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Friday, January 28, 2005

oh - a little candle... it's so cute!

"How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world." - William Shakespeare

I guess I must be in a quoting quotables mood...
How fitting THIS quote is though, for the very spirit of this blog...
which I call, of course, the luminous blog!

My good deed -evidently- is dispensing The Truth... oftentimes unpleasant truths, seldom well-received... On many other occasions, it is that simply unprovable truth that necessitates a leap of faith hearts of stone are hard-pressed to achieve... I haven't even begun, really, on the latter dispensing, verily... Must be unconsciously awaiting the rebirth of nature - i.o.w. spring - as well as easter to get going on that front... Once I start though, prepare to be "illuminated" - *lol*

'The Truth' is an interesting concept. It varies for each person. I'm glad you acknowledge that your truth is not necessarily the truth for everyone. That is a tough concept to grasp for many, which is not to say that I am wiser than others. I think when one can accept their own truth, and that it may vary for others, one can actually find peace.
Absolutely, sea poetess (oops - I am infringing the copyright on someone else's title here - but surely that someone else will never see this - ever! LOL).

The Truth is different for all - it may be the case that it is a different thing for every single individual on Earth at any point in time...! However, the case can also be made that all of these different "truths" are mere variations in INTERPRETATIONS of what is really true... And so, the theory that there would be one single Truth can be advanced still... hmm? One and all shall see one day, of course... until then, sure, many different paths lead to peace, enlightenment, serenity, discovery and bliss even.

But I would personally have the Truth, even if it torments me to no end, than live within an illusionary state of contentment...

Liken it to a patient prefering to know if it is terminal or not - instead of being left in doubt, so not to suffer "unnecessarily"... If it comes your way, I say, it is because it was necessary - for your progress and your spiritual evolution.

Gosh - I just know that I have lost a few of my earliest readers out there - they were fickle... they were vain... all that they wanted was an easy laugh for they can't handle the pain!
(I am versing poetic myself - spontaneously... again!)

But I am glad that they are gone - and that I have found a new audience that includes you Poetic Mermaid... Leslie... Mary... Holly... Raina... Mike... Gina... and the boys! Frankly, I shall never again lay out my pearls before swine... but only before fair unicorns such as you all... my new readership... and fellow bloggers, some of ye are! ;)

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