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Monday, June 01, 2009

A Luminous Example!

How fitting it is that such a luminous example of courage, perseverence, resilience, generosity and triumph of light over darkness as HELEN KELLER is brought to us by a website inspired by the illustrious and himself luminous (quite so!) NIKOLAS TESLA...!
Two of my all-time favorites, reunited in one place (or two, really - counting this here, TLB PRIME!) on this rainy first of June...!
It helps cope with the lack of sunshine - indubitably!

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This Day in History - June 1st
Starring - Helen Keller
Directed by - Luminous Anonymous
(2001) - Color - 1 min
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proudly presents,

This Day in History - June the 1st

On June 1, 1968, Helen Keller died at the age of 87. In infancy scarlet fever had left her blind, deaf and mute. When she was 6, her parents appealed to Alexander Graham Bell for help and he referred them to a semi-blind teacher, Anne Sullivan, who taught Helen to speak with an alphabet communicated by touch. She graduated from cum laude from Radcliffe and gained recognition as a writer. To Mark Twain, her life and accomplishments were equal to Napoleon's. Tirelessly helping others with similar afflictions, Helen Keller left a legacy of light in the face of darkness.

Mark Twain couldn't have been more RIGHT!
Kudos, too, to Mr. Bell (yes - THAT Bell, of course! A kindred spirit of Tesla's, surely...) and of course the astonishing Anne Sullivan, without whom Helen Keller wouldn't have become

For many more such great examples,
go to the teslaliketelevision website!


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