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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Zebrafish... Retinafish... Swimming Underwater... Gimme Back - Gimme Back - Gimme My Eyes Back! (?!?)

Oyé, Oyé -
All of you BLIND AS A BAT duds
there is hope for you yet!
Aye -
And what a surprise it is that
said hope comes to you
straight from THE SEA!
Aye -
the Seven Seas -
and not any utility belt
devised and refurbished
by some nutcase who lives
in a Bat-Cave!!!
No, folks,
Being batty brings you
But being an
can reap some
sizeable rewards!
I do not condone fishing
as a sport
nor as an industry
especially not when
it infringes upon
I also do not condone
medical practices
in general...
So it truly is
that I make mention here
of the medical establishment's
latest cooky plans
to scavenge nature
scavenge the seas
steal from the little
its ability to
and give back
to so many that are blind...
Playing God again, eh...

IF the precious ability
is transferrable
to humans!

only wished to have zebrafishies
recuperate their eyesight
- for they do not misuse it
as humans do!

free music

And what of
all the blind-as-a-bat morons;
they are so many out there -
those who REFUSE to see the truth
who prefer to see things
totally NOT as they are
and stubbornly carry on
down the WRONG path...

What of those?!?
will ever give them
20/20 vision...

There is a slim glimmer of hope
for those geeky comic-booky fans
those who think batman
is GOD...
And view Aquaman as "lame" -
If they have half the brains
of a Zebrafish
they'll see what
talking to FISH could bring
and how being BATTY
is totally USELESS!

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Luminous Spontaneous Poetry - inspired by the image below...


Lights in the Night

None knew what to make of them
They were brimming with sparkling energy
Shimmering with a glow unholy
Crying out for our attention
Puzzlement and enlightenment being their contention
Potent yet translucent
They hovered for a time above the firmament
Until time came, to all's amazement
To call it a night - with eerie contentment!
Thus ended the night of the lights
And no one ever knew what they truly were
Ghastly harbingers
of another time or another place
Or simple last throes of a dying earth
unexpected aurora borealis
unpredictable sudden bliss
Or perhaps, simpler still
our heavenly observers
come to rend us asunder...

- L.P. 2007 - A.R.R.


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