saints & Angels: The TLB Prime series!

With the myriad holy ones -men and women- to choose from, I simply had to go with some sort of patriotic pride as my first saint here ~ hence, a fellow countryman of my ancestors who, like myself actually, accomplished nothing in the land of his ancestors but all of his life's work was on foreign soil instead.

St. Antonio de Padua was born in Portugal in 1195 A.D. ~ he spent most of his life in Italy though, first as an Augustinian and then, for the last ten years of his life, as a Franciscan.
He died a martyr in 1231 ~ as he had foreseen it happening too. He was only 36 years of age (which is, incidentally, my current age.)
St. Anthony of Padua would preach the gospel fervently and innocently - and this, ceaselessly. He was canonized less than a year after his death. His martyrdom, constant preaching (which earned him the title of “hammer of the Heretics”) and the miraculous apparition of the Infant Jesus to him were ample evidence to build his "case" with the Church... More evidence would be found three centuries after his death, as "his body was found to be corrupted, yet his tongue was totally incorrupt, so perfect were the teachings that had been formed upon it, upon exhumation of his body some 336 years after his death."

Angelology was always a fascinating subject for me ~ and the sources for studies on that subject are many! All three major faiths have them ~ angels abound in many ways and in all senses of the word "abound" too!

Who to pick as the first "subject-case" in this series...?

I will go with Metatron ~ the powerful archangel with no less than 76 names and maybe more than 100 (and that is aside from this most popular and vaguely super-heroic monicker here...)
Metatron is immensely powerful and one of the angelic order of the Seraphim, along with Michael, Seraphiel, Gabriel, Uriel, Nathanael, Jehoel, Chamuel (Kemuel, Shemuel) and, once upon a time but no longer, Satan (before his fall - evidently).
Metatron, like all archangels, is a "very large and radiant spiritual being". If Ah-nold was, selon Linda Hamilton, "larger than life" back in those days when he still made movies... surely Metatron is beyond "larger than life" status too...!

The Seraphim are said to have six wings of light and those wings have eyes...! If some basketball players (Bob Cousy, Larry Bird) were reputed to have eyes "all around their heads" ~ certainly angels can have multiple pairs too... even on their wings!

For all his power, though, (Metatron is one of few elite angels to be named as a member of more than one angelic Order) Metatron is NOT one of the nine angels "at the World's End"... A group of nine that we shall see mentioned here again - assuredly!
A group and not an Angelic Order per say - need it be precised.




Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jerry Garcia Had It All Figured Out


What have they got NOT to be grateful about? They have moved on... passed on... gone on to the Great Big Waiting Room in the Sky ~ to await Judgment Day!
They have not a worry in the world anymore ~ no more peer pressure, social pressure, mortgages, debts piling up, relationships to nurture, daggers aiming at their backs... NOTHING! NADA! ZILCH!
No more of that crazy -and quite frankly silly- stuff! EVER AGAIN!
They have gone to a better place ~ where no one will hurt them EVER AGAIN.
They have ascended (okay - some have "descended") and they are NOT looking back!
Unless they are told to that is... such is the theory supporting belief in the intercession of saints. These are souls in the Light, near-angels who can help those of us who remain behind...
Always good to have heavenly support, wouldn't you say...
That support is purported to come also in the form of spiritual guides... and, of course, in the traditional form of heavenly attendants... in other words ~ Angels!
After so many curses here on TLB Prime... I feel like invoking the good stuff now ~ mayhaps that will turn the tide on my fortunes (or lack thereof...)
Starting tomorrow ~ a series on Saints And Angels... here, on TLB Prime!
Oh... and if I was to die "before I wake"... or blog... may The Lord take my soul ~ evidently... but also, as Evita sang... "don't cry for me" ~ ah... blogger-o-rama fandom... I will be better off... MUCH BETTER OFF...
I will be grateful... like Jerry is!


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Time for another luminous scoop!

Another film review by yours truly - to be found on IMDB! As always, this one is another underrated gem of a movie that I just happen to know about... And, also as always, plenty of luminous connections are made throughout my review...! Enjoy!

Miracle Mile: A Diamond-Like Coal Pressed by Superman, 15 January 2006
Author: luminous_luciano

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

It is always amusing and befitting -in a most kismet-rich way- when one comes to realize that many productions that have garnered your attention, admiration and acclaim have one thing in common... In the case of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The X-Files, Strange Brew, ER and Miracle Mile - it is Steve De Jarnatt. Who knew? I sure did not - until just now! Superman De Jarnatt (super for his multi-talented multi-tasking) has served as writer, director or producer on all of these - and Miracle Mile is unquestionably his masterpiece. I would even give him kudos for daring to try something new with Cherry 2000 and Futuresport (which featured Superman Dean Cain incidentally) - however, by the time he got to those, he had already committed his chef d'oeuvre. And, once again, that is Miracle Mile.

"MM" is not entirely about mass hysteria at all - it focuses on a very small cast of characters for three quarters of the movie and that is its strength. The main character, so convincingly portrayed by Anthony Edwards (before he went both "strictly quality TV" and bald) is indeed the perfect everyman thrown into extraordinary circumstances that, deep down, strike a chord in everyone of us. What happens to this character is, secretly, our greatest fear to us all - and cold war or no cold war... 80s or new millennium... THIS COULD STILL HAPPEN! That is why this movie has remained timeless, despite the many tiny eighties thingies that age it... and annoy the eagle-eyed keen observer! Mare Winningham is a touching ladylove for the hero - much more than a mere love interest too... She is the reason why our hero is so human - the reason why he tries to do "the right thing", in this, the ultimate no-win situation... Mare has had roles like this often enough to win my respect and admiration - she was equally touching in Turner & Hooch... And she was better still in Wyatt Earp.

Mare's reaction to Edwards' words -as he evokes Superman of all things to signify how much he loves her- is simply the sweetest thing ever delivered by any actress in the history of film! (Supes sure can turn a piece of coal into a diamond... However, he's never around when he's truly needed. In this situation... nor during 9/11. But I digress...)

Kurt Fuller... I never thought I'd comment on his performance in a "major motion picture"... He dies a good death in this one ; which certainly eclipses all that he's ever done on TV fare such as "Time Cop". The deaths that take the cake here though remain the cops on fire... However, Fuller's demise is much more meaningful - see the film and you'll know why.

This movie's magic is greatly enhanced by the mesmerizing music of Tangerine Dream - NO ONE can score a film like Tangerine Dream! Not even Enya! They are, quite simply, the best of the best. I wish they'd wise up in Hollywood and get Tangerine Dream to score more films - whether collectively or individually, for the guys that make up Tangerine Dream are effective in any working conditions! As Superman himself once said (Christopher Reeve - not this new guy now!) about John Williams' music greatly enhancing his powers - likewise "TD" makes this film atmospheric even in its rather ordinary quasi-John Hughes moments... Quite the feat indeed! As another reviewer/commenter suggested here, it is an excellent idea to see this film once a year. A reminder that the nuclear threat is STILL OUT THERE is always good, I say. This movie is a lesson in humanity - 101! Every type of behaviour is on display here ; and the mass hysteria sequence is deplorable but completely understandable.

The last time I saw this film was... in 1999, fittingly! On the eve of the new millennium (that really only started in 2001) and in December too. I never took the time to see it again since then - but each new year that is rung in, I do think of this film! Seems like each extra year we get -each extra mile we go- is a miracle indeed in the crazy world we live in... It sure is a miracle no one has "pushed the button" yet - is it not?



Monday, January 16, 2006

This is it - The Ultimate In Curses - TODAY!

And once more, as yesterday's entry, it is found to be in the wondrous world of the Cinema!

No - it isn't the Curse of Woody Allen (which would be... what? If you're an actress, you'll have to play either his ex, his current or his future... only on ONE occasion did he cast an actress as something else... and it was as his ex's little-seen, next-to-no-screentime-at-all in fact, lesbian girlfriend...)
Today's "ultimate in curses" also isn't "the Curse of John Hughes" (all of his teen casts vanish into thin air afterwards - none to be "major" ever again!) nor is it "the Curse of Atuk" (a script for a certain eskimo part that was read by John Candy, John Belushi, Chris Farley and Sam Kinison - and all four of them died afterwards. Serious stuff... "The Incomparable Atuk" is originally a book by Mordecai Richler, published in 1963 and set in Toronto. It is now likely never to be made into a film due to its infamous reputation... Yes, comedians fear the Atuk curse now.)

It isn't "the curse of James Bond" for all the Bond Girls who promptly vanish into thin air too... It isn't "the curse of super-hero movies" - which invariably are too silly to watch twice. It isn't "the curse of remakes and sequels" - more an affliction though it is that all of Hollywood -bankrupt for ideas as it is- suffers from right now. It isn't "the Curse of The Crow" (which, anyway, appears to be only an extension of the curse on Bruce Lee's lineage...). It isn't "the curse of In The Heat Of The Night" (which is actually a TV curse - not a movies one! It still likely originated with Rod Steiger, I say...). It isn't "the curse of Star Wars" - which affects only moviegoers... It isn't "the curse of Star Trek", which demoralizes film investors, Paramount executives, all the creative talent involved, audiences AND "trekkies" alike...! It isn't even "the curse of the paranormal on TV" - which, with the track records of past and present series of The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Monsters, The X-Files, The Kindred, Kolchak The Night Stalker, The Others, The Lone Gunmen, Harsh Realm, Dark Shadows, Dark Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and the rest, has proven to be persistent in its career-stalling and genre-limitating...

Ironically, the actual movie that is the object of today's "curse analysis" did also spawn a TV series - though it was both short-lived and a bastard child of the movie franchise it bore the name of. The TV series was truly named "The Legacy" and had next to nothing in common with the three movies it tried to gain notoriety from... The three movies of the Poltergeist series - of course.

Nothing bad seems to have happened to the stars of the low-rated TV show "Poltergeist: The Legacy" (aside from permanent stygmas on their careers and résumés that is...!)
However, as far as the original cast of the 1982 FILM goes... "Poltergeist" seems to have been cursed indeed.
"In Poltergeist's case, the actors and actresses and one director who died prematurely include:
Dominique Dunne, 22-year-old actress who played the oldest sister Dana in the first movie, died after being stabbed and choked to death by a jealous boyfriend in 1982. The boyfriend was later convicted and sentenced to six years in prison.
Heather O'Rourke, 12-year-old actress who played Carol Anne in the three Poltergeist movies, died in 1988 after what doctors initially described as an acute form of a flu but later changed it to a septic shock after bacterial toxins invaded her bloodstreams.
Julian Beck, 60-year-old who played Kane in Poltergeist II: The Other Side, died of stomach cancer, with which he was diagnosed before he had accepted the role.
Will Sampson, 53 years old, Taylor The Medicine Man (also from Poltergeist II), died of post operative kidney failure and preoperative malnutrition problems.
Brian Gibson, 59 years old, died 4 January 2004 from Ewing's Sarcoma. He was the film director who directed Poltergeist II."
And there were more deaths: two more thespians (after normal lifespans and of natural causes) - JoBeth Williams' career and Craig T. Nelson's credibility!
Okay - I was being sarcastic with these last two bits there...

Heather O'Rourke's passing is especially perplexing and mysterious. All three movies had in their scripts the central theme that the souls of the dead wanted to get her and to keep her. And she would not complete the third film.
The rumors that the dead were disturbed and not happy with the production crew of this film are numerous - apparently, actual graves and actual human remains were messed with during the filming of the first film most specifically.
You simply DON'T DO THAT!
I have seen schoolboys wander into a cemetery and come out of there with a SKULL... using it as a SOCCER BALL. I believe these schoolboys have not had much luck in their lives since... They were slacker/dropout material anyway... with a definite "rebel without much of a cause at all" streak in them - and we saw yesterday what happens to those... didn't we? ;)
William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price were all prone to hold up a human cranium during their eloquent soliloquy-type of elocutions... however, I am sure that, during each instance, they were holding up fake skulls!
Poe was cursed though... but for other reasons!

There will likely not be another sequel in this series... then again, one never knows (what, with Hollywood being so idea-bankrupt indeed...) And if they go the remake route, hopefully they learned their lesson from the first time around... Gee, with CGI nowadays, YOU DON'T NEED ANY ON-SET PROPS ANYMORE!
Especially not those collected by the Gravedigger and the Cryptkeeper...!

One last and very important thing - it has finally come to my attention that the links I have sent you to all throughout this "series on curses" here have ads... rather sickening ads too!
Let it be known, here and now, that I do not and never did condone such crap as the "products" offered on or - in fact, I loathe that stuff and find it extremely repugnant and sickening! Such abominations are the lowest of the low (yes, even lower than drugs, prostitution, thievery, murder and the like - COMBINED) and I would be the first one to sign up for the meticulous purging of these things from the web and from the world!
I always thought I would have chosen the same career as another fine young man, one Matthew Hopkins - and that it is just too bad to see this career option closed down to me! :(
Sublimely ironic that, upon doing a quick web search for the link here for Matthew Hopkins' name, the first hit was from... me! A mention of Sir Hopkins (no, not Anthony!) that I had made on a message board!
Irony like this fringes on being synchronicity - but is not, really...!
Blessings! Enough with the cursings! :)


Sunday, January 15, 2006

From Boxers To Rebels We Go...

Off to Tinseltown we head today - and the classic "Rebel Without A Cause" - which is believed to be cursed too! Look at the staggering evidence... James Dean - dead. Natalie Wood - dead. Sal Mineo - dead. Nick Adams - dead. In fact, "the movie had a total cast of thirty-nine actors, of whom ONLY four were still living in 2004, fifty-one years after the movie was finished." (!)

We all know that movie stars are forever, teen idols especially, and that these thirty-nine stepping stone seekers should have lived happily ever after... If they did not, IT HAS TO BE BECAUSE A CURSE IS INVOLVED HERE... rrrright?

Forget the fact that, with the exception of Dean himself (who died on the very year of the film's release) everybody else croaked several years if not decades after the film's release... and not all tragically either. Mineo was stabbed to death and Wood did drown in very mysterious circumstances (seen again, almost, in the deaths by drowning of Mrs. William Shatner and a few others in Hollywood... Robert Blake and O.J. were a tad too "original" for their own good... but those are other stories... grisly stories too, more appropriate for The Lugubrious Blog than the Luminous one...) while stress ultimately killed, by association, Nick Adams, an ominous thirteen years after the film's release... Thirteen stress-filled anxious years that saw Adams forced to even co-star with a giant lizard in Japan! No wonder he was feeling the pressure, in his career and also in his personal life - but, again, another story...
(Hmm... there's that number again... 13! I'll never forget this past Friday The 13th - that is for sure! Rest In Peace... my poor Hitachi TV set!)
However, the other thirty-one actors who may have died since died natural deaths... I'm sure...? (Hmm... although 31 is 13 in reverse... and the four survivors should be warned that the number 4 is symbolic of death in Asian culture...)

Several other movies and television series have been hailed as being cursed over the years, of course... "One of them, "The Conqueror", starring John Wayne and Susan Hayward, has a stronger claim than most others for a "curse". Shot in St.George, Utah, the movie location was downwind of Nevada open-air nuclear testing. The movie's producer, Howard Hughes, had a considerable amount of dirt from the location shooting trucked back to Hollywood for reshooting some scenes. Several cast members, including Wayne, eventually died of cancer. Radiation exposure, however, while extremely unhealthy, is not a "curse" per say."
It is more likely then to speak of "the curse of the inept movie producers who pick lousy locations to shoot their films" - in the case of "The Conqueror"... which, greatly because of the presence of Wayne and Hayward, was a much better film than, say... "The Aviator"...! But I digress...

Saving the best for last here - the real doozy of cursed cinematographical productions awaits thee tomorrow... right here on The Luminous Blog!
Be there... or be as square as Mr. Hughes! *lol*


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