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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

miller time

Hmm... that expression brings back memories of the hockey fan who is lying inert, disillusioned and very nearly comatose deep down inside...!

Never much of a beer drinker (never much inclined to partake of what satisfied the lowest common denominator...) - and yet the expression still made my day when it was adapted to another setting by those famous "gallery gods" from the auld Boston Garden - during those epic confrontations between the Boston Bruins and the hated Montreal Canadiens...! Each team had an assigned enforcer - and, like clockwork, they would have a rematch every time the teams would play each other... The hateful Habs' Chris Nilan (ironically, Boston-born... the traitor! And they thought Paul Revere was bad... *lol*) would then hear the chants "it's Miller time!" - because the Boston Bruins tough guy on ice act was carried forward by one... Jay Miller! All the bouts were inconclusive, amazingly enough... no decisive winner, ever... and even the outcome of the games seem trivial now, so... really, who misses hockey anyway?!?
(To boot, Nilan would become a Boston Bruin a few short years later...!!!)

Anyhow - Miller, the beer company, went too far now... firing a guy for taste-testing the competition's brew?!? COME ON! Coke and Pepsi will also act as if "crossing over to the other side" is something sacrilegious... Other "peeps" have it in their minds that their "private lives" (which they share with dozens though... go figure) are "sacred" to them also... Sheesh...
What we have here is terminal misunderstanding of terminology I think...
Let's go over it one more time... GOD IS GOD... and nothing is sacred but the Sacred! It really isn't hard to comprehend...
Defining "the Sacred" should not be necessary - the mention of GOD is enough of a clue to lead most to the true definition of the word... I would hope...!


On a sidenote, the apparent influenza pandemic in Bulgaria has me worried. Anyone who knows how to pray - I ask to do so, for those kindest of souls I know to be residing there - and likely stricken with the flu already. Hopefully it is not as bad as some experts predicted it would be getting, even before the holidays... The projected numbers were 150,000 people... This feels even more like 1918 revisited -and I wonder why it had to start THERE... and not on a spot of the globe that really deserves it...! But I digress...

Miller Brewing forklift driver fired after photographed sipping a Bud
14/02/2005 8:45:00 AM

RACINE, Wis. (AP) - Just sipping a brewski gave Isac Aguero a career hangover.

Aguero, 24, said he was fired from his job with a Miller Brewing distributor, the same day a picture appeared in the Journal Times of Racine of him drinking a Bud Light, which is brewed by rival Anheuser-Busch Co.

The photo, taken Feb. 5, was part of the newspaper's weekly "On the Town" feature, which depicts the city's night life.

Aguero, who had been a forklift operator at CJW Inc. for four years, told the newspaper he was informed by co-workers when he arrived at work last week that he was in trouble because of the picture.

He said he was called into the general manager's office and told he was fired. Aguero said he was not given a reason and claimed he never had problems with his bosses.

"It was a Saturday and I wasn't at work," he told The Journal Times. "They can't tell me what beverages I can drink. Bud Light's my beer of choice, I always drink that. Just because I work there, do I have to change what I drink?"

Thomas Bey, a CJW sales manager, read a statement to the Associated Press on Friday and would not answer any questions. He said the company does not publicly discuss past or present employees.

"We consistently remind our employees that drinking alcohol is entirely a personal decision," Bey said. "The image and reputation of any company is determined in large part by the way its employees are seen to behave. Our employees can and should be our best ambassadors."
omg! LOL Can you say, "controlling"? LOL Sheesh! LOL

Wolf Singer
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