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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For The Luminous Cat Person (And Dog Dude Too!)

Is it a holiday, today?
Never mind if it is or if it is not - the fact of the matter is that we have finally noticed, after nearly seven years here, that the song with a most fitting title (HOLIDAY) for this blog has *never* been featured on TLB PRIME - aka The Luminous Blog! We cannot be sure about the rest of the TLB Prime Network (too much bandwidth to cover, you know...) but we can safely say that we have indeed skipped this one here, despite the fact that it is a natural for this site in many and mostly certain aspects...!

Let us remedy to this situation right here and right now, then: and with style, on top of that! For Mad-Onna has a rightful successor, a heir apparent that has fans going *gaga* over her - and there's this latest hit playing all the time these days, everywhere -the latest hit on an impressive string of consecutive hits for the budding "star"; although we may have mentioned before our reserve in mentioning "stars" and "superstars" for anything that is not indeed a celestial object- but that is digression right there...

Hence, that hit song -Alejandro- which could, conceivably, be about the name of some saint out there - was recently amalgamated with the previously mentioned Holiday by the Mad One; and the result amalgamation (aye, amalgamation, we said; not abomination!) is titled "Holiandro"...!

Enjoy the meeting of the minds - and of two eras - that follows:

That was something else, was it not!

Many thanks, for the discovery of this remix, to the new addition to the blogroll bunch of brilliant blogs, linked here, somewhere, on the long -and luminous- sidebar. Upon finding it (or simply clicking here) you will discover the brilliant blogger in question, all the latest news on these so-called "stars" (that are not, for they are but mere flesh -flawed flesh; oh-so-very-flawed...!- and bone -bored bone; oh-so-very-boring...!) and much, much more! It is an exciting blog to visit often, for it is up-to-date and fresh; all that and funny as well! Thus, look up the kitty kitty person - soon!
(Just keep on scrolling down and looking on the right end of the screen, if you are using Internet Explorer -whatever version- or look on the left if you are using Mozilla Firefox! They're diametrically opposed, those two - you know...)

I would be remiss if I didn't add my own two cents of entertainment news - the sort of thing I usually reserve for a plethora of other blogs, part of the TLB Prime Network - but exceptions can always be made, quite obviously...!

Last week-end, there was this event called "Heavy Mtl" - with the clear implication that the two vowels missing there are "e" and "a"... It made us think, here, at the TLB Prime Network, if there could be one such thing as "luminous metal" too...? We pondered the question some more and came up with a list of... suggestions. Or subject-cases. Submitted for your approval...

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Corny thing, if there ever was one - Korn, a band that was present and one of the headliners to boot, at this Heavy Mtl thing, was not to be found anywhere on Too bad. Another fascinating subject-case, P.O.D. I think they are called, was nowhere to be found either. There were only a single song-per-case to be added there, in any case...

"Heavy Mtl" wasn't a rowdy thing - by the way, surprisingly... Only one lone ambulance was required to be on the scene, rumor has it... Heavy Metallists can behave themselves - so there is hope for the zealots and radicals out there, yet! But that is another story...

I would be remiss, once more, if I ended on that note, without leaving you a chance to listen to the original "Alejandro" - other stuff to go "gaga" over - AND plenty others, from this latest crop of "new talent" that could never hope nor dream to ever replace the singing and artistic talent of yesteryear...

But they keep on trying - kudos for that, kiddos!

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