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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Luminous Voyage

Travelers worldwide will chronicle their journeys abroad with ample amounts of digital photography... video recordings via many means of various degrees of high definition results... maybe even some audio recordings, for the technologically-impaired...? Whatever the case, there will be tangible mementos of most every moment, there for posterity - in glorious glossy-color and in terrific two-dimensional splendor!

To capture the MOTION but, mostly, the EMOTION of the events - that is the all-important purpose of it all here!

However, most truly sensible souls will admit that whatever pics that they may have taken during their trips, even at the very right split-second that it is needed to be snapped, they all fail to capture the moment in any real way. As good as the pictures are, they do not capture even one percent of the all-important emotion, which is 90% of the moment right there. And they do not even capture all that the eye was relishing right there and then; no, not even that.

Yet, keeping some record remains a must for most everyone. Some will choose to do so in writing; and such is the most sensible choice, or so do we believe here, at TLB Prime... Alas, not everyone will write fluently; but those who do will do as this edition attempts right here and now - a captain's log! Aren't we all the captains of our lives? Note the difference between this and the traditional diary, which is the path chosen by and the style of many-a-blog here on Blogger and elsewhere... This, in contrast, is an atypical captain's log - with entries at specific times, enumerating events and impressions in as crystalline a way as possible. It is about this site's webmasters' trip to Europe - and Luminous Luciano's much awaited tour there; the first of many... indubitably!

Now that it is all said and done, memories might blur from the departure on with the return trip - but it doesn't truly matter at this point in time...

For all that matters is the EMOTION felt.

Enjoy the account - as it is all real.


August 15th, 2010 - five o'clock in the afternoon, just about...

Trepidation and anticipation are au rendez-vous as we prepare to head for the airport for this long, long journey... Nearly ten hours in the air is suddenly a daunting test to pass with, er, flying colours - quite literally so too! The drive there, long in itself, does a nice prepping up for our spirits to put up with the concept that we will be suspended in extremely high altitude for so many hours - locked inside such a heavy juggernaut as a jumbo jet...! (Ok, OK - it was only an Air France "airbus" to be exact) But nothing shall leave us perplexed on this day - for it is our midsummer journey's beginning!

Five forty-five PM

Right off the bat, the annoying procedures one has to go through in order to finally be allowed to embark on the blamed plane, makes one annoyed beyond description... If one only remembered that -and if this be purgatory- then there can be no doubt that the arrival at one`s () ``final destination`` can only be the apex of the experience itself! (I would have called it ``heaven`` - but let`s avoid going there just yet, ok? If you get what I am screaming...!)

August 16th 2010 - time-difference makes it hard to pinpoint what time it really is - one thing is for sure: it feels like 3AM ETERNAL right now...!

Paris is so glum as we arrive there; gray skies, no sun at all, gloomy! But we care not about that - we will enjoy our time here, no matter what, and then move quickly on to the next city - Sofia!

August 18th 2010 - say, circa midnight?

Sofia is, for our money, a far-more romantic city than Paris could ever be! Pin it on simple things: our frame of minds, personal memories, the history of the place... All we have to do is make abstraction of the poor condition of the 30-year old sidewalks, the sad heritage of the old communist regime there and the innumerable gypsies - and Sofia is the best!!! Paris? Paris sera toujours pourri!

August 24th 2010 - early in the morning...

We have reached Greece! All we could say, for the first few hours, was: ``wow... Calli mera!``

Next Few Days -
Cloud Nine floats through Athens... Lisboa... London...

September 14th, 2010 - time to return; oh no!!!

We shall return abroad - fear not!
And when we do... watch out, Europe!

Sempre Por O Melhor

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