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Saturday, April 09, 2005

you really must remember this now - a kiss is just a kiss...

and as time goes by... true love will never die? I must be amalgamating lyrics again here... The bane of having a complete discography...! *lol*

Now, is it really true what the ancient Chinese said about kissing - that it's like drinking salted water?!? Once you drink some - you thirst for more! (Pouring salt: always a bad idea!)

Is it really true that "kissing etiquettes" of various cultures have to be and even are observed...?!? Can it be true that your kissing style says it all about you...? Gee... the people who overanalyze this mere display of affection must have NEVER seen Casablanca... It may seem incredible, but I personally know plenty of people who have never seen this cinematic classic! Sheesh... too busy watching wastes of rotten celluloid to watch the good ones, eh? :(
But I digress yet again...

Back to puckering up... Since on saturday nights, that is the preferred activity for many - I doubt that the "kissing experts" have thoroughly analyzed ONE aspect of it though... the bacteria being shared!!! *LOL* Yes, I know... not romantic one bit, eh? But true - and the luminous blog is not luminous if it does not dispense a truth a day - read the fine print! (Oh - that's right - it is FOR MY EYES ONLY - LOL).
Blessings! ;)

Friday, April 08, 2005

blogging can be hazardous for thy ambition...

Straight from a reliable source (...) these tidbits of info now, as evidently all things - even BLOGGING - are found to be only good in MODERATION... and, as the Turtles sang it so well (it was the Turtles that sang it - wasn't it?!? And not the barely masked ninja variety either... lol) "for everything... (turn, turn,turn... or was it turtle, turtle, turtle...?!?) there is a season...!". And an appropriate time as well...! Blog on - dudes! Just maybe not on the job hours...

FAQ: Blogging on the job Last modified: March 8, 2005, 4:00 AM PST
By Declan McCullagh and Alorie Gilbert Staff Writer, CNET

Being a blogger can get you in trouble nowadays, at least if you write something that sufficiently vexes your employer.

Delta Air Lines last year fired flight attendant Ellen Simonetti because of her blog. Friendster, Google and Microsoft also have waved goodbye to employees or contractors who, in the opinion of a corporate manager, were unacceptably indiscreet in their online scribblings. As the popularity of blogs grows and search tools get better, such intracompany tiffs are likely to increase.

In an effort to separate fact from fiction, CNET offers this list of frequently asked questions about blogging at work and at home. Feel free to contribute your own thoughts and experiences in the "talkback" section at the end of this article.

Can blogging hurt my career?
If you're already employed, your blog could get you fired. Delta Air Lines, Friendster, Google, Microsoft and Wells Fargo have all reportedly fired employees or contractors over the content of their online journals. In most cases, the bloggers were let go for either criticizing the company or fellow workers, disclosing embarrassing or confidential information or otherwise offending the boss' sensibilities.

How risky is blogging really?
Blog firings are relatively rare. In a recent survey of 279 human resource professionals by the Society for Human Resources Management, just 3 percent of companies reported disciplining bloggers and none reported firing anyone for blogging. You're more likely to get in trouble for fooling around online or downloading music at work. About half the companies in the survey said they've fired or disciplined employees for Internet use that was unrelated to work duties.

Blogging is a pretty new activity. Is my company likely to have guidelines and policies about it yet?
Few companies have created policies that specifically address blogging. But most corporate policies already address many issues related to blogs, such as protecting confidential information, upholding the company's reputation, and Internet use at work.

Can my employer fire me if I blog from home on my own time?
Yes. The odds of your company perusing your blog is slim. "But if your boss should see your blog and be offended by something there, in most states you have virtually no protection against being fired," says Lewis Maltby, president of the National Workrights Institute in Princeton, N.J.

Wait--does that mean that where I live matters?
Yes. California, New York, Colorado, Montana and North Dakota recently have enacted laws limiting when an employer can fire you based on something you do off-duty that's not related to your job. Note that blogging isn't singled out for special treatment in those state laws. "The broader issue is, 'Can your boss fire you for something you do in your private life he doesn't like?'" Maltby says. "In five states he can't. In 45, he can." (The Michigan legislature soon may consider a similar measure.)

That sounds pretty broad. Are there any limitations on an employer's ability to fire me?
Aside from the ones mentioned above, the general rule in the United States is that you can be fired for anything other than an impermissible reason such as your race, sex or sexual orientation. If you happen to disclose your religion or sexual orientation on a blog and you're fired as a direct result of that disclosure, you might have a case. Organizing a union through your blog also is protected under federal law.

What about the First Amendment? Doesn't that protect me?
Not if you're working for a private employer. Read the text again: It says "Congress shall make no law" that abridges "freedom of speech, or of the press." That doesn't say anything about private employers. The First Amendment protects you only from censorial governments.

Are there any court decisions involving bloggers being fired?
A Lexis search through federal and state cases didn't turn up any to date.

What if I'm a union employee? Do I have more protection?
Yes. Union employees generally are protected from being fired without "just cause." Translated, that means you would have to do something pretty evil on your blog--like divulge confidential company information.

How about if I'm a government employee, for example, in the federal civil service?
"A government worker who's at home maintaining his or her own Web site doesn't lose their rights simply because he or she is a government employee," says Barry Steinhardt, director of the technology and liberty program at the American Civil Liberties Union. But Steinhardt cautions that if you're spending a lot of time at work on personal business such as updating your blog, that's a different matter.

Can high school students be disciplined for the contents of their blogs published from a home computer?
Students at government-run schools have been disciplined for this kind of activity before, but the school district may back down when lawyers get involved. "A high school student who produces electronic speech off-campus ought to be protected," Steinhardt says. "If you're using the school's computers, it's a different matter."

Can I blog anonymously?
Of course. If you do that, though, and ruffle enough feathers, your company could file a "John Doe" lawsuit in an effort to unmask you by sending a subpoena to the blog hosting company. Annoying the federal government could also be trouble. In a September 2004 opinion, one federal judge wrote: "The FBI theoretically could also issue a (secret request) to discern the identity of someone whose anonymous online Web log, or 'blog,' is critical of the government."

To shield yourself from lawsuits and other legal worries, posting to your blog through a service like might be a safer choice.

Do all companies consider blogging an activity unrelated to work?
No. Some companies view blogs as a good marketing mechanism and encourage employees to create them. If that's the case, it's reasonable to update your blog on the company clock. Check with your manager if you're unsure of your company's policies. If blogging at the office is OK, you should still be clear about how much time your boss expects you to spend on it. If your blog is strictly extracurricular, do it in your spare time.

Does that mean blogging could boost my career?
The chances that someone will find your blog are low. Only 3 percent of companies read job candidates' blogs before deciding whether to hire them. That said, as blogs become more noticeable, they could help or hurt your career, depending on what you write. Highly personal information could turn a prospective employer off, while nonpersonal commentary that shows off your job-related expertise might impress someone.

Has blogging helped anyone land a job?
Yes. Robert Scoble said blogging helped him land a gig at Microsoft a couple of years ago. A Microsoft executive became a fan of Scoble's tech-focused blog and eventually hired him from NEC. Scoble said the blog's honest observations, including some criticisms of Microsoft, helped win over his future boss.

Marketing consultant Elisa Camahort used her blogging habit to launch a writing career. The Santa Clara County Democratic Party pays her to write its blog, and a weekly Silicon Valley paper has hired her as a food columnist. She advises job-seeking bloggers to forgo the dear-diary approach and write instead in an informed way about topics they are passionate about--politics and culture, in her case.

Are there some examples of high-profile workplace bloggers?
Yes, some companies have embraced blogs as a powerful communication tool, and some top executives now publish blogs. Examples include: Jonathan Schwartz, president of Sun Microsystems; Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner; Bob Lutz of General Motors; and Microsoft's Scoble.

Are there any blogs about workplace blogging?
Yes, there are several concerning blogs as a marketing tool. Here are a few:


Google blogger: 'I was terminated'

February 11, 2005
For blogs, breakthroughs and breakdowns

January 3, 2005
Report: Big boost for blogs in 2004

January 3, 2005
I was fired for blogging (a poignant confession, if I dare say so myself...)

August 31, 2004
Get this story's "Big Picture"

Thursday, April 07, 2005

what's in a number? A lot...

Baseball is a game of numbers... well, here are some numbers for ya! More can be found here:
Quatrains can wait - baseball is back! *LOL*
Following is an ode to the unluckiest number in a field of... bad dreams!

Unlucky 6
The first Red Sox player to wear #6 was a shortstop: Hal Rhyne, a 5'8" Californian who'd come over from Pittsburgh. Hal led the league in assists and fielding percentage in '31, but lasted only one more year with the Sox.

In 1933 the number went to William Henry "Bucky" Walters. Bucky was a young third baseman who played a total of 75 games for the BoSox, batting .244, before being sold to his home town Phillies in 1934. He must have had a great arm at third, because Philadelphia turned him into a pitcher! Pitching for Cincinnati, Bucky went on to lead the league in wins three times, and was the NL MVP in 1939. He ended up with 198 career victories. Put Bucky Walters in a special alcove of the Jeff Bagwell Room.

1936 shortstop-manager Joe Cronin took over #6, the only season he didn't wear his now-retired #4. Cronin was injured for much of the year, and the shortstop job went to Eric "Boob" McNair, a versatile infielder who had starred for Connie Mack. Some say that the slow-footed Cronin was jealous of the slicker-fielding McNair. Anyway, the team finished 6th, and Cronin ditched his unlucky number. The following year Joe was back at SS and McNair took over second base and #6.

In 1937 Boob McNair's wife died in childbirth and he blamed himself. He starting drinking heavily. He got hold of a revolver and went out on a high ledge of the team's hotel in Detroit, saying, "I'm going to kill Cronin." It took his teammates forty-five minutes to get him back inside. McNair's playing fell apart in '38 and he was traded to the ChiSox. McNair died a broken man in his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi, shortly before his 40th birthday.

In 1942 #6 was assigned to rookie shortstop Johnny (Paveskovich) Pesky. Johnny led the league in hits with 205, then went off to war. When he came back, #6 was returned to him, and he led the league in hits for two more years. However, Pesky won a plaque in the Bill Buckner Room for the play which ended the 1946 World Series -- as Enos Slaughter scored the winning run from first, Pesky "held the ball". Actually, he took a relay throw from center field, turned, and threw the ball, but the Boston press convinced a generation that Pesky had stood transfixed while Slaughter raced home. Pesky moved to third base in '48, and was traded in '52, but he came back as a manager-coach-interim manager-fungo hitter from 1961 to the present, wearing 22 and 35 before settling on his old #6. He is still haunted by Enos Slaughter's dash to the plate.

Pesky was traded to Detroit as part of a monumental deal that hurt both teams. Coming over from the Tigers was a steady shortstop named Johnny Lipon. Johnny donned Pesky's #6, and promptly turned into a has-been, batting .208 with the Red Sox and earning a quick trip to the St. Louis Browns.

In 1954 a rookie left-handed first baseman named Harry Agganis broke in with the Sox. Harry was a beloved high school and college football-baseball hero from Lynn, a role model for thousands of early-50's kids. He wore #6. After a mediocre first season, Harry was batting .313 when he checked into Sancta Maria hospital with pneumonia. The baseball world was shocked on June 27, 1955 when Harry Agganis died of a pulmonary thrombosis. He was 25 years old.

To show that baseball players aren't superstitious, Harry's number was not taken out of circulation. Instead, they made him the start of a new tradition -- #6 for left-handed first basemen. Mickey Vernon and Vic Wertz, who'd had their best years with Washington and Cleveland, succeeded Agganis. In the 60's came another southpaw first sacker, Lee "Mad Dog" Thomas, who survived to become general manager of the Phillies, the worst team in baseball.

The next wearer of #6 was shortstop Americo Peter Petrocelli of Brooklyn. Rico was an insecure young player who was persecuted by manager Billy Herman to the point where he almost quit baseball. Rico's fortunes improved when Dick Williams became manager; Petrocelli became an All-Star, and set a record for home runs by a shortstop. Like Johnny Pesky, Rico was moved from shortstop to third base in mid-career, and like Pesky he has stayed close to the Red Sox organization in various capacities -- announcer, Pawtucket manager, hitting instructor. After Rico retired, the next wearer of #6 was... Needlenose Johnny Pesky, in a coaching stint for Ralph Houk.

When Bill Buckner came to the Red Sox in 1984, he wore #16. John McNamara brought in a new set of coaches in '85, Pesky was out, and Billy Buck appropriated Needlenose's #6. In 1986 Buckner, like Rico Petrocelli in '67, caught the game-ending pop-up that launched a pennant celebration for the Red Sox. And then Buckner, like Pesky, became a World Series goat. Makes you wonder.

Here is what Bill Lee wrote about Carl Yastrzemski's number in The Wrong Stuff:

"Yaz is blessed. I believe that is one of the reasons he has been able to play so well for so long. The other reason is his uniform number. Yaz wore number eight. I had noticed that, starting in 1975, Carl was taking catnaps in the trainer's room. With his uniform on. When laid on its side the number 8 resembles the symbol for infinity. That symbol was recharging Yaz's batteries. If he had just worn his uniform while he slept at night, I am convinced he could have played forever."


You gotta love Bill Lee - the spaceman! And I do! But, Don Cherry used to say "you gotta love him" about ANOTHER number 8... in his own sport of course ; Cam The Man Neely! And that infinity thing did not exactly work out for HIM... Cam's career was in fact cut terribly short. Hockey being a contact sport, Neely was outright assaulted - in a cowardly way too - while Yaz never had to worry about defending himself while swinging the bat or patrolling the field... Thus, my luminous conclusion is - all of that number stuff, though fascinating it may be, can be off-shot by a mere goon play from a goofy would-be goon such as "Ulf" Samuelsson...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

stars making sense... how odd is that?!?

Sandra makes a sensible choice - surprising in itself since she rarely makes them in regards to her career...
Bruce finally displays some wisdom - which does not automatically come with a shaved cranium! Still, I am not ready to accept "Willis Wisdom" as a fact yet... Jack!
John though... well... "Fat Actress" is smitten with him! *LOL* That counts for something, I am sure...

Bullock slams 'selfish' mothers
(BANG) - Sandra Bullock has slammed expectant mothers - branding them "selfish".
The actress, who has no children of her own, says adoption is a much better option as it gives orphaned children the chance to have a loving home.
She said: "There's the biological urge, but do people have to listen to it? What about adopting?
"Too many people have children that shouldn't be having them. It's the children who suffer. Having a child is a selfish act.
"There are so many unwanted children in the world that have no parents. I love children so much that I'm not going to damage them with my selfishness."
Meanwhile, Sandra, 40, recently revealed her mother's dying wish was to see her get married.
The star, who has never wed, had always been told by her mom never to rely on a man.
However, on her death bed, Sandra's mom admitted she was disappointed her daughter never settled down.
Sandra revealed: "She was always like, 'Don't rely on a man. Do your own thing.'
"But right before her death she wishfully said to me, 'So you don't think maybe you are going to get married?' I said, 'Mom! You were the one who said not to! Now that you're dying, I'm supposed to get married!?'"

Willis' marriage vow
(BANG) - Bruce Willis has vowed never to get married again.
The Hollywood actor, who has three children with ex-wife Demi Moore, isn't keen to tie the knot as he not sure whether he can commit to his marriage vows.
He said: "You're asked to stand up there and say: 'I promise to love you forever until death do us part.' You might as well be crossing your fingers when you say that. How can you possibly know where you're going to be five, 10 or 20 years from now?"
The 50-year-old heartthrob also says he would like more children - but isn't sure if he'll be able to find a woman who doesn't want to get married beforehand.
He added in an interview with Britain's Now magazine: "My younger brother David, after vowing to be single for the rest of his life, got married and has two kids - a beautiful daughter and a baby son, who I was holding in my arms last Thanksgiving. I could have another kid. But how would I find someone who can live with the fact that I don't want to get married."

Scientology saves Travolta
(BANG) - John Travolta claims he would never been able to get over the death of his mother if it hadn't been for Scientology.
The Hollywood actor was devastated when his beloved mum passed away from cancer in 1979 and says the religion helped to fill the void in his life.
He said: "I don't know what I would have done without it. It's answered so many questions for me in regards to the knowledge of life and how to live it.
"To say there was a gap before Scientology is an understatement. The mystery of life was so confusing. It's certainly helped me."
John also admitted he was spoilt rotten by his parents when he was growing up.
The 'Grease' star, who was the youngest of six children, told Britain's Night and Day magazine: "I received a lot of attention just by being the baby. I had the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen and black hair. I was this unusual child that was special in my parents' eyes - plus I was very loving with them. When my brother came home from school we would fight a lot. I suppose my brother would vie for my mum's attention, but I had the upper hand."

Religion certainly can make people understand the different levels of life far better than they would do so on their own - however, it would not fill the void of a dear one who passed on - that will stay with you until you pass on as well. And, then, you are reunited with the dear departed one(s) quite obviously (assuming you are all going to the same place of course)... If Scientology claims to fill in any way those sort of voids... hmm... then it is weirder than I thought!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

two for tuesdays ; twosomes that just don't get along

There's this Boston reporter, see, who recently likened the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees to Bugs & Daffy... and, by itself, it is fine.... I guess. Abbott & Costello... if only for the old "who's on first" routine, I can see it. Lucy & Ricky... hmm... okay. But Bogie & Bacall? To the best of my knowledge, Humphrey and Lauren never argued that much - did they? How about Bette (Davis) and Gary Merrill instead? Or Pepe Le Pew and Kitty...? Oh, I know... Oscar and Felix! Now THERE's one that really works!!!

Oh... and, by the way... the first two games are in and the defending champions are frustrated... oh well... they won when they had to! ;)

Monday, April 04, 2005

tell a lie day today - no kidding - no lie!!! this time it's the genuine thing - for most of the world anyway - i'm not lying...!!!

Want a lie? You guys want a lie... from me - on the luminous blog...?!? Okay, I will oblige thee...
There. There's your utterly blatant lie...
Want a bigger lie yet...? Maybe...?!?
Want a total and complete lie now?
Not good enough -or bad enough; it gets hard to tell on days like these- for ya? Okay - try this for starters...
There... my ''good deed'' of this tell a lie day is done... happy now? Eh? EH?!?

For more TRUE LIES - check with your officiating political figures; your authority figures; your spouses... *lol*

Sunday, April 03, 2005

mass hysteria...?

Christians ought to simply know better than that...
Watching the commemorative mass officiated by Cardinal Angelo Sodano and all the faithful there wiping tears and praying... it was and is moving, touching and very appropriate - however Christians simply ought to know better than that!
The Pope - this Pope - is not the first to go that way. It is not the end of the world (alas) neither is it the end of the papacy or the Church. His body is lying in state - his body... Note the nuance! For Christians, this means even more - much more! For we, Christians, believe in an afterlife - in eternal life with Christ! If anything, the Pope is freed - just like Terri Schindler was. And Sister Lucia. And anyone who leaves this world when his or her time comes, after having completed his or her journey... In Terri's case, maybe her journey should have continued indeed; her mission seemed to have been accomplished though - she raised public awareness to cases similar to hers. And she is free now too.

The Pope should be mourned, sure - as an extremely good man, as he irrefutably was / is. He was an "apostle of freedom" and of peace, indubitably. He was not the Way though - Jesus is. Karol Wojtyla was not God - he surely was a saintly man though! :)

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