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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

But he's so cuuuuute, mom...!

How many young ladies are unfortunately lured to make the wrong choice when time
comes for them to choose a mate...?
How many wind up choosing... their murderer? Most though choose merely a "doomed-to-wind-up-divorced" mate... And that is tragic enough in itself... Unless you buy into the crap Larry King uses to justify his masculine rendition of the Elizabeth Taylor ways... in other words, "serial monogamy"... sheesh!
It is just like collecting palimony suits and alimony debt - and liking it! Makes very little sense to me!

So many jerks though "get the girl"... that it is appalling!
Even more appalling, of course, is their treatment of the girl afterwards...
Case in point... "not-so-great" (as it turned out - indubitably) Scott here...

Peterson jury recommends death sentence News Staff

Ending a trial that has gripped America for nearly two years, the jury that convicted Scott Peterson of murdering his wife and unborn baby has recommended he be executed for the crimes.

Court clerk Marylin Morton read the sentence Monday afternoon.

"We the jury ... fix the penalty at death," the clerk said in an audio-only feed from the San Mateo County Courthouse.

The California jury of six men and six women reached its unanimous decision after three days of deliberation, broken by a weekend break during which they remained sequestered at a local hotel.

The approximately 12 hours they actually spent weighing a life sentence without parole against death by lethal injection was almost double the time it took them to reach a guilty verdict in Peterson's murder trial.

The 32-year-old former fertilizer salesman was convicted on Nov. 12, of first-degree murder in the death of his wife and second-degree murder in connection with their unborn child.

Prosecutors claim Peterson somehow suffocated Laci at their Modesto California home and dumped her body in San Francisco Bay on or around Christmas Eve, 2002.

Laci, who was seven-and-a-half months pregnant when she died, washed ashore about four months later. She was found just miles from the spot where Peterson claims he was fishing the day she was reported missing.

Police later picked him up in the San Diego area, with his hair bleached blond and $15,000 US in cash. When police questioned him about his activities that day, they said he couldn't remember what he had been fishing for.

During a sensational trial that has been a staple of tabloids across the U.S., prosecutors painted Peterson as a liar and philanderer. Peterson's attorneys acknowledged his affair with a woman named Amber Frey, but maintained he was framed for his wife's death. The prosecution's case, they argued, hinged on a web of circumstantial evidence and a single narrative from Modesto Detective Craig Grogan.

In the seven-day penalty phase of his trial, defense attorneys called 39 witnesses while prosecutors called just four of Laci's relatives.

Throughout his trial, Peterson never took the stand.

San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Alfred A. Delucchi, who will formally sentence Peterson on Feb. 25, can reduce the jury's recommendation to life in prison with no chance of parole. Had the jury recommended life, he would not have been able to impose a capital sentence.

Maybe one day the girls out there will quit falling for the WRONGEST party...
Basing themselves solely on appearances - and the act the guy puts on.

Speaking of which, I did base myself -partly- on Peterson for the execrable
villainous machiavellian type on my blogged novel, a NaNoWriMo Winner (although I, unlike others, did not bother to download the damn anthropomorphically ridiculous little icon that certifies the victory... !!!). Having admitted so, Peterson was really nothing more than the outer hull of the character in said novel - because, as a main antagonistic character, Peterson sucks. I had to add a lot of layers to him, heavy doses of evil were injected into the character, to spare the reader any ill-advised sympathy for THIS devil (such sympathy is ALWAYS ill-advised to begin with anyway...!). I had to put in a twist for the macabre - otherwise, a mundane and all-around charmer (cause he's so cute) real monster such as Scottie here would have STILL gained some fans somewhere...! When even rotten to the core dirty scoundrels out there have no respect for his intrinsic incompetence, the layman (and some easylaywomen too...) would actually STILL TAKE FOR THE GUY...! (Hey - they got a Superman to play him for his TV movie biopic... did they not? When a Daredevil is actually closer to being his true physical resemblance... But Bennifer costs too much now - his ego has become such a huge star now and all - hey, the Red Sox WON!). Peterson, thus, is a monster and a loser so very well wrapped up - in a sugar bear package, no less! He would be the most pathetic villain in any kind of drama; even "bat-villains" had more sensible plans when they went up against Adam West and Burt Ward than this guy displayed going about his "plan"... Truly pathetic... And a sad, sad thing that he almost succeeded anyway, while being so profoundly inept... not to mention heartless and hideous.
Ineptitude is not just for cops though - it is for criminals too.

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