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Friday, February 11, 2005

got your game off, eh?

Reporting staffs nowadays have this nasty habit to always cut to the chase when quoting somebody - and get to the most stunning declarations immediately - for mere shock value... asap! That is why they misquote dignitaries from all walks of life all the time - they care not about two essential things; pacing and context! The essence of good writing, incidentally, is good pacing - but that is another story!

It it understandable that they were anxious to get to the nitty gritty here - after all, it is not everyday a former star (over-rated) goaltender will declare that his sport is largely a "habit" (to shake off - like smoking? LOL). What we need here, is context; is what he said to lead into that...! And, one would just know that, since he is now in politics, he knows how to pace himself and choose his words carefully...

Thus, what Ken Dryden really said was the following (I paraphrase, since I can't find the quote anywhere, thanks to web media being too sensationalistic... however, I heard the whole thing so I can trust my memory - so can you!) - that when a business like hockey is dependent upon fans... one never wants to let the fans interrogate themselves if perhaps their love of that business' product is a passion... or merely a habit. He was in effect questioning the wisdom of the NHL's big hats in allowing this lock-out to go on for as long as it has and now will... The fans are finding out indeed (they needed this to do so - sheesh) that they really can do well without forking over the big bucks to go see, for the most part, meaningless trivial boring games on ice...

It would have been wise for the NHL owners to wet the appetite of the fans, tease them with "will there be a season - or not?" - and then give them one. They are not going to that at all now. Not even with replacement players (which would have been terrific! A true even-playing field - at last! The Cup would have gone to the first rag-tag group of reject players that would have gelled quicker as a cohesive team! The stuff of... screenplays! (Would have been a worthier plot for a sequel to Slap Shot that is for sure! *lol*).

The NHL can kiss its fanbase goodbye now - only hardcore maniacs willing to spend hundreds to see a single game will come back for this "precious product" now...!

Good luck with the last-ditched effort to have a semblance of negociations this weekend, NHLPA - will Cupid attend? *LOL*

Loving hockey is a habit: Dryden
Last Updated Tue, 08 Feb 2005 20:37:36 EST
CBC Sports
Hall of Fame goaltender Ken Dryden claims Canada's love for hockey is largely habitual.

INDEPTH: Faceoff 2004-05

Ken Dryden commented Monday on the 145 day lockout.
Dryden, a six-time Stanley Cup champion with the Montreal Canadiens and a former president of the Toronto Maple Leafs, opined on how hockey fans are coping with the NHL lockout Monday outside the House of Commons, where he serves as Minister of Social Development.

"I think that there are a number of fans in this country who have sensed over the last number of months that actually, maybe, it was more habit than it was passion," Dryden said. "I think for the great majority, it's still a passion.

"But others have discovered that maybe it was something else. And so, as much as this can be problematic in the U.S., and that's where it's usually talked about, I think it's also a problem in this country."

Dryden willingly offered his observations on how hockey fans are finding new ways to spend Saturday nights, but refused to be drawn into the lockout debate itself.

"They're so philosophically widely separated that I'm not sure where the conversation begins with them," Dryden stated. "They themselves have rarely met in the last couple of months, even as the prospects of having any season at all have been going down the drain because they've not had much to talk about and that's the problem."

The two sides have struggled to find common ground on a new collective bargaining agreement since the players were locked out 145 days ago by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

Through Monday, 797 games of 1,230 games have been cancelled amid the spectre of a lost season.

Aside from one informal e-mail, sources indicated that neither the NHL nor the NHL Players' Association has communicated with the other since last Friday's session, which lasted four hours.

Should they reach an agreement and salvage a semblance of a season, Dryden foresees difficulties in trying to win back jilted fans.

"You never want to give a fan a chance to find out whether it was passion or habit," he said.

with files from CP Online
The goalies I would REALLY want to hear "speak out on this" though are the likes of Gerry Cheevers... Gilles Gilbert... Doug Keans... Reggie Lemelin... Andy Moog... Rogie Vachon... Tony Esposito... even, if at all possible, Frankie Brimsek... from the Great Beyond Itself!!! *LOL*

Frankie (aka Mr Zero, named so for his great prowess at shutting down the competition - not for anything less... ok?) must be squirming in his grave... yep...
WOOOO-HOOOO! Oh, Luciano, thankyou so much!

Okay, here's MY take on the hockey situation:

There won't be a hockey season - too much time has elapsed, and the talks between the two sides came to an abrupt, screeching halt, yesterday. Will Cupid attend? I highly doubt it: Even his arrows aren't going to be strong enough to break the stubborn streak the players are showing! HA!

WolfSinger (YOU know who I am; that's all that matters :D)
Yes I know who you are my dear - and thanks for dropping by! ;)

Always a pleasure! :)
"Woooooo-hooooo" ...?!?

That makes me think of Ric Flair on top of a Wolfsinger...! ;)

I knew it - that not having a hockey season would not affect you one bit! ... sure is not affecting me!
Besides, he couldn't handle THIS wolf! HA!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I still believe the downfall of his group - the Four Horsemen - and of his old company overall (WCW) can be attributed to another woman even he could not handle indeed... a broad known as Missy Hyatt. She felt scorned by him - she soon took revenge by managing a pair of Nasty Boys against Flair's fellow Horsemen Arn Anderson & Paul Roma... and it all went steadily downhill from there... (ahh - again, my trivial "rasslin" knowledge showing through... but wait - there's more! LOL).

Further more, Missy Hyatt used to be the paramour (...) of one Flyers sniper Rod Brindamour... and look what's happening to hockey right now (after their parting ways that is...). Missy Hyatt is currently employed by the "wrestlingvixxxens" cross-entertainment organization... guess what they are crossing together in terms of product now...

Yep... don't mess with a Missy...
And yep yep - some women (wolf-women?) one cannot handle... even if one has the flair for that sort of thing... allegedly! LOL

(Fellow blogger now - I'll be dropping by soon! ;)
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