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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Irony - part deux through vinte e tres...!!!

Randomly making luminous observations today...
Isn't it ironic that...

To get into the big time employer that will get you started on the road to success, you must prove that you are a team player and blend in...
but then, to get that promotion, advancement, reach the truly-desired position you were targeting already when you got the entry-level one... you must stand out from the rest of the pack!
And, quite often, act like a merciless cutthroat thug on your way to "the top"...!?

Isn't it ironic that DALLAS, TEXAS -of all places- is one of the bastions of preachers and missionaries-to-be now...? They do emerge from the right-wing reactionary groups that are heavily involved in POLITICS (guys - JESUS wouldn't approve!) and their membership is made up of haughty "suits" who made way too much money / way too fast... and now find that "something is missing" in their lives... So they will do something to change that... no matter what the cost! (Cost is of no concern - they've got too much money!). They will actually -finally- give to the poor (once a year...?) and even go as far as to travel to the Third World - showing off their well-fed, well-dressed (even when casually so), well-tanned bods to the scrawny, under-nourished skin-and-bones hungry children down there... They will even marvel at the mere fact that "they (the Third World sickly little ones) have nothing - and yet they are so happy"...
Oh yes... I forgot to mention which denomination this Christian group is - they are in full expansion in Dallas (again - of all places) and act, as many other similar groups who seceded from the original Church do, as if THEY were the best of the best of God's Children... They are the Southern Baptists. Shout out to you, J.E. and company - aw, you know who you are...! ;)

Isn't it ironic that, even today, some folks actually buy so much into the fable that is televangelism... THAT will NEVER open any doors for you, folks! I am not saying that ALL of them are phoneys: but a vast majority is! And those who are, are on this "Gospel-spreading mission" for the money, nothing else. They saw an easy way to earn a comfortable living, acquire some prestige in society, travel for free even - all with MINIMAL effort... It is amazing that countless God-loving folks actually believe that giving tons of cash away to these "preachers de pacotille" will win them the pearly Gates of Heaven one day... The two concepts are as foreign as many heretic precepts were anathema to the good ol' Church...! And woe to he who caused the division within the Church, it is said - but that is another story!)
The fact remains that tons still believe a televangelist will help them save their souls - when not even a genuine holy man could. It is between GOD and Yourself - and Salvation is an individual affair. Birds of a feather can and should assemble, surely, but all on equal footing. Not even the Pope is holier than thou - we are ALL sinners, folks! And gullible fools too, oftentimes...

As in other instances too...
I can't believe so many buy an "extra insurance" when it is not necessary at all upon the purchase of a new appliance... Gee - all it does is negate the rebate you might have had, that is in the instance when you were bright enough to shop when there was some kind of sale going on...!?

Some even buy into the make-believe world of wrestling (or is it rasslin...?) that they will go as far as issue bonafide DEATH THREATS to wrestlers (rasslers?) on message boards...?!? Of course, the true irony is that THIS particular wrestler is not quite bogus at all - the issues he raises, the personal agenda he carries, the hatred he feels are all apparently, potentially, very - very real! His manager himself admitted so much - "Not one scenario played out on TV yet has been 100 percent fabricated." The manager is Daivari and the wrestler is, of course... Arab-American Muhammad Hassan. I think I mentioned him before... didn't I? LOL Many a redneck apparently hates his guts... Me - I like him because of said guts displayed! ;)

I think I made a lot of new enemies today... enough for one post!
So what if I stopped at part six, really - you didn't REALLY want 22 mini-articles all at once - did you?!? *LOL*
Wait 'til I REALLY tackle those televangelists though...! *lol*
Reconvene here people - tomorrow! Or some other day...
Probably same blog time... most certainly same blog channel!
Maybe I will go through numbers seven to twenty-three yet, THEN -and onwards to parts twenty-four, twenty-five and, from there, the sky is the limit- as whimsically and tongue-in-cheekly promised on this post's title right here! *LOL*


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Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2005 9:21 pm Post subject: WWE Wrestler receives death threat


According to, a fan recently posted a death threat on Shawn Daivari's message board. Here is the message in it's entirety:

“Hey, Davari (sic) you and Hassan are going to be sorry you sand n-gger piles of sh–. After what I saw on TV last weeekend, I have made a decision that if you and Hassan come anywhere within 300 miles of where I am you stupid a$$clowns who s— off f–ing camels and wants seconds, I will be more then (sic) glad to empty three full clips from my 9MM glock into your punk a$$. If you and Hassan don’t like the USA then do us Americans all a f–ing favor and leave the USA muthaf—er before someone sends you home to the Middle East in a f—ing casket you stupid son of a f—ing b!tch. How dare you talk sh– about the American soldier you stupid f–… So please come within 300 miles so I can buy front row ringside tix for me and my 15 friends and then when you and Hassan come to the ring talking sh–, security won’t be able to stop us and we are going to take your candy asses out for good and so what if we go to jail.”

The person who submitted the message said he has a cousin who is stationed in Afghanistan as part of the Special Forces Unit. Daivari responded with the following:

“You have to wait till we get within 300 miles of you before you hop the rail and kick our asses?! Any real American patriot would be willing to drive at least 302 miles.” In an earlier post, Daivari wrote: “I don’t feel like I’m playing a character mostly cause I’m not. Not one scenario played out on TV yet has been 100 percent fabricated. Sh– like that happens to me semi-often, especially worse now that I’ve made my case public.”

Fascinating - always is - when reality and fiction start criss-crossing like this... don't you agree people?
Another wrestling-related rather sad irony is the following...

Once on top and the uncontested main eventer, NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR is now reduced to playing the part of his favored sidekick / henchman / enforcer of many years... The Enforcer, Arn Anderson!

Anderson was always fighting Flair's fights - to make sure the world championship belt stayed around Flair's waist. Such was the way -as the very raison d'être- of the Four Horsemen...

And now, with this "Evolution" group that mimicked very heavily the Horsemen, Flair is the staunch supporter, manager, counsellor, supporter of service (if not cheerleader) oftentimes... AND, on odd occasions, enforcer - of sorts. (Since the man-monster, Batista, is far more well-suited for the role, Flair is not called upon to play the role all that often...).

Last night, just as Arn would face a rival of his in a meaningless match just prior to a title bout against Flair himself, Flair faced a rival of his "boss", Triple H... Just as Arn would try (and fail) to "soften up" the babyface heroic good guy who wanted to dethrone the evil heel that Flair was as a champion, Flair tried and failed too in the exact same situation.

Only difference is - hence the purist's indignation - that Anderson was made for the role - and was content with it, being focused on tag-team championships with various partners throughout his career. He was fit for the role because of his AGE too - while Flair, at 55 (I believe) should not be in a similar role at all - not to "help out" a guy who has emulated him since day one of his career... and is only "the Game" and on top of his game because he married the true boss' daughter!!!

Ric Flair didn't have to marry any of his promoters' daughters to get all the breaks - he earned his status as main eventer and headliner by displaying all the skills, aptitudes, pizzazz and enduring fan following required for that...!

In comparison, every "fan" hates Triple H... pure and simple!

Hmm... just flashbacked to my first experience being BANNED FROM A MESSAGE BOARD... it was recent too... it was all because of my fervent defense of Flair's controversial book on his career and wrestling in general... A moderator who supports the lame-brained and over-spending (for nothing) New York Rangers banned me that night... He couldn't cope with posters who are more eloquent than himself... Droll - he should be used to that by now - everybody knows New York fans can't speak intelligibly! LOL

Great - more enemies... Hello there, Billy Crystal!
Enjoying your post-season...? Post-biggest-choke-in-baseball-history post season, that is...?

Somebody stop me! **LOL** ;)
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