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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Roar on, Tigers!

Yay! Yankees are OUT OF IT!
Damn Yankees - season is OVER!
Jeers to Jeter - A-Rod's a poor sod
(at too costly a price)
Back to Japan ye goes, Gojira Hideki
And Johnny D - to hell with thee! ;)

Ahh - that felt so gooooood! :)

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Videos - Classical & Nostalgic Edition!

Well now, here we go again here, on TLB Prime, with some more, ah, Luminous Tunes - what else?
I will listen to what is supposed to be "cyber common courtesy" though and NOT EMBED any videos, this time out anyways...
Aye - no embedding at least every other time, for I do not want you L.O.V.s who *dare* to look into the archives to find yourselves listening to TWO editions of Luminous Friday Night Videos kicking off simultaneously, upon clicking on any given month of the Luminous Archives here...!
That goes, of course, for those reading this on the site of origin itself...
Most videos I put up -whose codes originate from sites such as or will start playing automatically once you access my site.
One instant play is considered a breach of common courtesy conventions in cyberland...
Two could be considered a nuisance indeed for thy ears...!!!
I shall not do that to my faithful - the few, the proud, the Luminous Online Visitors of TLB Prime! ;)
Hence, this edition is all screens - or "MySpace codes" - it's the same darn thing really, anyways!
Below each screen, a small luminous blurb explaining what it is...
Each evokes a little something special to me... :)
Enjoy, folks!

Myspace Codes

Classical music evokes both nostalgia and romanticism for little luminous me - since day one really! (Ok - as far as I can remember anyway! Happy now?)

Myspace Codes

Maybe it has to do with my being the namesake of a famous tenor...

Myspace Codes

The King of Tenors, really! ;)

Myspace Codes

This guy makes me think of my uncle Gil - he used to play like that - before the camera - and then distribute, free of charge, video copies of his performances to all the family and friends that he could think of...
R.I.P. Uncle Gil

Myspace Codes

But to get back to classical music now - no, really ; I don't think Pavarotti has ever influenced me either way, really...

My dear late father loved... no, he loves this piece sung by Pavarotti here - Nessun Dorma. He must be enjoying angelic choirs performing it now - lest it is... Caruso?

Myspace Codes

It sure moves me more now than Church's Prayer here (with some assistance from Groban...)

Myspace Codes

This now is classical music to me too - the theme from that auld TV show...

Myspace Codes

And this - oh, boy - do I wish I was back when I first heard this song on the radio - that particular summer when "Cruel To Be Kind" and "Cool Night" were two major hits... Where, but where are all of those artists now?!?
(Another question arises too - what the hell is wrong with radio broadcasters anyway? Are they all pessimistic, quasi-suicidal "bleak future for our business" would-be "prophètes de malheur" types - or what?!? Ok - that was 2 questions... One long-winded one too... Mea culpa! But I did hear this song first -and often- on the radio back then... And that is odd! Considering how picky radio is about what they will play or not give a snowball's chance in hell to... But I digress...)

Myspace Codes

To end on an ambiguous and far-from-luminous note... This bit of nostalgic lyricism here - a song that always made me think of me and the woman of my dreams (at the time, I had no clue at all who she would be - but I saw her as my most complete accomplice! ;) riding out any stormy weather and heading off into the sunset on a happy ending of note...
I was idealistic on top of romantic and a tad naive as well - wasn't I?
Storms, in real life, are not so easy to weather out...
With the accumulated luminescence of the years (what is commonly refered to as the wisdom of the years) I do believe however that there is always not only a light at the end of the tunnel - but there's a beautiful rainbow there as well! :)
Heck - I believe it and I know it - in my heart, where it counts!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Angels play the strangest HAARPs these days...


Fractal this for size...
OK - now that I've got your attention...
Let's talk about one (of many) insidious threats out there, these strange days... Shall we?
Sure we shall - MY blog - I call the shots here!
Heck, most conversations I have (except with some bossy women...!) I dictate the pace, supply the topic, add the subtext... Pass the sauce... And the ammo...
But I digress...

Ever heard of HAARP? You gotta love those acronyms sometimes - that immediately EVOKE SOMETHING... Yet, oftentimes, what is immediately evoked has nothing to do with was is behind that name, lurking behind a cutesy acronym like a venomous serpent recoils behind a rock, ready to strike at the slightest moment of inattention on our part...
HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.
It is a doozy.
Officially, it is, of course, up to "nothing but good" - as is explicitated in the following description:

A method and apparatus for altering at least one selected region which normally exists above the earth's surface. The region is excited by electron cyclotron resonance heating to thereby increase its charged particle density. In one embodiment, circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation is transmitted upward in a direction substantially parallel to and along a field line which extends through the region of plasma to be altered. The radiation is transmitted at a frequency which excites electron cyclotron resonance to heat and accelerate the charged particles. This increase in energy can cause ionization of neutral particles which are then absorbed as part of the region thereby increasing the charged particle density of the region.

Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J. (Spring, TX)
Assignee: APTI, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
Appl. No.: 690333
Filed: January 10, 1985
Current U.S. Class: 361/231; 89/1.11; 244/158.1; 380/59
Intern'l Class: H05B 006/64; H05C 003/00; H05H 001/46
Field of Search: 361/230,231 244/158 R 376/100 89/1.11 380/59

HAARP is, evidently, playing God with the elements (which is still better, in my book, than playing God with your patients when you're entrusted with their LIVES, as their doctor and main health adviser... Another digression - I know...).
The repercussions of such a "method" and use of this "apparatus" on the environment are like unto cracking open Pandora's Box - not merely opening it! And, of course, the U.S. government is all for that... Anything but having to deal with the devastation of a bunch of hurricanes all-in-a-row... Just like an ugly american to come up with a solution that is potentially worse than the problem it is supposed to be solving... For, in this case, the true repercussions of this "method/apparatus" on the whole ecosystem are UNKNOWN... The whole world is going to be affected by this - and, since man should not try to harness his environment in such a total and complete way, the effects will more than likely not be good at all!

Now for some background info on the peeps behind HAARP...
In the past few years, certain sources have cited that HAARP is tied into anti-monotheism; others have said that it is a tool being developed and used by "right wing Christians" to fulfill revelations (not a bad thing at all - in my book!). Others still will claim that it has been developed by Satanists -no less- who control the global establishment (c'est-à-dire the House of Rothschild and their subordinates... The Illuminati - and Bilderberg!!! More on that in an upcoming "conspiracy theories week" - here, on TLB Prime!) :)

These may be vague conspiracy theories indeed - but they sure give us all a very interesting extra perspective on the Pandora's Box of Weather Control here...!
Before the U.S. government luxuriates in utopian self-satisfaction over their victories over such abstract adversaries as "terror" and stormy weather though, we are bound to see more trouble arise - simply out of the "solutions" provided to deal with such intangible quandaries - out of anyone's grasp or control, verily - anyone but God. Anyone short of Him will fumble the ball on these problematics...


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Luminous Confessional - first sitting

For this first, humblest edition, I shall confess to offenses in relation to the WORST -no less- of the Seven Deadly Sins... Envy!
It is the worst one in my book anyways...!

And so... forgive me, Father In Heaven, for I have sinned...
I envy my so-called brothers and sisters' ability to simply NOT WORRY...
I envy Aquaman's ability to summon and command all the creatures of the deep...
I even envy -in a most commoner way of all- Superman's basic ability to "fly - up, up and away"! (I only wish he could do it in a non-metrosexual way - and, maybe, with some of Hawkman's chest hair too? Or is such an amalgam too much to ask for? Ask DC... DC's bread-and-butter is Batman, still, after all these batty years... At least I do not envy Bats' ability to... be Bats? What else can he do, really? But I digress...)
I envy my neighbors' immediate neighbors - because my immediate neighbors suck! Or used to... It only gets better really when they are taken away - by police! More on that in a future post, here, on TLB Prime! :)
I envy my envy - because it is more consistent than even my stance on any subject almost, really! It doesn't get any worse than that, I do believe - when one envies one's own envy!!! But I am probably digressing again - or just about to - so I'll stop... and move on!

I'd suggest any belligerent accidental visitor to TLB Prime -especially- and any regular visitor (i.o.w. any L.O.V.) to comment on this any which way they can - even here:

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in My Luminous Guestbook

Just as a certain "jssjqkq" did, not too long ago... (Coward!)


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

happy tuesday folks


Listen to old Til Tuesday tunes on this terrific day
(Aimee Mann - you gotta love her)
And tread not upon uncharted territory
Especially if you're a tadpole or a temp
Tenable surroundings are a must too
For one has never seen any tempestuous troglodytes reach old age
Such is my tenet - that I never fail to share en tête-à-tête
On a Tuesday or a Thursday really
The thunder rolls equally - aye, truly!


Monday, October 02, 2006

Why does this happen - asks the afflicted looking up to the sky...

Often we are perplexed by events in our lives, entourage, immediate surroundings... Tragic events such as natural or less-natural disasters that seem to strike randomly or not-so randomly... It all depends on the way one looks at these events. "Everything is in one's perception" - didn't Obi-Wan Kenobi say that? A different perspective can be only a very small consolation though, sometimes, if not most times indeed...

That plane that simply evaporated in Brazil - 155 dead, just like that. Were they raptured? There must have been a less explosive way to proceed then...? No amounts of reasoning will help at a time like this - the relatives of the victims are inconsolable and that is totally understandable. It shouldn't have happened - it truly shouldn't have. But it did. Perhaps the abrupt and too sudden demise of these 155 has some meaning that none of us can grasp - maybe we are to learn from it. Surely they are better off as they are, off this mad world. Surely most, if not all, are wih God now - or close to Him. Likewise for the unnecessary dead from the unexpected collapse of an overpass in Laval, Canada... And the unnecessary deceased that make up the death tolls in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world where man-made conflicts endure...

The Nigeria dam collapse victims, the victims of various natural disasters all throughout the world and other such tragedies are another story... For, in these, many see the hand of fate, destiny, kismet... The Hand of God.

The Word of God says that "for one just - fifty wayward ones will be spared". Aye - this implies that your lousy hellhole of a town will be skipped by the rampant devastation of an oncoming hurricane SIMPLY BECAUSE OF ONE JUST WHO IS THERE, AMONG YOU - likely unlauded, unremarkable, unnoticed... Hence, the village is spared because of the village idiot! How do you like that, simpleton-bashers? Don't you know by now that the meek shall inherit the Earth? Haven't you figured out that basic truth yet? How petty of you, the foolishly over-ambitious of you anyways...!

I do hope though that these "meek", who will inherit it all, will not be mere pawns that further the dark designs of others without even being aware of it... I mentioned Obi-Wan earlier - there are many more Jar Jar Binks out there than there are Obi-Wans! Must be why ol' JJB was so unpopular - people don't like to see allegorical representations of what they basically are, grown out of proportion to the point of being grotesque, because of overemphasized flaws of character, even if only basic trivial clumsiness or common greed...

What we truly all need to remember is that earthly life is ephemeral - and we cannot hide what we are before All-Mighty God.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Statistics Sundays - Luminous Edition - With Bite!


In other assorted stats:
* Obtuse men and women will remain so in 79% of cases worldwide - as "obtuseness" does not get better nor does it fade away with the alleged "wisdom of the years" accumulation... Quite the opposite process occurs, in fact...
* Evil, cold hearts of stone remain so - and, in fact, grow colder still - all throughout their sorry existence in 99.9% of repertoriated *genuine* cases...
* If you don't know what's good for you at age 30, odds are you still won't know by the time you reach 40... and 50... and 60... and... die! (Because you will not get to be older than that - if you even reach that mark - for you will likely be a smoker, and so...)
* 2 out of 3 ignorants ignore the fact that they are ignorant.
* 9 out of 10 know-it-alls know not at all all there is to know but still act as if they know all there is to know... All is but vanity - not knowledge at ALL.
* 7 out of 9 trekkies are envious of the Force.
* Jealousy, envy and its cousins are responsible for 99.9% of all the evil deeds perpetrated since the dawn of time on the mudball where you presently rest the soles of your feet, folks...
* One could think of the last nine Star Trek films as "evil deeds" too... But of a weaker force (no pun intended...)
* 75% of Canadians are embarrassed by William Shatner - the other 25% are his bastard offspring...
* 86% of Bostonians ignore that "Mr. Spock" Leonard Nimoy is a local - on the other hand, they've all read Dr. Benjamin Spock's books...
* 93% of dead doctors are less famous than Dr. Benjamin Spock - they deserve no better...
* 100% of today's medical staff are less in it for "the good that they do" than they are in it for "the social prestige" of being a doctor... As for nurses, they're all planning to go into the private sector and double or triple their salaries from the public sector, so... You figure out the percentage in THEIR case...!
* 100% of the "thinking man's patients" think that their medical staffs suck and that they'd be better off with robotic nurses and MEDIC-O-TRONS for quicker and more accurate diagnoses AND treatments...
* 100% of patients believe that the day will never come when nurses are replaced by robots - they'd sooner see chimps dressed up as health attendants...!
* 100% of patients expect to see their heavenly attendants that much sooner, all things considered...
* 100% of this blog's readers must be having a headache right about now...
* The odds are about as good that this blog's author has a migraine too...
* Chances are excellent that these are the last words I type for this post anyhow... (And they are).


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