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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Peering through the layers


This face conceals a greater truth - but do we see past those traits?
(Traits that are, only reputedly and possibly those of someone you should know very, very well - of course!)

And now - do you begin to see something there beyond the mere appearance?

Surely now you do...?

Do you get an inkling of the SACRIFICE He Made, just now...?

Do you grasp the notion of what He Truly Is - just now?

As we just did with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings
(and let it be clear that there is only one King of Kings - and you were looking at various depictions of Him just now! The last guy who pretended that he was a "king of kings" wound up in a hospital room and going under the surgical knife - overnight and just like that! A shout out to you, Jean-Paul Levesque... ;)

Verily we should do the same with everyone else and everything else
on God's Green Earth
Let us not stop at the first impression we have of things and people -
that can lead us down the wrong path all too quickly - either way.
Some get the wrong impression when they should get a good one
Others get the "right impression" - and fool themselves in the sad process
No, verily - one has to make thorough use of discernment
Peer through the physical evidence
In order to get through to the Truth beneath all that.

On the day that we can see things as clearly as this young lady does

THEN we might be able to say that we see things clearly
that we see things as they truly are
that we can tell what is right and what is wrong
what has importance and what has none
what truly matters - and what does not

On that day - the new era will be ushered in




Friday, April 06, 2007

Just A Luminous Reminder, Folks...


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