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Monday, August 25, 2008

Gigantic Luminescence - Sort Of.

***Giant Tiger*** TM


Luminous (\ô/) Luciano TM

A Get-Together
That Was Fated
From The Very

United Way KFL&A - copyright 2006-2007
reproduced with permission

As a wee-bit lad,
my favorite toy
had always been
a yellowish tiger, 
which I lost one day
- saddest of summer days -
on a boating trip
in Massachusetts...
I was 8 years-old.

Aye, my dear tiger
has been lost at sea
for about 30 years!!!

But I digress...

Little did I know,
that as I would grow up,
so would grow
a chain of stores
the likes of
Marty, Zeddy
and that smiley/squiggly thing
(you may call it as I do -
can only have
collective nightmares about!

A store chain
which implicates itself
with the community
everywhere it goes;
as evidenced by these
pictures above
courtesy of
United Way KFL&A
- they whose 2007 campaign
for raising funds
to address vital needs
has surpassed
by over 115,000$
their goal of
Way to go, tiger!
Making a difference
- where it counts!

Giant Tiger
had something to do
with that great success
just as Luminous Luciano
had something to do
with the Salvation Army's success
circa 1993-2006!
I authorized
so many donations, see...?

Two kind-hearted giants
we are, GT and me,

And now the two giants
MEET - at last!

G.T. has come
to L.P.'s backyard!

Luminous Luciano
will be at the opening
of this latest
link in the long chain
of a gigantic store chain!

August 30th, 2008 -
yes, I'll be there!
The Tiger and I
much like
Jimmy Stewart and Harvey
before us two
are having lunch together...
Most likely,
we'll be having
giant tiger prawns then...!
Gotta love your seafood
- and GT has plenty of it!

Just joking!
About the lunch -
not about the seafood at GT!

Giant Tiger
has been around for as long as
Burger King!
And is in expansion
ever since it began
in 1961...!

Luminous Luciano,
has been blogging,
at least,
ever since
the Boston Red Sox
reversed the curse
and began their
dynasty of dominance!

And has been creative
ever since he made his debut
in 1969!

It's all coming together
in each and every one
of your luminous minds,
isn't it, L.O.V.s?
(Luminous Online Visitors -
for those not familiar still
with *our* luminous jargon!)

Aye, indeed, verily...
what I'm saying is truly
that GT and LP
have led parallel lives
- much like
Lord Brett Sinclair
and Danny Wilde
in The Persuaders!
(And, as fate has it,
Danny Wilde
a.k.a. Tony Curtis
a.k.a. Bernard Schwartz
is in town this week too
to accept a lifetime
achievement award
- well-deserved, I say!
But I am digressing again...)

GT and LP -
parallel titans!

Has to be it!

And at long last, now,
the meeting of the growls
simply has to take place!

August 30th -
and find me!



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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Luminous Geneva - Here I Come!

Je pars pour Genève!
Faites suivre mon courrier
- dac?

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Luciano Pimentel agite l’opinion internationale.

INTERNATIONALE | 24 AOUT 2008 | 17:46 Un avenir prometteur pour Luciano Pimentel puisque les dirigeants des principaux pays européens ont tous salué son arrivée surprise dans le monde politique. (...)

Le conseil d’Etat a élu Luciano Pimentel

ACTUALITE | 24 AOUT 2008 | 19:58 C’est ce matin que nous avons appris cette nouvelle des plus surprenantes. Le conseil d’état aurait organisé en secret des élections afin d'élire un représentant populaire genèvois. (...)

Une campagne d’envergure !

ACTUALITE | 24 AOUT 2008 | 18:33 Dès aujourd’hui, les murs et panneaux d’affichages de toute la ville se sont vus recouvert d’affiches mettant en avant Luciano Pimentel qui représentera désormais le peuple genèvois.

Click here for more details - en Français! Video report included!

Et... merci, Monsieur C.L.!

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I always believed,
in my heart of hearts,
that only kind-hearted folks
- such as luminous me -
should enroll in politics!

Even better,
in my case,
since I might have
a legitimate claim
to the vacant
crown of Portugal...!
But that is another story...

Geneva, Stockholm, London...
I wouldn't mind any of these
relocation alternatives!
Although my top three choices
would be, of course,
Lisboa... Lisbon... Lisbonne!

I'd also consider Oslo,
Lausanne, Lyon, Marseille,
Bergen, Amsterdam, Copenhagen,
The Hague, Rome, Sofia,
Bonn, Luanda, Bissau, Berne,
Brussels (though I prefer Bruxelles!)
- mais pas Paris;
jamais Paris!
*mdr* *lol*

One thing is for sure:
none of these places
would ever find a better
"homme du peuple"
than luminous moi!

Ah, and there is
another thing
that is for sure as well...

There sure as hell will exist
(and as Heaven always did)
a "political lottery"
(hmm - the reverse of L.P. - wow!)
which would nominate
one lucky winner
among the few, the shy,
the hearts of gold!
Then and only then
would the world get a true
of what the New Earth
after Christic Changes!


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