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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

LONDON - Queen recruits Bad Company singer

The rock band Queen is returning to the road with a new lead singer.

Brian May, the group's guitar player, writes on his website that he has recruited Paul Rodgers – the front man for Bad Company – to take the place of Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991 after revealing he had AIDS.

May and Rodgers got to know one another when performing at the Fender 50th Anniversary party recently.

The tour, the first for Queen since Mercury's death, is likely to begin in April.

According to a post on May's official website, he and Rodgers are discussing "how we might approach our collective material."

"Suddenly the Queen phoenix is rising again from the ashes, and will take precedence over everything in our lives," he added.

Before helping to form Bad Company, Rodgers was the lead singer for Free.

Queen is known for operatic hits like Bohemian Rhapsody, while Bad Company made a name for itself with bombastic tunes such as Feel Like Makin' Love.

Written by CBC News Online staff


There are so many plays on word that one could do with that news item...
Queen... in Bad Company
Bad Company... gets badder?
Another One Bites The Dust... an omen about the lead singer job with Queen?
Please tell me you don't still Feel Like Makin Love now...
Bombastic remix of Bohemian Rhapsody coming soon...


Okay - enough of that now...

From bad to badly... a quote that I hold dear...

You can have anything you want -- if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.
- Abraham Lincoln


British Music Legends Black Sabbath, Cream And Queen Reunite
28/01/2005 4:30:00 PM


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(ChartAttack) Looks like the trend of dead bands coming back to life isn't over yet. On the heels of successful 2004 reunions by The Pixies and The Cure, the new year will see the reformations of Black Sabbath, Cream and the remaining members of Queen. MTV's favourite father will fly the c...

Ozzy Osbourne
Looks like the trend of dead bands coming back to life isn't over yet. On the heels of successful 2004 reunions by The Pixies and The Cure, the new year will see the reformations of Black Sabbath, Cream and the remaining members of Queen.

MTV's favourite father will fly the coop this summer, as Ozzy Osbourne is heading back to Europe to yet again reunite metal gods Sabbath. According to the Associated Press, they'll be one of the big names at this year's Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

Roskilde, one of Europe's biggest summer festivals, will be held June 30-July 3 with Montreal's The Dears and Green Day also scheduled to perform. Last year's bill featured over 150 artists, including Avril Lavigne, Sahara Hotnights and Morrissey.

Osbourne, bassist Geezer Butler, drummer Bill Ward and guitarist Tony Iommi paved the way for metal music when they exploded in the early 70s. Osbourne left the group to pursue a solo career in 1979, but the band have reunited several times for various shows including headlining gigs at Ozzy's Ozzfest.

We also told you the classic rock trio that launched Eric Clapton's to fame will perform together for the first time since 1968. According to, Cream have confirmed they'll perform four shows in London on May 2-3 and 5-6.

Clapton will rejoin old bandmates, bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker, on-stage appearance together since they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1993. The shows will take place where Cream played their final shows, the famed Royal Albert Hall, which has hosted most of rock's top acts, including The Who, Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin.

As we've already reported, two of Queen's surviving members are set to reunite with a new singer. Drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May will kick off a world tour on March 28 in London with former Bad Company and Free singer Paul Rodgers replacing the late Freddie Mercury. Their original bassist, John Deacon will not appear on the tour as he is "retired."

It's hard to say if you can really call it a reunion when it's just the guitarist and drummer. If Ringo and Paul got together and toured as The Beatles, would anybody buy that? We'll have to wait and see if Rodgers can match Mercury's dizzying pitch.

May and Taylor were optimistic about a reunion tour after they'd performed several gigs last year with Rodgers. A benefit concert for Nelson Mandela's 46664 organization in Africa will be the warm-up gig for the revamped Queen on March 19. No Canadian dates have been confirmed.

-Chase Kell
Hmm... Black Sabbath, Cream and Queen...

And people dare to bad mouth Starbucks...?!?

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