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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ghosts vs Spirits


No - not an alternate super bowl match-up... *lol*

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All that talk of passing and crossing over seems to me like the perfect time to present this... comparative estimate of what those two really are all about...!
Switch over to the comments section for all the spooky details...! Wooooooo!

Warning: this blog is not responsible for any thing(s) that go(es) bump in the night around your cozy abode afterwards... LOL


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... just a little info on ghosts as opposed to spirits...

So you can tell which is which when they come haunt ya! LOL


Re-enactment Ghosts - appear in the same spot and perform the same
actions they did when they were alive. The scenes re-enacted are
often violent or traumatic.

Unquiet Ghosts - Ghosts of people whose remains have not been
properly buried, or who have unfinished business on Earth.

Helpful Ghosts - appear to warn, help, or pass on information to the

Confused Ghosts - don't realize they are dead.

Dangerous Ghosts - most ghosts aren't dangerous but some countries
in the Far East believe in Vampire Ghosts that drain life energy
from the living.

Irritating Ghosts - These have no apparant purpose other than to
bother the living.

Elementals - are spirits that are linked to fire, earth, air, and
water. They can take many forms, for example, earth elementals may
appear as trolls, dwarves, or gnomes.

Nature Spirits - Animism is the belief that every thing, even a rock
has its own sprit. Rivers, sacred groves, and old trees have their
very own spirits. In ancient Greece, tree spirits were
called "dryads", In India and Southeast Asia, river spirits are
called "naga".

Faeries - In Celtic Lore, Faeries are powerful remnants of the
supernatural races that existed before humans. They include pixies,
devil dogs, selkies, and many others.

Angels and Demons - powerful spirits that are known by
various names all over the world. In Christianity, they are known as Guardian Angels,
totem animals to the Native Americans,
and the Loa in Voodoo.

The term "bless you" was associated with sneezing,
as it was assumed that you blew out an inhaled demon.
If I were a betting man - I'd take the Patriots over the Eagles... and the Spirits over the Ghosts... by a mile! (A miracle mile...?!? LOL).

But no.
Am not a betting man.
Don't smoke.
Don't drink either. (Much... wine... red wine... with a copious meal only, okay?!?).

Thus, yes... I am virtually flawless!

Oh-oh... last guy who said that, sired by a manly man like I was, was one Curt Hennig... son to Larry The Axe... and a.k.a. Mr. Perfect... and HE died a premature death... Bad omen there... really bad... yikes!!!

Interesting topic Luciano! ;)
& informative as well! Ive often wondered about the different types of ghosts. I didnt see poltergeists mentioned. Maybe I missed it (still waking up). I have always thought of poltergeists as restless spirits, applying to a few of your ghost categories (dont know they're dead, have unfinished business, etc.). Im no expert on the subject tho. My theories stem from my own experiences & what I have heard or learned throughout my life.
I am curious as to where your ideas originate from... I know you are an historian, so I wonder if you read this somewhere...? Well, I found it very interesting indeed! Thanks for dragging me back here to see it LOL
Well, I need to go wake up... I will be back! :)
Historians are readers - which is why I quit being one... wanna be a writer! :) lol

Still, yes, this list comes from notable sources... (though they misspelled "apparent"... and it blew by me completely too! I hate when that happens! lol).

Poltergeists must be Irritating Ghosts - "These have no apparant (see?) purpose other than to bother the living." What could be more irritating than invisible beings making some ruckus in your home... eh?!?

Note that I don't necessarily agree with everything in there... for my money, the spirits are the Angels... and the fallen angels! And those two factions alone are a whole lot more powerful than all those ghosts combined I say! lol
Note the trolls and gnomes thing too - aren't they basically the same?!? Next thing they will add to that short list is Smurfs I guess... Dwarves were always discriminated against too - although, being called an Elemental is quite the compliment I guess... My favorite element is water anyway - anyone knows two more "manifestations" of THAT element (aside from the gracious Undine) - let me know! ;)
Hey Luciano! I have to say I think I agree with your take on ghosts & spirits. I dont know about trolls & gnomes... always thought of them as fiction... but I believe in the elements for sure, so now I have something else to think about, don't I? & LOL at smurfs!
Ya know what I think? I think you should bring yourself & your ghost knowledge back over to home base ;) Everyone would be interested to hear what you have to say on this subject (& others) :)
Did you know you can set your blog so anyone (no blog account) can comment on it? Just thought I'd ask... I was just messing around with the settings, trying to set mine up. It's lookin good btw ;) trouble is... I have nothing to say LOL
Ah - Leslie! Yes - ye art a fellow blogger now, verily...! ;)

A proud day indeed in blogland!

I dropped by and left you with some suggestions... ;)

I shall also drop by home base more often - I promise!

As for the settings thing, I kept inviting my erstwhile adversaries on a message board to come on here and face me - ON MY territory. They always refused, apparently, because here I am months later with zero "negative comment" to delete... or respond to. I wanted to deprive them of the chance to post anonymously... but then, I would immediately recognize their style if they did come on and left their crap here... So, okay - I will set the settings on the luminous blog so that Holly and everybody can comment... let's see who will be the takers here... I have all the guts it takes to face down any trolls that this way may come...! (Since we were just talking about them anyway... LOL Do not dismiss anything, Les, by the way - that is my advice! It can be mostly fairytale drivel - but there is always, in anything, an infinitesimal grain of truth to be found - always! And that is what I always try to find... Must be my passion! One of several... ;).

Thank you for (finally) replying to my post! I am glad to hear we will be seeing more of you back at home base ;)
Oh, I dont discredit anything! Maybe because Im a sucker... hehe I believe anything is possible, and strive to learn more about what I do not know... maybe even trolls...?
I messed up my blog already lol I think Im gonna have to start over... I dont know yet. Its 4:30 am and Im heading to bed. Dont be a stranger ;)
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