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Saturday, January 15, 2005

cracking cancer drug - (no - not crack!)

More and more, science is turning back towards natural remedies for medicinal cures and breakthroughs... since the cures are simply not to be found in aseptical laboratories with anatural concoctions.
Native Americans and medicinal herbs users are once again proven right...!
Ironic is it not - when one knows that science and technological advances contribute so much to the depleting of this ecosystem we are a part of... sometimes it may be done for good causes, but not always.
From time to time, science will give nature a "nudge" - no more... never a full hand!
And now science expects nature to give back... to keep on giving in fact... more than it has already given?!?
We are squeezing the lemon dry, or so it appears...

Details... in the comments section.

Friday, January 14, 2005


There is no sadness that measures up
to the sadness brought about by the sense of loss
the melancholy of a bygone era
the sudden separation from a dear one
the longing for a long-lost love
the passing of a close kin
the reminiscing of long gone good old days
the memories of the one who touched you in all ways
There is no sadness comparable one has to admit
to the sadness that makes one's day hollow
and nostalgia ubiquitous - making the present unfit
and all around one looks, one sees only sorrow
There is no sadness that can come even close
to that which makes you long for the smell of a rose
which has eluded your grasp all your life
and now appears to be out of reach - oh what strife
when you know full well it is your own fault
that it has come thus to a screeching halt
Your reason to live - your heart, your soul
For you could not keep it all - keep it whole
Copyright ©2005 LUCIANO A. PIMENTEL
First Serial Rights (if applicable on the net!!!)

Dedicated to a dear one

Thursday, January 13, 2005

to succeed where da Vinci failed...

I was recently told I was too hard on the present generation (what is it anymore... anybody know? "GenX" seems to be passé... or exclusively comic-booky mutants material now... Has anybody coined the new trendy catchy word yet to describe the latest batch/brood/bunch born -for the most part- out of wedlock yet...?!? "Generation Y" seems to be the next logical step indeed (if one knows one's alphabet - which may be too much to ask for or expect out of some of those brats...?!) - but why "Y"? Maybe because it could be "Y" as in... why the hell a great many of them were born in the first place...?!? The same number -the great many of them (not-so great really)- having been born as the direct result of the poor judgment calls made by their mothers when they were out "shopping around for a mate"... Hence the case could easily be made that the kids are the fruits of a labor not of love but of misinterpreted pheromone-heavy signals in the estrogen-clad nymphs of the new millennium's craniums... Thus, the kids are the end result of a process that might well have been nothing more and nothing less than... a mistake! They are the living, breathing, walking-talking embodiments of their moms' mistakes in "selecting" what is known as "THE guy" (because it is always the woman who selects ultimately - the man only follows the lead... we all know that - don't we now?!? lol)... Such is the sad, sad awful truth... (how's that for a radical point of view, critic #2? See comments...). ;)

All this to lead into the actual point I was going to make (I have been known to be apt and able to challenge for the crown held by the King of Sidetracking... whoever that may be! But I digress...).

Every generation (no matter how inept it gets) thinks it will do better than the preceding one... Another thing we all know full well... So, to see a scientist announce his intention to topple ONE non-accomplishment (in other words, one of the few failed experiments...) in Leonardo da Vinci's long list of accomplishments, is not surprising at all... It is extraordinary and news-worthy, sure, but it surprises much less this particular observer than, say, any bunch of guys randomly picked off the streets - fully-accreditated members of the aforementioned Generation Y - and hear THEY claim they will do much better than their sorry misguided forefathers in regards to the environment or social injustices (their forefathers - many of whom were misguided by the lure of profit... others, as elaborated upon precedingly, by mere lack of interpretive powers in relation to their own BODIES and what it might have been doing to them... clouding their judgment and nullifying any common sense they might have inherited... if any...) *LOL*.

As a wise man once said... 'Nuff said. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

LONDON - Queen recruits Bad Company singer

The rock band Queen is returning to the road with a new lead singer.

Brian May, the group's guitar player, writes on his website that he has recruited Paul Rodgers – the front man for Bad Company – to take the place of Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991 after revealing he had AIDS.

May and Rodgers got to know one another when performing at the Fender 50th Anniversary party recently.

The tour, the first for Queen since Mercury's death, is likely to begin in April.

According to a post on May's official website, he and Rodgers are discussing "how we might approach our collective material."

"Suddenly the Queen phoenix is rising again from the ashes, and will take precedence over everything in our lives," he added.

Before helping to form Bad Company, Rodgers was the lead singer for Free.

Queen is known for operatic hits like Bohemian Rhapsody, while Bad Company made a name for itself with bombastic tunes such as Feel Like Makin' Love.

Written by CBC News Online staff


There are so many plays on word that one could do with that news item...
Queen... in Bad Company
Bad Company... gets badder?
Another One Bites The Dust... an omen about the lead singer job with Queen?
Please tell me you don't still Feel Like Makin Love now...
Bombastic remix of Bohemian Rhapsody coming soon...


Okay - enough of that now...

From bad to badly... a quote that I hold dear...

You can have anything you want -- if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.
- Abraham Lincoln


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

timing is everything - especially for lawsuits... and marketing

In the Good Book, it is advised to give the appropriate answer at the appropriate time... Not surprising then to see good marketing strategists adapt this to suit their needs... no, not surprising at all...

The Dazed And Confused slander case is a prime example - a lawsuit that comes eleven years after the fact (again that number eleven... hmm... see comments...) and it came per sheer coincidence a short time before the DVD release of Dazed And Confused... a cult movie to some - a forgotten flick to others (and a waste of celluloid to others still...?!? *LOL* But I digress...). Was it mere coincidence... hmm? CAN it be mere coincidence that one would await the re-release of a film to finally sue that film which, allegedly, slandered one (in one's eyes anyhow)...? Or is it all a strategic news-making coup... One never has enough publicity nowadays, and free publicity is always the best kind to have...!

As in many cases, everything is possible...

Monday, January 10, 2005

teens that think that the end is near...?!?

Who art these thinking man's teen titans of tomorrow...?!? *lol*
Or, actually, of no tomorrow!
I admit to be a trifle incredulous about this - the present generation would have such concerns...? ANY element of the present generation could possibly see cause to ponder things - SERIOUS things and grave matters - and endanger in the process their peer acceptance... social lifestyle... funtimes getting...?!?

Naaaaaah - not a chance!!!
Not the majority of them, anyhow...
Unless, Jamaican teens (such as Sueann Brown) have more brain capacity than all-american boys and girls... could it BE...?!? (A steady diet of pop tarts and froot loops cannot do a mind any good, I suppose... *LOL*).

The world that cried "the end is near"
by Sueann Brown , Observer TeenAge writer
Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Last year brought its share of challenges for the world. One of the greatest challenges came on December 26 in Asia.

Tidal waves from a massive undersea earthquake smashed into coastlines devastating many countries, killing over 150,000 people to date.

But could this be what the Bible has been predicting all along? Could the tsunami in Asia be the beginning of the end, or could this be another false cry? For over 100 years, scientists and philosophers have been trying to trace when the world will be coming to an end.

Every year the world sits uneasy until the clock strikes 12 midnight for the dawning of a New Year, and almost immediately people go back to being ungodly and unrighteous. How could one forget the December 31, 1999?
Parties were abandoned and churches were filled to capacity with those looking to be saved on the spot. However, one should really analyse the past 10 years. Death is becoming an all too familiar way of life and the increasing numbers of natural disasters are all too apparent.

In St Matthew 24:7-8, the Bible describes this as being the beginning of pains and sorrow. The disaster that struck on December 26, 2004 is described as the fourth most powerful earthquake and has produced the highest death toll in the history of tsunamis. One needs to make mention of Hurricane Ivan, which had meteorologists puzzled as they could not seem to keep track of what Hurricane Ivan was about to do next. Its greatest surprise for Jamaica was when it changed course almost instantly and did not fully hit Jamaica as was predicted. One can then say that the awesome power of God is more than any scientist or meteorologist can comprehend.

It is evident that no man can honestly know the date when God will be coming. The signs can be followed but being completely accurate is not a possibility. One has to hope that when the world does its final cry of "the end is near" that we are ready to meet our creator.


Sunday, January 09, 2005

to daringly go where no canadians dared go before...?

Disaster assistance teams are on their way to, among other tsunami-stricken places, Sri Lanka... and I can't help but to conjure up images of the recently released Team America flick... basically... puppets!

Canadians have always been at the service of the mighty USofA - if they go to war, we go to war... that is the canadian way! Used to be so already, of course, way back when they were part of the British Empire still... (only then it was the Union Jack, not Uncle Sam they followed blindly). The somewhat inaccurately-named Commonwealth that the British conquests spawned is a whole other story but, alas, frighteningly similar... And the only real reason why Canadian troops are not in Irak is because they would be of no help at all, so...

So - seeing them well-fed North Americans in general going into disaster areas or the Third World in general always makes me roll my eyes ever so slightly...

Will they deprive themselves while there, at least... give up their lunch to give it to a child in tears... to a derelict denizen of the visited wasteland... to an hapless elderly person...?!? Maybe... maybe not! And besides, that would not be enough - now, would it?

Will they, prior to their trip there, sell off all their techy crap and buy essentials with it - to bring to these people? Highly improbable.

Would they sacrifice their careers, well-being, comfort, very lives to aid these most unfortunate citizens of the world...? Unlikely...

There are only so many Lucille Teasdales and Mother Teresas in this world...

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