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Saturday, December 02, 2006

spirits in the material world...

Click on any of these genuine pictures - and on the two "artistic interpretations" of veracious events - to be led to more documented cases repertoriating many other manifestations of spirits in our very material world (excessively so; but that is another story)... No links available to the Police's song of the same name though - sorry! If you want to hear it, I suggest requesting it at your favorite oldies station! ;)
And pray that you fall in the good graces of the host when you do call...! Sometimes, your request simply is not their cup of tea and will not have a snowball-in-hell's chance to get on the air - but that is another story!


Friday, December 01, 2006

Luminous Friday Night MP3 Player! (Gone To Heck!)


(N.B.: none of the above artists need apply!)

And now, hence, another selection of songs under the key of... luminous! Not 30, not 40 but 50 this time! That should make us all bide our time well until Christmas gift unwrapping time I think... Not that that is even remotely close to the true meaning of Christmas, of course... But that is another story for another blog post and another time - when I do have more time!

Until then... Enjoy the music and the musings!
(The luminous archives are open 24/7! ;)





(Here's hoping it will work fine - longer!)
(Aye - ONLY TIME will tell...!!)

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

In And Out - the luminous list...

The UNDEFINITIVE list, that is...!!!
(so you can expect some updates on this - eventually...!)

In - Slaughterhouse-Five ------- Out - Fahrenheit 451
In - Ludacris -------- Out - 50 Cent
In - The Venture Bros. ------- Out - The Warner Bros.
In - Christie Brinkley at Fenway Park --- Out - J-Lo at Yankee Stadium
In - Vinny Testaverde at Foxboro ----- Out - Drew Bledsoe at Dallas
In - Entourage ---------- Out - Six Feet Under
In - Jack Black --------- Out - Jim Carrey
In - Nacho World Order --------- Out - New World Order
In - The 40 Year Old Virgin ------- Out - Adam Sandler
In - George Miller -------- Out - George Lucas
In - Maggie Grace ------- Out - Elisha Cuthbert
In - Jessica Biel ------- Out - Jessica Alba
In - Éric Lapointe & les gentilles Alouettes --- Out - Éric Lapointe & Bobépine
In - Deadwood --------- Out - Woodworm
In - Evangeline Lilly ------- Out - Jennifer Aniston
In - Borat -------------- Out - Yanni
In - Gene Shalit ------- Out - Gene Simmons
In - Robby The Robot ------- Out - Rob Zombie
In - B.S./P.H./L.L. -------- Out - Tatu
In - Special K ------ Out - K-Fed, K-Pac & K-Mart alike!!!

Hey - haven't you guys heard that everything old is new again?
Hence, it's "in" again too...! ;)
Note that I do not necessarily agree with all of that...
It is just what this luminous blogger has observed... ;)


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

W.O.W. - Whining On Wednesday!!!


I'm fed up of my working schedule already! :(
If I could only be like my erstwhile hero, Ric Flair, and... Wait a second - he has an even worse schedule than I do... Since 1975!!!

Well, forget that then and let's just recap some Flair action from the last few months, shall we? Cause I haven't got time to blog right now...!!!



Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is Tuesday - Time To Take out the Trash in Tinseltown!

If the Pope is daring enough to go into Turkey today, I can certainly and with certainty dare to take on the following turkeys as well...

Lindsay Lohan is behaving ever like the whitetrash attention-seeker these days, as evidenced by the snapshots readily available on today's link.
Check these out and you will concur that they demonstrate quite clearly to what lows a starlet nowadays is ready to stoop in order to garner the media attention all to herself for a little while longer...

In the same damnable vein, Paris Hilton & Britney Spears have teamed up; even if a temporary thing, should Eglantina Zingg be worried here?
Frankly, my not-so-dear, Nicole Richie does not give a damn...

Orlando Bloom -still sounds like a plant to me- has a new ladylove in his life... Why is that treated as more important news than, say, reports of strife and chaos on the Gaza Strip?

By the same token, why do certain celebrity news channels' anchorpersons barely pause to collect their breath and promptly resume grinning from ear to ear when they get to talk about that gossipy Hollywood fluff - this right after reporting on far more serious matters (such as the strife and chaos stuff...)

But I digress, I guess...

George Clooney is the most dashing gentleman alive today. Still is no Cary Grant - but Cary's not alive today, so... Where does the new James Bond rate in all that? The Blond Bond, along with a real-life Russian spy who used to have blond hair himself (that is, up until somebody so cowardly poisoned him and killed him, causing all of his blond hair to fall off his head in the sad, inexorable process...) seem to herald, finally, the Age of Illya dawning upon us...? Illya Kuryakin - the *true* Man From U.N.C.L.E.? Doesn't ring a bell? Click on either this link or this one then and rediscover the original Blond Spy with integrity, dedication and professionalism tattooed on his forehead!

Meanwhile, Robert Vaughn can continue to star in infomercials or something...
But that is another story...

Speaking of execrable Roberts - there's none any more execrable than Robert Wagner! How many years has it been since Natalie left ya, Bob? Hmm? 25 - that's right! It's the Silver Anniversary of the one separation that there's no reconciling from - until the Day of Reckoning, that is, there won't be! How does it feel Bob to have outlived the lovely Natalie Wood by a quarter of a century - when you're half the talent she was, eh, Bob? Feel somewhat vindicated there...? Hmm? Have you shared those feelings with Natasha yet? Or is it just Jill that gets to be thy confidante nowadays? Questions, questions... So many questions that never get straight answers out of you, Bob! Like those raised by Natalie Wood's autopsy which revealed suspicious marks on her body and toxic traces in her system... Did she cry for help on that night of November, Bob? Or did she die in silence - as you implied that she did... The pact of silence between you and Walken-dead is almost as perplexing as Christopher's eyes are... Or that detestable smile of yours, Bob!

I personally know someone who is just like Natasha Gregson-Wagner too...
Both do not know how lucky they are to take after mommy more than they take after daddy... Or step-daddy, as the case may be...

Quotes taken off-the-cuff from Natasha:
Comparing herself to her mother, Natalie Wood (1994), "We have a temper, we flirt, and we both are mischievous."
As long as the mischievous part comes from mother and not from anywhere else where the emphasis might be more acute on the "mischief" part than on the, ah, "vous"?
On the loss of her mother, Natalie Wood: "Her death was probably the most defining part of me. I've spent the rest of my life dealing with it. Her death changed me forever."
And they say there is a "mourning period" - as if it ended after a while... As if grief could be terminated... As if bereavement was finite.
I am glad that somebody in fickle Tinseltown - someone from the new generation too - can empathize and understand things like that...

Jamie Lee Curtis is the true daughter of the last true "old golden Hollywood" couple though - she must be able to empathize with the younger Natasha now, though she had the luxury of keeping her mother far longer than Natasha did... I am still incredulous about the fact that Janet Leigh truly is no more; while Tony Curtis - born in 1925 - is still around... That's just not the way it happened in their Houdini film. Mrs. Houdini is widowed and, as in real life, one presumes that, after the end credits roll, she expects her beloved Harry to "contact her from beyond" as he had promised...
One can hope that now, in actuality, Janet Leigh comes back and haunts Bernard Schwartz some (T.C.'s real name... I always thought it was Eugene, for some reason... Oh well - Eugene, Bernard... It's the same, in Tinseltown logic; both read as "unmarketable"!)

And they thought that the porno industry was the first to come up with such outlandish fake I.D.s for their "thespian workforce"... No, really, the golden age of false monickers coincided with the golden age of Hollywood - where the Hays Code was master eons before any other code came along (...) - a master required out of dire necessity really... For Hollywood was even worse off and far more out of control than it might be now in its very beginning! This was always the land of "anything goes" and if it looks bad right now it is simply another example of "everything old is new again" folks! Theda Bara has her modern echoes in Lindsay Lohan and none of it really matters at all in the end...

So why keep on blogging about it, even?
Enough of this now...!


Monday, November 27, 2006

Luminous Safety in Your Home...

I love doing this sort of thing... Sharing the Good News - the good ideas - the good example! AND adding a dose of sarcastic wit to the mix! It does make for such a savoury concoction, you HAVE to admit now - hmm? ;)
Let's see any TV Chef do as well as THIS...!

Food Safety in Your Home...
At the store
Never leave meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and other perishable foods in a hot car!
Take a cooler along.
Head straight for the refrigerator or freezer.

And, once you're there, shove it all in the freezer and slam the door shut as if your life depended on it!
Seriously now, an extra few minutes won't cause botulism, don't worry... But if you are REALLY worried - always buy a bag of frozen vegetables along with your cuts of meat or your fish or your poultry... Pack it with the meat/seafood/poultry in the same bag and the frozen veggies right on top of it! Or you can have your supermarket bagger pack it as you wish - if he cooperates that is! Many of them are just "not there", if you know what I mean...

In your refrigerator
Don’t let juices from raw meat, poultry and seafood drip on other foods. Store on bottom shelf in refrigerator.
Keep the refrigerator at 40 F or lower and freezer at 0 F.

Guys are always told to "not be a drip"...
Certainly we do not want to consume food that is, now do we?
As for the temperatures... Can we please have that in celsius as well? *lol*

At your kitchen counter
Always wash hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds before preparing food and also after handling raw meat, poultry, seafood and eggs.
It is, also, an excellent idea to thoroughly wash your hands BEFORE handling raw meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and any other food that you might be preparing! It will be all the more appetizing for yourself and (mostly) your guests as well - trust me on this one!
Wash counter tops, cutting boards, knives, sink and faucet handle with hot soapy water right after preparing food, especially after handling raw meat, poultry and seafood. Again - wash it BEFORE preparing anything on it too - same logic to it! ;)
Don’t let raw meat, poultry and seafood and their juices touch ready-to-eat food.
I suggest singing a little song along to remember that now - every time you're at your kitchen counter preparing a dish, sing out loud Rough Trade's NO CONTACT... It works!!! ;)
Never put cooked food on a plate that first held raw meat, poultry or seafood.
I must be repeating myself here, but here goes... First wash the plates BEFORE you use them!!!
Always thaw food in the refrigerator, never on the kitchen counter. If you thaw in the microwave, cook it immediately.
You may thaw the aforementioned frozen vegetables on the counter - but only them now!

Ready to cook? Who ever is?
Cook food thoroughly – ground meats to at least 155 F or until juices are clear, poultry (whole and ground) to 165 F, seafood to 145 F.
Gee - anti-celsius, aren't we? Here: go to this site for quick and easy conversions - if you're like ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD except in the stubborn USofA!!!

Ready to serve?
Hold hot food above 140 F and cold food below 40 F.
High-brow people like their hot food held with high esteem and great regards... Cold food is beneath them...
Never leave prepared and perishable foods at room temperature longer than two hours.
Remember now: expiry dates do NOT mean that you can easily exceed this two-hour limit...

Any Leftovers? Bow wows love 'em!
Use small, shallow containers for quick cooling in the refrigerator.
Reheat leftovers thoroughly to 165 F.
The only time ever repertoriated in modern history known to man that being "shallow" is actually a GOOD THING...

Disinfection of Dishcloths and Sponges with the Microwave
Yeah - JUST NUKE 'EM! Dubya will love it...
Studies have shown that cloths, sponges, and other kitchen food contact surfaces are important factors in cross-contamination of foods. Transfer of bacteria from these other contaminated surfaces, such as sinks and cutting boards, has been shown. These cleaning materials can serve as bacterial reservoirs and also as cross-contaminating agents. It is believed that this problem is responsible for a significant number of food-borne illnesses each year.
Do not encourage cross-contamination and bacterial transfers now! The formation of reservoirs is one boundary NOT to be crossed into - EVER! Close the gates and leave the enemy gaping behind - NUKE 'EM I SAY! Look at the benefits:
When exposed on the highest setting of an 800 watt microwave oven, a dry cellulose sponge was disinfected after 30 seconds. A wet sponge, was disinfected after 60 seconds. With dishcloths, disinfection of a dry cloth again took 30 seconds, but a wet cloth required 3 minutes. Overall, a microwave oven can be very effective in killing bacteria in cellulose sponges and cotton dishcloths. (from CDE Colorado Communique)
No denying it now - nuking things is the way of the future!

Keep this as a home food safety reference – posted on the inside panel of your kitchen cupboard, on your refrigerator door or any other place nearby.
Nota Bene: you have to print it out first!
Glad to be of service! :)

Try microwaving your sponges to kill bacteria, instead of using antibiotic filled soaps. With overuse of antibiotics causing a major antibiotic resistence problem, you can do your part by killing bacteria in the microwave! Since sponges harbor bacteria, this is an easy method for getting rid of it. All you have to do is wring your sponge so it's not wet, and microwave on high for about 30 seconds each day!
Thirty seconds and you're done! Man, that is quick and efficient! Nuking bacteria has the distinct advantage that it will NOT weigh down on your conscience much afterwards... No R.R.S. (Roosevelt Remorse Syndrome) looming on the horizon - ever! Think of that - and repeat the following mantra NOW:
For Today's Daily Action, I will nuke my sponges to kill bacteria rather than use antibiotic soaps.
Oh - and swear allegiance to the flag, eat your fibers, drink your milk, swallow an aspirin a day and take your vitamins! *lol*


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Luminous World Overview! With Luminous Luciano (who else were you expecting?)

Internet police state - WOW... First we had KARMA POLICE - and now THIS...
Several months ago, Google and China's government agreed on a censorship program (which is, comically enough, "enforced" by two "cheerful cartoon icons" named Jingjing and Chacha...! Hmm... I wonder if JingX2 is a jinn and if ChaX2 really does go "Cha-Cha-Cha" - and, if he does, if he knows those Charmin bruins that do the exact same thing on their way to the potty place that they have set up in the forest, by a tree...! But those are other stories...)

Surely the dynamic duo of censorship, Jingjing & Chacha, would frown upon the following websites: a site promoting and selling products made in prison (don't you all log on at once to complete your Christmas shopping one month in advance now - these products make for lousy "x-mas gifts" anyway...)
Another site our dynamic duo would frown upon would be this one - the CIA recruitment drive!!! No double agents among Chinaland folks now - or they'll send some Kamikaze killers after you! (I would joke about the Yakuza, Shogunates, Fu Manchu or -worst of all- Ninjas too, if I was truly stricken with an unfathomable "death wish" here... Oops - maybe I am...? Again; it's another story...)
And then there's always the tributes to the Dalai Lama that, one can hear Jingjing -that pokémon reject- lambaste in this manner: "thou shall not surf the web that way, websurfer-san!"
Or what? Hara-kiri is then suggested as a way to expiate "the sin"...?
For the record, though, I view the Dalai Lama as a tremendously patient and good man - but not as a deity per se. There is only one God - and He Does not thread among us. His Son briefly did - and Will Return. But really now; the Dalai Lama is really a return - to near-idolatry that is. I don't think any higher of him than I do of the Pope or the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church for example - they're all good men but they're also all nothing more but that; men. But I digress.

I wonder if blatant commercialism, mercantilism and capitalism -such as it can be found on a site like WalMart's website- can be deemed "not tolerable" by the dynamic censoring duo there...? Seems to me like Chacha, Jingjing and that infernal WalMart smiley creature are all cut from the same fabric of make-believe, virtual crapshoot cloth...! They should all get along fine, on a mere superficial basis that is! Deeper convictions though might separate them and create an unfortunate "2 on 1" situation for poor Wally there (not to be confused, indeed, with the true Wally - Fenway Park's Green Monster in Boston!) - and such a double-teaming attack would be worse than any "Target-Sears" dual assault on WalMart's fortress, I believe... It was either duo, perhaps, that orchestrated the stalling of website activity this past Friday on WalMart's website (hence deemed "Black Friday" in WalMart land!)
The official reason given though was that the volume of traffic got to be too high and the site was down for much of the day as a result... "Higher than anticipated traffic surge" was also experienced on and Walt Disney Co.'s websites (hmm... Walt... Wal-Mart... Truly the conspiracy theory holds here!) but both Amazon & Walt handled it far better than ol' WalMart could. (Note though that, despite my sardonic tone, I love WalMart - especially for their "Be Bright" slogan there! ;)
But do you want to know why all that happened, really?
No conspiracy theory here - simply the luminous twist now! ;)
It all transpired like that because no one had yet partaken of the luminous holiday season shopping tips that I dispensed right here on TLB Prime YESTERDAY!
There shall be no more sites jammed up to a crawl henceforth - for people will heed my plea and stop shopping illico pronto! Right? Ok - don't answer that! *lol*

I would be remiss though, with all that trivial talk of website woes, blatantly unnecessary consumerism and censorship that is so ridiculous, if I did not make another luminous juxtaposition right here - and right now!
Think of all that and then compare it with what goes on in the most troubled spot of all trouble spots - the Gaza Strip, of course.
What are kids hoping for, over there? What is anyone looking forward to, over there? They call this a truce?!? Sheesh...

Not to be upstaged -one wonders if that is not the true reason they had to fire 50 rounds like that- the NYC police produced their own fireworks on Saturday... They shot a young man, fatally at that, as he was driving away from his bachelor party in the wee hours of the morning. The young man was to walk down the aisle later on that very same day. He was 23 years-old and was caught in the middle of a covert operation, as it appears... Still, fifty bullets (eleven of which hit a passenger of the never-to-be groom, officially...) is a bit much for a mere "suspect" driving away...
And now, the kins of the victim of this hail of lead that took his life are to hold a vigil instead of dressing up for a wedding ceremony and subsequent joyous festivities... Some holiday season they will all have too, especially the would-be bride and two destined-to-remain-illegitimate children (although, nowadays, these are the norm - but I digress.)
I always wonder "why a vigil" now - for a case like this, especially... What will it accomplish? The funeral will be where "it's at" - prepare a virulent eulogy and sue the NYPD - but skip the vigil altogether. The time to be vigilant is passed - the worst has happened. With careless cops like that around -who, verily, make these guys look like geniuses- one had to be on one's guard when it mattered the most...

All the articles upon which this "luminous world overview" (hmm - L.W.O. - how interesting) was based upon are either linked or to be found in the luminous comments section!

That's enough of a world overview for now! Stay tuned for interesting luminous sidebar happenings - until the next posting on the main stage here...!
This is Luminous Luciano signing off/logging out/or just standing by...
I haven't quite decided yet, to tell - no, type the truth! ;)


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