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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Luminous Adventures of Luminous Man, Voluminous Lad & Voluptuous Woman - Trifecta!

In this week's episode, our terrific trio faces the unspeakable dangers and unnameable atrocities of riveting plotting, misbegotten cutting and ignominious typecasting... at the movies! :)
Or try to!
(Hey, at least it won't cost you ten bucks!)

Nightfall in the Luminous Household...
And all three heroes are bored out of their skull!
When Voluptuous Woman's true super power kicks in - the uncanny ability to summon and command all around her to spend their money left and right as if there were no tomorrow - she is the one who comes up with the luminous solution to their dire predicament with these prophetic words:
"Hey, boys - let's go out tonight! We could see a movie at the new multiplex, the GARGANTUOUS!"

Immediately, Voluminous Lad seconded that motion most enthusiastically - not so much as a faithful sidekick but truly as another one amongst millions and millions of mindless moviegoers! Faced with this sad state of affairs, even Luminous Man could not come up with arguments to deny the motion - and so, he agreed!

After a life-threatening ride in the Luminousmobile and an even more life-threatening quest for a parking spot, the terrific trio arrived at the Gargantuous, that most unholy ground of all... The loathsome place was already packed full of despicable brats and their adult equivalents... The choice of movies "now showing" was abysmal... The prices were absurdly exaggerated ("5.99 for 2 liters of soda?!?" lamented Luminous Man, before adding "I don't even want to drink two liters of that stuff! 19 ounces would be far too much already of that foul concoction...!" - to no avail though) and the stench in the air reeked of urban grime and all that jazz... Yes, without a shadow of a doubt indeed, they were at the "right" place at the wrongest of times all right... Indubitably! :-(

- "Why couldn't we have waited for all of this crap on celluloid to be released on crappy DVDs, tell me, Voluptuous Woman?!?" barked Luminous Man, decidedly crankier by the minute...

- "Hmm... Because, dear sweet Luminous Man, we are not out of thy Luminous Headquarters to see any movie really... We are just out of thy Luminous Headquarters... ah... TO BE OUT OF THY LUMINOUS HEADQUARTERS!!!" she replied, with bite.

- "Whoa - what got into you now, Voluptuous Woman?" inquired promptly Luminous Man, half-concernedly... "Could it be that this hinting at my person being too... ah... cooped up in the ol' H.Q. really, truly, verily came from the nefarious influence of this Gargantuous entity we find ourselves inside of at the present time... Hmm?!?"

- "Oh - please!" snapped back Voluptuous Woman immediately. "You are not going to do your modern-day Don Quixote now - you KNOW that Voluminous Lad is a very poor Sancho Panza...!" she commented further, very clearly with a sarcastic agenda...

-"Just be happy, my dear, that you are not the windmill!" retorted Luminous Man, fighting off sarcastic fire with sarcastic fire! After which he walked over to the very epicenter of the multiplex and called out the adversary he had surmised the malinger existence and influence of a mere moment prior...! "Gargantuous! If you are as GREAT as you think you are - you will reveal yourself now and face me!" said Luminous Man, half-jokingly, the other half trying to look the part of an improvised, self-appointed, spontaneous exorcist of sorts...!

To our hero's jaw-dropping surprise though, the entire multiplex seemed to growl its discontent then, in a loud guttural and ghastly sound that seemed to emanate from the very depths of Gehenna - lest it was just Tinseltown! Luminous Man, to his own luminous dismay, braced himself for the worst... It came in the shape of a section of the roof that creaked, dislodged itself and collapsed a mere few feet away from him! The raucous crowds dispersed quickly then, amidst cries and shrieks of "the Gargantuous is falling apart!" and "the roof... the roof... the roof is on fire!!!"

When all the smoke cleared though - the stench of cheap pop corn never did clear the air, alas - Luminous Man stood there waiting for more to happen - but nothing did! Engineers on the scene were only able to assess that some flaw of construction had occasionated this mere "incident" - no one had been crushed to death so, their architectural plans would not be blamed, oh no!

For a short while though, both Luminous Man and Voluptuous Woman had feared that someone might have gotten crushed, somehow - and that it might have been Voluminous Lad himself! But the amount of rubble there would have had to be at least ten times as huge a pile up in order to completely conceal the shape and form of our Lad...! No, in fact, V-Lad had just crapped his pants during the ordeal, disappeared into the restroom and then quickly made an u-turn past the concessionary stands for lots of freebies that he was seen consuming whole-heartedly while enjoying the movie that was being shown, in a now empty theater, not preoccupied with the "crisis" at hand one bit...

As another "not-so-luminous happy ending of sorts" approached, though, Luminous Man and Voluminous Woman thought not for a second of breaking into "reassured laughter" - the sort of which usually fades into the end credits and annoying framing music...
Instead, they thought of new novel ways to ground Voluminous Lad... Whip him up to shape (and, hopefully, into shape too...) and, maybe, one could hope against hope, make some kind of useful citizen out of him... One day, hopefully...!


Friday, September 22, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Videos - Spiritual Music Edition


Today, after the rich music of Rieu and Jarre, we go a notch above that on TLB Prime - we reach out for spiritually-rich music!
Above are two screens for Jah Wobble material that is simply mesmerizing indeed! He adjoigned himself a lot of quality accomplices, one has to admit - the likes of Dolores O'Riordan and Sinead O'Connor - aye, tis the Irish Connection! *lol*
His regulars - the Invaders of the Heart - aren't half bad either! ;)

As astonishing as those end results are, no one comes close to the melodious voice of Twila Paris - especially when the material is just right... Alas, all I could find was this song you may be hearing right now, as you read these few lines - the ingenious attempt by sharp studio execs to "commercialize" and "broaden the audience" of Twila, that "Christian broad" with the golden voice but with material deemed, somehow, "difficult to sell to the masses"...
Amy Grant was another one who went that route, half through her own mind and will...
I could not find any of Amy's videos though, for some reason...
"Cry For The Desert" may be the perfect companion to the story posted here two days ago, however, we all know who Twila is singing both to as about when she says that she would die for Him... Twila is singing about God, not the desert! Thus, I doubt that she would be found literally "crying for the desert" as one of the two protagonists in that certain story was found to be doing...
Cry For The Desert is a great song that is also an appropriate showcase for Twila's voice - however, her magnificent performance of "My Lips Will Praise You" remains her very, very best - ever! ;)

Hurray for some artists such as Mary-Kathryn, Rebecca St-James and Kandi Bahr (yes, that is her real name!) - to name but three (who happen to be friends of TLB Prime!) - artists who don't have to or will not play the music industry's executives' games... nor give in to their demands!

Such things are common in mainstream "soft rock" though - and even in other genres too... The allusions are so precise, we just know what it is immediately - however, in order to broaden that audience reaching factor, it is kept to a minimum so that it can mean as many different things to as many different people out there...
One can find it a tad hypocritical but one can also understand the necessity of the method.

Looking for appropriate material to put in here today, we were, instead, reminded of some sort of... odd and unfortunate occurrence.
Earlier this year - in fact, as we began what would be a terrible, horrible year - we had chosen a certain song as the "theme" for this new year... "New Light of Tomorrow", by the band called Husky Rescue, seemed like a perfect title and a pretty optimistic sounding one at that... How appearances can be deceiving! Of course, in this case, we chose to overlook obvious things - thus deceiving ourselves in the sad process...! The video ends rather badly - but we, at TLB Prime, chose to focus on the resplendent apparition the video brought in at that point - an angel, no less! Even if it was, apparently, the angel of death... It does appear to be a fallacy, by the way, to speak of an "angel of death" - for death is a bad guy and will be no more once the New Earth is established. It is no angel - not even a fallen one for that matter, though in league with the fallen ones it surely will be... Death is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! As such, it is but an entity - one that will be eradicated soon and forevermore. The angels from Heaven that might come to "claim" or really guide our souls towards the Light once we cross over are not "angels of death" but really "angels who appear at the moment of death" - but we all recognize the length of such an appellation and "need" a shortcut; hence "angel of death" was born! Note though that in no way, shape or form has the preceding been influenced by shows such as "Highway to Heaven", "Touched by an Angel" or "Dead Like Me"... It is simply pure deduction - luminous style! :)

Despite all that, in this triad of videos that will play here for the next two weeks, we have chosen to include the ill-fated -ultimately it sure was indeed- New Light of Tomorrow... Again...
The Luminous Blog presents:

Music Video Codes By

Oh, we have to present the third participant of the mini-playlist here too - so, finally, we have OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark - a band that had to be featured on The Luminous Blog sooner or later too! For there's nothing dark whatsoever about them indeed! Their music always had a spiritual quality to it too - despite its "mainstream aura" and lavish sound, in a typically Eighties way...
Many artists could be perceived as such, verily.
Many songs, that have officially nothing "pro-Christian" about them, have been, to us here at TLB Prime, spiritually-enriching... We intend to post them here, every 14 days... ;) God, and willing...!!!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

You are the light of the world


An old favorite of mine...
And, if I am to post a Bible quote, why not it be the most appropriate Bible quote for TLB Prime?
Inspiring this site is to be - inspiring it shall be! :)
Make sure to visit the luminous link provided here today too!
You will love it - over and over again - as I obviously do!
(It is also on the sidebar here... since day one! ;)


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

inbox indiscretions # 23...


Received by email from Susila, thanks dear friend
The weeping sand

As soon as he arrived in Marrakech, the missionary decided that he would spend each morning in the desert which lay beyond the town. During his first walk, he noticed a man lying in the sand, caressing the ground with his hand, and with his ear pressed to the earth.

‘He is a madman’, he said to himself.

But the scene was repeated every day, and intrigued by this strange behavior, after a month he decided to speak to the stranger. With great difficulty - since he did not yet speak Arabic fluently - he knelt down beside him.

‘What are you doing?’

‘I am keeping the desert company, and consoling it for its
solitude and tears.’

‘I didn't know the desert was able to weep.’

‘It weeps every day, because it dreams of becoming useful to man, and being transformed into a great garden, where one might grow grain, flowers, and raise sheep.’

‘Then tell the desert that it has fulfilled its mission well’, said the missionary. ‘Each time I come walking here, I understand the true dimension of mankind, for its open space allows me to see how small we are beside God. When I see its sands, I imagine the millions of people in the world, who were created equal, although the world is not always fair to all. Its mountains help me to meditate. Upon seeing the sun rise on its horizon, my soul is filled with joy, and I am closer to God.’

The missionary left the man and returned to his daily affairs. To his great surprise, the next morning, he found him in the same place, in the same position.

‘Did you tell the desert everything I said to you?’ he asked.

The man nodded.

‘And it continues to weep nevertheless?’

‘I can hear each of its sobs. Now it is crying because it spent thousands of years thinking it was completely useless, and wasted all this time blaspheming God and its destiny.’

‘Then tell it that although man has a much shorter life, he also spends many days thinking he is useless. He rarely discovers his destiny, and thinks God has been unfair to him. When the moment finally comes that some event shows him why he was born, he thinks it is too late to change his life, and he continues to suffer. And like the desert, he blames himself for the lost time.’

‘I don't know whether the desert will hear’, said the man. ‘It is already so used to the pain, and cannot see things differently.’

‘Then let us do what I always do when people lose hope. Let us pray.’

The two men knelt down and prayed; one turned towards Mecca, for he was a Muslim, the other placed his hands together in prayer, for he was a Catholic. Each prayed to his own God, who was always the same God, although people insisted on calling Him different names.

The following day, when the missionary went on his morning walk, the man was no longer there. At the spot where he used to embrace the sand, the soil appeared to be moist, a spring having emerged. During the following months, this spring grew in strength, and the inhabitants of the town built a well around it.

The Bedouins named the place ‘Well of the Desert Tears’. They say that all those who drink its water, will succeed in transforming the reason for his suffering into the reason for joy; and will end up finding his true destiny.
- Leo S. 8:05 PM


Wonderful account ~ a delightful read!
- Luciano P. 8:13 PM

Fictional or not, its lesson surely is needed right now, in these days of papal controversy and anti-pope slogans emerging from arabian sources...


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Repent - The End Is Near!


End Time quiz - on the hyperlink provided today, courtesy of! Enjoy, all of you millennialists out there - and I know you're out there and that you're many! (Not as numerous as the adversary's legions, though - whose multitudes are as the grains of sand on the beaches (I paraphrase, from The Good Book, of course! Gotta love it! :-) The Book - not necessarily those odds! :-( But The Lord Shall turn the tide of the battle - fear not, brethren! :-) Thus, all is well - even in our darkest hour(s)!
Amen To That - Aleluia!)



Monday, September 18, 2006

What's in a name? Art, maybe...



I call it... Luminous Moods!

It seems to fit the bill... And I am sure Ryan will agree with it!

After all, he based himself upon ME to paint this...!

He can paint them - I'll christen 'em!

This painting sure does capture the basic nostalgia and saudade (...) that comprises my soul... la soif d'absolu... the longing for deeper meaning to everything... the melancholy in the desert... With its bright colors, it does not paint an all-too somber outlook, at least! My sense of humor to the rescue... ;)

I suggest Googling Ryan Terry's name to get the same privileged treatment!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bertha Atkins - three years ago...


Two years ago a couple of Wayne County Circuit Court juries found Larqueta Collier, 16, and Sharon Patterson, 17, guilty in the Sept. 17, 2003 death of Bertha Atkins, the defendant Collier's actual grandmother. Collier, incidentally, was also convicted of arson for setting fire to her 64-year-old grandmother's house, the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office had declared back in 2004...

Collier had said that after the killing, Patterson (pictured) convinced her to go see the movie "Jeepers Creepers" in order to "take their mind off of what had happened", reported a TV station that covered the lurid trial...

When old style morals and values clash with newfound liberal lifestyles, these sort of things can and will happen, nowadays...

Bertha Atkins - you are remembered.
While your grand-daughter and her lover have gotten what they wanted, in this recognized bastion of sapphism known as women's correctional facilities...


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