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Monday, October 15, 2012

Time To Be B.A.D. - - - Once Again!

We've participated before - and we knew, deep in our heart, that we'd participate again before too long...  And here we are, some years later, right in the thick of it again!  It's B-Day!  Or B-A-D-Day, really! And it is so damn good to be this B.A.D. indeed!

We're on the threshold of a major happening, you and I -  aye, WE!

Aye, it most definitely is once again Blog Action Day: and the luminous blog simply had to be one of the many illustrious participants that, once more, tackle the true core dilemmas of today. And as we do so on this year of our Lord that is fast approaching its conclusion, two-thousand and twelve, it could not be more appropriate to do so in this very fashion, for this approach yields results.  Past experience proved it already... It is, hence, the sixth year of this new tradition in the blogosphere: and, indeed, we have got to remain a part of it. After all, it is better than New York. Better than the latest gizmos Apple, Blueberry or Pumpkinheads all over the globe can possibly come out with to offer us, the gullible consuming masses. Better than any trend out there, in the ''real world'' that is, before it, now or yet to come!  Gotta be a part of it - yes!

Each year, since 2007 therefore,  there is a theme, a topic chosen for the day and, verily, for the year, since Blog Action Day is truly an annual event; sort of like a NaNoWriMo for global causes. The first five years covered important topics that impact all of society and should concern us all, no matter where we stand in the pyramidal scheme that it is: poverty, climate change, water, food - it sure does concern us all, does it not?  Hence the logical progression here: now, let's decipher and analyse what we can all do about it!  For it is in great numbers that true power to realize the necessary changes can be found: and so it is our chosen topic this year - the power of the ''we'' that we're talking about here!

The Power of *WE* 

And what a great topic it is; one that fits right into actuality and what's been going on all over the planet lately indeed! WE have been gathering and WE have been making some noise - FINALLY! Now that WE have love (for our fellow denizens, our brethren that comprise the infamous now 99% of us over all - right?) what are WE gonna do with IT?!?  THAT is the question! But WE... sorry, we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit here now...

Quite ironically and most fittingly of all, this is the exact same topic that had been explored by a group to which ''we'' are indeed affiliated to: it is called Option CSC. This particular collective, though small in numbers, is simple in its organisation and goals that it has set for itself: ''we'' only aim to gather together as regularly as we can, in order to share our faith, exchange ideas, partake of the same food for thought just as we share dinner as well...!  In many ways, it is a second family, a second home to go to each evening (although it is only once a week, usually...!)

The topic for the month of October was, in so many words, ''UN  «  À VENIR »  POUR LA COMMUNAUTÉ HUMAINE'' and, further more or beyond that, ''Participer à l'avenir d'une communauté humaine'' which all boils down to a ''WE'' indeed - or a French ''OUI'' if you ask me! But that's just me... Eu e... But that would be telling too much!  ;-) 

Pull up to the bumper, babies!  
But you may need to brush up on the old Frenchki there...! 

Is there a future for the ''WE'' here - can ''WE'' make it happen?  Can ''we'' make a better whole of what we've got going, careening down the road to oblivion, right now?  The answer has got to be a resounding YES WE CAN - but there has got be a willingness there, the effort behind it and the collaboration of all involved: and it is never stressed enough that WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER! And it is indeed together that we can make any kind of a difference now. Because there are forces in motion, even as we blog, to circumvent our individual efforts.  There are powers at work, behind the scenes, that wouldn't mind one iota anything less than to cull our numbers and see us rot away - as long as they collect all the goods and reap all the benefits before then.  Those would be the proverbial 1% out there - the big, bad (not B.A.D. like WE are, mind you - bad in the worst sense, the original sense too!) mean and vile powers-that-be who would rule over the masses - WE who are, at best, nothing more than tax-paying sheep for them: sheep over whose eyes they would just as soon pull the wool and speak softly to... just as they stab us in the back!  In effect, WE live in a world where the well-being of a few privileged ones takes priority over the hard-working majority: and that must not be tolerated!  What can we do about it? Well... WE can be heard! And we will be heard - just as the Bostonians before us!  (My nod to certain classic movie; call it a neo-classic, why don't you!)  For, as it stands now, THEY are nothing without us!  WE are in a position where we can still call the shots!  We can make them kneel down and repent of their misguided ambition and repugnant egotistical ways! We still can - if WE BELIEVE WE CAN!  All we really have to do is make that pesky 1% out there understand that they do not own anything - the planet is not theirs alone; it belongs to all of US!  They can gain, momentarily, vast amounts of profit and gain on capital - but that is all ephemeral and illusionary at best. One single rebuttal from Gaia herself, and it is all gone with the wind, fellas, good or bad (again, not B.A.D. like us!) - and then, what will you do?  As God Almighty is our witness, the good ol' green Earth was given to us all so that we enjoy it, fructify and multiply upon it, nurture it instead of exploit it mercilessly until it is but a pale shadow of its former self. Nature is ours - but, as its custodians, WE owe it respect and the utmost care.  WE have to make that 1% understand that: that their profit margin is not worth all that WE have at stake in all of this.  

And who better than WE to achieve just that - hmm?  

So at it, people: boycott, denounce, defend the worthy, the good and the defenceless - and lambaste the pests that make this world nauseating at the core (now, where have we read that before, we wonder...?)

If we, at the luminous blog, otherwise known as TLB Prime (for it is one of many) can inspire but a few to embark upon such a modern-day cyber (or not) Crusade - then it has not all been in vain! 

That, in a jiffy, is why, on this fifteenth day of the tenth month of the year of our Lord two-thousand and twelve...

This has been Luminous Luciano's participation 
in the ''Born To Be B.A.D. Thingie'' 
otherwise known as Blog Action Day

Heartfelt thanks to luminous collaborators 
Raina, майка и баща, Mom, Dad and Tyberyius! 

Regards to hashtags 

And to all the other partners of this event: 
Blogger, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube 
(all the usual suspects!) 

Sempre Por O Melhor! 


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