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Saturday, January 22, 2005


OVIEDO, Fla. (AP) — A Presbyterian minister collapsed and died at the pulpit after saying “And when I go to heaven...,” his colleague said.

The Rev. Jack Arnold, 69, was nearing the end of his sermon Sunday at Covenant Presbyterian Church when he grabbed the podium before falling to the floor, said the Rev. Michael S. Beats, the church’s associate pastor.

Before collapsing, Arnold quoted the 18th-century Bible scholar John Wesley who said, “Until my work on this earth is done, I am immortal. But when my work for Christ is done ... I go to be with Jesus,” Beats said in a telephone interview.

We will not all have such a sense of finality, resolution and "a job well done" (lest I dare quote straight from Jesus and say that "all is accomplished")... when WE go, I am afraid...

Not if dirty bombs, bio-chemical warfare and nukes are employed to obliterate us all! Nope...!

Friday, January 21, 2005

No - Not Boston! Please God - No!

Disturbing reports that up to sixteen terrorists -though most of them would be Chinese this time... with two Iraqi scientists complementing the tableau- could be targeting Boston of all places (why - because the Red Sox WON...?!?) is unsettling many - including me.

Though I have never resided there, I have been to Boston many times, have relatives who have resided in the heart of it (and now are settled around it)... AND all the pleasant memories of the city and its rich history have combined to make this blogger a staunch supporter of all of that fair city's pro sports franchises - Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots... and yes - in that order too...! I feel, thus, like countless others do (members of the Red Sox Nation - are you "hearing" me?), as if I was a Bostonian without being a Bostonian... And no one wants to see their hometown becoming the target of this sort of thing.

Hopefully, it will be aborted, like other post-9/11 threats reportedly have been...

It is bad enough already that the WTC tragedy's plane hijackers boarded their planes in Boston's Logan Airport... More of this sort of thing Boston does not need - nor merit. They should get more championships rather - another one for the Sox next year, as Theo candidly predicted... Another one for the Pats... Maybe, finally, another one for the B's... (yeah... right. See comments for more on THAT...).

But more tragedy? Say no to that, Beantown.
Stifle the would-be terrorists' plans in the bud I say!
Godspeed - Boston

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Brazil 1, The World - Nil

Brazil é o pais do suingue... *LOL*
And, as such, it needs not to be like the land of the free... like the home of the brave... no sir... not one bit!

Don't get me wrong, amigos e amigas brasileiros e brasileiras...!
I APPLAUD the move (see comments) initiated by your president who DID reach the top without knowing how to converse in Shakespeare's language for two seconds...
American language is NOT Shakespearian in the least though - not anymore! Learning it is indeed superfluous if one's main aspiration is to converse with the neighbouring South American countries... The USA has been for too long "on top" (the "king of the world"...? Pffffttt... hardly!). The EURO is dominating the U.S. dollar... thus... it is time to crown a new king! And whatever language is dominant in the European Union (once believed to be the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy... Apocalyptic prophecy... clearly...!) - well, it certainly should not be neither English nor French (thank God for that!).

Brazil owns both those countries anyway - in World Cup play!


Many a sleepless "Nightless Night" in Brazil -
especially at Carnival time!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Titan is orange

Reminds me of that old phrase they made us analyze and scrutinize and dissect for hidden meaning in philosophy 101... "the Earth is blue... like an orange" LOL
Stuff like that marks a student - for life!

Photos show Saturn's moon has orange surface News Staff

Scientists have finally looked behind the veil of gas that has shrouded Titan, Saturn's largest moon, from human eyes for all of known history.

And they are overwhelmed with both what they've seen and how well they were able to see it.

"This will undoubtedly go down in history as one of, if not the, biggest single step that mankind has taken," Bob Mitchell of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory said.

(For the rest of the article - see the comments section! My luminous, innovative use of the feature - since my readers/admirers/detractors/and the like are too shy... and of few words! *LOL*).

I must, though, pass commentary on Bob's declaration there... I mean - come on Bob!!! We know they pay your salary and all... but there is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING that the NASA can do PRESENTLY SPEAKING that is of true use to the entire world right now... NOTHING! Who gives a flying fig that Titan is orange... Not the victims of hunger, war, crime, disasters, epidemics, prejudice, persecution and other forms of unfair treatment perpetrated by mankind -for the most part- and nature -sometimes... They couldn't give a rat's... derri ère if the freaking moon itself was orange... (although it is red blood on some nights - and that is in a certain Good Book as one of the signs of a certain something... hey - no wonder we see all four horsemen and more at work around the world already... hmm? But I digress... ;)

No, Bob - nothing NASA does or says has much of an immediate impact - other than going "wow - the universe is beautiful and mysterious, eh?". But WE KNEW THAT ALREADY. NASA is hoping for long-term payback on all their slow work... well... it is nice to see people of FAITH (...) still around... hmm? ;)
Carl would be proud... *LOL*

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

a luminous cornucopia...

Since I have so many subjects I must pass commentary upon now and not later, I guess why not do it this way... hmm? ;)

Muhammad Assan 's proving to be the funniest and most entertaining wrestler in years... The most politically incorrect too... Last night, he managed to double-insult the wrestler "blessed" with two nationalities (sort of) - that of Canadian and American - the double performer (wrestling entertainer and rocker) and all-things-considered two-faced "Y2J", Chris Jericho... And it was once again priceless... Telling him, in essence, that he represented the worst of both worlds - the loud, obnoxious American way... and the disgusting cowardice of being Canadian...! Funny stuff... eh? ;)


Hockey is choking is more ways than one... the hopes are dimming for any last ditched efforts to "save the season" in this NHL year... and, on top of that, a choking assault incident occurs during a minor league game in Toronto!

Click here

Oh - the irony... eh? The game is choking AND is being choked... in Canada!


John Kerry delivered another fine speech in Boston yesterday...
basically saying it all like it is.

For more, click here

(If -for any bush-leagued reason this link does NOT work properly -pun most definitely intended- well... the short article is in its entirety in the comments section anyway...! :)

Let no one make would-be smartsy remarks about the sad eyes and/or long face of Mr. Kerry... nor call him "bitter" for saying anything at all about the election he allegedly lost... Stating the truth is not being bitter - it is being courageous... pissed off... and not giving a damn about any consequences!


A man at sea... and a perfect storm wasn't even necessary either.

Click here

It must be true - the sea has no generosity. Yet, what can you expect, people? You pollute it, over-exploit it, effectively depleting it and KILLING all that resides in it... It can only take so much, you know... It is bound to lash back, eventually...


And of course, yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr Day...
Mayhaps the best time to link up a fine article on the man and his legacy...
(again, if the link doesn't work... see the comments section!)

Click here

Here's hoping all of these links will have a long, looooong life!

Enough for one day...

Monday, January 17, 2005

money is the root of all... excesses

The seemingly neverending NHL lockout for instance (which has NHLPA advisor Bob Goodenow telling players to seek employment in Europe, just so not to gather too much rust, because he foresees the stoppage to last up to two YEARS...), well, this labor dispute has at the heart of the matter money concerns... comes as no surprise there isn't enough to go around and keep both team owners and players happy... or simply provided for.

The team proprietors claim it is the players' fault... yet, they are the ones who started overpaying those mediocre players! Still, now they cry foul and demand a salary cap as the only means to salvage the NHL... pfffttt...

But I digress.

There are far more classic examples of EXCESSES...
Take the lure of stardom... MC HAMMER had it all - bought himself a white elephant of a mansion and then went BUST. (Not sure if the tale was the same as far as Vanilla Ice goes... I am sure Eminem will make sure NOT to turn into another Vanilla Ice... although they both display very similar natural-born comedic talents... *lol*). The "so-so stars" who wind up on Entertainment Tonight basically trying to SELL THEIR HIGH-PRICED ABODES are the ones who take this life lesson and drive it home with an exclamation point... When the bright lights are dimmed and the spotlight is no longer on you (not to quote that execrable 15 minutes quote which I abhor - whoever timed it as such anyhow?!? But I digress again...), your star will fade away - and then it will be time for a clearance sale!

But do they ever learn...? Adam Sandler -of all people- has just purchased a mansion for the lofty sum of 13 million dollars... What are the propriety taxes on THAT?!? Does he really think he can rake in the dough indefinitely with his serialized output of loveable loser-type character-movies...? Anything is possible, but... He is simply not playing it safe (and probably wants to impress the missus...). I will give him credit though - at least he does not go the REMAKE ROUTE like has-been Steve Martin (whose BILKO was AWFUL) nor does he go for the SEQUEL SIDETRACK... Who really wants to see Big Daddy 2... Spanglish 2 (lest it becomes Enganish...?!? Ughhh...) or -heaven forbid- Nicky 2! NOOOOOOOO...!

Speaking of credit where credit is due, CAMERON DIAZ -again, of all people- would be commended for NOT indulging in such typical excesses... She purchased a "modest" house, as far as Hollywood stars go, for the reported estimated price of a "mere" 2.7 million bucks... Only 2,800 square-foot wide too... She is a veritable pauper... right. She may be an angel after all though... one of wisdom amongst all these stars who know not what they do - and are only interested, or so it would appear, in finding new ways to squander money hardly truly "earned"...

Sunday, January 16, 2005

My Horoscope (the annotated version)

You've got two good things going for you. (Strike One - I have much more than that going for me! *lol*)
First, you're in total relaxation mode (not quite...) -- reading the paper in bed, sipping overpriced caffeine and ignoring the phone. (2 out of 3 ain't bad...)
It's your day to devote to total hedonism. (Just because it is so for 99% of the peeps out there -traditionally- doesn't mean that it is for MOI though...!!!)
Then there's the fact that the rest of the world will be ready to assume full responsibility for whatever they say or do (HA - that'll be the day...), the way that you do on a regular basis. (Yep - always did; always will!)
Yep. It's just good to be you. (THAT it is - not easy - but good!)
- By

Hey - better than expected performance there - is it not?
Only one bonafide strike - and a foul ball back there (no - that would be strike two! Make it... a wild pitch! There you go...!) LOL.
NOT the strikeout I'd assumed it would be instantly upon embarking on this luminous annotation, I must say...!!!

Still am not convinced of any level of accuracy whatsoever for the astrological animal - besides, that is, the basic description affixed to each sign... (THAT is almost always right on the money!) which is why I left my daily horoscope installment there basically anonymous and nameless - as far as my sign goes, of course!
Guess which sign I may be, dear readers...! I dare ya! *LOL*


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