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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Shrinks = waste of time

Do not falter or shrink; But just think out your work, And just work out your think.
- Nixon Waterman

Ok - N.W. had the verb "shrinking" in mind - but for the purposes that I have in mind today, this quote can really do... Shrinks aka psychiatrists (and odd times also the affectuous monicker for psychologists) deserve to be next on my list of bashing, I gather... in the light of some incidents I saw in my own local media and all... As a kid, I always giggled at the similarities between "shrink" and "shrimp" - both are indeed equal; being both at the end of the food chain pretty much! *LOL*

I remember an old ladyfriend telling me -lamenting, really- that, in the past, she had always been attracted to the wrong kind of guy... and that she had therefore thought seriously about seeking help with this nagging "problem" of hers... with a shrink. (She never did -her pride and huge ego prevented her from that- but it is besides the point here...). Really, as I told her then, I will post here now - shrinks are of no use at all! And here is why...

Just look at their track record...
Schizophrenics will always hear their thousand and one voices in their heads - the only thing a shrink can do is prescribe a ton of drugs to muffle those voices! Is that a satisfying job...? Honestly... as a paying it?!?

With ladies in distress over their poor selective powers, what can psychological help change...?!? They are too blind to see that the good guys who crossed their path were "the ones" - they'd rather choose, time and again, the braggart type - the smooth-talker... the deceiver. No amounts of external so-called help can make someone like that see the light of day; they cannot recognize the true qualities that complement their own. Instead, they seek out the similarities - which leads to butting heads when that entails two headstrong partners. Complimentary attributes and compatibility imply that the two parties embrace each other's frailties and support one another - making the other strong where he is not, and vice-versa. That is "stuff" no amounts of counselling can help with - the damsels who never knew any better, likely never will. It is something that can't be helped... Certainly not by stuffing the pockets of some shrink...!

Most annoying of all - is what I saw in the local media here. Evidence that the whole mental illness treatment process is more than faillible - it is non-existent.

This guy was actually let loose, "okayed" by the expert shrinks and certified as "harmless" - and then, well, somebody must have said something at some point that really ticked him off... and, two violent deaths later, he is back in a padded environment... which he should have never left, maybe, in the first place... hmm? Of course, this is a mere symptom of a healthcare system that is turning away patients to cut costs, shortening their hospital stays significantly, for instance... Every such decision is thus a "gamble" - taken with human lives hanging in the balance - each time.
And shrinks -as docs in general- are worthy of RESPECT...?
I don't think so. They lost mine when they sold out to the pharmaceutical giants... and stopped trying to actually CURE patients (when they actually can - of course) choosing instead to prescribe the drug du jour - which keeps the patient in a "return-customer" vicious circle... and keeps profits coming in steadily. Nice racket they have there - the nicest ever, truly...

I think I'll have to disagree with some of the comments posted here, though I do respect your candid dislike of psychiatrists. There are actually some who do more than dish out drug cocktails to make mentally ill patients more dopey. They actually talk to their patients. Psychologists are more apt to spend time talking to their patients than psychiatrists, but some psychiatrists really do listen.

I've found that most patients who complain of physical, or psychological symptoms really just want someone to talk to. In managed care, that can be tough. Also, people are just scared to admit that they are fearful, or feeling hopeless, etc. Some can't even talk to significant others, other family/friends, so they even come in to primary care complaining of headaches or back pain. I'm actually quite grateful for some psychiatrist/therapists that are out there, helping my patients heal, with or without meds. They are the ones who know that they have to help a person heal themselves; they can't "fix" them.
Wow - out of the sea of possibilities, a mermaid emerges and comments here... and a poetic one at that! I jest but I am genuinely honored - and grateful that you dignified my blog with your commentary! :)

Psychiatrists that actually listen to their patients must be indeed an extremely rare breed ; none of the mentally-ill patients interviewed for recent tabloid-TV-like trash news shows in Quebec, Canada (they also abound up there) following a recent tragedy (which I sketchily summarized for you on my post there, in my last paragraph...) - NONE of those patients felt that their respective doctor ever listened to them. They told a very different story instead ; they actually see the doc once every four to six months... get a Rx refill... and that is it! The whole thing lasts fifteen minutes! Maybe it's just a Canuck Shrink thing - but I doubt it strongly...

Another sad example of this would be the case of the alleged stalker of one Sarah McLachlan... one of your favorite artists, I noticed... (Her latest, World On Fire, does have a haunting melody...). What was the treatment this poor soul received, I wonder? Whatever it was, it wasn't adequate, I don't think... instead of getting over his silly obsession with the rather plain Sarah, it grew worse... and he ended up taking his own life because she would not even send him an autographed pic at that point! I sincerely doubt that he was listened to when he talked about Sarah to whatever shrink or shrinks he was assigned to...

Everyone needs someone to talk to, sometime...! (Wasn't that a eighties song...?). That is true. Maybe the nurses should pitch in in that regard... not like it takes much qualifications to be dear Abby for one afternoon! One of us is trivializing mental illness here though... lest we both are?

As for "fixing" them - shrinks just can't. At best, indeed, they can lead them on a path to greater stability in their lives... My comment about doctors having stopped trying to cure was aimed at the whole medical establishment, really... Still, if a shrink knew of a more effective way to stiffle the voices in the head of a patient battling with schizophrenia - and he was actually "given strong incentives" to "push" the usual drug cocktail... he would keep prescribing the same damn meds. No question.

Let's not kid ourselves - many (not all, but many) of today's practitioners have embraced that field merely for the financial stability it assures... Hippocrates' Oath has become, quite often, a hypocrite's oath.
First of all, Hi Luciano :) This topic hits close to home for me.
From my experience, I have to say that the whole health care system is a joke! They don't care about the patients. They are all in it for the money.
Of course, there are some who do care, but they are a dying breed. With all the new health care laws and such, it is probably hard for a doctor to his job as it should be done.
They could take the time to listen to their patients and prescribe what the patient needs. Instead, they prescribe whatever drug they get a kick back on at the time, whether it will help the patient or not!
It makes me furious, as I am dealing with Zoloft withdrawals right now, when it turns out I didnt need Zoloft in the first place! Ive been taking it for 3 years and it is VERY hard to stop taking. I just found out that the doc who put me on it prescribes it to ALL his patients, for reasons other than what it is intended for! Why, I wonder??? $$$
I wont go on and on. Besides the Zoloft, I dont have anything to add that you dont already know ;)
That would be the lowest of the low - to prescribe a drug that is not needed to all of one's patients - KNOWING it could trigger a dependency to said drug in each and every one of them!

Yes, Leslie - for each Poetic Mermaid physician who genuinely tries his or her best, there's a dirty dozen of practicians who care only about the moolah - and social prestige of being a PhD...!

Lamentable, truly...
Oh - and thanks for dropping by - and leaving your mark there! :)

Send my best to all of yours and to Holly too, if you can...!
I thought I would actually get a sour reply back. I'm surprised by how well you took my comments. I do empathize (and sympathize) with all the patients who have been 'mistreated' by physicians, including you, Leslie. I won't deny that there are times I forget that I'm talking to a human being, not just a broken machine. I am far from perfect.

I do, however, feel quite strongly about the patient taking some responsibility for their health. It's hard for me to listen to a depressed/anxious patient list their grievances against the world, when they are not willing to focus inward. Personally, even in my own life, I can spend my time blaming everyone else (the person who cut me off while driving, a family member or friend who could have been more this or that, a job that could be more ideal), instead of me. I often do. In the end, I find that Anger, Jealousy, Sadness, Rage, hurt, etc, come pointing their fingers back at me. I'm not saying that it's as simple as changing your mood or attitude, but if you are not willing to consider this as a possibility, you will be stuck. No doctor/psychiatrist, alternative healer will ever 'fix' that.

Example: someone who wants to stop smoking. I can lecture them the whole office visit on 10 types of cancers, bad breathe, the expense of smoking, frequent infections, etc, but it is self motivation that will light that candle inside, and lead that person to quit. I can open doors, but I cannot make the patient walk through.

OK, I feel like I'm preaching now. My intention is not to offend, but offer my point of view. Leslie, I hope that you find a way that works for you.
Hey - no sour replies are ever allowed here... not even coming from me! LOL

You are most welcome - and appreciated in all that you do and say here - even the preaching! ;)

Let's keep the dialogue as it is - this is productive in my estimation!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I agree completely that the patient should take responsibility for their own health! If not the patient, then who? The patient needs to learn about alernative health care (herbs, natural remedies, etc.), if they want to be healthy.

In my defense, I did not ask to be put on Zoloft. The doc put me on it after I had my baby, for postpartum depression. (This same doctor prescribes Zoloft for pain!) My mistake was trusting him, especially since I already knew he didn't care!

Im trying desparately to find a healthy alternative & get away from this drug, taking very few and far between, but not making much progress. Are the doctors helping me? What do you think? I asked a pharmacist for help picking out an alternative supplement to take the place of zoloft, and all he could do was tell me to keep taking zoloft, no matter how much I argued it. I was shocked! It was obvious drug pushing by the medical industry.

I don't have much choice but to keep taking it though. If I go 3 days without it, I experience 24-hour electric shocks, apart from other side effects! I am trying my damdest to take and keep control of my own health, but it would have been easier without the previous interference from a doctor.

So, how about it Doc... got any advice? Or would that require an office visit? Sorry, I couldnt resist ;) I would like to add that I have met ONE good doctor. He actually listened to me, treated me like a human being and saved my life! Karma points for him!!!

Luciano, you may notice that I deleted this post a minute ago. I was curious as to what the little trash can was for :) Good thing I copied it first! See what the zoloft is doing to me?!?!? hehe
Yeah - it's a cute little thing, isn't it, that trash can... handy... I use it when I made one too many typos, since comments appear to be uneditable... I have yet to use to delete any of my many adversaries' rebuttals - simply because they don't dare show up here! On certain message boards though they never hesitate to take me on... hmm...

I am sure the good doctor will make another house call here - she will answer you! :)

If only my doctor was a poetic mermaid too...!
Those side-effects are terrible though... 24-hour electric shocks... and more?!? Yikes... what is zoloft made of...?!?
No kidding! Electric Shocks! Isnt that something?? It has something to do with neurotransmitters. The shocks are brought on by loud noise & vibration, a constant at my house. It can make for interesting conversation, if nothing else :)
My professional opinion does not matter, Leslie. I will not charge for my services. I am a human being, not a god, though I think we are all gods and sacred. I practice under the umbrella of many happy patients, but few are litigious. Not implying you are, but my blogging is more a discovery of how I want to be as a person, and I choose to leave my professional life out of this. I may post encounters with patients from time to time on my own blog, but it is more as a learning experience for me, not as a place for me to be 'Dr. Phil'. I am glad that you found a physician who hears you.

Poetic Mermaid, I seem to have struck a cord with you. I assure you I meant no disrespect to you, personally. I apologize if I offended you.
In response to your comment, "few are litigious", I know there are difficult patients out there & I may be one of them. Even the worst patient, however, deserves the finest medical treatment his/her doctor can offer. That patient is putting his/her life in the doctor's hands.
Thank you Mermaid for choosing a career that helps people! Good luck to you!
Good - we all should get along splendidly in this luminous realm that is... my blog! *lol*

Verily, it is true, Poetic Mermaid - Leslie meant no disrespect. She is a mother of two and nowadays that is a lot of work all in itself...! (Three if you count her husband... lol... and now, Leslie, it was me who meant no disrespect! Okay? Don't tell your big guy there that I called him a big baby now... I don't need to meet him and his buddies from work in a dark alley between 5:01pm and 5:03pm EST... LOL).

All of this to say - feel free to return here, both of you... and joke around! ;)

The luminous blog is a fine place to hang around and kid around... okay?

Well... depends on the day, it's true... sometimes, I can be pretty down and moody - up to you then to liven things up! Okay? Cool! ;)
LOL Luciano! How about if I just dont mention it to him ;) It seems you know us so well...
Luminous Psychic here... yep. LOL

Besides... I don't want to have your beloved and his buddies go through the most painful few minutes of their lives if we rumble in the asphalt jungle... I am kind... ROTFL ;)
*choke - cough* LOL well, someone's a little full of himself...
LOL seriously tho, he and his coworkers are about the biggest bunch of rough-necks you'd ever wanna meet. & I'll stop there... lol :)
Hmm... you are well surrounded, Leslie! No one's ever gonna mess with you - good!

Looks like Dr. Poetic Mermaid will have more patients soon - note the plural... LOL

Hmm... It almost seems that youre looking for a brawl... Dont they have bars in your area? LOL
Youre way over there in Canada, right?
Just checking...
You're not going to let me have the last word, are you?! ;)
Nothing like a good ol' bonebreaking, glass-shattering, table-smashing and chair-crushing free for all.. eh? ;)


Oh - I shall let a lady have the last word, sure... eventually! Let's just establish a new record for comments posted to a single blog entry first - keep this going as long as humanly possible thus! LOL
LOL I can picture that! You, with that arrogant, yet friendly smile on your face the whole fight LOL

Ya know, its not really a haunting if you invite the intruder LOL
I'd rather invite you to haunt these premises rather than invite any celebrity ghost - now that's for sure! LOL

Arrogant... my smile? Hmm... How about "self-assured"? And yeah - it really is both that AND friendly - indubitably! lol
Like... a shrink's? (wow- it all comes back full circle, veering back towards topic...!!!).

So now - post again - we get the watermark "25 comments" record - and I keep my word while letting the lady getting the last word!!
But I didnt want the last word LOL
Oh, the pressure of having the last word... guess I better make it a good one! The pressure, pressure...

I see you didnt like the label of "arrogant". I meant no offense, really. I thought arrogant was what you were going for LOL ;) Self-assured it is! & Oh yeah, friendly! :)

Thanks for letting me haunt your blog Luciano. I will be back, indubitably! :) & since I helped you set your record, you really should go sign my guestbook LOL

It has also been nice seeing you back at the forum. Dont be a stranger! ;) We need your clever repwartay (Im not even going to try to spell that lol)

PS: I really dont want the last word... I like replies! LOL
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