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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Luminous Anniversaries

...and BOSTON helped!

FYI: National Aboriginal Day is actually June 22nd 
(soon to be renamed by Justin: ''National Indigenous'' appears to be more... genuine.)
But the 25th Anniversary Conference will be held on November 12th 
through November 14th - inclusively!

Oskar would have been 117 in 2017...

31st Anniversary of a certain trade that keeps on giving...

Canada's 150th...

(they were not officially a nation, before that - 
they still are a colony of sorts; 
just ask the ''Queen of Canada''...)

Montréal's 375th - 
founded in 1642 by three kind souls  
(two women, one guy: 
Jeanne Mance, Marguerite Bourgeoys 
and Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve)
Alas, over time, their creation has become 
infested and grimy, like most urban settings 
tend to become, granted... 
One could be tempted to celebrate this 
by misusing your big pots, as they did before 
most recently in fact... 
Or rioting - they do it when they prevail 
unfairly and undeservingly, in sports - 
they've had zero chances to do so lately... 
Or... you may actually celebrate this 
by dropping by one of the few 
worthy, redeeming places 
on the whole island:

Meanwhile, down south... 
16 years of ''WAR ON TERROR''

Star Wars: 1977-2017
40 Years Already...

''Atheists... Atheists everywhere...!''
''Like I said, Luke: scum and villainy!'' 
''Pardon, Ben... I thought you said... vi-llia-ny?'' 
''Did I? It was the atheist unbalance in the Force here 
that made me sputter off such idiotic non-words!'' 
''The Force is weak with the atheist... aye?'' 

 Maybe it is time for some... 


100 years ago... 

11 years ago...

20 years ago, this under-appreciated masterpiece was released:


... and, as seen on  ''l.p. - luminous pondering''...
(sorry, Marguerite B - we dumped you in favor of Jacques! 
We value the discovery of things more than the groundwork, somehow - 
must be a Portuguese thing... sue us, will ya?!?)

Newsweek may have a drastically different list
on the same subject here - but they're missing out
on three of the most crucial ones,
found right here
and only here
on TLB Prime.

Sempre Por O Melhor

Editor's Note: 
for some more light on those 
-and a few extras, also- 
you may want to click 
*right here*

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