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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Grueling 365 Days Marathon To The NEXT Party...!

It's not so bad, really... it is worth it to be working, worrying, struggling and suffering through 300+ days... just to get two months off!
Oops - you don't get two months off... just one... none? Two weeks? Better than nothing my friend! :)
Blessed Be in 2006!
And onwards - until the End of Time!



Friday, December 30, 2005

Luminous Friday Night Videos Presents: The New Year's Playlist! ~ And May God Bless Us All In 2006 ~ And Always!


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Thursday, December 29, 2005

They're Having Happy Holidays In Iraq... Not.

The contested parliamentary elections are creating even more tension in Iraq - and that results in more violence and more deaths as well.

Did the "current administration" really think that it was going to be so easy to instill in a country like Iraq "democracy, freedom and the American way"...? I know Dubya is quite misinformed (and downright deluded) but come on...!

American troops are dying... but that is akin to lamenting the loss of a drop of blood when we are having a hemorrhage.

The bulk of the casualties -by far- are the people America is allegedly "freeing" - yes, they are doing just that all right... freeing the poor folks from their mortal coils, that is what they are doing there!

If you have half-a-brain, a soul and any decency at all, Dubya - GET OUT OF IRAQ - NOW!


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Loss of Innocence...? WHAT "Innocence"...?

Mourners have laid flowers and they have also lit candles at the site of Monday's shooting in downtown Toronto. A 15 year-old girl died there, the victim of a randomly shot bullet. Two rival groups of youths were busy shooting at each other amidst the crowd, see...? Street gangs no longer meet in parks for knife fights where anything goes... They have guns now. Times are achangin indeed...
Det. Sgt. Savas Kyriacou (why do I think of Kojak when I say his name?) of the Toronto Police Service (TPS? But... that's the French for... GST! Well, we know where our tax money goes...) was quoted saying that Toronto had "finally lost its innocence".
What - only now it did? Or rather is it only now that the Detective Sargent has noticed...? It sure took a lot then... Guns ablazin; hoodlums, as he called them himself, endangering everyone on the street... But that is the official time of "loss of innocence", Savas my good man - that is the culmination of it! Innocence has gone out the window a long time ago - in Toronto, in Buffalo, in Chicago, in El Paso... EVERYWHERE! A little taste of anarchy now is the result of it - not "it" per say. Crime is out of control - most criminals are out and about, not behind bars...
What is more mind-boggling about this, is the fact that Canada is supposed to have GUN LAWS... yet all the hoodlums have their own "piece" anyway! Canada is not any better than the United States then! What GOOD are those restrictive gun laws anyway? Everyone that does not have a permit and should not be carrying a weapon HAS ONE AND USES IT TOO! Even in Laval, Québec - Pépin, the guy who shot the female police officer fatally, owned rifles without any permit for such a high caliber weapon. His neighbours had no idea he had such an armory in his apartment! Your own neighbours could be packing a whole lot of firepower and you just don't know it! Nowadays, we don't know who we can argue in relative safety with! Fisticuffs used to be the worst-case scenario of an argument deevolving into barbaric behaviour - and no one dies of that (usually - there have been exceptions) - but now, one shouting match could get you a bullet in the head.
Alas, some bite the bullet without even having said a word - such as that 15 year-old girl who was simply out hunting the bargains advertised for Boxing Day. She was at the wrong place, at the wrong time... that bullet had her name on it... whatever cliché you want to use here, likely applies. Nowadays, teens are hardly as innocent as they used to be a mere few decades ago - but if there was any innocence lost there, it was the innocent bystander aged fifteen who lost her life last Monday.
And she was not the only one who was lost, as we know, in this year that some have dubbed the Year of the Gun.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Explosive 450th Luminous Blog Post!

"There have been 78 murders in Toronto this year, including a record 52 by gunfire."
"The rash of gun violence has politicians at all levels of government expressing their outrage."
Hmm... isn't it the same all across the land though? (Here, "the land" would describe North America... maybe all of Western civilization as well!)
What are we downgraded to nowadays - some sort of hybrid world, half-techie, half-Far West? Bret Hart will NEVER be able to mouth off again about the USA being the "toilet of the world" and Canada being the one country where no one gets shot on the streets... FIFTY-TWO have been shot DEAD in Toronto alone! FOUR RCMP officers were shot full of holes on a single excursion into marijuana land... back in the Hitman's home province of Alberta! Maybe calling himself the "Hitman" was a bad omen for his own country, eh Bret? And that greasy-haired self-executioner has the gall to own his own minor league hockey team... Spreading thy bad influence, eh Bret? Yes - at least the kids are shooting pucks, not guns - for now that is! Of course the problems of the entire blamed civilized world are not to be blamed on a fictional hitman here - but maybe, just maybe, I am singling out Bret here because he is the guy whose brother DIED while employed by Titan Sports... and now, he has affliated himself with Titan Sports - AGAIN. He forgot the death of his own brother and all that they did to him personally - forgot all pride and dignity - just to get a better deal on the release of a DVD based upon him, his career and his wishful thinking (to be "the best that is... was... ever will be" - rrrrright.)
How very "Hitman-like" of you, mercenary pink-Harted one! You make me sick Bret!
Since there are so many shootings in downtown Toronto these days, maybe there could be one the next time you're in town - on the promotional tour for the DVD, eh? Sign away copies of the DVD - why don't you. Your brother Owen sure can't do it for you...
But enough about Hart... in this rapidly becoming more and more savage world (some perplexing de-evolution process going on here...) we cannot show too much heart - we have to be stone-faced and stoic most of the time it seems!
One never knows when ANY ONE OF US can wind up with a bullet in our heads... and that can happen at anytime, and virtually any place too. You don't want to catch a bullet - and thus be caught dead - with a dopey smile on your face... do you? You want to go stern-faced, impassive... looking "cool" - looking "tough".
The world may be de-evolving back to its most primitive ways (but with high-tech weaponry now) - but the one modern concept remains; and that is "image is everything". Just ask Bret about THAT... he knows aaaaall about it!


Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day, eh? Anybody Up For An Update On What Is Going On In Luminousland... Anybody Up For Actual Fisticuffs and Knuckles Sandwiches As Well?!?

It's Boxing Day...

There's No Need To Be A Cheapskate

On Boxing Day

They Have Rebates Upon Rebates

And 20% Off On Top Of That!

In A World Of Consumerism

With Half The Globe DYING

Of Hunger And Other Plights

I Guess What I Really Need To Do

Is Buy More Crap - On Boxing Day!!!

So... I have succumbed to my old temptations of trying to write send-up songs... but not for The Temptations, no! *lol* That was to the tune of "Do They Know It's Christmas Time", by the way... in case you weren't able to tell, folks!
Nothing new to report on my one-man war on the triple "d" effect (dweebs, druggies and dumba$$es... one could amalgamate it into the acronym "duds", hmm?) - FOR NOW that is! I stand in full readiness to do some heavy-duty clobbering - yeah! :)
I did not feel, quite obviously as understandably, like partaking of the Boxing Day offerings today - as clearly demonstrated by the lyrics posted here, I am simply not in the mood. Some who did are regretting it already - and not just because they got a killer deal... on a crappy product! The Russian equivalent of "attention K-mart shoppers" in St. Petersburg got a nasty surprise when a strange "garlic scented" gas invaded their respiratory system... a whopping 95% of the people who breathed in the gas stayed hospitalized (95% - the kind of percentage you will NEVER see advertised off any regular prices - not even on Boxing Day!). The incident is NOT a terrorist attack though (shoot) but merely "malicious competition" between two retail giants in Russia! Sheesh! How pathetic is THAT? Couldn't they have tried a more "aggressive" publicity campaign first - before resorting to this sort of aggressiveness, huh?!?
Although, to tell the truth, I have expected to see something like that happen between Zellers and Wal-Mart for a loooooooong time now... No amounts of publicity will overturn the public's perception that they "will pay less" at Wally's place... Hence, I was so sure that Zeddy was gonna go medieval on that over-rated smiley! (Sort of like he did on Marty... the K-mart Kat? When Zeddy was through with him , he was no longer Marty but the Martyr...! *LOL*)
Maybe one day... before Zeddy goes belly up... at least some water balloons thrown at the tall grey wall of any Wal-Mart outlet... hmm?


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tis the season for... trespassing, breaking and entering... and shaking in your booties as the quaking is going on too?!?

Arn Anderson (not his real name) used to say, when he was a member of the Four Horsemen of Sports Entertainment, that the way to greet someone who is trying to get into your home is by bashing him in the head "real bad"... I was readying myself to do just that recently - less than 24 hours ago in fact - as the unexpected happened... and the "test" was conclusive! I was very cool about the prospect of ending the year with some moron's blood all over my floor!

Lest it was Santa's not-so little helper, drunk and HIGH, that tried to force his way into my house last night at four in the morning! I was awaiting him, not with milk and cookies but with a weapon of fortune (that I shall leave unidentified; suffice it to say, the clubbing would have been severe! Hey - they do it to seals! POOR INNOCENT SEALS! Think I will show any mercy at all to some drunk junkie who obviously either has the WRONG DOOR... or was dispatched here, to test my mettle in some way...?!? NO WAY, HO-SAY! NO MERCY - and I don't expect any either! The "Heart of Gold Luminous Luciano" is DEAD - remember folks? The more practical one is already in effect... since last week at the very least!)

So - this nitwit is trying to barge in here, through the backdoor, 4 AM. - and I was NOT in the mood to be civil! This neighborhood has been going to heck for several years now - and I am about to go Dirty Harry on them all! As this individual was trying the door, in his high level of intoxication he did not see me dial 911... and he sure as heck did not see what I held in my hands, in case he DID GET IN... I even told the police dispatcher "send in the cavalry, or I will be forced to use what I am holding in my hands right now! And the guy won't be a pretty sight AFTER I AM THROUGH WITH HIM!". See... I am NOT about to be a "heart of gold" with the SCUM OF THE EARTH! And this guy sure does qualify - WHOEVER HE IS! He was seconds away from being dealt with accordingly... alas, FOR ONCE, the cops DID show up on time! TWAS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! A policeman and a policewoman maced him, handcuffed him and took him away... and then, a THIRD policeman complained to me THAT I WAS TOO LOUD?!? Trust me, folks, with the neighbours I have got - I CAN BE AS LOUD AS I WANT TO BE! They never sleep it seems... they are nocturnal, abysmal AND the diametrical opposite of a "know-it-all" (is that "know-nothing-at-alls"?!? *LOL* Yeah - that is another story). Aye, folks - I am as close as I ever was to embark on a career of VIGILANTISM! Justice is too slow on this Earth - people like ME, who have the right perception and discernment of things, CAN MAKE THINGS FASTER IN THAT DEPARTMENT! With the earthquake in Pakistan, a world away - I'd say that GOD Himself Is none too happy with us either (each time the Earth trembles, it is said to be when GOD Looks upon it with IRE... yes! I like that explanation much better than plate tectonics loose or something!) - however I felt not like blogging about THAT - you may read the article via the link provided here... No shaking in booties here though; I would actually enjoy a quake here! Last one we had was many years ago, lasted a mere few seconds and taught NO ONE a lesson at all! An earthquake would add an extra dimension to it - as I rumble with the buffoons found in these parts! Don't you think...? Oh... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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