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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hmm... Are they talking about the 3-1 loss to the Boston Bruins that the Montreal Canadiens aka the Habs aka the Hab-Nots just suffered...? They actually struggled to score A SINGLE GOAL - and it was a lucky one at that! Sheesh - some highlights there!


La nuit tous les chats sont blancs
(an article by Mathilde Singer on WWW.VOIR.CA - by the way, Mathilde, it should be either "la nuit, tous les chats sont gris" or "la nuit où tous les chats sont blancs" there... Yeah - really! Oui - vraiment! Ne me remercie pas...)

La Nuit blanche du Festival Montréal en lumière est de retour! Avis à tous les noctambules, ouvrez grand vos oreilles et préparez-vous à danser.

Dans la nuit du 25 au 26 février, il y en aura pour tous les goûts. Les amateurs de chanson québécoise s'en donneront à cœur joie dès 21h à la Salle des Pas perdus de la Place des Arts en assistant à l'enregistrement de l'émission Fréquence libre, animée par Monique Giroux. Au programme: une foule d'artistes francophones comme Karkwa, Thomas Hellman, Jamil, Yann Perreau, Antoine Gratton, Marc Déry, Catherine Durand, Béatrice Bonifassi et bien d'autres viendront interpréter leurs chansons préférées

Hmm - is this the same event I bashed a few weeks ago - the one that had Misia coming to Canada when they have similar local artists they never give enough exposure to over there?!?
The one that had Amanda Plummer on stage - lone thespian among singers and musical performers...?
All that illogical organization could trigger many sleepless nights (the true definition of a "nuit blanche"...) but I think all of that escapes the grasp of the organizers here...

There is worse, of course, to theorize around this (as there always is whenever Montreal is involved) - another cause for many a sleepless night "à Montréal" would be the fact that the social services employees have actually voted today in favor of a full-fledged STRIKE that would deprive the most needy of all in the not-so fair city of all the so-called "help", "services" and "assistance" that the damnable "social services" are purported to provide them...! Yet one more reason to hate "Montréal" - thankfully, singer Ariane Moffat will not be performing at tonight's all-night long "sort-of-festival" - otherwise, the moment she'd begin her silly "Je reviens à Montréal" song, she'd be pummeled by tomatoes...!!!

So, I'll fall back on the pleasant theory that all of Montreal will go through another "nuit blanche" because they lost so decisively to the superior Boston Bruins - who have a better goaltender, better coach, faster-grittier players up and down their line-up... And the Bruins actually improved their team at the trading deadline - not the other way around as the pathetic Canadiens did...!

Bonne Nuit - Canadiens! :)


Wednesday, February 28, 2007



I am sure everyone knows exactly what this is going to be all about - as much as I am sure that every regular reader or visitor to this blog expected my irate take on this whole affair... Sooner rather than later!

Well, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for

Case in point, first and LEAST of all: James Cameron.

Here is a film director whose best work is clearly BEHIND HIM. (Always films that begin with a "T" as it turns out; Terminator, The Abyss, Titanic... What else did he do? Oh, that's right; Piranha Two! ;)

His descent into the infernos began with his Dark Angel (who grew up to become, of all things, the Fantastic Four's Sue Storm - soon to be replaced in her own team by... Storm, who, being black, would have probably been a better "Dark Angel" to begin with! These sort of mass-appeal/low-denominator works of fiction have these ways of going full circle like that, oftentimes... The French call it "tourner en rond" though... But I digress...) And then, Cameron wound up ever lower - making cameos on Entourage!

It was predictable that, now, he would sink ever lower into his own self-made personal abyss (!) and make ill-conceived shock-documentaries destined to be on par in television lore with the "alien autopsy" and the unearthing of Al Capone's buried treasures...

All T-1000s must be shaking their mechanical heads in disbelief over this...

(You laugh - but Termi is a great believer than Cameron ever will be - according to this Mad TV skit he is, anyway! Cameron? He's an adulterer! And, quite frankly, I am surprised he wasn't mauled by the Beast since he caused such chagrin to bipolar Linda Hamilton... The one that we should worry about now, though, is poor Suzy Amis, one could think - but why bother, eh? But I am digressing again... And Linda is better off now also... As are Kathryn Bigelow, Gale Anne Hurd, Sharon Williams...! Gee - the man's a serial alimony volunteer...?!? Maybe The Almighty Will Have Mercy on his soul...? )

Your participation in HBO's Entourage was meant to say that you thought poorly of the rest of Hollywood, Cameron? Point well-taken and entirely justifiable - they gave you an undeserved Oscar for Titanic, didn't they? They deserve to be bashed - and T.P. (Tinseltown Politics) deserve to be bashed without a hint of mercy too... Alas, by producing a so-called "documentary" on the ossuary and tomb found somewhere in the Holy Land - and trying to insinuate that those are the remains of the Greatest Man to ever walk this foul planet... (Even though you're really the second to do so - and some guy wrote a BOOK on that as well - in the D. Brown style, no less! But I digress...) Well, THAT alone makes you worse than all of Tinseltown's hypocrites COMBINED, Jim!

You ain't right in the head, Jim!
(Did "Bones" ever say it succinctly like that to Kirk on that awful TV show from yesteryear that I am STILL subjected to, whenever I zap through "specialty channels", at light speed to try to avoid as much exposure as possible... Aye, that's my idea of trekking! As a kid, I wasn't so fortunate - I couldn't zap! :(
I survived, still - somehow! ;)
Ohh - I just alienated a bunch of aliens who worship that Paramount-produced crap as if it really meant anything at all... Live with it!
You represent, what - 3% of Earth's population? Even though Faith has been dwindling, I believe that Christiandom represents substantially more people than that - and nobody hesitates twice before alienating them! And let's re-establish the facts right now: Christians = significant religion and admirable way of life. Trekkies = insignificant folly and ridiculous waste of time! You probably go gaga over Termi too, don't you? Sheesh... I can't believe they're making another film to quell your synthetic passions... Now that should have been directed by Cameron - eh? Oh, that's right - he produced this "documentary" because he's tired of people NOT seeing his films; so no Trek go for him, under those conditions!)

So, back to our true offender here;
You claim that you made it not for the profit of it, Jim, just as you state (the obvious) that you are neither a theologist nor an archeologist but a "documentary film maker"...
I'm sorry - "Titanic" was a documentary...? Okaaaay... It's news to me! Dark Angel was a documentary on night life and freaks on the streets then - right?
Besides - this so-called "documentary" was directed by some twit protégé of yours named Simcha Jacobovivi - you didn't "make" this one, Jim!
Simcha - not to be confused with the Lion King - hails from Toronto... A town recognized for its putrefying artistic sense and declining values! No morals and no ethics were thus PRE-REQUISITES to direct this sort of garbage...

Now, to the "docu" itself:
The burial site identified so loosely as "the one" in this waste of celluloid is found at the other end of the Holy Land - the southern end - not at all where all the previous (credible) evidence (whether it is archeological, theological, historical and official records too) indicated Jesus spent but A VERY SHORT TIME... Secondly, the deciphering of the ancient Semitic markings found on these ossuaries and on that tomb is not only off the mark as it is BIASED! The claim is spectacular to make - and the lure to get such a sure-fire "ratings-grabber" out there (on the damnable Discovery Channel - what is there to be "discovered" here, D.C.? That you are desperate for ratings? We all knew that already! ;) and make some major noise in the process is just too tempting...
At least, the chance to speak is given, in the "documentary" itself, to those truly in the know - case in point here, scholar Stephen Pfann who reveals that what overzealous disbelievers deem to the bones of a purported son to "Jesus" are really the remains of the offspring of one named "Hanun"...! It is not given to all to be able to read ancient Semitic; likewise, unimaginative nincompoops that you are all in "mock-documentary filmmaking land"; can't you even begin to imagine how many would have been interested in planting fakes, bogus bone boxes, false inscriptions and so on - over all these years?!?
And have you stopped to consider how common and generic many Hebrew names really are...?!?
Will you fools think you've found Moses' body at long last - when you find some jewish joe schmoe buried somewhere and his name happened to be the same...?!?
Don't make it too easy for me to laugh at your false airs now...
(To his defense, once again, Cameron does not base himself on archeology so much as he does on... statistics. WHAT statistics? The mere odds that are artificially estimated here, that this could be "the one", folks...! Puh-leeeeeeeze... Jim likes the odds of this hoax being for real so much that he even called it "sound statistics". Really... You know what else is, Jim? I'll show you very sound odds right now, yeah... "A couple of million to one in favor of you NEVER WINNING ANOTHER UNDESERVED OSCAR IN YOUR LIFE... pal!!!
But I digress - I guess.

The James Ossuary (2005) was a fraud...
(How tempting it is to say that James is one too... But I'll refrain...)
The Jesus Ossuary is a bigger, more daring fraud (fraudulent atheistic creeps are going for broke now, I'd say...! All or nothing, eh? It will rather wind up being all for nothing or much ado about nothing - indeed!)
Alas for their subterfuge, it deeply lacks in the LOGIC department - for, early Christians (meaning: Apostles into the second and third generations who were to spread the Good News) would not be so DUMB as to contradict their own work!!! This has got to be planted to DISCREDIT that work - and cripple Faith.
A professor at the conservative Protestant Dallas Seminary, Darrell Bock, summed it up this way too: why would Jesus's family or followers bury his bones in a family plot and "then turn around and preach that he had been physically raised from the dead?" - inscribing names when bones can be... well, ANONYMOUS! (Duh!)
This has been reported as too Biblical a rebuttal for the secular world that we live in: but is secular synonymous with illogical then? (I knew there was a perfectly EXCELLENT reason why I refused to be secular - heck, why I loathed secularism! ;)
To see a once "on top of the world" director like Cameron be involved with this is utterly PATHETIC.
I retire my once-professed desire/dream to ever work on a script with you, Jim!



Tuesday, February 27, 2007

YOU are WRONG - I say! ;)

And I dare say this on the day that the following can be found on the luminous blog's very own luminous sidebar (extended for your 3 "e"s - entertainment, education and elation - I might also add while I'm at it! But I digress...)
Word of the Day
Definition: (noun) A journalist who writes editorials.
Synonyms: columnist
Usage: He grew so weary of armchair-general editorialists that he stopped reading the Op-Ed pages altogether and picked up a book on political theory.

I do view most of my 900+ posts here on TLB Prime (as well as the bulk of the rest of them found throughout the TLB Network) as, essentially, just that; editorials!
I am being, acting as, writing as and exasperating some as an editorialist here!
And to see this now - on my own luminous sidebar...!
Don't ALL go pick up a book about politics all at once now...!
(Hmm - almost made the typo "poilitics" - how telling! For politicians are indeed nothing but "des grosses bibittes à poil"... But I am digressing once again...)
And a book about politics it had to be? POLITICS? Yecchhh! Pick up a book about cooking - gardening - anything "-ing" - BUT NOT POLITICS!!!
Seeing this generated automatically on my own site's sidebar (thanks a lot, "Free Dictionary" - you dicks! *LOL*) is still not as bad as the time when Google, via its Adsense nonsense, generated an ad promoting atheism of all things on MY SITE (a recognized bulwark of defense for Faith and Christianity which champions the Word and smites all forms of unbelief and assorted wickedness - worldwide! By now I think it certainly is - aye! ;)
Now THAT was a definite faux pas - and the reason why Google Adsense nonsense has remained at the bottom of this blog to this day - despite all the changes I have made to it...! (I am not in this TLB Prime thing for the money, that is for sure! I see it as a sort of MISSION I carry out now! ;)

To the rest of you who will NOT do such a folly as to tune out, log off and pick up crap in print - and will instead remain here, in the heart of Luminous Land - sticking around TLB Prime for more luminous wit on display - well then, here goes the exposure of just some of the wrongest assertions made recently or not-so recently by many souls that remain
in the dark; courtesy of luminous me! ;)

To the economy "expert" who stated that "generally, it is people who own their homes that do better with their financial administering"...


Many LOSE their homes - unable to make their payments on the damnable mortgage that they obtained from some accursed financing institution just like the one that employs YOU, you despicable so-called "expert" you...!
If owning a home is so damn good, why is it that ALL retirees are advised to SELL THEIR HOMES (rather than allow their heirs to inherit it and then squander it all themselves!) and they then move into a pricey condominium *built exclusively for the elderly clientèle* where they further squander EVERY LAST PENNY THEY SAVED IN THEIR LIFETIME - AS WELL AS EVERYTHING THEY GET FROM THEIR PENSIONS!
Is ANY of THAT an example of "wise financial administering" - UH?!?
I say thee NAY!

To the so-called "expert prognosticators" who were all so convinced that Eddie Murphy was going to win an Oscar this year...


The year that Murphy wins one will be the year that Jim Carrey wins one too - and maybe the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Rosie Perez and Rosie Motene (you all thought I was going to round it up with Roseanne Barr - didn't you? *LOL*) - and THAT will be an extremely COLD DAY IN HELL, folks!
Hell being a cold place though, unable to "freeze over" since the Lake of Fire isn't "open for business" yet - any one of these four might be given one of these damn statuettes eventually...
It shall be on the eve of Armageddon then...?
You shall take it as a sign of The End approaching! ;)

To the moronic medecine men who still allow themselves to be "won over" by pharmaceutical giants' "incentives" to push their products down the throats of their poor unsuspecting patient patients...


Playing God may be where you get your kicks - but you can expect to get less pleasant kicks (like, in the face, in the ribs and in your sorry rear end!) from your patients' disgruntled loved ones - people like ME, who hate your callous guts more than even the unloved blood of your blood can ever be able to!
Playing fire with your patients' health and VERY LIVES is simply NOT the way to go - lest you want to go way ahead of your time too!
Playing around with the medication that one patient is accustomed to, just to "leave your imprint" on everyone you "touch" is risky business - you can't do that, especially not when you know about as much about that patient's history as any moron off the street knows about the history of world politics after having spent 15 minutes perusing a damn book on the subject!!!

I do not simply say thee nay, quacks and other wackos - I say CURSE YOU!
To hell, when it is finally open for business! ;)
Should follow right after Judgment Day - be PATIENT now! ;)
You sure want
us to be!
Your turn now - charlatans with degrees and diplomas!
Regulated, certified and authorized ASSASSINS!
(Think I'm tough on them here? You should see how virulent I am... ah... elsewhere, on the TLB Network! ;)
Where, exactly?
Well - that would be telling! ;)


Monday, February 26, 2007

Calling All Angels...



Or The Seal Revenger will get you!


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Statistics Sundays - Disarming Edition

It really disappoints many who know me (okay, maybe not disappoint but greatly surprises, if not shocks?) to find out how little interest I have left in the not-so venerable game of HOCKEY.

But, aye, it is true: I couldn't give a rat's a$$ anymore!

Some quick facts about hockey now (just to fill up our quota -and mandate here- of statistics!)

The all-together ooky term "HOCKEY" comes from the French (something else to blame them for!) - the word "HOCQUET" (not to be confused with "hoquet" which is French for hiccups...! Nor is it to be confused with HOCHET - which is a mere BABY RATTLE! *LOL* Finally, the damn confusing French also have the verb "HOCHER" - which is the verb of use when one wants to signify that someone is shaking his head in disbelief! As everyone was doing during that hockey confrontation between Senators and Sabres last Thursday?
Talk about trite Thursday thunder! But I digress!)
"Hocquet" though used to describe a SHEPHERD'S CROOK (must have been, also, a crooked shepherd too - not my kind of Shepherd!)

That mere unlikeliest of origins explains a whole lot of things...

1) Why I ever took a liking to that silly sport...!

2) Why the "Flying Frenchmen" were to dominate for a while said silly sport
(Sometimes, for no apparent reason, God Himself sides with the French... His Ways Are Impenetrable! Mysterious! And it is not for us to question the logic of it all...!
The French sure had not God on their side though up in Waterloo or when those guys in feldgrau bypassed the MAGINOT LINE of defense that they had and went right through the Ardennes...! But that is another story or two...
Although an imaginary line of defense; guys in gray - sounds like a boring hockey game to me! Ottawa-Buffalo, again? *ROTFLMBO*)

3) How it is that many violent hockey players can be saintly boys as well as their usual "strictly-business" selves...
(As it is wootsy-cutesily represented by the
Minnesota Fighting Saint above! ;)
And exemplified more concretely by the likes of Cam Neely, Normand Léveillé and Gord Kluzak - to name but three!)

4) It all explains why grown men can act as such spoiled brats on ice (and in the stands, at the bargaining table and in the locker room) as well...

5) And it also explains howcome the disbelief is ever-present;
for, indeed, how can these guys make so many millions by simply lacing up skates and chasing a damned puck made of rubber, as if it was the most important thing in the universe?!?
(And, as usual with the sillier, brutish men among maledom, they mistreat what they've got despite valueing it so much - they slap the puck around like crazy and violently toss it into the net any chance they get...!!! But we may be straying from the subject now, with such parallelisms...?)

Hockey today is a game of statistics too - but less so than football or basketball - and much less so than the REAL FOOTBALL (soccer) and baseball...
Still, in all of these sports, numbers will be brought up to either increase or decrease a player's salary (depending on whose side of the bargaining table you may be, evidently!)
Hockey has become less and less interesting to me as the years have gone by - and the refinement has increased, in luminousland! ;)
It has become a sport for BIG BUSINESS anyway
And its fanbase is definitely the lowest common denominator - the riff-raff!
There is also a French word for that: RACAILLE!

French course is FINI - I mean, Statistics Sundays will adjourn now! ;)


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