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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Epiphany! Eureka! Egad - I think I've got it!

If I have seemed a tad caustic or irascible in the past few days - it is all but your warped view of things, most certainly! Yeah - that's the ticket! Had a shot too many of some unholy concoction amalgamating the merits of egg nog, rum, vodka, tequila and scotch? Don't let that lead you to the wrongest of conclusions when it comes to... moi! Heaven forbid that! And if Heaven does not Forbid it, I shall! Hey - my blog, ny rules - right? ;)
I am a happy-go-lucky guy - in the worst of times too! Especially then - since it keeps me from losing control and going on a rampage! Hence - you've got nothing to complain about and nothing to fear but fear itself! Or your imaginary version of it!

So then, today we remember that the three wisemen finally reached their destination!
Three wise men - three Magi - three kings - and none of the three is George Clooney! Yay! Rejoice, indeed, or this festive day would turn out as messy as "Batman & Robin" was - or as obsolete as Ocean's Eleven - The Remake and Ocean's Twelve ultimately were (you've guessed it - I don't want to see "Ocean"s Thirteen" - unless it guest-stars Jason Voorhees, is released on a Friday the 13th -of course- and has Jason killing them all! It's either that or a "dream match-up movie you thought you'd never see" - in this case it would have to be "The Dirty Dozen Versus Ocean's Eleven" - with the same result... Jason kills them all! *LOL* But I digress...)

How execrable of me to dignify pop culture "anti-icons" such as Bats, Robs, George & Jason with mentions today, alongside the Three Wisemen and He Whom they visited on this day we think of today - The Son Of God, of course.
Wasn't it enough already that James Blunt bluntly dared to demolish the three wisemen's reputation with his "anthem" devoted to them last year...? Sheesh... I made that funny before, didn't I? Let's move on...
I could have done worse - mentioned the other George, the worst George of all-time, Dubya, instead...!
Oops - I just did... :(
Now let's really move on then...!

My favorite wiseman remains Balthazar.
I always thought the name had a lot of... oomph? Pizazz?
I forget what he brought... Gold? Frankincense? Myrrh?
No diapers in those days...
Let's not go there though...! :(

Always good to check out the source material...
Matthew 2:1-12 ~ New International Version (NIV)

The Visit of the Magi
1After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi[a] from the east came to Jerusalem 2and asked, "Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east[b] and have come to worship him."

3When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him. 4When he had called together all the people's chief priests and teachers of the law, he asked them where the Christ[c] was to be born. 5"In Bethlehem in Judea," they replied, "for this is what the prophet has written:
6" 'But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah,
are by no means least among the rulers of Judah;
for out of you will come a ruler
who will be the shepherd of my people Israel.'[d]"

7Then Herod called the Magi secretly and found out from them the exact time the star had appeared. 8He sent them to Bethlehem and said, "Go and make a careful search for the child. As soon as you find him, report to me, so that I too may go and worship him."

9After they had heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen in the east[e] went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was. 10When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. 11On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh. 12And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, they returned to their country by another route.
Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society
[NIV at IBS] [International Bible Society] [NIV at Zondervan] [Zondervan]

Hmm... No indication who brought what there! But it's okay - we need only the essential about THAT episode, anyway...
Significance and additional layers of meaning have been added throughout the years by exegetes and other experts alike... Such as the following symbolic and true value of the gifts brought:
Gold: a gift fit for a King
Frankincense: burnt in worship of God
Myrrh: a sign of mortal human-ness - it was used to bury the dead

Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchior were truly given names after the fact - kids of all ages will enjoy this site about them, I think! :)
I prefer "Gaspar" over "Caspar" - just to further differenciate from the friendly ghost AND the Greek Castor (you know - of Castor & Pollux fame?)... Although Gaspar always makes me think of an old forgotten cartoon called "Gaspard et les Fantômes" (think Scooby Doo rip-off! Gaspard was French for... "Goober"!) but that is my own personal itty-bitty-tiny infinitesimal problem...! ;)
And, speaking of French, the temptation was never there for me to clamor "Melchior est le meilleur!" - nope, never!
But I digress again...

To end with the genuine articles now...
They were grandiloquently played by three of the best actors of all-time - Portugal's Fernando Rey, USA's James Earl Jones and England's Donald Pleasence in 1977's landmark Jesus of Nazareth by Zeffirelli.
Well, okay, Rey is truly a native of Galicia and died of cancer in Spain, back in 1994. But he was closely identified with Portugal due to his participation in 1951's well-noted Portuguese film La Senora de Fatima, his subsequent co-starring role in Mision Lisbon - and, besides, Galicia should have belonged to Lusitania/Portugal since day one! I should know - my ancestors have ties to Galicia! ;)
Right, Benny?
Don't be shy now - comment, one of these millenniums!

Nowadays, the best casting coups for three TRULY Wisemen would be... Portugal's Joaquim de Almeida and... uh... No, not Obi-Wan Kenobi! I'd take two former Bonds to round up the trio before I pick Ewan McGregor or -worse still- Liam Neeson, his Star Wars or should I say Phantom Menace mentor... But that is another story... So, how's about Roger Moore and Sean Connery as Gaspar and Melchior, hmm? *lol*
Oh, that's right - already back then, visible minority visibility (that sounds redundant) was a priority... So then, let's have a Black king played by Bernie Casey and an Asian king too - Yun-Fat Chow, of course! ;)
Everybody happy now?

And since uma imagem vale mil palavras...



Friday, January 05, 2007

I would be remiss...

If I did not point out, here and now, that I spotted a luminous exception... that reaffirms the rule! Fay, a Lightworker and a Realtor - wow, it even rhymes! In reaction to my recent enough post on the subject, Fay attests that there are honest and energetic realtors out there... I knew about the latter, I merely affirmed that the majority were not the former... Still, it is only luminous to affirm, also, that there are no absolute truths in this plane of existence (except the Absolute Truth, that is!) and thus one should never infer that I am generalizing - I said it before and I'll blog it again (!) for each good person there are ten not-so good ones... And vice-versa!
Hence, in the Light of all that, I do hope that when the rest of you out there have to deal with "one of those", you get a Fay and not a Morgaine Le Fay as your realtor! :)


Merry Christmas! - 14th Day of Christmas...

So then, I know the question is burning on every pair of lips, to be asked and answered - asap! WHY (what - again with the "why"? There are five types of basic questions, you know! Haven't you people ever heard of "W5" - huh? As in W times five? Relax - I am not predicting Dubya will be re-elected three more times (now that is an impossibility!) or that he will be either followed by a succession of four prezzes just as inept as he has proven to be or, heaven forbid, that he would be cloned, more than once to boot...!
Nooooo- none of that gloomy predictions stuff here, on TLB Prime! Not so soon anyway... ;)
All I am saying - in a decisively digressive manner yet again - is that, if I am to answer the same question over and over again... I will make it just a tiny bit more "fun" for myself and run the gamut of possible questions - at least the prototypical basic questions, that is the "W-5" questions...
WHO? Well, that would be me, thy luminous blogger, Luciano!
WHERE? Here! On The Luminous Blog! (No matter where else you may be reading this, through whatever RSS feed it may be, comment on the original site ONLY - capisce?)
WHAT? Well, this would be my 14th post in a row titled "Merry Christmas!" - with no particular emphasis on either the "merry" part or, alas, the "Christmas" part of the equation either... Sorry! *Snif* :(
HOW? Maybe you want to ask the kind peeps over at Blogger for such simplistic fluff then...
and, finally, once again coming full circle with the...
Why? I'll tell you "why"...
I wanted 14 straight days of Christmas in order to prolong both the bliss and the pain - the ecstasy and the agony - the joy of celebrating the birth of The Saviour (whenever it might have really taken place - we think of it, we focus on it NOW - capisce? Case closed!) while dealing with bereavement - how much more incongruous can it get to be than that, hmm?
Christmas time - always a favorite time of the year for little luminous me, from waaaaay back! Alas, this year, tis the first one without my best friend around - the one man on this wretched planet that I could trust completely, like, with both arms tied behind my back, strapped to a wheelchair, gagged, with a blindfold on and earplugs in my ears... I could trust this saintly man would look out for my very best interests - no matter what!
And he is gone now.
He is not here, not physically anyway...
And this Christmas Time... this Holiday Season... these past fourteen days were the first holidays without him around.
What did you expect - that I wouldn't write about it here?
Oh, ye of little faith...

I chose to go with "14 days of Christmas" rather than 12 for another very good, excellent reason too...

His birthday was on a 14th.
Furthermore, this year would have marked 14 full years since he had last spoken a word too.
A single word, any word.
He had been stricken with aphasia back in 1993.
He had never recovered his speech.
Not even partially.

You know - I personally know people who talk too much.
It is their right.
Others talk too much - and cause harm with their words.
Now, those people I always wondered why they don't get stricken with aphasia the way my saintly dad was. Why do those people keep their ability to speak - to lie, to unfairly accuse, to speak ill of others, to curse, to cause all sorts of evil...?
And they don't lose their speech?
They'll never lose their forked tongues?
Do I have to grab a pair of scissors to do it then...?!?

My saintly father lost his speech and he had never said a tenth of the bad things that I hear others say...
It would have been 14 years to the day on August 1st, 2007.

You wanted to know "why"...
You got your wish.

May we all get our wishes so promptly and so succinctly during the course of this year - 2007 should be a "big one", either way...



Thursday, January 04, 2007

Merry Christmas! - 13th Day of Christmas... Cause I Say So!

So, it is 2007...
And, although Saddam has bit the big one, so many creeps, a-holes, bastards, truly rotten to the core asinine oafish jerks have indeed made it to 2007...!
Heck, they might in fact make up the majority now in this rotten world!
And so, now, it is my turn to ask the simplest of questions - why?

Why are S.O.B.s such as Gourgen Sevantsian still alive and even (slightly) striving?
Why are soulless morons such as Feste Orsino Relhes still able to cling onto "dear life" - WHY?
Haven't these types of sickening and revolting wastes of flesh that demean and completely de-value the worth of the human race before the Eyes of God -not my own, no, the Eyes of the Almighty- haven't they, therefore, DONE ENOUGH?
I could tell you what they've done, to so many, but I will not...
Saving it for a court of "law" - hopefully, the only true Court of True Law, That Which Will Be Presided By The Most Awe-some Judge of all - GOD ALMIGHTY, on Judgment Day! ;)
I do believe though that my testimonial as a key witness will not even be necessary then...!

Irony of ironies, a namesake of the first creep is found to be a clone of the second creep - see here for the sad evidence, in more concrete detail... Sad, very sad indeed, for the poet who bears the traits of a monster while wearing the name of the other first is most probably not one iota like either one of those abominable anthropomorphs...
Tis extremely sad, indeed... For, after all, what's in a name? And appearances are deceiving - though I shall refrain from passing further judgment, since I do not know the poet, namesake of one and lookalike of the other, the worst one... For all I know, the poet could be an actual amalgam of the other two - which would produce then the "ultimate abomination" I can assuredly tell you at this time, for I know very, very well the two main ingredients here - alas! But I know not the poet, and so, this is mere supposition on my part, in regards to the "ultimate abomination" only though!
Hence my rhetoric and stance on telling you that, without a shadow of a doubt, the two aforementioned slimeballs shouldn't be alive anymore - and the day that they finally do kick the bucket, it will be such a great day for the environment (theirs anyhow) that I will make sure I am there to catch the bucket and stuff it down their breathless throats - just to make sure that the damn quacks don't bring them back, y'know! Damnable quacks save the lives not worth saving and don't do squat for the GOOD ONES... That is NOT good service, you know! It's really a disservice to humanity! I know that, nowadays, swearing Hippocrates' Oath is an automatic doorway into biased hypocritical country - but do quacks have to be blind as batty bats too? They are going about their "business" all wrong, and if no one will point that out to them - I shall, aye!
But that is another horrifying story...

Of course, there is always the flipside of every situation - always.
Here, the only positive aspect of the sad and sordid situation is that these bastards live on so that they will SUFFER MORE THEMSELVES... They think they can dish it out pretty good? They have to expect to take some now, on the chin, on the shin and everywhere in-between! And maybe then, just maybe, they will expiate a tiny percentage of their many, many sins... That goes for many worthless pieces of scum, not just the two that I chose to use as "examples" here, of course... Right, Kevin T? Or D? Well, Turd or Dud, it all boils down to the same misbegotten thing - don't you aaaaaall agree? Rrrrright...

It is my firm belief that even Saddam, the "Butcher of Baghdad", by being effectively murdered himself, did in fact expiate a small portion of his sins right there and then, when he hung! As infinitesimal as that might be, expiation is always a good thing - right, Martha?

Hmm... I guess that this post turned into an impromptu preview of the lambasting blog...!!!
I could say that I am sorry about that - but I will have to first analyze my innermost feelings to truly assess whether I am sorry about it - or not at all.
Right now, you've guessed it, it's not at all.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On a sidenote of sorts, a prayer request; a friend of mine asked to pray for her father who is in the hospital undergoing surgery. I know all about worrying for your father and praying for him - and any true friend of mine knows what I've gone through in that regard... So I pass on the prayer request to whomever may read it and heed it - send good healing vibes down under. :)

Merry Christmas! - 12th Day of Christmas...

Ah, I can't believe the horrific year of our Lord, 2006, is truly over and done with - at last...
The year of such horrendous things as The Apprentice; Dancing With The Stars; an umpteenth American Idol; The Biggest Loser; Loft Story; "Occupation Double"; overpasses collapsing; Canadian Idol (aka cloning) & Eva Avila; André Boisclair; Hezbollah versus Israël; Nancy Pelosi, Rona Ambrose; Rona Entrepôt/Réno-Dépôt; the SPCA, Hazina the Hippo & Telus; North Korea defiance; South Korea alliances; Stéphane Dion; Stephen Harper; another bad year at the movies overall; the re-opened and re-shut inconclusively Boulder case; Boulder being labeled the most intelligent US town of all (still laughing at that one here); Okinawa and the realignment of US troops in Japan (they're needed elsewhere, eh?); the insipid Samantha; Mad-onna on a cross (and garbed in orange, the color of sacrifice) singing what is arguably her greatest song ever Live To Tell ; the 12 million children dead in Africa she sang in remembrance of; about 16,000 deaths in Iraq throughout 2006; Lord Knows how many in Afghanistan and elsewhere... Expect some more in 2007 now...

Hmm... One could almost sing all of the preceding to the tune of this B.J. classic -

Add to that the untimely demises (aren't they all) of Dana Reeve, Claude Jade, Sandy West, Miriam Engelberg, Tamara Dobson, Edward Albert, Daniel Smith (only 20), Bruce Gary, Arthur Lee, Soraya, Mako, Philippe Noiret, Dan Curtis, Richard Fleischer, Scott Brazil, June Pointer, Gene Pitney, Nikki Sudden, Claydes Charles Smith, Wilson Pickett, Mickey Spillane, Mike Douglas, Anthony Franciosa, Claude Blanchard, James Brown, Peter Benchley, Dave Cockrum, Martin Nodell, Wendy Wasserstein, Arthur Bloom, William Styron, William Cowsill, Robert Altman, Buck Owens, Betty Comden, Betty Friedan, Fernand Gignac, Marc Favreau aka Sol, Maureen Stapleton, Georgia Gibbs, Peter Wagler (18), Anastasia de Sousa (18 too), Glenn Ford, Gerald Ford, George Preston, Ann Richards, Freddy Fender, Anna Politskovkaya, Don Knotts, Red Buttons, Al Lewis, Lou Rawls, Darren McGavin, Jack Palance, Jack Warden, Jack Wild, Chris Penn, Bill Cardoso, Octavia E. Butler, Andre Waters, Corey Lidle, Steve Irwin, Dennis Weaver, Alexander Litvinenko, Anita O'Day, Ernie Rizzo, Shelley Winters (a second Poseidon Adventure star, on the year of the remake's release... Hmm...), Ed Bradley, Bobby Hachey, Laura Gainey (only 25 for her part)...
None more untimely as that of João Jacinto Borges Pimentel, verily... Pardon - you ask why? You DARE ask "why"? Why, cause I say so, of course! THAT'S WHY!
Why? Another why? Or is it "how so"...? Well - suffice it to say, I am privy to certain details that you have not the slightest beginnings of an idea about - hence...!

On 2006, there were many actually who showed their "true colours" - colors that were immediately deemed not to be beautiful at all! If you think that my preceding paragraph puts me in that category as well - alongside Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, Don Goldwater and, heaven forbid, a quack such as Dr Bradley Schwartz (him or any quack is the same crap in my eyes... Since March 22nd, 2006, 4h54pm to be real precise...) - then you just wait, pals, until you read the following paragraphs...!!!

In this horrendous year of two thousand and six, we saw worse than injustices and untimely demises - we saw human imbecility at its very worst and most pathetic as well...
Canada's environment minister, Rona Ambrose, declaring that all of Canada's engagements towards the Kyoto protocol will be met - except their actual concrete achievements that are required in order to consider any sort of engagement readily met in any way, shape or form? Such nonsense usually comes out of a blonde - but this is a brunette and a politician at that, so it is self-explanatory still, somehow, in the end... Hassidic Jews refuse to see impure female cops approach them - and so, the "recommendation" was passed along to all sensuous lady cops to call on their male counterparts whenever they need to give a speeding ticket to an Hassidic Jew or something... Sure, let's waste the few available ressources unnecessarily on the Hassidic Jews and let the dangerous criminals roam free in the meantime - because twice as many cops are required to deal with the simplest of cases for very archaic reasons... Note to the Hassidics: they say that there's nothing to fear but fear itself - it also goes for other venial, capital or deadly sins... In this case, I would say that you don't have to fear the objects of lust - only the lust that's in your hearts and minds already!

And then there was the most ridiculous of all suggestions - to rename the Christmas Tree in a highly-frequented public place the "Tree of Festivities" and refer to Winter Solstice instead of Christmas Time, in order to avoid offending a MINORITY...! Or a bunch of minorities, really, in the melting pot here...
How can anyone be "offended" by the expression "Merry Christmas" indeed? Focus on the "merry" part, nincompoopish unbelieving oafish fools and just ENJOY IT... Otherwise, if you persist in feeling "offended", we might strive to truly offend thee...
I mean... What's next? Split up classes in public schools with Feng Shui for Asian students, crescent shaped desks for Muslim students and let's just crucify the lone Christian student left while we're at it...?
One can never please everyone - haven't you learned that yet?
Whoever suggested to rename the Christmas Tree and reference the Winter Solstice instead of what the majority identifies with, should be firrrrred...! (Note that I am impersonating Donald Trump and not that execrable VKM here...!)

Speaking of "rassslin", sports entertainment and sports in general... Unlike years past, I have cut myself even further away from sports events, not even bothering to watch the "big finales" whether they are the World Series (I am not alone, apparently; this past year's so-called "classic" had the lowest ratings ever on whatever network it was that bothered to carry it, I am told...) the Super Bowl or the damnable Stanley Cup Finals... I cannot even readily recall who the hell it was that won the World Series (wait - it was cats versus birds, that I do recall... Tigers versus Orioles? No - impossible! Cardinals, that's it! Think religion... And logic was not observed as the birdies actually trounced the kitties - proving once more that faith rules! Right, faithful fans and true believers? Right on! :)
I cannot remember a single score of significance - most probably because none had any intrinsic significance whatsoever, ultimately! I still prefer to see the damnable Canadiens lose all or most of their games, of course... Some things never change - old habits die hard - blahblahblah! Scouring through insignificant scoreboards, on the web, I came across this summary: the Green Devil wrestlers split a triangular at home, losing to Crestwood 38-32 and defeating Riceville 39-25. The Green Devil wrestlers...?!? And they topped Riceville... Probably only because Snap, Crackle and Pop were not in town, that day...! After all, if such losers as Green Devil wrestlers had a good year in 2006, tis no wonder that I had such a crummy one then! Me and other genuine good peeps...

And speaking of scouring things on the web - try googling or asking Jeeves about "year reviews for 2006" and you will see how widespread the nasty attitude that the French call nombrilisme really is... In other words, it is the "me, myself and I" that rules around the globe - no wonder I didn't get aaaaaaaaaaall the condolences that I expected to receive from my, oh, I think easily over a thousand "friends" overall, either offline, online, in-between the lines, on the waterline, stepping over the line, walking the line, treading a thin red line or even sniffing a line, whatever their borderlines are...

One last note, about the ever-crucial gossipy side of 2006 now... In brief, Sandra Oh's divorced; the battle of the queers is on - Carson Daly versus Ryan Seacrest; the battle of the high society hoes is on too - Britney Spears versus Paris Hilton (that friendship didn't last long - were they Care2 "friends" too?); the battle of the womanizers is on as well - Donald Trump versus Rosie O'Donnell (...); Lindsay Lohan patched things up with the strippers, somehow, but Renee Zellwegger never will succeed at the same task with the British people... She has been cast as Beatrix Potter, and it is an outrage for most true Brits that R.Z. was picked over a dozen more suitable British-born actresses! (It could have been worse; they could have cast Schwarzenegger as Sir Winston Churchill! But I digress...)
Lohan, on the other end, is a natural to play a stripper - hence, even though she insulted them, she is embraced by them nonetheless...!
And these are the "most fascinating people of 2006"...?!?
Sheesh - maybe the following types or "study-cases" are better off...

DAVID LETTERMAN'S TOP TEN (for the last show of 2006):

Top Ten Signs You Are Not One of the Most Fascinating People of 2006:

10. "You're 37, but you still answer the phone, 'Hello, Mommy?'"

9. "Only person who'll interview you is Barbara Walters' nephew, Duane Walters."

8. "You spend your paycheck on strippers and Slim Jim's."

7. "Favorite topic of conversation? Thumbtacks."

6. "Al Gore told you to stop drinking on and on."

5. "Proudest day was when you unscrambled 'dgo' in the 'Jumble.'"

4. "Your catchphrase is 'Can't, I'm allergic.'"

3. "The public adores you -- 'the public' being your garage full of raccoons."

2. "You convened the Iraq Study Group to determine the state of your underpants."

1. "You're in charge of onions at Taco Bell."

Aye - those who identify with each of the ten categories here should count their blessings! Well - maybe not number 8...! ;)


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Merry Christmas! - - - 12-13-14 Days of Christmas... Abroad! ;)


Now guess where that is - just take a guess! ;)


Monday, January 01, 2007

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!






Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry Christmas! - - - Year's Review Now!


When Good Folks Share The Same Neighbourhood With The Scum of the Earth - A Year's End Review!

The year started with an ongoing feud for me - I was at odds with a certain Gourgen Sevantsian -may his soul finds its way to the deepest farthest most putrid reaches of Hades; once it is open for "business", of course!- and a variety of other creeps, really... One had showed up, unannounced evidently, at 4 in the morning of December the 25th - and he wasn't even dressed up as Santa! Worse still, he was dead drunk and, most noticeably, stoned... My good ol' buddies in blue took him away that night... Ahh - memories from a year ago! I am such a nostalgic... ;)

Once February rolled around, I had high hopes for virtually every facet of my life - I was "in control", see? I was in control of the things I said and the things I did (I hear Janet Jackson can pull this off too - neat) and I was even in control of my enemies - a step ahead each and every time they tried "something"... I could not be "taken by surprise" or taken aback by anything that wasn't foreseen - I was in such control that I was foreseeing everything from a mile away! One cannot be any more "in control" than THAT! Not omniscience, mind you - but as close as a human being and regular joe can hope to get to it in his everyday routine, aye! :)

Once March came around though, it all quickly unravelled... Those moments of "being shot down back to reality level" are the hardest moments anyone has to go through, surely... Here, my powerlessness was painfully evident as I lost within SECONDS to the ultimate adversary, the Grim Reaper. (Evidently, it wasn't my own life I was fighting for - or I would not be typing this right now! If it pleases you though, amicable reader, to believe that I am thy friendly ghostly blogger - then by all means carry on believing that! What do I care...!)
Ironically, losing to the Reaper made me want to reap some souls on my own...! But I exercized, once again, CONTROL... self-control this time, the likes of which the great, late Laura Branigan sang about (this time... You must admit though that the singing voices are improving so far, with each pop culture reference here! ;)

I must admit that April, May and most of the summer of 2006 too are sort of a BLUR... I remember formulating many "revenge plans" - legal actions, lawsuits, beatings and kidnappings... (Just kidding about the last two - I think! Again, I cannot readily tell - it's all a blur...!)
None of these plans were truly set in motion - I think...!
I did collect lots of data though (ironically the basic definition of my current job - aw, gotta love those significant coincidences that mean zilch in the Grand Scheme of Things still... But I digress...) - so, maybe it will still be useful... Who knows...

Let's flash-forward to September... September Mourning (pop culture reference number three!) was hard... October and the first Canadian Thanksgiving without Dad was harder... November and the REAL Thanksgiving -as well as the current Holiday Season- was/is the HARDEST...

Rewind to JULY... The picture above is from that month - I do believe! The drug-bust in my neighborhood... I haven't seen many druggies (the sellers or the users) and their regular acolytes since then... GOOD! It was getting to be MIGHTILY annoying to see the degradation of the neighborhood, all the lowlives who were coming to it, all the excesses... In this, the once quiet suburb, close-to-everything (probably the reason of its degradation right there...) and a haven for many retirees... Such as my saintly Dad! And these two elderly neighbors of mine too - one was found dead in his home by his attorney son... Seems like his dad had been dead for WEEKS... He wouldn't have known though - he was too busy making moolah to bother visiting or phoning his dad...
(Mind you, I sought and found "a job" too, right around that time as well - but I'm not in it "for the money" but really only to change my mind, clear it from too many "not-luminous-but-lugubrious" thoughts... Maybe even to "see people" - but those turn out to be hypocrites in a vast majority and so it does not help at all ultimately... But I digress...)
The other elderly neighbor has also disappeared this past year - he was taken away by the men in white, for his part... He could not be allowed to live in his own home anymore, being borderline suicidal and a danger to himself and his household, so... His kids took no time emptying his old home and selling it once they had him institutionalized. One cannot stop progress, evolution or degeneration - right?

These elderly gents were therefore practically replaced, temporarily, by the scum of the earth, in the aforementioned neighborhood... These being the druggies, that smug Gourgen piece of crap and others of the same ilk... THANK GOD they were all "taken away" too, though, in due time... I remember thinking "thank God my Dad is not here to be a witness to this" too... But that is a fallacy - he was a better witness to it all then than he would have been had he been alive and in his bed while it was all taking place...
But that is another story too...

I cannot believe the mish-mash sometimes; and it was never as annoyingly clear as it was in 2006. Good people living surrounded by truly CRAPPY INDIVIDUALS... You know the kind: the kind that should have never been born...! However, God decreed that the bad seeds had to grow amongst the good ones - it is all part of the TEST that is... Life!
Unfortunately, many twiddledees and twiddledums out there have, quite simply put, the wrongest approach to Life there can be... I am talking about the types who follow warped logic such as "I am a nobody - nobody's perfect - therefore I am perfect!" or "everybody does it - so I'll do it too!" - see who I mean? We ALL know somebody like that - several somebodies like that, actually... To these bozos we should not wish merely a "happy new year" but an "eye-opening, awakening, illuminating new year", yeah!
They need it desperately...
Especially those druggies who push it as far as thinking themselves to be "perfect" - perfect crap, maybe... THERE IS NO PERFECTION IN THIS WORLD - is it understood, once and for all? If you are still in doubt about this one, look just a little bit closer at our healthcare, judicial and political systems - and all doubts will be eradicated from your feeble mind!
I hope... ;)
And that is not going to change in 2007 either...

In conclusion though, in re: 2006, I can ascertain that this was both the crummiest year of my entire life AND the year in which I met more hypocrites than I care to shake a stick at... or a steel bar... or a baseball bat... or a hockey stick... or a stylish antique cane... or a steedish umbrella... (What - one too many pop culture references there? Sooooooorry... ;)
I met hypocrites who swore Hippocrates' oath.
I met hypocrites who'd swear on their own heads if it got them where they want to get to...
I met hypocrites of both genders and of all shapes and forms! To all of you (as usual, they know who they are) I say... well, what I said earlier! Have an eye-opening, awakening, illuminating new year! And may it be painful for you all, too - it helps! I know! From experience! Not that I needed to be cured from the same sort of curse as you evidently do - no! Still - the more painful the eye-opening is, the greater are the chances that it will "stick" to your psyche! ;)

To everyone else, faithful friends, readers and TLB Prime aficionados who have stuck with the luminous blog and its affiliates throughout the tormented year of 2006 A.D. - thank you! And have a happy 2007 - rife with prosperity, joy, health, love, luck and tofu! Tofu?!? Yeah - tofu! With mad cow diseases and avian flus, soon enough it will be the only safe thing left! *LOL*

I could go through the list of great ones and not-so great ones who "left us" in 2006 - but it is what I do regularly already, over at the lugubrious blog!
Any other memorable events were sardonically remarked and scrutinized throughout my network, I am sure... (truth be told, I often save the posts as mere drafts, so they could still be forthcoming then...! Patience! Patience is a virtue! ;)

I am looking forward to comment sarcastically on the forthcoming events of 2007... Oh yeah... For sure! ;)
Vivement 2007!
Et mort à 2006 - année de la tourmente maudite!
Que Deus nos deia um bom ano 2007 - nos merecemes...
Eu penso! ;)



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