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Saturday, July 29, 2006

When Nothing Goes Right - We Must Remain Wrighteous

Look into the eyes of this woman - there is much for each and every single of you to learn from this woman. Much wisdom, patience, graciousness, elegance and, against all odds, serenity lie in there, deep within these eyes and this soul - the soul of Canadian thespian Janet Wright.
She has lost her dear sister, equally-renowned actress Susan Wright, who died in a house fire several years ago. In that same fire, both of the sisters' parents died also. More recently, it was Janet's own daughter who, at only twenty-three years of age, was shot to death in Vancouver. She had tried to stop several hoodlums from beating up on a single victim - and these miscreants pulled out their guns then, killing both the twenty-three year-old angel and her companion, on top of their intended victim...
Despite all the tragedy in her life, Janet Wright perseveres. She still acts, she still performs, whether on television or on stage. She still lives and so she remains true to herself, to her "obligations" in a sense, but what it is, truly, is that she remains true to her PASSION. And, in doing so, she remains true to those who loved her and have departed prematurely - true to their memory, honoring it, in a sense, with each given performance.
A documentary I caught recently, titled OPEN YOUR EYES, talked about brushes with death, tragedies - and the fact that these make one realize with greater lucid perception all the good things that life comprises, things that another will take for granted and completely miss out on... There were filmmakers, actors and other creative minds -all fellow countrymen of Miss Wright- who had all the same thing to say, in essence, on the subject matter: death is ever present and we can be ever conscious of that. But, while we are here, we have the duty, both to ourselves as to others, to be all that we are - fully so and in conformnity to God's Plan for us! He Put us here on this planet for a reason - we have but to decipher that tiny portion of the Plan where we are concerned and fulfill it - completely - as Jesus Himself Did - while we are here. No two "subjects" have the same "mission" or allotted time either - so comparaisons are futile. We often see so many die young; and we lament "they were too young to die". With closer inspection, we will likely find out that their lives' mission had been fulfilled already and, sometimes, it was through their deaths that they succeeded in doing so. Many deaths have a positive effect on their immediate surroundings; families come together after such tragedies, friends pull together, with common sorrow and grief... Attitudes change - laws get amended. Criminals are put away for good - when, otherwise, they would have continued to make more victims, unpunished.
I believe that Janet Wright is a firm believer in two things: what goes around comes around - and we shall not cry for those who have departed. They are well - and the best way to react to their departure is to live for them - as they would have lived. As they would have wanted you to go on living.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Videos Time - Again?!?

This time, it really came too fast! I couldn't have enough of that "Glo-OH-oh-orious-Town-Glo-oh-rious-Town" by Captain! Oh well... Time to move on, I guess!

Some TLB Prime readers have mentioned to me that there are too many videos at times on this luminous blog o'mine - too many accoutrements! That the written word - MY WRITING - should be IT. Hmm... it is the main event, surely, but I like to give you "more bang for your buck", folks! We all know that internet access is not free... Others have mentioned that it gets too "new agey" at times too...?!? The only way to reply to that probably is with a "mea culpa" - by Enigma! ;)

And just for pure fun, the TLB Prime premiere of... TNT For The Brain too!

But, even though the temptation is great to add some more Enigma tracks (double click the previous two and make your own selection for videos - I suggest "Return To Innocence" - for it is key to gain entry into the Kingdom!) I shall heed my faithful and show TEMPERANCE (another key, surely!)

*The* video for this edition is LORD GIVE ME A SIGN by DMX - the previous two are only there if this one is not playing at all! (And they're there as a joke too, yea...) LORD KNOWS we all need a Sign from Him - and it is oh-so refreshing to behold a rapper with genuine Faith! Enjoy, all!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

thursday thunder

Where I currently reside, Thursday is synonymous with trash day! Now, I know very well that the fake Norse deity, Thor and his thunder are supposed to be the origin of the very word "Thursday" (which was, hence, "Thor's Day" - hmpf!)
I guess it all means that -you've guessed it... you're seeing it come, from a mile away... and that is good because such was my intent all along- so, it all means that Thor is Trash! *LOL*
And I couldn't agree more!
I never liked that particular Marvel rip-off who is, in his civilian identity (at least originally he was) the most execrable of things... a spineless quack with no backbone at all! That's right: whereas Superman changed clothes to become mild-mannered Clark Kent, Thor ran his hammer into the ground and *poof* - just like that, gone were the tights (and the muscle tone too) and a suit and tie (along with the meek form of one Dr. Donald Blake) appeared out of nowhere to take his place...
Very weak premise - why would any fake deity from whatever pantheon there is subject himself to such a degrading transformation?
Only in Marvel Comics... pardon, Marvel Entertainment, could there be such odd and completely illogical occurrences...
Marvel's very own resident creative head honcho, Stan Lee, ripped them all off anyway: Mr. Hyde (Hulk), Greek mythology (mixed in with sci-fi = Cyclops), the competition (DC's JLA = the Avengers), the four basic elements (Earth, Water, Air & Fire = The Fantastic Four) and, somehow, Superman and Tarzan all at once (Spidey) - so ripping off Norse mythology was a cinch to him.
Of course, nowadays, everything is derivative of derivatives - so we have many more thrice-diluted end products, but that is another sordid story...
The end results are, always, trashy indeed...
As another brilliant mind (...) once said; "nuff said"... ;)


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

N*E*R*D ending... or is it N~E~R~V~E ending... eh?!? *lol*

One has to appreciate well-meaning but deeply confused Gen-Xers... Case in point: N*E*R*D, which is a rap group, for the no-cognoscenti... Or, at least, it used to be one... Frontman Pharrell Williams said, a while back: "N*E*R*D is dead. I don't agree with management at Virgin Records so we're done." (To be precise, he said that in May of last year!)

The band's philosophy was what this luminous blogger here appreciated the most though - it goes without saying (or typing as it is) I believe, but I am not one to take any chances anymore...! N*E*R*D stands for No-One-Ever-Really-Dies - and that is 100% TRUE indeed. The soul lives on - memories also live on, on this side of things - but the most important thing is that everyone who passes on "to the other side" continues on... Energy never dissipates completely - it merely migrates.

So, No One Ever Really Dies - absolutely. However, the band, in its obsession with teenage angst, comes to the self-contradictory conclusion that one must Fly or Die...?!? In greater philosophical detail, they express it all as follows: (...) Which is where N.E.R.D lies – in the time-warp, where boundaries and borders and linearity succumb to the openness of truth. Because in life, there are two paths to choose from but only one direction to go in – and you can either Fly or Die. How very typical of today's youth, to aspire to the greatest truths but to err somewhere on the way there and wind up in a tailspin - effectively going nowhere in the end! They score an "A" for effort and noble intentions but can only manage a "C-" ultimately nonetheless...

For, minimal application of pure logic would have done wonders for these three guys (the three wisemen they are NOT) - if no one ever really dies, and if you grasp what that statement TRULY MEANS, then you will see that it is when dying that one can truly FLY... Thus wiping out any silly rhyme such as "fly or die" from their respective and collective résumés and lexicon - both...


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday is as good a day as any for tying up loose ends...

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy... as Jack Tripper used to say on Three's Company! How could I forget Ricky Bobby, his less than apparent heir apparent, but since there's no one else - he'll do! I forgot to list "The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" as one of the movies Al Gore has to beat this summer on yesterday's post. (It should be an interesting fight since, as surmised in the film, "Ricky Bobby is not a thinker; Ricky Bobby is a driver." Okaaay... And since Al views himself as a thinker, we shall see who is mightier at long last! The pen or the sword - or, in this case, the crown of laurels of the steering wheel? My money's on Al anyhow! But I digress...) SNL alumni, living or deceased, will never forgive this! I accept being haunted by Gilda asap - only I want nothing to do with Chevy! ;)

I would be remiss also if I did not mention the British Open top two guys: Tiger Woods won despite the passing of his father very recently. And Chris Di Marco came in second despite the passing of his mother a mere three weeks ago. I sympathize with these guys; I would have before too but now, since March 22nd really, I truly know how that feels... As is often the case with perceptive me, the fine observer that I am couldn't help but to see added significance in the terms summarizing the scene on the golf course: Woods wasn't the only one dealing with a loss. DiMarco finished two strokes back and struggled to hold back the tears as he remembered his mother, Norma, who died suddenly from a heart attack while vacationing on the Fourth of July. My God, tis synchronicity again that the two sports figures I am sympathizing with were separated by two strokes.

Maybe it is for me, as for Tiger and Chris (and they sure as heck are in a better position to do so) to apply the lesson from this quote that popped up to capture my attention at the same time too (yet more synchronicity, I tell you...) - "Knowing sorrow well, I learn to succor the distressed." -- Virgil

On the same subject of departures/passings/crossing over, I cannot help but to feel for that skydiver professional - and a lady too - whose main parachute malfunctioned. And then the back-up malfunctioned as well. And she fell to her death. That happened last Sunday. Veteran thespian Jack Warden passed away on Friday I believe - he was 86 years-old. Luckier to have lived longer - and luckier in a similar accident as he was a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division but, shortly before D-Day, he had broken his leg during a nighttime practice jump in Britain. More on those two passings, of course, as per usual, on The Lugubrious Blog.

Once I start, I can't stop sometimes... But I have to mention this here too! I recently found it extremely odd to unearth a listing among online obituaries of a namesake to my father. That would be enough in itself, but there's more; much more. This namesake was born a year earlier - but also passed away a year earlier (hence he crossed over at the same age) AND he had been born on the same island as my father! We all have namesakes and lookalikes - for example, I recently caught an Ali G interview with George Washington - the vetenarian! But you have to admit that THAT was special and pretty much unique; two men with the same name basically, born a year apart on the same land and destined to pass away at the same age, both on foreign soil... Any more parallel these two lives couldn't have likely been...

Aye - I guess this post was all about synchronicity after all!


Monday, July 24, 2006

Hey - Al Gore wants to make sure that you do see his film!

Next, he'll take on the Albino Assassin, The Omen, Clerks too, Pirates too, the Little Man, You, Me, Dupree, Edmond, Adam Sandler (whatever it takes to stop him from making any more movies), The Devil himself (but only when IT's wearing prada...), Strangers with candy (...), the Groomsmen, the Puffy Chair, Wassup Rockers (...), Mini (...), A Scanner Darkly (?!?), some guy's EX Super Girlfriend, "Waist Deep" (not the ex-girlfriend at all), those Miami Vice clones and even the returning Superman - but only if he absolutely has to! Al is - after all - a patriotic guy and dumping on Soupesy would be like unto stomping all over the American flag or something! (That is how abysmally two-dimensional this "americana" thing has been getting since, oh... 1939?)
Look for all these take-no-quarters fights (because it's at least eight bucks to get in now) in theaters now!

Funny though - Al seems unwilling to tackle head on the real competition for his Inconvenient Truth documentary; the equally eye-opening "WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR?" (a documentary that investigates the birth and death of the electric car, as well as the role of renewable energy and sustainable living in the future) or "THE ROAD TO GUANTANAMO" (part drama, part documentary, the film focuses on the "Tipton Three", a trio of British Muslims who were held in Guantanamo Bay for two years until they were released without charge)
Heck, or even "LEONARD COHEN: I'm Your Man" (a documentary on the legendary singer-songwriter, with performances by those musicians he has influenced)
Personally, I always wondered who decided that everything Cohen put to paper was gold so that he had to, at an early age to, preserve every last scribbled note he could, even if it was on toilet paper... But I understand that Al would not even address "the Leonard flick" - out in theatres as his currently is too. Al wants to be the man - and Leonard seems to be saying he is, so...

Last category of films I see are not surprisingly ignored by Al and company; for if he sheds some light on An Inconvenient Truth in his film, the Oliver Stone movie on 9/11 for starters (which illustrates most brilliantly that, whatever happens to you, no matter how bad it may be, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel; either it is the afterlife or a chance to sell the rights to your story so that Ollie makes a movie out of it!) and "THE GREAT NEW WONDERFUL" (a sketch film which weaves five stories against the backdrop of an anxious and uncertain post-9-11 New York City) unveil very inconvenient tales too... and re-open a can of worms no one wanted re-opened in the process!

Whoo-eeeeee! Sketch films are making a comeback - of sorts. ;)


Sunday, July 23, 2006

When the Not-So Nice Doctors Don't Respond To Your Taunts - Maybe A Nice And Consciencious One Will Answer Some Questions...?

By now, everyone who reads this blog with even one eye closed knows that I loathe one Dr. Marsolais... I am none too fond of doctors Bellemarre, Moussette and a few others either, but Marsolais is my preferred beast of burden, yes... One of these quacks changed my father's meds and the results were disastrous to say the least. AMPICILLIN was administered to him; while all but the Adalat XL that he took daily for numerous years remained on his "menu"... There were mysterious abdominal injections too, that I was never informed of until it was too late. Lots of irregularities and, by hook or by crook, I'm getting back at the quacks - sooner or later I will. And with the family's support and "blessing" OR WITHOUT IT!

Today, I'm calling out none other than the Poetic Mermaid! Yes! Like Odysseus/Ulysses before me, I dread not the mermaid's chants - I'm firmly tied up to my desk chair, see... ;) No, not by the kind of restraints that you're thinking of now...! Luminous me did not fall off the banana truck yesterday, you know! Not that I'm admitting to being like Cheech Marin either - and being nothing else than an illegal alien on North American soil - NO! Hold back the State Troopers, FBI, Mounties or whatever else comes after those anymore...!

Fact is, the Poetic Mermaid has come to blogland primarily to verse poetic - not to discuss the faults and flaws of the medical profession and Establishment to which she primarily belongs... Aye, she is one of THEM. However, the first time I made her acquaintance was because I had her come on this very blog to comment on my post which made short work of shrinks that time... It is preserved for posterity here.

Now, I tried to contact Dr. Mermaid (...) via e-mail - with no success.
Maybe she will read the blog again - and finally help me sort out this mess!
I've spoken with male nurses (ugh) "normal nurses" and a couple of unbiased doctors locally - and now I want the opinion of at least one doctor who is assuredly NOT local in the least! If anyone else wants to give me an expert opinion, I am open to other sea folk's interventions as well! :)

The meds dad took for 13 years and was fine with were:
ADALAT XL (first 30 then 60)
ENTROPHEN (it is just a coated aspirin, I do believe)
DIABETA (aka METFORMIN... lest it is Glyburide?)
GLUCOPHAGE (aka GLYBURIDE... lest this one's the Metformin?!?)

Yes - I always confused the latter two - although one is 850mg and the other 2.5 mg! The coated aspirin was another source of confusion - something called "dyazide" cannot be aspirin though! It was coated because he had difficulty swallowing... of course. Since the 1993 rather mild stroke... He took the two meds for diabetes TWICE A DAY. The other 3 were "once a day" dosages. I would check his sugar levels. And he sometimes had some mild skin irritation on the chest with all that - we used CLOTRIMADERM on that - a cream. You know it, I'm sure.

That's it, that's all.

But really - the Ampicillin is my source of worry - help me hang' em on that, yeah! Any doctors with a conscience and a sense of "the right thing" out there... hmm?


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