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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Luminous Milestone

This is the third year.
The third winter
and third spring 
-spring to be, really -
that I go through
with this newfound,
so very appropriate,
luminous perspective...

some may say 
it is depressing
on the surface 
to look at it
this way:  
and yet 
as spring beckons, 
I can only 
in the mind's eye, 
in sad memory, 
the passing, 
of a near, 
dear one. 
An end 
when all about us 
we see signs 
of a new beginning. 

Quite frankly, 
it could not have been 
any better than this!

Thank you, God
for having made it all
come to pass
the way it did.
Dad is better off
as our faith is renewed
- simultaneously.

Even the rain at the funeral
was like a downpour
of blessings
washing over me,
over him,
over us all who were there.
Even the ones
I've since grown apart from!

The rain
symbolized the opening
of Heaven's Gates;
as so beautifully expressed
in Michael W Smith's
classic song
Let It Rain

Or this piece right here:


the rain symbolized
a torrent of blessings
- as well as
the spring season
in and by itself
And everything about us
-truly everything in nature-
in the Cycle of Life,
all of it reeks of
the immortality
of the soul;
see it
for yourself
in the neverending cycle
all about us,
in the flowers that bloom
only to wither;
and then grow again.
Observe it again and again,
with luminous discernment
- for even in the decay
of every form of matter...
The Essence Remains!

I'll see you again
father -
when we both see
Our Father...
Until then...

Happy Birthday Dad.

It's your 75th.

And this is 
the 1000th 
of the 
luminous blog - 
and no; 
we couldn't have had 
a better one 
in any other 


Who cares about other
petty mortal concerns, Miss Victor...
When the true luminous heartbeat
is that of the soul
which never dies. 

- L.A.P.

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