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Saturday, February 10, 2007

luminous faves update


I thought now would be a good time to update myself and all about what has been happening in the lives of a bunch of favorites of mine these days - since I have nothing else to blog about at this time (a time when I am feeling both tired, sleepy, down, down and out, out of it, I.T. deficient and an E.T. on my own planet... And that's for starters! But I exaggerate AND digress at the same time there - I think.)

Onwards with the luminous favorites then :)

Zdeno Chara - scored the winning goal on Saturday night's thrilling NHL game between his Boston Bruins and the execrable (because they hail from New York!) New York Islanders! Chara scored the winning goal in a shootout too - the 16th or 18th shooter in a game that went on and on, remaining tied at 3... Bruins finally won it on Zdeno's first ever goal in a shootout like this (he usually doesn't have to come out and shoot!) - the B's needed this one too...

Bobby Orr - well, number 4 is mourning, not celebrating the victory of his former team on this night - at all. Hockey and everything else seems pretty much insignificant when we lose a dear one - and Orr just lost his father. I don't know what shocks me the most, personally speaking - that Bobby Orr's dad, Douglas Orr, was an athlete too (and a fabulous one at that, who did not choose to follow a professional career, that's all) and that now he is no more, at the age of 82... Or rather that Bobby Orr lost his father just now - and that I lost mine first! Either way, the facts remain the same: the world has lost two fine gentlemen in his dad and mine, within months of each other really... God seems to be calling back all the good ones these days - something must be amiss...

Ric Flair - something is surely amiss with him. Alas, it must all be motivated by merchandizing moguls' motives - since a DVD is set to come out in April, titled "Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen", they have Flair brush up on his acting skills and portray the "veteran mad at the lack of spirit in youth today"... (Ironically, his latest feud was against 5 youths indeed - a quintet that was collectively known as... The Spirit Squad! Blame this lack of coherence on the poor writing prevalent in wrestling like... almost always?) Hence, Flair will probably be given the opportunity to FINALLY put together a new team of "Four Horsemen" - likely four youths/punks that he will be forced to sponsor! Because he will not be given carte blanche -in most likelihood- and will have to accept whoever is deemed suitable for the roles by the company and the aforementioned incompetent writing staff! Still, seeing Flair act as he really can is good for nostalgic ones like me - kayfabe or no kayfabe!

Cam Neely - back to the Bruins for a sec here; Cam The Man Neely was recently operated on again, I heard somewhere... Lingering problems stemming from the career-ending injury he suffered over ten years ago... Things like that never stop, it seems; I do know something about it, having my own brand of them here... To think that a gifted athlete like Neely was not only denied what was rightfully is back then but has to suffer the repercussions of the jealousy from his so-called "peers" - to this day! It makes my blood boil... Badger Bob and Ulf Samuelsson - may you both burn in hell!

Larry Bird - keeps on doing what he's doing for the Indiana Pacers organization; which is in no way, shape or form even remotely close to what he contributed to the Boston Celtics organization in the day... But that's okay with me! ;)

Red Auerbach - dead.
Philippe Noiret - dead.
Oliver Reed - dead.

(Ok, ok - I'll stop that right there! Too many of my favorites are gone to have them listed in any "updates" - it has not gotten to the point where they are as numerous as the action figures in the Star Wars classic collection were, but it's close! :(
I'll refrain from mentioning the departed great ones too much here - save that for the Lugubrious Blog indeed - and remain topical here! Luminous Blog = Light Blog! Light in every sense of the word! ;)
It is hard to remain topical some days though...! But that is another story...!)

Some lady favorites before we go then ;)

Diana Rigg - hmm... Not quite sure what she's been up to these days, really...!
Helen Mirren - set to win an Oscar at last! :)
Nicole Kidman - mourning her "twin", Anna Nicole Smith...?

Ok - I'll stop now!



Friday, February 09, 2007

Luminous Friday Night Videos-Radios-Audios-Whatever O's - but YOU supply the Cheerios, Oreos and Hose! ;)


I've been feeling downright annoyed lately
(I know; what else is new? DON'T ASK!)
Aye, I am in a biting mood - AGAIN...
Beware! Be very aware! And scared!
Anyhow, I thought I would take no chances on this edition of LFNV - special extended edition as it is - seeing as if it's not my video playlists that let me down it's the MP3 players. If the players are fine, the damnable Mp3 files are AWOL! And if it's not that, YouTube or Google Video tell me that the videos I want are NO LONGER AVAILABLE... **Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh**!!!!
Well let's tempt fate and see THEM ALL FAIL ME ALL AT ONCE HERE!
Yes - they're pretty much ALL represented here (take your pick) and I've thrown in a few surprises into the mix for good measure! ;)
Let's start with those too :)
Following is a little unexpected preview of the time-honored classics to be expected when you visit one of the newest additions to our venerable TLB NETWORK here; The Saudades Blog which is aaaaaall about nostalgia, reminiscence and the good ol' days! ;)

A video that starts up automatically is required here - and it is ''The Test'' by The Chemical Brothers! An interesting exercise overall - though I would be remiss if I didn't lament the fact that, like most of the videos released by the Chemical Bros, it feels as though the main protagonist is, once again, under the influence of some chemical indeed and just ''seeing things''... If you are like me, you will pretend that such is not the case and that this is really an Epiphany and not ecstasy...!

The aquatic subtext of the preceding video as well as the biting sharkey on top - it all hints at aqua musings (and click on the sharkey and you will go there too!) - so I give to you *here* the best piece of music to be found *there* (and by far the lengthiest piece as well!)

Let's make this a Luminous Night At The Movies while we're at it!
Check out the feature-length video that follows; that is not a mirage nor a mistake - it really is over one hour long! YOU supply the pop corn too now! ;)
No alcohol will be tolerated though!
Parental guidance, viewer's discretion and tons of tolerance advised
And strongly suggested!

In the mood for another hour of toons? Check out some classics now - another hour's worth too - and this time it really is for all-ages! :)

Look at the next video now - great use of great music coupled with a great use of human ingenuity... All for the greater good and doing what is right.

However the centerpiece of today's presentation unquestionably is the next video - a montage based upon a song by Todd Agnew that leaves NO ONE indifferent...


Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Thunderous Thursday's Thunder...!



(No - I will not try to make believers out of any of you anymore! I am not patient enough to be a preacher these days, see? I shall not give pearls to swine anymore! You're on your own - punks, pukesters and other perverts! Arrivederci!)


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

wednesday weirdness

Judging from the past two posts, some of you could have expected a whole week's worth of gif imageries - cutesy pictures and, maybe, even daring ones too - for today we are Wednesday and this being the ''officious'' hump day, common sense declares carte blanche today for all sorts of morals-defying images...! Such is the case anyhow on many a ''social networking website'' (places like, Frappr, Care2Connect, Tagged and many others) and you all know it...! Such rules -or non-rules really- are not prevalent here, on TLB Prime, and anywhere on the TLB Prime Network, really...! We are topical here! :) We are thematic! :) We stick to that too!
The theme here is *luminous*, need I remind you all... ;)
We dare to be voluble about all manners of things here - but within good taste!
We can be daring too though - you just wait until tomorrow's THURSDAY THUNDER, pals!
;) *LOL* ;)
It'll knock your socks off!
But, for now, we'll go through the set routine of underlying weirdness all around the world (idiocy once again, but with a weird twist - as seen before, exposed and lambasted here, by yours truly!)
To further enhance the weird quotient, a weird picture - since we are very visual this week, on TLB Prime!

And on with the weird stuff now:

A London museum is selling space to whomever thinks their stuff is museum-worthy...
Attendances must be at an all-time low, eh?
It is an auction and only the winning bidder will get to expose his or her junk - but then, once the winning bid is officialized, ANYTHING he/she wants to place in his or her case GOES...!
Let's just hope the winning bidder is not a fetichist of some kind...

Recently, it was reported that a thief was caught once his own stomach turned against him - for, you see, he had stashed his loot there.
The moral of the story is, I suppose: always eat before you thieve! :)

In New Delhi, India, another thief got into a drunken haze and flaunted his stolen loot a bit too much, for Bollywood tunes' sake (3 million rupees - which amounts only to about 67,000 dollars? Sheesh - millionaires really aren't all that they were once quacked up to be...! ;)
The morale of THIS story: eat before you thieve, but don't drink!
(Nor drive for that matter!)

In Brazil (Brasil really), a cat has purportedly given birth to puppies.
I guess this pussycat didn't find that green cat born a few years ago to be ''exotic'' enough - she had to try something more special... And there happened to be that charming chihuahua in the neighborhood... A few tacos and lots of cachassa later, the deed was done...!?
It's either that - of the kitty's owner is a mentirosa!

Also in Brasil, the mayor of Brasilia is handing out free candy these days...
They are wise about it though - said ''candy'' is passed on to the WIVES who then pass it on to their hubbies when they are ''in the mood''...
Distributing such bonbons to the men was leading to them seeking out other playmates, see...? They acted like that pussycat allegedly did, basically...!
Finally a mayor and an administration with good common sense! :)

And lastly, in Beijing, China, they are so fickle that they want their fishies spotless, without a single freckle - or they'd rather have them dead.
The vain asians who bought the crappy product that claimed to be a ''freckle remover'' were quite distraught soon after and complained about "rashes, skin inflammation, blistering, colored spots and other adverse reactions," the most adverse of which was DEATH!
Alas, we are talking about death for the fishies - and mere rashes for their owners!
All I have to say about it is this:
too bad that it was death for the fishies - and not their incompetent owners.
(Where's Gojira & co where you really need them? Get in there and give those Beijing bums some of their own ''medecine'', will ya?!?)


Tuesday, February 06, 2007



and also wish you a very



Monday, February 05, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday...




Sunday, February 04, 2007

Smells Like Zeitgeist...

A special edition of statistics sundays... sort of!

The nod to the famous Weird Al song... I mean, to the Nirvana classic, "Smells Like Teen Spirit", is once more a sardonic bit and to be taken lightly - not as Lightly as "being in The Light" but lightly as being in on the joke!
For zeitgeist is the spirit of the times we live in - and these times suck mightily! (Once again, a clarification if a clarification is required, that is "mightily" as in "bad" and not as in "splendid-magnificent-breathtaking" - at all!)
And I dare presume that I need not clarify my position as far as any "teen spirit" goes either - it sucked before Kurt killed himself and it sucks this many years after he killed himself... Case closed.
(That is Kurt Cobain, not Kurt Wagner (I wish he could off himself - ITSELF really - alas, only a hack can do that, with a swift dab of his imaginary quill...!) and not even Kurt Russell, who is still alive -somewhere- despite his virtual disappearance from our screens and from Goldie Hawn's bed, bank statements and life overall... But I digress...)

I will get back to the sad case of teen so-called spirit - and why it should be in the dumps! Not all teens, of course - there are always decent kids, for every dozen or so rotten ones - but certainly the ones to be found on certain corners (both of our streets as of the virtual confines of YouTube) leave a lot to be desired... MORE ON THAT IN A FEW DAYS... But, for now, we shall focus on what interests surfers of ALL ages - according to our benefactor -yours and mine, yes- Google! ;)

Ah, yes - every year, Google issues its year-end Zeitgeist, an account of the hottest searches in 2006...
For some odd reason, bloggers who owe it all to Google (all the crap that gets to be "published" on Blogger, for free - it may yet have gotten to be about as bad as all the crap that gets published in the book industry, for a price, by now... But I digress again...) all those blogger boogers, thus, "immediately felt the list's creators were fudging it a little for decency's sake". Google responded on its blog saying the list was edited in accordance to the queries made by web searchers this year as opposed to 2005. The difference gives a fair estimate of "what's on people's minds"...
Hmm... Judging by the results, I actually am forced to forego my usual theory ("not much at all there") and go with "wow" - for once!
Mais une fois n'est pas coutume... ;)

If Google News results are somewhat disappointing (being topped off by the inane Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom - marry them off and rocket them off for a honeymoon on the actual lone natural satellite that the planet has, I say! THEN they will legitimately make headlines!) they get to be better with topics such as autism, cancer, bankruptcy, Hurricane Katrina and even podcasting making "the cut" to crack the top ten. Martina Hingis' presence there, as much as the top two spots, are the perplexing part though... Otherwise, what is on people's minds seems to be what should be on people's minds; and those are glum thoughts! :)

The top searches are as follows:
1. bebo
2. myspace
3. world cup
4. metacafe
5. radioblog
6. wikipedia
7. video
8. rebelde
9. mininova
10. wiki
I suppose that makes us all out to be what I knew us to be like all along after all - trivial fluffs! Let us all rejoice in that knowledge then; for if we have nothing more serious to search about en masse there, on the world wide web, it surely means that we live as close as it can get to be carefree lives (if that is not actually careless lives, really...) which means in turn that we haven't suffered much at all, that we've been spared, that we've been spoiled rotten and that there will be hell to pay - but not just yet!
So we can relax, enjoy ourselves and keep on being fluffs! ;)
Hi there, fluffy! (Fluffy, The Empire Slayer? Ever seen The Decline of the American Empire? No? Good for you! Carry on then...)


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