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Friday, February 25, 2005

reality really is stranger than fiction...

Rocambolesque... odd... extremely odd even...
going from bad to worse...
from petty embezzlement
and identity theft
to sordid incest and even murder
Really... you cannot think this stuff up!

Albert Walker and his "wife" Sheena
will surely never really escape the image
that they project now...
and God shall be their Judge, one day...
Read the incredible story -
in the luminous comments section!

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Murderer Walker returns to Canada from Britain News Staff

Notorious murder and embezzler Albert Walker is about to return to Canadian soil after almost seven years in a British prison.

His plane was to touch down at Toronto's Pearson International Airport early Tuesday evening.

Frank Highley, a lawyer representing some investors that Walker stole millions from in the late 1980s, was suprised to hear of Walker's return.

"It's early days. Hard to say whether it will have any real financial result for them, but certainly it can't hurt to have the guy back here in terms of recovery process," Highley told CKCO News.

"He's closer; maybe remorse will overtake him and maybe he will tell us where some of these unrecovered assets are."

Remorse doesn't appear to be a large component of Walker's character.

A small businessman with a financial services company in Woodstock, Ont., he had a wife and four children. He went to church and was a member of a choir.

One venture he set up was United Canvest Corporation in the Cayman Islands. Members of his church congregation invested in it.

In 1990, Walker disappeared along with his daughter Sheena, who was then 15. So did millions of dollars in his clients' money.

To completely disappear, Walker needed a new identity.

He met Ronald Platt, an Englishman who was pining to return to Canada, having lived in Calgary as a youth. Walker was known to Platt as David Davis.

In exchange for bankrolling Platt's emigration to Canada in 1993, Walker took possession of Platt's birth certificate and driving licence.

For the next three years, Walker and his daughter lived as husband and wife in southeast England as Mr. and Mrs. Platt. During this time, Sheena had two children. Their paternity was never established.

Life got complicated when the real Ronald Platt returned to England and settled near them in 1995.

Walker decided to murder Platt. He did so and dumped the body in the sea.

But he neglected to strip Platt's body of a Rolex watch. When the body became entangled in a fisherman's net, the corpse was identified by the watch's serial number.

After the recovery of Platt's body, Walker started stocking up on gold bars.

When the police came to speak to David Davis (Platt had used Walker as a reference for a property rental), they went to the wrong house. But then they discovered Davis was actually going by the name Platt.

Walker was arrested and found guilty of embezzlement and murder. The jury only deliberated for two hours. He was sentenced to life and was expected to serve at least 15 years before being considered eligible for parole.

By 1999, he had exhausted his legal appeals on his British convictions.

However, he still had dozens of charges outstanding against him in Canada. Officials and the bankruptcy trustee KPMG were also anxious to recover the millions he had stolen.

In an interview with CTV's W-FIVE in the fall of 1998, Walker suggested he'd be willing to trade information on the missing money in exchange for being allowed to serve his sentence in Canada.

With reports from CKCO News and CTV Toronto's Jim Junkin
Wow... That guy is one sick son of a gun... his own DAUGHTER???? He should have been tried on THAT, too! I hope he gets exactly what he deserves, but I'm not going to hold out much hope; with the way our justice system works, I'm afraid Walker just might end up buying the Judge!

Wolf Singer
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