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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Brazil takes a 2-0 lead

Wow - gente! Brasil esta numa boa mesmo!!!
For the second time in so many months, Brazil takes a shot at the mighty US of A - okaaaaay! More power to you, meus irm a õs sul-americanos!

Mayhaps it has to do too with the fact that Brazil - with India and China - is one of the only ones with enough guts to want into the elite "G7"... heck, to DEMAND membership as a right and no-brainer type of privilege...! But I digress...

You'll never see Mexico or -heaven forbid- Canada speak up likewise...
Or tiny things like... Cuba imposing an embargo upon the mighty USA...
Never gonna happen... LOL

Brazil Newspaper Slams NY Times Over Obesity Story
Jan 28, 9:47 AM (ET)

SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - A Brazilian newspaper on Thursday accused the New York Times of illustrating a story on obesity in Brazil with a picture of three flabby-looking Czech women on a beach famed for its shapely local beauties.

The Times story went to the heart of Brazil's self-image as a place of sunny sexiness and was the second in less than a year to provoke strong criticism in Brazil, where the globally influential newspaper's coverage has faced heavy scrutiny by local media.

The Jan. 13 story by correspondent Larry Rohter was based on a government study that said more than 40 per cent of Brazilians are overweight.

It noted that Brazil's "gifts to global culture" included the Girl from Ipanema and the thong, or "tanga," bikini.

The photograph, by John Maier, showed three overweight women in bikinis on Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema Beach.

However, according to Globo newspaper, the women were not Brazilians but Czech tourists. "Certainly I am not a girl from Ipanema. I am a woman of a certain age," 59-year-old Milena Suchoparkova told Globo in an interview.

"I think I'm overweight but I never was skinny. I was always robust but I wouldn't say I was obese," said Suchoparkova, Czech-born but a naturalized Italian.

Globo, one of Brazil's biggest dailies, ran its story under the headline "New York Times Screw-up." It ran a separate article on Rohter and questioned the Times' ethics and credibility.

Suchoparkova and her friends were upset because, they told Globo, the photographer had not asked their permission before taking the shot. They were not mentioned in the story itself.

Rohter declined to comment to Reuters. A statement in Friday's New York Times said "The Times regrets that the nationalities of the women in the photo were not verified."

Last May, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ordered Rohter's visa canceled after he wrote an article that many Brazilians were concerned by Lula's drinking habits.

Lula reversed the decision under pressure from domestic and international media groups, and the Human Rights Watch advocacy group cited the government's reaction to the drinking story as a threat to freedom of expression.
Another noticeable gift from Brazil, more and more these days... cerveza da MARCA BAVARIA... beer, by any other name, is still beer... Only, this one, actually tastes something (unlike, say, the top three american beers...? No - not Samuel Adams!).

AND... it benefits from the best commercials like... ever! (To sell beer anyways... LOL).
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