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Monday, January 10, 2005

teens that think that the end is near...?!?

Who art these thinking man's teen titans of tomorrow...?!? *lol*
Or, actually, of no tomorrow!
I admit to be a trifle incredulous about this - the present generation would have such concerns...? ANY element of the present generation could possibly see cause to ponder things - SERIOUS things and grave matters - and endanger in the process their peer acceptance... social lifestyle... funtimes getting...?!?

Naaaaaah - not a chance!!!
Not the majority of them, anyhow...
Unless, Jamaican teens (such as Sueann Brown) have more brain capacity than all-american boys and girls... could it BE...?!? (A steady diet of pop tarts and froot loops cannot do a mind any good, I suppose... *LOL*).

The world that cried "the end is near"
by Sueann Brown , Observer TeenAge writer
Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Last year brought its share of challenges for the world. One of the greatest challenges came on December 26 in Asia.

Tidal waves from a massive undersea earthquake smashed into coastlines devastating many countries, killing over 150,000 people to date.

But could this be what the Bible has been predicting all along? Could the tsunami in Asia be the beginning of the end, or could this be another false cry? For over 100 years, scientists and philosophers have been trying to trace when the world will be coming to an end.

Every year the world sits uneasy until the clock strikes 12 midnight for the dawning of a New Year, and almost immediately people go back to being ungodly and unrighteous. How could one forget the December 31, 1999?
Parties were abandoned and churches were filled to capacity with those looking to be saved on the spot. However, one should really analyse the past 10 years. Death is becoming an all too familiar way of life and the increasing numbers of natural disasters are all too apparent.

In St Matthew 24:7-8, the Bible describes this as being the beginning of pains and sorrow. The disaster that struck on December 26, 2004 is described as the fourth most powerful earthquake and has produced the highest death toll in the history of tsunamis. One needs to make mention of Hurricane Ivan, which had meteorologists puzzled as they could not seem to keep track of what Hurricane Ivan was about to do next. Its greatest surprise for Jamaica was when it changed course almost instantly and did not fully hit Jamaica as was predicted. One can then say that the awesome power of God is more than any scientist or meteorologist can comprehend.

It is evident that no man can honestly know the date when God will be coming. The signs can be followed but being completely accurate is not a possibility. One has to hope that when the world does its final cry of "the end is near" that we are ready to meet our creator.

Another comment by the mysterious M... e-mailed to the author of this blog, once again... ;)

"Ok, you need to give teens a break. I work with teens every day (and you have contact with them how often, hmm?), and yes, while sometimes they are silly and immature, they are also capable of intelligence and deep thinking. Many of my students take life very seriously, many of them are truly devoted to the Word of God, most of them feel a great deal of compassion for those who are hurting. And I don't think my students are unique. Teenagers today have received a bad reputation, and I'm disgusted by the way they are constantly portrayed in the media. Give them some credit - they are human beings living in the world as we all are, and are concerned about the state of the world they see around them."

Mayhaps their concern stems from the fact that they see the end of their party looming on the horizon... and it is a frustrating sight, to say the least...? Yes, there are good kids out there... even agnostic kids can be good... they have just not seen the light yet...! However, for every exception there are ten wayward unruly, ungodly, unsaved ones... That is the reality out there, on the streets, away from the cozy confines of college life... I must have the misfortune of bumping exclusively into the latter variety I guess... Still... there are a lot more of them than there are of the former - so the odds were such to begin with...!!! I doubt not Sueann for instance... She is genuine - she is good! But she is RARE and unique nowadays... there are more like her, worldwide, sure... but not all that many! Alas... Still, having said all this, where there's life, there's hope... of course... MANY will see the error of their ways before too long. Surely.

A comment from the not-so mysterious P... for Paul!

"Teens suck eggs"

Ah - okaaaay... thanks for the enlightening point, I guess...
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