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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

BBC quashes rumours of 'Blackadder' return

Shall there be no respite... no surcease to our plight...?!?

I admit, this is not a genuine lament, but hey - the humor put on display should squash any notions friends, family, enemies as well and... the rest (...) might have about the author of this brilliant little blog and his current gloom-and-doom state of mind... capisco? *LOL*

I am never blue for more than thirty-six straight hours... and then listening to that techno tune titled... "Blue" incidentally(!)... does the trick for me and I'm back being... red? No - that would make me angry... Green? With envy? Not my style... Purple? That would mean I am seriously out of oxygen... Let's just drop the whole color scheme thing, I think... *LOL*

Black Adder fans out there...? Mr. Bean is better in my book - but, being an historian by training, I so do appreciate anything that is "time-spanning" in any way... and that means, yes, even Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure...! Yes, I know - I really need some rest now; look at what I am admitting to on the blog!!! *LOL* However, in my defense, I have always wanted to see the day where time travel would become possible (right... that'll be the day... but let's just presume that, theoretically, it is achievable...) - wouldn't it be cool to go back in time... and settle old scores? *LOL* Okay - we could also go further back than that, sure...

Black Adder returning though... might as well not happen indeed. The British might do it more elegantly and effectively, but invariably reunion specials basically... suck! The Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. for one... Dynasty, Dallas... any single one of them that you can think of (all the way down to the sadly trite I Still Dream Of Jeannie... Barbara Eden was her usual self - but the fact that Larry Hagman refused to return and was replaced by Wayne Whatsisname... well, that was a sad reminder indeed that time marches on and we can't go back again...!).
Thus, trust the BBC to be wiser than ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC combined...!

BBC quashes rumours of 'Blackadder' return
Last Updated Thu, 10 Feb 2005 16:53:38 EST
CBC Arts
LONDON - The BBC said Thursday it currently has no plans to resurrect Rowan Atkinson's Blackadder comedy series.

There had been reports, fuelled by comments from Blackadder star Tony Robinson, suggesting that a new Blackadder series was in the works.

Robinson played the dim-witted Baldrick, servant to the long-suffering Blackadder (Atkinson) in the four previous Blackadder outings.

"Rowan is more keen than he has been in the past and I would love to do it," he said in an interview on a British morning show.

Robinson said he would like to do a series set during the 1960s, with Baldrick reincarnated as a drummer named Bald Rick. He added that Blackadder could return to life as an illegitimate royal heir.

Each Blackadder series was set during a different period in British history.

The most recent, which left the air in 1989, had Atkinson and Robinson playing soldiers on the Western Front during the First World War.

It ended with the cast being killed as they "went over the top" to storm a German trench.

The show is still highly regarded in Britain and has a devoted following around the world.

The characters later appeared in 1999 on a one-off millennium special, but have not been seen in new adventures on the small screen since.

Despite Robinson's remarks, the BBC said it had no plans to bring the show back. However, a spokesman left the door open a crack, telling media outlets "never say never."

Other well-known British actors, including Miranda Richardson and Stephen Fry, were part of the show's cast.

Atkinson is also known to Canadian viewers as Mr. Bean.
And a very small bunch of American moviegoers might remember Mr. Bean as a terrible americanized big screen release... featuring that curmudgeonly little lawyer guy from (sic) Ally McBeal...!!!


as an assortment of forgettable characters in films such as Hot Shots Part Deux ...

Like a vast assortment of Europeans before him (Romy Schneider, Catherine Deneuve, Anne Parillaud, Gérard Depardieu) - Rowan Atkinson surely has found out by now that staying home is indeed the better thing...!
Luciano, before I reply to your blog entry, I must ask you: Why is it that when I click on your name to post a comment, I get an entire Bravenet ad page??? That is SOOOO irritating!

Now, onto my reply! :D

"I have a cunning plan..." is one of my favorite lines from Black Adder..LOL

If ever that show was to be returned to us, I would gladly watch every episode at least a hundred times, if not more! LOLOLOL

Wolf Singer
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