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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miscellanious Absurdism Denoted In This World...

I know - sometimes, I have blasted such absurd situations here, and no one has quite known what to do about it...
Denouncing an absurd and aberrant state of affairs is but STEP ONE, of course...

Well, here and today, we shall do so again...
TRY again...

As in accordance with the new leitmotif here, the LUMINOUS BLOG aka TLB PRIME has to live up to its name and be both LIGHT-HEARTED as well as a source of possible ENLIGHTENMENT...

No more angry blogs here blasting things (that deserve the rough treatment, sure, but...) - that is what the lambasting blog, lethargic blog, loquacious blog, ludicrous blog and lunacy blog are for!
See you there...! ;)
(Luckily, there is no "Lacrimonious Blog"... yet!)

But, for the HERE and the NOW...

Enjoy a more LIGHT approach
(as in lighter - weighing in as a feather not as a ton of bricks!) and a more enlightening and luminescent approach too, one can dare to hope...!


Top court rules B.C. can sue tobacco companies News Staff
In a decision that could lead to cigarette-makers coughing up billions of dollars to pay for sick smokers' health care, the country's top court has ruled that British Columbia can sue the industry.

That was 2 years ago...
Are they coughing it all up yet?

And I would be remiss if I did not underline this bit of absurdism yet again:
I am still pissed off, after all these years, that I cannot find everythign I want at ONE PLACE - this, despite the valiant efforts to make this happen by our good friends Wally (Mart) and Target (uh... Practice?) - to name but two! (sic)
What makes blood boil the most is to see two or three venues, THAT WE KNOW TO BE OWNED BY THE SAME HUGE CONGLOMERATE, have three different prices for the very same damned thing!
Heck, at one place you have to buy SIX of those to get the same unitarian price that you get at the other venue, when purchasing just a single unit!
Sure, the geniuses behind all this have at heart that ALL THREE BRANDS are successful - but when it is the same basic crappy article, isn't a little more cohesion and basic coherence A MUST HERE?!?
Are you with me, people?!?
Ahh, how I miss the times when dime stores really were a dozen - a penny saved was a penny earned - there was a very palpable, apparent and obvious intrinsic LOGIC in the pricing warfare... for any given goods too!
Well, that is about all the sententiousness talk you will get here today, folks! Sorry! Not the thing here, on TLB Prime!
For that kind of stuff, you need to go to the Saudades Blog! ;)
See you there too - in thirty!
(Thirty... seconds or days - your choice, really, not mine!
Depends also on the efficiency of your browser and internet connection!)


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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Scent of a Saint

"I walked past him
and I thought
"I can't breathe...!"
And then
I looked at the man
for more than a split second.
He was not asking
for any spare change.
He seemed content.
What an anachronism
with the world I live in.
I looked at the wrinkles
And the soulful eyes
I looked at his demeanor
And his peaceful
-dare I say blissful-
gentle smile.
Now THERE was a true,
luminous smile!
And I realized,
almost immediately,
that what I had taken
as some kind of stench,
was actually
the scent of a saint."

- Luciano Pimentel, May 2007

Aye, it took more than a minute
for it to actually dawn on
perspicacious me.

Of course,
when one is so accustomed to
being surrounded by
non-decrepit physically
but morally and spiritually
decayed individuals,
one gets used to it...

Anything perceived as
(but not actually)
is immediately deemed

All this simply goes to show that
we know very little.
We have much to learn.

We are all learning.
Each and every day.

Dedicated to the memory of
August Felix
and all those who have been, will be or
are just like he was.


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