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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Smoking - part deux

Nooooooo - I am not done with SMOKING!
By no stretch of the imagination! Fact is, smokers have come out of the closet about it already and have labeled themselves as handicapped, nothing less, because of their dependence to tobacco! Yes... They sure are missing quite a few vital brain components too, for having such an obtuse habit to kick! Everything to get some small chance at winning their case, though... Because, you see, they have an infinitesimal glimmer of hope that glitters there, in the dark fumes of their own stinking smoke, that maybe, just MAYBE, the Bill of Rights can protect them and get them what they think they crave and need...!
La Charte des droits protège les fumeurs!
Un fumeur qui se fait imposer de ne pas fumer dans son appartement par son proprio peut, en théorie, porter plainte pour discrimination fondée sur le handicap.

There is a world and a half between theory and practice, luckily enough...
À ce jour, aucune plainte concernant un locataire fumeur n’a encore été portée à l’attention de la Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse du Québec, mais la chose est techniquement possible, indique Daniel Carpentier, conseiller juridique à la Commission.
Ahhhhh - the commission defends both the rights of the everyman AND, specifically, those of today's YOUTH. Hmm... In an ideal world, today's youth is put back in its proper place, shuts the hell up, and NEVER EVEN STARTS LIGHTING IT UP - EVER!
Brothers and sisters, I saw evidence, the other day, that "le ridicule ne tue pas" as they say - I saw a chubby slacker riding his near-tricycle around his block, and he was SMOKING! He stopped to cough and, most probably, the nescient creature has no clue whatsoever why he is coughing... Nor will he have any when it keeps getting worse and worse still, with the years...

But let's now get back to the landlords that want no smoking tenants...
«Il est possible que ça soit une forme de discrimination fondée sur le handicap. La cigarette crée une dépendance, c’est écrit sur tous les paquets, et les dépendances sont un handicap au même titre que l’alcool et la toxicomanie», explique Carpentier.

And, as the OTHER Carpentier used to say, "à la semaine prochaine si Dieu Le Veut!"
Gee - of course being dependent upon such noxious and nauseating things can be viewed as a bad "dependency" and makes you, henceforth, sick automatically. To say that it is a "handicap" that big mean landlords, out to protect their and (MAYBE) their other tenants' long term health as well, are being "discriminating" here is beyond ridiculous. Are soldiers out on the field "discriminating" when they destroy bacteriological weapons - BEFORE these weapons can be used to make them sick and die?!? Come on...!

Alas, there is article 5 of the aforementioned Bill of Rights, which is man-made and thus hardly foolproof... Said article is all about respecting privacy. Ha, what a farce. Obtuse attitudes are not "privacy" - they're something else that actually rhymes with it; idiocy!
L’article 5 de la Charte des droits et libertés de la personne prévoit également que toute personne ait droit au respect de sa vie privée, rappelle Daniel Carpentier.

Thus, all it takes is one loudmouth that goes against common sense on an entire other level to "shake things up" - the wrong way.
«Un propriétaire qui veut empêcher un locataire de fumer dans son appartement peut voir cette interdiction contestée si quelqu’un veut aller aussi loin.»

Shades of that atheist a-hole who, for close to two decades now, has "contested" the presence of a legitimate religious monument on top a mountain... Contesting is not always done because it is RIGHTFUL to do so, but only because it is "lawful" to do so at the moment, before the earthly flawed law system that is in place...
La Charte interdit toute forme de discrimination fondée sur la race, la couleur, le sexe, la grossesse, l’orientation sexuelle, l’état civil, l’âge, la religion, les convictions politiques, la langue, l’origine ethnique, la condition sociale, le handicap ou l’utilisation d’un moyen pour pallier ce handicap.

To quote the immortal MR. T - "I pity the fool who makes usage of tobacco in order to "palliate to his handicap/dependency" - fool!" (Okay - that was more like paraphrasing, I admit!)
I predict (...) many more wasted and misused funds from the tax payer's pocket that will go into unnecessary court time... May it come from chain-smoking addicts' pockets then! 

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Video Time ~ Once Again Way Too Soon, In My Book!

It is indeed a shame that the 14 days of the tenure here, on TLB Prime, of DMX's truly inspired song and video Lord Give Me A Sign has come to an end... Seems like two weeks fly by way too fast when the song is good and a perfect fit for this luminous blog o'mine...! Oh well - here we go again, hoping that this week's pick is just as long-lasting and destined to become a perennial favorite too!

I would be remiss though if, once again, I did not present to you a few luminous sound alternatives as well...! ;)

Such as Lux Aeterna for instance! Aye - Lux Aeterna, one of the finest pieces of music anyone can possibly listen to, ever in one's life! This goes out, of course, to the 99 remaining members of the Lux Aeterna group that I continue to host (against my will and/or logic, it seems, but only because I shall not let darkness win out and engulf this great group -rife and laden with potential- into oblivion... No way! More on that below: just scroll all the way down to "deleted gems" to see!)

Alas, the video below is not the Lux Aeterna I would want here; the music is the same, but the visuals are not 2010-inspired or even LOTR-inspired but really... Sailor Moon in action?!? LIVE ACTION - at least! Lord Preserve Me From Manga - Aye, Aye; Amen!


I would also like to remind you all of this:

That's like... Three videos already here... Sorry! I had promised to cut down on such glitzy gizmos, I know... But really, such is my guilty pleasure, here, on
The Luminous Blog

Hence, here is the video I thought could toughen it up 
on TLB Prime for the next fourteen days... Tell me if I'm wrong!

But NOW that this is ARCHIVED - tell me so on another blog entirely!!!
This one right here will do!

It would be one of my "blogger greatest fears" to have a video here that quickly gets royally on everybody's nerves - and then to be unable to update the blog, say, forevermore, for whatever reason there might come to be (hey, you never know; rrright?) so it always remains here for all time as the "sound of TLB Prime" - arrrrggghhh! Of course, with the poor reliability and performance of and the plethora of deleted videos on YouTube, such an "eternal working link" theory is the stuff of MYTH and LEGEND - and never to be eye-widening (but not necessarily opening) reality! Correct? ;) is not that trustworthy indeed - for if it isn't them taking off the video, for violation of their site's rules or whatever other reason there can be, it is the user who uploaded it in the first place who can take it off in a flight of fancy himself, without any prior notice whatsoever! 

I am going to start using another site's offerings soon in order to satisfy such cravings - 
stay tuned to find out which one it is!

Meanwhile, focus on THE HARDEST PART of all this; if you make it through the first five days of Coldplay's annoying lead singer's vocals, the song will grow on you and the rest of this tenure will be smooth sailing indeed!

Not sure -like, at all- of how much longer 
I will keep up this tradition 
of a "LFNV" 
(Luminous Friday Night Video - duh) 
every other Friday or so 

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

It Is Not To Flaunt It Nor To Vaunt - But I Did Tell You So!!!

It has been YEARS that I have told Montreal-area authorities, accursed landlords (two in particular, who "presided" in pathetic fashion in the building where my dear recently-departed father used to reside and could have easily presided if he had wanted to do so) and the damnable smokers themselves with whom I had length feuds, quarrels and engueulades; APARTMENT BUILDINGS SHOULD BE EXCEPTIONS - YOU WANT TO SMOKE IN "YOUR HOME" - OWN IT AND CROAK IN IT - YOU FILTHY BASTARDS! DO NOT POLLUTE THE AIR OF YOUR NEIGHBORS AND FORCE THEM TO DIE WITH YOU - VILE CREEPS!


In two words: NO WAY! Not under certain conditions; the smoker can only be allowed to endanger HIMSELF AND ONLY HIMSELF while exposing all to his noxious fumes would be tolerated ONLY IF OTHERS ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO WANT IT THAT WAY! Whether it is a public place or any kind of home DOES NOT MATTER ONE BIT AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT AT ALL! PUBLIC HEALTH AND LIVES ARE WHAT TRULY MATTERS - NOT ANYTHING ELSE!

In this case, the actual ruling is "Depuis le 31 mai, la loi antitabac interdit aux résidants d’un immeuble de plus de six logements de fumer dans les espaces communs. La loi ne s’applique pas aux espaces privés" - which means that, since May 31st, the new anti-tobacco laws forbid smoking to residents of a building of more than six apartments in the "common space" - lobby, hallways, stairways and such...

However, this made out to be "scandalous" headline addresses another reality - a new reality that has dawned at long last! The headline is written as if to suggest that they are saying "oh-my-God, they want to forbid people from smoking in their own apartment! This is draconian! This is Orwellian! This is nazism! This is a scandal and a breach of privacy!" Well - no it isn't! Smoking is nothing short than a public menace! So are the other forms of pollution that mankind has invented over time, but that is not the focus right now... This is the focus: «plusieurs propriétaires nous demandent comment s’y prendre légalement pour inclure au bail des clauses pour empêcher des locataires de fumer dans leur appartement. C’est un phénomène récent», which is, in English words, the tendency nowadays to see landlords ask the Rental Board how to proceed to make it a part of the lease such a clause as to prevent tenants from smoking in the apartment! Some pundits will say "they pay the rent, they can do whatever they want in there" - and that, again, IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL. Any tenant that ever was, is or will be KNOWS that there are rules and a line of conduct to observe. One more clause should not be too much, I would think, especially in buildings that have little or nothing in terms of a ventilation system!

As the most sensible landlords that I ever saw noted, "smoking disturbs other tenants and it even damages the building, in the long run. After two short years, the scent has penetrated the walls and only repainting can mask the problem."
Luckily, for now, the flawed laws of said Board are not about to take away the right of these few sensible landlords and their *good* tenants to BREATHE CLEAN AIR...
«Pour l’instant, rien dans la jurisprudence n’empêche les propriétaires d’inscrire une clause antifumée», confirmed a Rental Board representative. However, in order to be able to demand such a "sacrifice" from their tenants, the landlord has to ask for that non-smoking favor when the lease is signed. And it has to be all in written, of course. Such an agreement will be hard to come by, much less to enforce if it is a rule set against a contingent of known smokers that occupy the building and resent such a restraint. Silly tenant associations are actually lamenting now that this has gone too far, that it is a "witch hunt for smokers" instead of merely "ridding themselves of the nauseating smoke"... Hey, dimwits, one cannot get rid of the smoke without putting out the damn fire first! Smoke is out of public places - but how much time does the average person spend in a shopping mall on a normal day, eh? Minutes, maybe an hour at the most? So, it could be up to 23 hours spent at home, in the case of, say, a retiree with asthma or bronchitis! If that person lives in an apartment building filled with smoking tenants, what good is that "public ban on smoking" - EH?!? One has to deny himself the pleasurable usage of their home because thy neighbors are puffing it up like there was no tomorrow (and there isn't, for them) in theirs? That is absurd.

For once, I have to side with the landlords' "association des propriétaires" when they say that «certains locataires sont plus sensibles (how considerate of them to put the tenants first!) à la fumée, le marché change (it sure does) et il y a une demande (if there was no demand for it, they'd probably wouldn't bother either... with a few exceptions, sure) pour des logements sans fumée. Il y a de plus en plus de gens qui souffrent (and landlords care so much when their tenants suffer, yes) d’asthme. Le tabac laisse des traces et des odeurs (that it sure does) dans un appartement» - and in any other sort of home too, don't forget nor omit that!

It isn't just good for "more than six" apartment buildings either! Duplex owners who will rent to strangers their "second half" have a right to demand that these strangers do not pollute their property's atmosphere!! Certain housing structures are older than others too, therefore the stench of tobacco can spread much faster to the entire structure and THAT should NEVER be tolerated - EVER. Just because your neighbor enjoys stinking up the place does not mean that you should too! Renting a home is not synonymous with putting up with your neighbours' crap!

Nor is it synonymous with sharing his or her fate and DYING A SLOW ASPHYXIATING DEATH WITH HIM OR HER!

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wow - I'm Still Alive! That's Enough Of An Heroic Deed Already - These Days!

A hero is a man who does what he can. - Roman Rollard

Wow, Double R - that rhymes! Double L here appreciates! 

Isn't it amazing, still? Here I am at it again - updating the luminous blog for what seems to be the umpteenth time - and I was half-certain that I never would again! Which would have made yesterday's post my last ever - which would have not been a fitting end to this endeavour at all! I might just as well live a little while longer still...!

Today, I envisioned nothing less than a sudden and overly dramatic departure from this world; bang - heart attack! Or, as a mediocre stand-up comic from Quebec used to say, "une crise cadillac"! No, I wouldn't be driving when that would occur; I'd be running! Supposedly, I was to be walking or treading along, for this was going to happen while I was on a... treadmill, yes! A so-called friend told me, just recently, what the technical term for that machine was, but in French... trépigneuse? Hmm... as another wanna-be "humorist" from Quebec used to say, "hé, qu'il y en a qui ont le don de se compliquer la vie"! The fact is, "tapis roulant" translates pretty damn accurately the term "treadmill" as it is - to search for more erudite a term for it is like unto... treading water? ;)
But I digress...

Aye, today was to be THE END for little luminous me! I am not the nuttier sports nut nor health nut there is, see? Hence, when I was asked to do an endurance test on a treadmill, to monitor my heart and blood pressure under stress and extreme effort, I figured I had a 50/50 chance of being a goner right there! Medical studies give a certain uncomfortable percentage of "higher risk" of a heart attack to those chaps like me who make sudden great efforts, see? The deck seemed to be stacked against me -it usually is- and so I faced the prospect with... glee actually! Prepared my Living Will (most of you are getting absolutely NOTHING! *LOL*) in the days leading to the "big test" - phoned here and there, not saying goodbye but not promising any other calls either - "got all my things in order", as they say... For I figured a long time ago that if I was either to have a heart attack, stoppage, or to have a near-death experience of any kind, I would not come back from it... Only because I would not WANT TO come back! So much to explore, "on the other side", you know... Why bother with familiar territory again once you've accessed bigger and better - eh?
But that is another story...

Obviously, my plans for "the big trip" were foiled... by my own endurance! I know many have made the mistake of under-estimate me... But I never thought I'd make that mistake myself! No, wait... I did do this already, waaaaaaaaaaay back when I was a pre-schooler or something. There was a little "potato sack race" thingie going on - I was persuaded to participate at the last minute, by a bunch of meddling adults who should have minded their own business! Anyhow, I got both feet into the sack mumbling something to the effect that I was convinced that I had no chance at all to win this event, so, "why bother with it?" - but it was too late, I had both feet in it now! Immediately, the start signal was given, and I found myself enflamed with a competitive spirit I knew not I had! Either that, or it was that famous "Pimentel Pride" that runs in my family... Anyhow, within seconds really, I had won the event. I'll never forget the look on the faces of those "meddling adults" - most were stunned that I left their precious offspring in my dust - ONE was congratulatory! Not surprisingly, that one person was a childless woman and I will always remember her words to me then: "see? You always can do it, when you try to!"
Yup - that was yet another story... Factual, all true, not fictional at all, but not at all what I was going to type about in here today either!

Today, I beat the treadmill! Against all odds, my effort was more than adequate and, much to my own surprise, I wasn't even all that dizzy at the end of it; much less about to pass out or to have a heart attack! In fact, the doc (and you all know I loooooooooove docs...) told me such encouraging things afterwards, looking over my test results... Wow - that is a MIRACLE in itself; a doctor with ENCOURAGEMENT to dispense! But I'll give to Caesar what goes to Caesar (yeah - another expression from Quebec, that I adapted this time... sort of) and these were indeed the doc's words; "excellent performance! If you were an athlete, actually training, you'd have results that would make you DANGEROUS!"
Wow - miracles in rapid succession here! I am so good already, as a "desk tater" (as opposed to a couch potato) that, if I trained a little, I'd effectively morph into a lethal weapon! Well, I did reach level four and I was still only walking and not running just to avoid skipping off the treadmill! Shortness of breath was not a factor either, as I carried through on a conversation while I kept up the frantic pace! (It was regarding the treadmill itself; I remarked that the name on it could either the company that built the thing or the town it came from. For the name inscribed upon the thing was "Marquette" - hardly a great name, but one that is hard to forget, you will admit! Quebec stand-up comedians would have a grand ol' time making fun of a town with a name like that... Shades of la rue Sanguinette... Yeah - that is yet another story, for another time...)

And so, death has not come for me. I am too fit and too legit to quit! My endurance is right up there with anyone else's - and I have some "danger man" streak in me too (always knew that). *LOL* Makes me want to join a Gold's Gym! Or sign up for a triathlon... Iron man - that's me to a "T"! :)

What is most definitely not me is the part of CRÉON in the Sophocle classic ANTIGONE. I was recently likened to that role and formally cast in the role by an amateurish would-be theatre... Most likely because, like the part in question, I am prone to be, at times, a melancholic, death-wishing (but also death-defying) authority figure... Nah! Those who think that have not seen another side of me, and thus know me very little and not well at all! I am no Créon (Crayon? Crayola? *LOL*) - I am Amagemnon! Or Ulysses! Get it - antagonistic Antigone? ;)
À bon entendeur, salut! (E Não saluté...!)

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Deleted Gems On Message Boards! (Or - Wiped Out Pearls Of Wisdom And Wit!)

Hmm... in this rather quiet summer stretch (no feuds per say, no quarrels to speak of, no ongoing flamewars since less time is wasted online, more is spent beating up the heat! Ha - I would too, if I could! But I digress...) I look to the past, once again, as a historian should do!
And as a blogger out of time and inspiration to blog should do as well!
This is an old draft of a post - cumulative post really, you'll see what I mean by that shortly - which chronicles a little heated debate from winters past on a certain site, in a certain group... Since the Dan Brown crap hoopla is still not entirely done with, it is time to post it I think! Because, as you'll soon see, that ol' reservoir dog, Mr. Brown, is at the core of the debate, yes!
YOU tell me who came out on top in this debate!

If you would CARE enough TO do so indeed... Heh-heh-heh.
Note that the cards were definitely not stacked in my favor since my chief adversaries were not only the hosts of the group (they routinely deleted my rebuttals, as evidenced below, in courteous mandatory e-mails sent to me... They wouldn't even have bothered to send those, but the site's rules force them to do so. And I believe they are sent automatically anyway!) as they also were diametrically opposed to my views, being of that certain other faith... see?
You will, see... All you have to do is read on...!

NOTA BENE: this comes from, indeed, another "Caring" group - not at all my very own "Lux Aeterna" group! Once you see the name of that other group, you will flip - I was clearly in enemy territory there! But I don't mind the journey - I thrive upon those, actually!
It might be a tad disjointed at times - as it is missing key repartee (usually the luminous bits - from me!) but I trust you will be able to extract the gist of it all here... 

Hi Luciano -
Your discussion post to the The Da Vinci Code on Care2 Connect
was deleted.
Group Home:

Thank you,
The The Da Vinci Code group hosts

----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 03:01:14 PST Jan 30, 2005

Oh - S.B. - I must add... is everything in the O.E. viewed as genuine too... or does it have its detractors as well?
Noah is akin to the character called Utnapishtim - in the epic of Gilgamesh, which sure predates it... officially, it does... does it not?
Adam & Eve (and Lilith) are 100% original material...?
I could go on...
See what I mean by we should WORK TOGETHER... against unbelief... rather than nitpick?


Hi Luciano -
Your discussion post to the The Da Vinci Code on Care2 Connect
was deleted.
Group Home:

Thank you,
The The Da Vinci Code group hosts

----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 03:01:06 PST Jan 30, 2005

And feel free to type the name... JESUS... it is an E in there, not an asterisk... Likewise, can you quit abbreviating and substituting an X for CHRIST when you type CHRISTIAN... Your true intent in doing that is waaaay too obvious!


----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 05:01:15 PST Jan 30, 2005
Subject: Yes you are indeed - psychic AND perspicacious! ;)

Have no fear - I take no offense to "Xtian" per say.
Abbreviations are OK - as long as they are not of the order of "I of got 2 go now" - see what I mean?
;) *lol* :)
But gents like S.B. indulge in that particular abbreviation with added gusto - and that is bothersome to me. Oh well...


----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 05:01:35 PST Jan 30, 2005
Subject: All righty then...

I fully intend to make use of the maximum number of words in the modern lexicon that I can make use of... ;)
Then let's take it outside... *lol*
In other words... start another thread... or I will... and let's make it "compatible" both with this group's objectives... and our respective agendas! I am sure it can be done... well... God Willing and all...!!! :(
Just to veer this back towards "topic"... anybody knows which outsold which... outshone too... between THE DA VINCI CODE... THE CELESTINE PROPHECY... and THE BIBLE CODE...?
Guess which one is my favorite while you're at it... ;)
Oh, and... S.B.? Love that bear avatar you have - sincerely - it reminds me of a character in one of my very own fictional projects...


----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 03:01:40 PST Jan 30, 2005

Thanks for the rules briefing... some of us need it more than others... and thanks for welcoming me - wow, before I even posted?!! How could you achieve that, Ket...? You must be psychic...! ;)
All I have to say about this imaginative theory that purports that Jesus married this Magdalena and started a lineage now to be found, of all places, in France... is this... imagination out of control can come up with the wildest concepts. None of this FITS with what Jesus said he had come to accomplish... for, admittedly, siring offspring who would wind up in a country that reveres Jerry Lewis would accomplish... what exactly?!?
And to the allegedly cuddly one I say this - if I were born to Judaism, I would look closely at the only plausible case of the coming of the Messiah - which is, after all, what you want the most - correct? That is what we have in common - the "Xtian" (sue me but I like to put "Christ" in there...) and the Judaic - we both want the Saviour HERE - NOW!
We really oughta work together instead of anything else... hmm?


----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 01:02:32 PST Feb 20, 2005

Oops - I hadn't checked back here to see the... continuing developments...!!! *lol*
To answer kind Ketutar's question addressed to me - well, even Jewish erudites will admit that, even though they want to marry and have children, none of the prophecies regarding the messiah say that it is imperative that he does so too. The Messiah stands out from us common mortal folk - He Is, in short, not of this world. He Is of His Father's House... so why in blue blazes bother to leave his seed here...?!? If He did - hmm... Do we have now, walking the Earth as we speak, the Generation Y Jesus...?!? If we do, the divine seed has been extremely diluted by now... for he (or she) is NOTHING like the alleged Forefather of a lineage that is nowhere mentioned either, for instance, in the Book of Revelation... Or prophesied, again, by any ancient testament prophet who told of the future...
I wonder if Shadowbear sees any deceit in this post too... me, whose motto is all about the Truth... oh well... :(


----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 05:02:17 PST Feb 20, 2005

Funny that you should choose to use the word "enlightenment" - an in-joke for me, as it is one of my favorite words and all... Maybe I will tell you via private message the rest of the story there...! *yes*
I feel as though I was being called out here - so, am I anti-marriage? *lol*
Hmm... let me think... *headache* *huh* :(
No - I am not! But Paul said that it was likely best not to, unless the... urge to do so was too great. The knights who sought the Holy Grail forgot all about earthly life and its many facets - to concentrate their entire being to their quest... all right, that was most likely a metaphor carefully conceived to "push" spiritual dedication... But what about the Apostles? We know they had wives and children - yet so little is said about any of them. They clearly came a distant second to the mission Christ gave them...
Simeon the Stylite surely is not less than another -on the contrary actually- for not having been "completed" perched upon that pillar he sat on... There was no room for two there anyway... *lol*
Besides... the Bible does say to be fruitful and to multiply and all that... but we are headed to planetary over-population as it is, so... really now... Judaic Law was replaced by the Messiah's new law... but then some think it is part of that deceit/ conspiracy theory or something so I'll digress... Christians know Christ was True Man - but also True God. God Sends a portion of Himself thus - to this Earth... why would He want any portion at all to remain behind when "All Is Accomplished"...?!? Anyway - you yourself Ket have deconstructed the flawed theory of Mary Magdalene going to a France that did not exist yet... This is all so pointless to debate indeed - the whole marriage theory is just easy sensationalistic fluff meant to cause a reaction - any number of reactions among all sorts of people really... *huh*
Christians -or actually Millenialists- should be expecting Christ's Return at this point... Not expecting to have a long lineage of their own...! *shrug*
As for the rest of my comments... no comment? *delete*

----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 02:02:01 PST Feb 26, 2005

Whatever, Ket...
No stereotype-thinking... just pointing out the obvious, It is you who judge an entire religion that values the spiritual over personal materialism as a "bunch of losers"... Simona!


Which makes her and her like - the true losers!
I hope you all realize that without further explanation!

----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 02:02:53 PST Feb 26, 2005

Edit... ''... you who judges...''
Flavius Josephus (is it) must have been one of those guys who refuses to even admit the evidence that something exists - though it is there before his own eyes. Understandable - hard to swallow that, from his point of view, a splinter group from his own creed would rise to new heights formerly only accessible to his own... IT DOES NOT GET ANY MORE FRUSTRATING THAN THAT FOLKS!


----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 02:02:13 PST Feb 26, 2005

If I were your father, Simona, I would throw you out too... *lol*
After a good spanking, of course...


----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 02:02:10 PST Feb 26, 2005

In re: impotence...
A priest on a certain Roman Catholic island in the Atlantic, helped out a great deal in POPULATING it... by impregnating every woman in sight practically! In the end, it was estimated that that priest was the father of THOUSANDS of illegitimate children...
See? No impotence there - they all, likely, have it in them...
The better, true to their calling ones though will REIGN IT IN. Exercize self-control... familiar with that concept, S?



----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 03:02:20 PST Feb 26, 2005

Vindicatory and vindictive are the same, yes... *LOL*
"Vindicative" is simply a typo version of vindictive...! *duh*
My apologies for the typo


Actually, I champion truths - that makes me a vindicator, not vindictive!
See - even typos have deeply-rooted GOOD reasons to be!

----------------- Original Post Below -----------------
Date: 10:02:45 PST Feb 26, 2005

*sigh* A valiant (?) effort to try discredit what one does not believe in in the first place... but really now... Paul and the original apostles all believed Christ's return was... what again? IMMINENT. Plus, they (unlike you) believed that Jesus was NOT OF THIS WORLD - BUT THE TRUE SON OF GOD. So, why hold in admiration objects and ground defiled by the feet of UNBELIEVERS... when THY LORD THAT ONE ADORES IS COMING BACK SOON - AND A NEW EARTH SHALL BE THEN - THE CLEANSING COMPLETED!!!
Your entire argumentation rests on THIN AIR.
B- for the effort though... more than a passing grade... more than it merits. ;)


This last bit in response to the tired old same anti-Christian arguments.
Too bad they didn't send me those in the e-mail too!
Fact is, they await the Messiah to come forth still - out of one of their little runts born recently? The Messiah is not one of a dime-a-dozen brethren, no... And what if your best choice for that momentous role was to be struck down before he gets going - by a Hezbollah rocket now?!? A conflict that your people got to this point! No messiah for another decade or so still?
That can't be good!

No, folks - I see the Messiah as Having Come already and Being Set to Return - ASAP! Whether you like it - or not!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Saints & Angels: The TLB Prime Series

The question has been asked before - where do you find all of these angels to talk about, here on TLB Prime or anywhere really! Where, man - WHERE? Where, one presumes, in BLUE BLAZES... right? Well, aside from the Primary Source of Knowledge that there could ever be, on the subject as on any subject, of course, THE GOOD BOOK Itself - this book (see the cover, on the left here? We'll repeat it for good measure - on each paragraph!) is another important source of names and facts about heavenly attendants and their fallen counterparts as well! For it is important to admit it (and I know several of you do not want to) - but there were several angels who did fall from Grace (one cannot believe in God Alone - see; one has to take the good with the bad - in every aspect of life) and their ranks have been steadily bolstered since the dawn of mankind, with each and every human soul that embraced evil and turned exactly like them (only, in all likelihood, less powerful because they will derive both their wickedness as, most importantly, their power from the first few fallen angels - hence, the human souls that become devils or demons now are second-rate and not as powerful - logically! In fact, that is the dichotomy that I always make; "devils" are the humans who joined the evil side - the losing side. While genuine "demons" are the fallen angels who once were by God's Side - those who were once bonafide heavenly creatures. Quite a shame to ruin that condition out of sheer vanity. But that is another story...)

This book is the complete compendium, extracting from EVERY POSSIBLE SOURCE the names of angels known to man! That means names that are known to Jews, Gentiles, Muslims and Mystics alike! Most people only know THREE: Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, maybe! (No - Clarence is not one, but I believe that he still is found in the book, because the lists also include illustrious fictional angels, created for a variety of "charming tales that mean to enlighten through entertainment" - and so It's A Wonderful Life certainly qualifies as THAT... Some of the angelic names listed here are truly are to pin down for even the trained eye - after all, one can imagine, who really can tell what an angel's name is? Sometimes, we meet angels and are not aware of it! Most times, they are invisible and imperceptible to our senses! None of them ever left their calling card - not in a non-figurative sense anyway! One angel comes to mind to exemplify what I'm thinking of here: AQUA! There is, reputedly, an angel named AQUA that used to be invoked in Solomonic rites (Kabbalah stuff? Ah - those Judaic priests! They knew Aqua but knew not their Messiah when He Came... sheesh!) and these rites are full-fledged exorcisms! Indeed, judging by the movies we all saw, exorcisms can be pretty rough stuff and one will need all the help one can get! If we know an angel BY NAME - we might as well give him a buzz and hope he answers the call! My question though is: is this another fictional angel? King Solomon knew of this? After all, the rite's named after him! So, he should know! To the best of my knowledge though, he was too busy frolicking with the Queen of Sheba to take note of angels' names or participate in any exorcisms - maybe even too busy to authorize them! Nonetheless, an angel named AQUA is all the explanation I need to justify my having had, for as long as I remember, the sea-faring hero AQUAMAN as my favorite childhood hero! It wasn't just the orange shirt he wore! (Orange being my favorite color as a kid!) OKAY? Good!

Know thy enemy - that is always good too. However, I always felt uncomfortable checking out the lists of names of fallen angels that are provided in this book too. Everyone knows up to three of them as well - because the Bible mentions them. A fourth one - Mephistopheles - is well-known because of the tale of Faust. From Judaism comes a famous she-devil, Lilith, who would actually still be quite obscure if not for Sarah McLachlan and her "Fair" that seemed to be dedicated to her memory if not merely her example... But enough of the fallen fools; this is, after all, "SAINTS and ANGELS" on THE LUMINOUS BLOG! I'll leave "sinners and demons" up to the darkness blog - whoever does that crap! Whoever it is, have a nice trip down to Gehenna! *lol* Still, I do believe it not to be a disservice at all to gather up all the names one can find - and back stories too. Gustav Davidson did a huge job to that effect - he wanted his book to be the definite one on this subject; and it sure is. Illustrated extensively with all manners of depictions of both angels and fallen angels throughout the history of mankind, this book gives us the entire scope, from all points of views, being multi-ethnic and "inter-religious" too. One could not have been one without being the other anyway! Davidson has passed away years ago - and maybe his case is one for my other blog, "saint or sinner" now? The case be made both for and against him for having produced this book. Did he help or cause more spiritual ills by putting it all together in this manner? As often the case, only God Can Make the call! Except with extreme cases such as Hitler or De Sade, no one can readily judge a fellow man as "evil". Or even "good" - unless, again, it can be safely and assuredly assessed in some extreme cases. Only God Knows for sure, normally! We're all shades of grey. God Knows - and angels know it well, also! This dictionary though is a rare book put to print in recent years that has no shades of grey at all; it is all either incandescent or darker-than-dark here! It is all presented as is - and there are no doubts on their nature then! Such is the path, ultimately, going to be as well. One gets to a point where there is no return from. And Perdition is, at that point - once the soul is without a body - most probably a path one cannot come back from. Unless GOD Intervenes - and Is Willing! See, Muslim, Jewish and mostly "assorted Christian types outside of the Roman Catholic Church" - this is the charm of the catholic concept of PURGATORY! It offered a way out - the living could intervene too and bail out their loved ones who died "a tad too grey"for any pious soul's taste, through constant prayer on this side... But if it does not exist, well then we're all on our own. All the time. We are born alone - even twins - and we will die alone. We will fend for our soul's salvation alone too. And some do not even bother with it! But those are the agnostic or truly atheistic - the Believer will always have a buoying Life-Saver; God's Salvation, which Is Christ. And there should certainly be some Heavenly Attendants along the way, to guide us through, once the Path is Clear... if you get what I am screaming here!

I believe that Gustav Davidson did bother with that aspect - greatly! And he believed that God wanted him to complete this work before he died - so that he would leave behind a complete compendium of all angels' names ever known, ever uttered or whispered or even imagined... Even if imagined, what if an angel inspired it? Isn't art, whether writing, painting, sculpture or music, inspired by the Divine? God Does prohibit graven images - if they are to become idols and the object of worship. God Would not Have Given such incredible talent to the likes of Michelangelo, Rembrandt and, yes, Leonardo Da Vinci so that these great artists create things that would offend Him or, worse still, betray Him! Unbelievers are such gnats - they wouldn't admit even this: that God Is Logical! He Giveth, He Proscribed - but it all makes sense! Like the entire intricate universe does - when you really look at it! And there are tons of examples out there of misguided so-called "creative exercises" - in all artforms! There is some art that is really devil-inspired - such as Dan Brown's most celebrated book there, for example - but I have no doubt that the magnificent paintings and sculptures of Michelangelo were inspired by God, Who Did Give him his awesome talent. And Blessed the results - since they did not result in anything misguided! God Gives us our talents - and what we do with them is what makes them good or bad. Such is the lesson I always took from Jesus' parable about the Talents! Angels could be there, at every turn, as invisible watchers - intervening sometimes, not always successfully I might add...! But like Clarence from It's A Wonderful Life - they try! Angels can be very much like us, after all - and Gustav lists those too; the ones who descended from Heaven to "know women" and sire a race of giants in the process... We all have our desires, y'know! Angels do understand that... especially cinematic versions of them! But that's another story too...

And so, under that perspective, even the fictional angels' names have more value than anything else fictional out there - for it probably is God's Will for us to see His Heavenly Attendants everywhere in nature, in the flow of time, in the entire universe, both seen and unseen!
God Inspired that in many an author - Milton comes to mind - as surely as He Inspired me today to pen this out of... thin air verily! 

I did not know what to blog about this morning - and THIS came out!
Hurray for Divine Inspiration! ;)



Sunday, August 06, 2006

Statistics Sundays - Returning Edition!

Just goes to show that earthly laws 
have always been intrinsically flawed 
and instilled with the wrong priorities...
For the longest time... 
And for as long as we will endure, it seems...


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