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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Keeping A Luminous Perspective

We are to always strive for this: to focus on the silver lining, see the cup half-full rather than half-empty, concentrate on the good rather than the bad... Keeping a luminous perspective means to have us, in any and all situations, retain that optimism, hope against all odds, no matter what happens - no matter what vile adversity we face. 

''Always look on the bright side of life,'' as Monty Python sang, way back then... Seek the positive, while we ignore the negative? No, not ignore outright - for doing so would be incredibly naive - as well as risqué and extremely dangerous- for our own selves... not to mention the safety of our loved and dear ones! Rather, it is to choose to channel all the positivism we can muster -not only ourselves, but the best elements of our entourage; and I do mean the very best elements- and inundate whatever situation it is that we find ourselves knee-deep into - until, indeed, ''everything is illuminated'' as a certain novel and movie adaptation that followed publicly declared to the whole world, almost twenty years ago already... Did the world heed such luminescence? Not particularly. 

The planet... is dying. 

The world... grows ever chaotic. 

Politics, economical concerns -short-term ambitions, in both cases- take precedence over the greater whole... 

And over the soul, also. 

Evil rears its unsightliest of all heads in so many surprising, unexpected places - at times no one could have predicted either. 

And we are to... maintain this ''luminous perspective'' - are we not? 

I declared, many times in the past, that it was my deepest conviction that man -overall, across the globe, no matter what creed/upbringing/race/status/profession/religion etc- is a creature made up of many shades of grey. Far more than fifty, too... Therefore, none can be declared "100% pure" just as none should be "100% evil" either... There should always be a flaw there, just as there should always be a redeeming quality. Unspeakable evil... should not be human. And yet... And yet... Haven't I also agreed with those who have estimated that "there is always an exception to the rule - EVERY RULE" - hmm?  Humanity has made it a HABIT... to break every rule. 

I have known various degrees of evil: met them, clashed with them... Up until now, I was still thinking there is a chance -a tiny glimmer, a spark in there, somewhere- a small hope for redemption. There must be repentance for there to be redemption - of course. 

There doesn't appear to be any in the case of this felon who started off by telling the judge "let's be really clear on this: I will do whatever I want!" 
There is no repentance there. No remorse. He is beyond salvation - and a case that reaffirms the need for capital punishment - if there ever was one... 

Is there any hope for those Alberta brats that tortured and killed a fox, without the slightest scruple? They appear to know right from wrong - yet showed no empathy whatsoever, for what was basically their likeness in the wild; just a child, in the woods. They killed it, abruptly and brutally. And they are to be seen as children themselves - inherently good? 

Is there any innocence left on this planet - the question begs to be asked. Are there any innocent little children around, still: in North America, especially - land of over-consumption, mass-production,  desensitization at an early age via video games, movies, television shows... The entire ecosystem of this globe is destabilized; and what are the true priorities of the mighty USA? 

Empathy is atrophied by too much exposure to make-believe violence and horror; nothing really matters, living creatures do not - heck, even the Earth doesn't. Those youngsters of today; some of them are truly clueless - totally unconcerned. And they see it so differently than we do...! A greater horror yet, is that many so-called adults will be just as clueless too. The priorities are all revolving around self-indulgence and material wealth. What does it matter if there is pain aplenty - across the globe, across the street? What does it matter if a poor little fox got away from its mother - and ended being butchered by desensitized clods, children of the age of mass-mediatisation and nothing on? 

I always believed that even my vilest rivals had some slight redeeming quality about them; they were either family people or had a heart for certain others - not for me, not for the majority; but, perhaps, for one single special other... They could not be "all bad" - that could not be. For it was, then they would be the devil incarnate; and I knew, for darn sure, they were not that! But then... Years go by... And one sees no change. They remain vile and contemptible overall - maybe not towards everyone without exception (if they were, they'd have been thrown in jail already!) but certainly with a great many... Nothing too obvious, of course; nothing too overt. Fifty-hundred degrees of hypocrisy, verily!   

And then there are those cases that come to the surface: all the mass-shootings, the serial and very unrepentant murderers, the animal cruelty offenders... 

How can you hurt another without remorse? How can you hurt a fellow human being, an innocent animal, the planet itself - and not know you are hurting yourself THE MOST... 

I do not know about those little bastards from Alberta, Canada... It is too soon to make a call there. Then again, in Ontario, Canada, there's the equally disturbing case of Stefanie Rengel - she was murdered by an ex-boyfriend at the bequest of the boy's new girlfriend, Melissa Todorovic. That took place ten years ago. Rengel was -and will forever be- only 14 years-old. Todorovic was sentenced as an adult for having masterminded this grisly act; in 2009, she was sentenced to life without parole for seven years. But today, Todorovic was granted day parole

And what of this other one, free as a bird and living in the community, after time served... 

Is there truly hope, for them...? A hint of genuine remorse - salvation still possible for those souls?  Who can tell...?  


It is not for us to judge... ever. 
Hey; I have seen too many earthly judges pass on the most senseless -furthest from any possible definition of "justice" ever heard of- sentences as it is... I will not be adding to that myself now! 

None of us here -left, on this globe hurtling through in outer space; spinning about on its head, actually- none of us have got the wisdom of Solomon; and even he, wisest of kings... was not GOD. (And for the   out there, who may be keen on frowning upon the very mention of God, and yet stumbled upon this blog... You may doubt the Existence of The Creator but that is only because of your many limitations: see, you stick to only the visible, the palpable, the material. You are a prisoner of your senses and have become senseless in the process - not being able to sync in with what is irremediably linked to the very energy that animates you, which is but an iota of the Very Energy Which Is God! And of you fail to even sense that, be it in a most intuitive way - I have no time for you.) 

What I have only a few minutes to devote to, is this: remain vigilant, always, but remain equally trusting in the Lord's Protection - and in the prevailing goodness overall. Remain convinced that there is that sparkle of goodness "the other" - no matter what the other is, represents or could ever come to be in your path! Believe and remain ever ready; expecting the best but fully prepared for the worst. You can be absolutely certain that GOD Will never allow for you to meet greater strife than you can endure. Of course, GOD Knows better than you what you are truly able to endure... We might become the tormentor too - unexpectedly and quite surprisingly, for darn sure - and we will never see it that way. For if it is true that we all have various shades of grey within our very selves -that it is part of our matrix, part of our being- that we are, in effect, born this way... 

It is also true that there is a chance for redemption - for all. Yes, even those who appear irremediably lost, beyond salvation, gone to the extreme end from where there is no return... Even the most evil human being on the face of this earth was once... a newborn babe. Even though something went horribly wrong with him, over them growing pains, he remains that: human. And GOD Has shown mercy upon man - time and again. He only lost patience with humanity once - and promised never again to do so. The rainbow is the sign of that promise and, despite the many wretched changes brought upon the planet by our reckless ways - to its climate, to its weather patterns grown so erratic and unpredictable- we still see those rainbows; that has not changed. BELIEVE in that promise - if you are one of those on the brink of repentance; most especially then... 

For you have come to see it. in your eyes, in your own ways: no matter what degree of wickedness you were on, it never satisfied you. Or if it did, it no longer does. The brightest among you will have even seen it coming, from the proverbial mile away - it was not meant to last. It could not continue that way. It was never meant to. 

The Time Comes... To Walk Like Jesus! To take example upon Him; to be a Light in this world - not the opposite; not the instrument of obscurantism, obfuscation and outright horrid, atrocious ugliness. To those boys in Alberta: let your punishment teach you the lesson it should - and do not be tempted to revolt -on top of the heinous crime you committed- in the face of said justice. Earthly justice gets it wrong so many times; it is NOT the case with you here - you were MONSTROUS and your victim was a defenseless wild animal - you so do deserve the harshest punishment permitted in these times - end times, what else are they now? 

To viciously assault the only creatures on this earth that are totally devoid of malicious intent - wild animals hunting, preying only to feed, not out of a sick, twisted pleasure to hurt others, like these gutless, clueless brats who were given everything on a silver platter obviously have developed over a few short years of overindulgence in desensitizing entertainment... it is simply abominable. 

We can pray that these delinquents - and hordes of others just like them - will learn to live, commune with and love nature the way it was meant to be: because this is the Paradise that God Had Given us originally. Man has turned it into hell. Man - not the animal kingdom. 

Why can we not strive to do GOOD - and only that, always? Why does the human mind ever have that penchant towards the forbidden, the wrongful, the fiendish, the malicious, the reprehensible...? Is it "more fun" - IS IT? Will it be "more fun" when you face the consequences of those despicable acts, now? Will it be "more fun" once your conscience finally awakens - and gnaws at you, eating you from the inside, for the rest of your DAYS...? That is, if you ever do prove to have one - granted. In the opposite case, felons and assorted unscrupulous lost causes out there, READ THIS: no conscience? No problem! And NO MERCY either: you will be shown none whatsoever -just like you did your victims- not in a court of law, not before the Ultimate Judge - DIVINE JUSTICE. You may want to seek comfort, then, in this: the very few moments of serenity that you ever had in your wretched existences - will have been when you slept. Or ate. And both instances - you never deserved a single thing: not a bite, not even a gasp of air. 

But did the heinous, wretched monsters that you are deserve to EXIST...? Absolutely. 

GOD Allowed it - if only so that you could help along -yes, help- others achieve their redemption... by the very atrocities that you committed. 

The boys in Alberta will inspire a few rotten apples to do likewise - but they will also inspire noble, beautiful souls to love animals even more. Those fiendish persons that perpetrated the most horrifying things on their fellow man -woman, child, soul- have in fact been the hurdle that was necessary in order for many others to stop themselves from succumbing to similar temptations. And the victims became greater than ever, in their suffering - certainly eons above their assailants. Had this not happened - they might have turned out so differently; maybe even just like their tormentors. 

Souls are gems in the rough, shaped into diamonds by the harshness that they encounter - are they not? 

That is the Luminous Perspective, in its essence: everything is part of a pre-ordained cosmic balance; nothing is random, nothing is without sense. We are all connected - even that way. We so often fail to see the sense in things: and that is because we focus upon only the carnal, material aspects of it. We forget that we are spirits living a material experience; astral energy temporarily animating bodies made of atoms themselves. But when that time is up - the energy moves on, to where it truly belongs. 

And animals... they do have souls, too. 
Yes they most certainly do. 

I believe that little fox -its life energy, where it is roaming now- has nothing against those wayward boys who ended its earthly existence. 

It has reached the zenith of Life - it is in God's Domain.

It is those boys that have yet so much to learn in order to attain that level - so very much indeed. 

They - and about three quarters of the living humanity present on this planet now. 

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